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Today’s Best Exchange Rate on AED to INR to Send Money to India

Everything about AED vs. INR. This guide covers the history, exchange rates, and transfer methods of the currencies

Today’s best AED to INR exchange rate is 0.00 INR for 1 AED on June 19, 2024.

Use the money exchange rate calculator below to compare real-time UAE Dirhams (AED) to Indian Rupees (INR) exchange rates.

The rate you see is the mid-market exchange rate. It’s the rate banks and money transfer services use when they exchange currencies.

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Today’s exchange rate AED to INR

Exchange rate of AED to INR on June 19, 2024.


Today’s exchange rate INR to AED

Exchange rate of INR to AED on June 19, 2024.


AED to INR exchange rate history

The table below shows the exchange rate history of AED to INR for the last 30 days.

DateExchange Rate from AED to INR

AED vs other currencies exchange rate

The exchange rate of AED to other currencies is determined by the demand and supply of each currency in the respective markets.

The value of the UAE Dirham (AED) has been steadily rising over the past few years.

This has been largely attributed to the growing economy of the UAE and its increased foreign investment.

To get an accurate and up-to-date exchange rate of AED with other currencies, check the table below.

AED Other currencies (Eqv to 1 AED)
US Dollar(USD)
British Pound(GBP)
Indian Rupee(INR)
Australian Dollar(AUD)
Canadian Dollar(CAD)
Singapore Dollar(SGD)
Swiss Franc(CHF)
Malaysian Ringgit(MYR)
Japanese Yen(JPY)

INR vs other currencies exchange rate

The Indian Rupee (INR) is the official currency of India.

The table below shows the current exchange rate of INR to other currencies.

INR Other currencies (Eqv to 1 INR)
US Dollar(USD)
British Pound(GBP)
Indian Rupee(INR)
Australian Dollar(AUD)
Canadian Dollar(CAD)
Singapore Dollar(SGD)
Swiss Franc(CHF)
Malaysian Ringgit(MYR)
Japanese Yen(JPY)

Best option to send money from UAE to India with best exchange rate

inarticle image-aed to inr-exchanging currency

Many people from India move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for better job opportunities. As a result, many workers want to send money back home regularly. In the fiscal year of 2022, the UAE to INR remittance volume was estimated at around $15 billion.

Many people in UAE need to send money to India, and there are several ways to do this. Each method has its own pros and cons, which we will explore below.

Before you send money from UAE to India, find a trustworthy service with good exchange rates and low fees. Compare your options to get the best deal possible.

Method 1. Bank transfers

When sending money, banks are one of the most common methods. You can make a bank deposit online or in person. Major Indian banks have correspondents or branches in various places, making it easy to deposit money.

You can easily find banks like State Bank of India, Union Bank of India, South Indian Bank, etc., in major cities of UAE. They allow Indians to deposit money directly to their respective Indian accounts.

Banks are a popular choice for people who want to send money. They offer a higher exchange rate of AED to INR than other money transfer services. Also, bank transfers are the most secure medium to transfer money from the UAE to India.

Method 2. Money transfer services

Another way to send money from UAE to India is through a money transfer service. To do this, you need to contact the nearest agent. Many international money transfer services are available in UAE, such as Western Union, Monito, and Al Ansari Exchange.

For starters, Western Union offers fantastic money transfer services with their app. They are as follows:

  • Pay for the money transfer via bank account, credit card, or debit card.
  • With their live rates, you can see the fees and exchange rates before transferring.
  • Send money in just a few taps.
  • Keep track of all your past money transfers in the app for future reference.
  • When you sign up for My WU, you can earn rewards.

One of the main advantages of using transfer services is that they are fast and convenient. Recipients can get the money within hours in most cases. There are many agent locations, so you can easily find one near you.

If you want to send money, there are certain requirements you’ll need to follow. For example, you might need identification depending on the amount of money and your service provider. Additionally, there are daily limits on how much money you can send to India.

Method 3. Send in person

The cheapest and fastest way to send money is in person if you have family or friends visiting India. Although, like with any method, some risks come with it- such as the potential of being scammed.

For example, carrying a lot of cash comes with risks like losing it or getting mugged. Know how much cash is allowed to carry during international flights. Make sure to send the money to someone you trust.

Methods of converting AED to INR

inarticle image-aed to inr-money converting aed to inr

The most common (and simple) way to convert dirhams to Indian rupees is via a money exchange service. You can use online or in-person services to exchange your currency. These services always use live exchange rates, so you don’t have to worry about getting a bad rate.

Now, let’s explore a few ways UAE Dirham to INR exchange rates and methods.

Method 1. Making an exchange using exchange services

They are a quick service if you urgently need to exchange money. You can visit their website or branch to complete the transaction. Also, they offer different ways of seeing rates of AED to INR today.

To complete a large transaction, you will need your passport and another form of identification. These services have a live exchange rate that you can view on their website or app; this way, you will be aware of the Indian Rupee’s current exchange rate.

The listed money service providers have some of the highest rates and reputations for exchanging AED vs. INR. You can easily convert Dubai currency into Indian INR with their help. Now, look into some popular money exchanges in Dubai.

Alfarddan Exchange LLC

Location: Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al Barsha 1, Dubai

Al Ansari Exchange

Location: Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road, First Floor, Dubai

Hadi Express Exchange

Location: Al Hubbai, 20 B St, near Tamil Mini Mart, Al Karama, Dubai

Goodwill Exchange

Location: Mohd. Aqil & Abdul Razak Zarouni Building Shop No: 1 Below Miami Hotel Sikkat, Dubai

Method 2. Exchange cash in person

If you want to exchange money, it’s easier if you have a connection that can convert AED to INR. This is more time-efficient than using an exchange service.

However, there is always a risk of forgery or scams. Make sure to exchange with someone you can trust: Try meeting in person or using a secure payment method so there will be evidence of the transaction.

What do you mean by buying and selling rates?

The buying price for a currency, also known as the bid price, is the rate at which the buyer (in this case, you) is willing to buy the currency. The ask (selling) rate is the price you can sell a currency. Banks, money transfers, and other places selling currencies will offer you this price.

The bid (or buying rate) is always lower than the ask (or selling rate). The difference between these two rates is called the spread. There are, however, very rare occasions when the buying rate can be higher than the selling rate.

Moreover, import and export activity, as well as other economic conditions, dictate the buying and selling rates.

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How much is 1 Dh in INR today?

Currently, 1 United Arab Emirates Dh is worth 0.00 INR. However, the value could change depending on the type of money exchange method you use.

Will AED rise against INR?

This is difficult to predict as it depends on various economic conditions in both countries. However, considering the current trends, the Dirham to Rupee is in rising order.

Is AED getting stronger?

AED is a strong currency and has been rising in value against other currencies. However, it is difficult to say if the trend will continue as it is pegged against the USD. Any major fluctuations in USD can cause dramatic value changes in the AED.

What is the highest AED value against INR?

The highest Dirham to INR exchange rate was October 19, 2022, when 1 AED was worth approximately 22.616 INR. The value of INR has been increasing steadily vs INR. [1]Exchange Rates, “AED vs INR, … Continue reading

Final thoughts

The Dirham to Indian Rupee exchange rate can differ depending on how you transfer money. You can use a reliable money exchange or money transfer service to get the best Dhs to INR rate. Check the legalities of sending money while converting Dirhams to Indian currency today.

We hope you found this Dbd guide on exchanging AED to INR helpful. If so, please share it with others and continue following our blog for more helpful content like this in the future.

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