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How to Charge Crystals? Effective Charging Guide From Experts

If you are considering purchasing a crystal or already have some, you might be wondering how to charge crystals.

Do not worry; we have got you covered. All crystals need to be charged to be effective. Here we will explain why crystals need to be charged and how to charge crystals. Additionally, you will discover all your questions about charging crystals.

Crystals are used for a variety of purposes, such as healing, meditation, and purification. At home, crystals are frequently used as decorations.

Be sure that the crystals are clean before charging them. You should also cleanse them before use.

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Why should you charge your crystals?

A crystal is a naturally formed object within the earth’s crust. Crystals are made of minerals that are compressed into a solid form. They are usually either transparent or opaque and come in many shapes and sizes.

You should charge your crystals to keep them maintained. Charging crystals will cleanse and purify your stones. It prevents them from becoming clogged or overcharged with your energy. The crystals will have clarity, strength, focus, and energy when they are fully charged.

The crystals will emit beneficial vibrations for all surrounding objects and people as long as they are clean and charged.

Charged crystals stores and collect natural energy. This energy can be transmitted, stored, or released at any time, depending on the user’s needs. Charged crystals help to balance the electromagnetic energy in your body.

Properly charging your crystals can help you get the crystals that you deserve.

Now you know why you should charge crystals, so let’s talk about the various charging methods.

How to charge crystals?

how to charge crystals-how to charge crystals

You can charge crystals in various ways, from using crystals with other crystals like Selenite. Or charge crystals by placing them in direct sunlight or moonlight. Or charge crystals by setting intentions and bury the crystal in salt.

In general, moonlight is considered the most potent form of “charging” crystals. Moonlight provides both the receptive feminine energy necessary for charged crystals. It also provides a flow of life energy with a lower intensity than sunlight.

Intentions can be used in conjunction with moonlight for even more vibrational power to attract what you want into your life.

Selenite itself is a cleaning crystal, so it is used for charging crystals. Selenite is the perfect way of clearing negative energy from any space before charging them with new intentions.

Similarly, salt is used for charging crystals. Salt is a natural cleanser, and you should place crystals into a container of salt overnight to absorb its crystals powers.

Also, sunlight will charge crystals faster than other charging types. Crystals charged in sunlight will not be as receptive to receiving the more subtle energy.

Here are five different crystal charging methods. Let’s go through the step-by-step process of each of the techniques.

Method 1 How to charge crystals in moonlight?

Moonlight during the full moon is one of the most potent times for charging and cleansing crystals. Moonlight amplifies a crystal’s ability to send and receive messages. [1]The Moon School, “How do crystals charge work?, https://www.themoonschool.org/full-moon/full-moon-charge-your-crystals-but-how-do-crystals-work/”

Follow these steps to charge crystals in the moonlight:

1. Cleanse the crystals

cleanse the crystals how to charge crystals with moonlight

Cleanse the crystals before charging them. You can clean crystals with running water for few minutes or with other purifying crystals or with sage.

2. Place the crystals on a sturdy surface and set the crystals to charge overnight

charge crystals in moonlight how to charge crystals in moonlight

Place crystals in a brightly lit place with smooth, unbroken surfaces with their faces toward the moon. Make sure the location you pick has direct access to moonlight.

Leave the crystals overnight for at least 12 hours to charge from the full moon’s light, remove crystals from moonlight in the morning.

3. Clean and store the charged crystals

clean and store the charged crystal how to charge crystals in moonlight

To clean and store the fully charged crystals, make sure to remove them with a bowl of clean water. After that, pat dries them and place them in a safe place to store them or use immediately.

Method 2 How to charge crystals with intentions?

You can charge your crystals by setting intentions. Intentions are energy waves that carry messages through the universal mind. Setting intentions with crystals helps keep them focused on their intended purpose. It also disallows unwanted energies to be drawn into the stones by accident or otherwise.

Follow these steps to charge crystals with intentions:

1. Cleanse and connect

cleanse and connect-how to charge crystals with intentions

Begin the process by cleansing and connecting your crystal to ground any unwanted energy that may have accumulated. Cleanse the crystal with clean water and connect with it by holding it in your hand. Let yourself feel its “energy” or release any negative emotions within you.

2. Set your intentions

set your intentions how to charge crystals with intentions

After connecting with your crystal, state your intentions for what you would like them to do or provide, such as bringing balance into your life. 

3. Reaffirm your intentions

reaffirm your intentions how to charge crystals with intentions

Complete by reaffirming your intent for this charging process with these words ‘my intention is now fulfilled.’ Your crystal will now be fully charged and ready to use. [2]Crystal Vision, “Intentions setting with crystals, https://crystalvisions.net.au/blogs/an-introduction-to-crystal-grids/intention-setting-with-crystals”

Method 3 How to charge crystals with Selenite?

Selenite is an excellent crystal to use for charging other crystals because of its self-charging properties. If you have a Selenite bowl or slabs, it is like having a crystal charging station at your home.

Follow these steps to charge crystals with Selenite:

1. Keep your crystal in contact with Selenite and charge it for at least 12 hours

keep crystal in contact with selenite how to charge crystals with selenite

Place your crystal on a bowl or a clean and sturdy surface that has selenite crystals. If you have a Selenite slab or bowl, you may lay your stones on top of it.

To charge your crystal correctly, place the crystal in contact with Selenite for 12 hours. Beyond that, crystals can be left in selenite crystals indefinitely.

2. Store your crystals properly after charging them with Selenite

store your crystals how to charge crystals with selenite

After 12 hours, remove the crystals from their contact with selenite crystals and cleanse them. Store them in a safe place that is free of negativity or bad energy.

Method 4 How to charge crystals with salt?

You can charge your crystals with salt to get the best results. Salt has many cleansing properties and will make sure that all negative energy gets removed from the crystal.

Follow these steps to charge crystals with salt:

1. Set the crystal on a bowl of salt

set the crystal in a bowl of salt how to charge crystals with salt

Place the crystal in a bowl and cover it with pure salt. For a more effective outcome, use sea salt.

2. Cleanse crystal and place it in a safe spot

cleanse crystal and place it in a safe place how to charge crystals with salt

Over 12 hours or more, your crystal will be fully charged. Remove the crystal from the bowl and wash it with water. Dry it and keep it away from other stones and bad energy.

Method 5 How to charge crystals in sunlight?

Crystals can be charged in sunlight due to the crystal’s ability to absorb the sun’s energy. Afterward, the crystals will become capable of healing negative energies and emotions.

Follow these steps to charge crystals with sunlight:

1. Cleanse your crystal

cleanse your crystal how to charge crystals in sunlight

Cleansing crystals in running water or sage, or cleansing crystals with other stones before exposing them to sunlight is crucial.

2. Place the crystal on a sturdy surface and expose it to the sunlight

expose crystal to the sunlight how to charge crystals in sunlight

Place the crystal on a sturdy surface where light can strike it. Leave the stone to absorb light for a couple of hours or even more if you wish. Remember, prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade the crystal.

3. Store the crystal in a safe place

store the crystal in a safe place how to charge crystals in sunlight

After the charging period, wash it with clean water to remove any dirt and store it in a secure location away from negative energy.

FAQs about charging crystals

How to remove negative energy from crystals?

Firstly, it is essential to cleanse your stones regularly to remove any unwanted energies they may have accumulated.
To remove negative energy from your crystals, you can leave them outside on a full moon night or in sunlight for several hours each day.
Or, you could charge them with intention and Selenite. They are two other natural materials that also purify. Burying crystals on salt will also help to draw bad energy away from crystals.

Does Selenite charge other crystals?

Yes, crystals can be charged with Selenite. It is one of the best crystals to charge crystals for its self-charging properties. To keep crystals charged, store them in with your Selenite crystals or leave them on top of it overnight.

What crystals are sensitive to light?

Crystals such as Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, and Sapphire are sensitive to light. Opals (an opaque type of crystal) also react with sunlight in various ways. It depends on their compositions and how the different kinds of opal ‘catch’ the light source.

How to charge crystals for healing?

Crystals can be charged for healing by many methods, such as sunlight and moonlight for moonstones and sunstones. A crystal can also be charged by holding it with your hands by setting intentions. Other crystals may be combined with gemstones to create powerful healing energies.

How to charge your crystals with positive energy?

You have set your intentions to the crystals you wish to charge them with positive energies. So that they will release the same sort of energy when being used for a specific goal.

How to pick the best method for charging the crystals?

There are different ways to charge the crystals. Choosing the best way is up to the properties of crystals. Light-sensitive crystals cannot be charged with sunlight. Porous crystals cannot be charged in salt or salt water. Similarly, crystals that are easily scratched should not be left on crystals with rough surfaces. As crystals have their individual properties, always choose the best way according to the crystals you would like to charge.

How long should you charge crystals?

A couple of hours in sunlight or moonlight will charge crystals. You can also hold crystals in your hand for a few minutes with a clear intention and focus.
Thus, you should charge crystals for a few minutes to many hours, depending on the charging process.

How long to charge crystals in the sun?

It is best to avoid putting your crystals in direct sunlight for longer than 12 hours. For many crystals, charging will take only a few hours. The crystals will fade if they are exposed to light for a more extended period.

Can you charge crystals through a window?

There is no need to charge crystals outside. Crystals absorb sunlight and moonlight energy even if placed on the window sill. You can also store crystals in natural light.

Can crystals be charged at night?

Yes, crystals can be charged at night with the help of a lamp or candle if crystals are sensitive to lights such as amethyst and aquamarine.

Can crystals lose their energy over time?

Crystals do lose some of their energy with time and exposure to light, heat, and pollutants. As crystals are charged with solar energy, it is recommended to recharge crystals occasionally to help them keep their power.

How do crystals get charged?

Crystals absorb solar energy during the day when they are in sunlight or moonlight. They also receive energy from the people who handle the crystals, so it is important to cleanse your crystals before charging them.
When they pick crystals everyone has different intentions. So, crystals pick up both positive and negative intentions, which need to be cleared before the crystals are charged.

How to charge Quartz crystal?

Clean quartz crystal in warm water and charge it with sunlight for a short period to get the most significant impact.
Additionally, clear quartz crystals have the power to charge crystals by themselves. The crystals can store energy and release it later, so you should charge it if you want a crystal to hold its energy longer.

How to charge Amethyst crystal?

Amethyst crystals may be charged by setting intentions. You can also put crystals on top of Selenite crystals or leave them in salt overnight to aid the charging process. They tend to fade in the light of day. Additionally, they are the colored form of clear quartz crystals. [3]Mindat, “Amethyst: Mineral information, data and localities, https://www.mindat.org/min-198.html”

How to charge Rose Quartz crystals?

Rose Quartz crystals are sensitive to light so they should be kept in the dark. Another thing people can do is charge them with intentions. It will also store energy for a more extended period if you charge it with salt. [4]Mindat, “Rose Quartz: Mineral information, data and localities, https://www.mindat.org/min-3456.html”

What does Rose Quartz do?

Rose Quartz is a stone that enhances blood circulation, especially near one’s heart. The wearer can ward off negativity and replace negative emotions with positive ones. It helps to take them back towards pure love and balance for us all to live happier lives.

How to charge citrine?

Citrine can be charged by setting intentions or with salt. Citrine has a multitude of appearances depending on the angle and location under the sun. [5]Mindat, “Citrine: Mineral information, data and localities, https://www.mindat.org/min-1054.html”

How to charge moonstone?

As the name states, moonstone can be charged during the full lunar phase when crystals hold energy at their full capacity.
Moonstone crystals do not need any other charging method because they are filled with stagnant energy. The energy will become active when crystals are exposed to moonlight energies.

How often to charge crystals?

Crystals should be charged regularly to keep them active and beneficial. Most crystals will need to be recharged every few months, and some crystals (such as Selenite) can go years without needing a recharge. Quartz crystals, arguably the most popular, will only need to be recharged when their energy feels low, or they no longer hold a charge.

How to charge crystals with reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy healing. Crystals you wish to use for reiki should be appropriately cleaned before charging.
Once crystals have been cleansed, they must come into contact with your energy and the chakras of the body. Crystals can be charged by holding them in your hand or placing crystals on specific chakras. One of the best ways to charge crystals is by using reiki. Reiki is also known as spiritual healing energy. It will heighten the crystal’s ability to heal and deliver spiritual growth.

Final thoughts

Crystals are powerful tools for healing and manifesting. When you charge your crystals, they will be more potent in their ability to assist with spiritual growth or enhance an intention.

Since there is no one right way to charge a crystal. Here we have provided five different ways that people commonly use. Charge them in moonlight, through Intentions, with Selenite, with salt, and in sunlight. 

Try out these methods yourself and see which ones work best for you! Be sure to share what works well for you so others can learn from your experience too!

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