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10+ Best Painting Services in Dubai: Location & Services

Find Dubai's top painting services with our guide

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most reputable and professional painting service providers. From small residential projects to large commercial buildings, painting services in Dubai cater to various preferences.

Painting services in Dubai range from interior & exterior painting to residential and commercial painting services. Some of the top painting services include We WILL Fix It, HomeGenie Home Services, Paint Guru, and more.

In this Dbd guide, we have compiled a list of top painting services in Dubai. We picked the highest-rated and most reviewed companies.

We evaluated painting companies based on affordability, services, painting products, and customer reviews. We also ask for local recommendation and their choices.

Top Painting Services in Dubai

Here are the 11 best painting and decorating services in Dubai listed below:

1. We Will Fix It

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- We Will Fix It

We Will Fix It is a reliable provider of painting services in Dubai. Established in 2008, they have completed over 180,000 jobs for 40,000 satisfied customers.

Moreover, they offer 24/7 emergency support 365 days a year and have UK trained booking team.

Similarly, they specialize in exterior villa painting in Dubai and offer high-quality interior painting services.

For reliable and professional painting services in Dubai, you can trust We Will Fix It.

2. HomeGenie Home Services

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- HomeGenie Home Services

HomeGenie Home Services is a reputable painting company specializing in high-quality painting services.

They employ fully verified experts who use the latest durable materials to deliver professional painting services to their customers.

Additionally, they also offer their services through a free mobile application available on both android and iOS devices and websites. Customers can conveniently access their emergency and same-day service facility.

Furthermore, the company accepts payments in cash or online, making it easy for customers to pay for their services.

Moreover, HomeGenie Home Services partners use original and branded paints with a service warranty, ensuring their customers are satisfied with their work.

3. Paint Guru

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- Paint Guru

Paint Guru offers top-notch painting and decorating services in Dubai. With over 10 years of experience, they have become one of the best painting contractors in Dubai.

Moreover, they have a team of professional painters who use high-quality resources and deliver timely services.

With a wide range of services, they offer epoxy flooring, villa and house painting, and wallpaper installation and removal.

4. Dubai Fixit

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- Dubai Fixit

Established in 2012, Paint Guru offers high-quality painting services for both residential and commercial customers.

The company uses quality and eco-friendly paints for all projects. In addition, they also offer free color samples to clients.

Likewise, they also offer 24/7 mobile and WhatsApp painters consultations and painting services quotations for free.

Similarly, Paint Guru offers various painting services, including exterior painting, furniture painting, and office painting.

Overall, it is an excellent choice for reliable, affordable, and professional wall painting services in Dubai.

5. Clean Finishers

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- Clean Finishers

Clean Finishers has been offering professional painting services in Dubai since 2016. Their services include affordable services in Dubai for apartments, houses, villas, and commercial buildings.

Moreover, they have an expert team of painters that use modern tools and techniques to ensure high-quality work.

Clean Finishers also provides 24/7 customer support, instant quotes, and a seamless booking process.

6. JustCare

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- JustCare

JustCare is a Dubai-based painting services company committed to delivering high-quality services.

They offer interior and exterior painting services, including interior wall painting and commercial painting services.

Similarly, their hassle-free booking system allows customers to easily sign up, select the service, and choose a convenient date and time. Once the service is completed, customers can pay cash or online.

With experienced professionals, they deliver efficient, high-quality results with no spills or marks, dedicated supervision, and protection for furniture.


inarticle image-painting services in dubai- UMAR ABDULLAH

UMAR ABDULLAH provides quality painting services for apartments, villas, and offices. The team, established in 2015, is skilled, professional, and timely completion of painting jobs.

With skilled professionals, they offer professional wallpaper installation with a range of stylish options.

Moreover, the company uses high-quality materials and offers reasonable prices. It’s also reliable for anyone seeking quality painting and wallpaper services.

8. Dream Height Services

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- Dream Height Services

Dream Height Services is a reliable company for a painting job in Dubai. They offer various painting services at affordable prices.

Moreover, the company is known for quality work on interior painting, lamination, and polishing works. Furthermore, they offer a non-slip flooring system and oil-based paint options.

Lastly, they provide office painting services with a team of professional painters committed to high-quality finishes.

9. Blue Amber Technical Services LLC

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- Blue Amber Technical Services LLC

Blue Amber Technical Services LLC offers interior and exterior painting services. They have 9 years of experience, 86 professional staff, and 4000 completed projects.

Likewise, their mission is to deliver high-quality work while reducing environmental impact. They also provide skilled and trained craftsmen for professional villa and apartment painting services.

Additionally, they are committed to providing customer satisfaction. It is evident with 24/7 customer service, free quotations, and online payment options.

With a guaranteed service and eco-friendly products, Blue Amber Technical Services LLC is one of the best painting services in Dubai.

10. GTGC Technical Services LLC

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- GTGC Technical Services LLC

GTGC Technical Services LLC is a painting and protective coating company established in 1971.

They serve major clients like ALSTOM, BELLEI ENERGY, Dubai Police, and Schlumberger and have certificates from various government bodies.

Moreover, Their professional staff, with over 40 years of experience, have an impressive safety record.

Additionally, GTGC Technical Services LLC offers services like epoxy coating, polyurethane coating, and internal lining services. It is an approved applicator for various brands.

Similarly, they specialize in industries such as Oil and Gas, Marine and Shipping, and Transportation and Logistics.

11. AJMAL AFZAL Technical Services

inarticle image-painting services in dubai- AJMAL AFZAL Technical Services (4.1, 134, 4)

AJMAL AFZAL Technical Services is a company established in 2016 that provides the best wall painting services in Dubai.

They offer their services to the corporate sector and have a portfolio of villas, apartments, houses, and offices.

Moreover, they have a simple and professional pricing policy that guarantees no extra costs. Their team ensures customer satisfaction by following up with them the next day.

Additionally, their expert team provides free cost estimates and helps customers choose the best colors and number of coats needed to achieve their desired result.

Benefits of hiring professional painting services in Dubai

In Dubai, obtaining a painting contracting license registration is important for those looking to provide professional painting services on the mainland. The process of registering your business in Dubai is quite straightforward. [1]UAE Government, “Establishing a business in UAE, https://www.moec.gov.ae/en/establishing-companies”

Here are the benefits of hiring professional painting services in Dubai:

  • Expert advice on color schemes for the home or business through professional painters
  • A safer painting process due to professional training and equipment
  • Clean-up services after the job are complete
  • Insurance coverage for any accidents or property damage that may occur
  • Time savings due to quicker completion and no need for personal effort
  • High-quality finishes are achieved through the use of specialized equipment and techniques.

Hiring expert painters in Dubai saves time and ensures a safer, higher quality, and more expertly executed painting project.

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Can I get a free quote from top painting services in Dubai?

Yes, you can get a free quote with some of the top painting services in Dubai. Companies like Dubai Fixit, Clean Finishers, and JustCare provide a free quote.

Can painting services in Dubai provide customized painting solutions?

Yes, painting services in Dubai, provide customized painting solutions. HomeGenie and AJMAL AFZAL Technical Services offer customized painting solutions to meet specific preferences and needs.

What factors should I consider when choosing a painting service in Dubai?

When choosing a painting service in Dubai, consider factors such as reputation, experience, work quality, pricing, and customer service.

Also, check if they use high-quality materials and have the necessary licenses and insurance.

Final thoughts

Dubai’s professional painting companies provide diverse services for various preferences.

Whether it’s interior or exterior painting, decorative finishes, or customized designs, they enhance the beauty and value of any property.

We hope our Dbd guide provides you with information about the best painting services in Dubai.

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