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10+ Best Low Income Credit Card in UAE in 2024

There are many different low income credit card in UAE, and they offer a variety of benefits, lets find out!

Today, using a credit card is the simplest and most popular payment method. Similarly, several banks offer credit cards in the UAE, focusing on people of various income levels. You may get the best low income credit card in UAE based on your needs.

Generally, with all the top low income credit card in UAE, you can get cashback benefits at various platforms, convenient payment plans, and various redeem points. Compare the best offers and prices in this list, and you can apply online or go to the nearest bank to get the card of your choice.

In this Dbd guide, we have compiled a list of the UAE’s best low income credit cards. Also, we have mentioned the features of different credit cards and the benefits you can obtain.

Additionally, this guide will cover how you can apply for these credit cards. And every factor may affect an applicant acquiring a credit card, including age, income, credit history, and identification.

Compare the best low income credit card in UAE

Here is a table to compare credit cards to get the best one according to your income.

Name Type Minimum Salary Key features 
Name Type Minimum Salary Key features 
Emirates NBD Lulu Mastercard Titanium Credit Card  Rewards Card 5000 7% rewards on daily features 
DIB Prime Platinum Credit Card  Rewards Card 15,000 Multiple Balance Transfer Transaction  
Emirates Citibank Ultimate Credit Card  Rewards Card 18,000 Extra SKywards Miles 
RAKBANK Red Mastercard Credit Card  Cashback card 5,000 Save time with contactless technology. . 
Arab Bank Visa Classics Credit Card  Cashback Card 10,000 Best discounts on hotel bookings worldwide 
CBD Super Saver credit card  Rewards Card 8,000 Waived annual fee for the first year of use  
Mashreq Cashback Credit Card  Cashback card 5,000 Transfer or receive easy cash when you need it during an emergency  
HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card  Travel Credit Card 5,000 20% discount on shopping  
Citi Simplicity Credit Card  Cashback Card 2000 complimentary access to hotels and resorts for over 1000 countries  
ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Credit Card  Cashback Card 10,000 unlimited 1% cashback on all purchases  
Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card  Travel Credit Card 7,000 access to over 1,000 airport lounges  
HSBC Zero Credit Card  Rewards Card 10,000 annual fee of AED 299  

12 best low income credit card in UAE

1. Emirates NBD Lulu Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-1 Emirates NBD Lulu Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

One of the best credit cards for people with low incomes in Dubai is the Emirates NBD Lulu 247 Mastercard Titanium Credit Card.

You can access it without paying a yearly membership cost, and there are no further fees to pay. However, your salary must be at least 5000 AED to apply for this credit card.

Likewise, users can earn rewards from Lulu Points, which they can redeem at various Lulu outlets. Additionally, you will also get priority checkout at all the Lulu stores.

In addition, they can benefit from various unique features and benefits on this card, such as those for sports, entertainment, traveling, restaurants, health, films, and more.

Here are some more features of the Emirates NBD Lulu credit card.


  • Get 3.5% off lulu in-store online purchases.
  • Get 2% cash back on fuel and 1% on utility payments.
  • Access all the visual content on Amazon Prime for free.
  • Free product delivery from Lulu stores with a minimum of AED 300 purchases.
  • Get early access to promotions and sales in the UAE.

2. DIB Prime Platinum Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-2 DIB Prime Platinum Credit Card

DIB Prime Platinum is among the best low-income credit card in UAE, providing many benefits.

However, the applicant needs to be above 21 years old, have a resident visa for the UAE, and make at least AED 5,000 per month to apply for this card. Once you get this credit card, you won’t have to pay an annual fee. [1] Dubai Islamic Bank, “Prime Platinum Card, https://www.dib.ae/personal/cards/prime-platinum-card#:~:text=AED%205%2C000,Minimum%20Salary”


  • Get personal travel and accident insurance coverage.
  • Get roadside assistance coverage.
  • Get exclusive benefits like rates, late-night checkout, complimentary US$ 25 food vouchers, and more at luxury hotels worldwide.
  • Transfer unpaid balances from other banks’ credit cards with a single phone call.
  • Get spending restrictions on the credit card as a protection feature.

3. Emirates Citibank Ultimate Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-3 Emirates Citibank Ultimate Credit Card

Emirates Citibank Ultimate Card lets you turn everyday spending into free rewards and bonuses. You can easily earn Citibank Ultimate skyward miles on your spending. One dollar spending is worth 1.25 skyward points on non-AED spending and 1 point on local spending.

But you must earn a minimum of 18,000 AED monthly and pay an AED 800 annual fee to get this card. Furthermore, you also need a valid Emirate ID, visa copy, passport, and salary account number. [2]Emirates Citibank, “Eligibility criteria, … Continue reading

You can quickly get a new Emirates Citibank Ultimate Credit Card through a simple online application on your phone or computer.

Here are some more amazing features of the Emirates Citibank Ultimate credit card.


  • Get benefits such as dinner reservations, theatre tickets, airline tickets, and more.
  • Get unlimited access to more than 1,000 airport lounges across the globe.
  • Get access to the golf course on a complimentary basis each month.
  • Buy 1 get one complimentary movie ticket every month.
  • Get Emirates Advantage benefit and enjoy 0 percent interest for three months.

4. RAKBANK Red Mastercard Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-4 RAKBANK Red Mastercard Credit Card

Another best low income credit card is RAKBANK Red Credit Card. You can easily earn up to 1.5% cash back on all your purchases with RAKBANK RED Mastercard Credit Card.

With this Red Credit Card, you can also save on fees when sending money to the Philippines, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Interestingly, you do not ever have to pay an annual fee for your card. However, you must make a minimum of AED 5,000 per month to get this card. And you should provide details about your identification and work location and support it with proper documents. [3]RAKBANK, “Minimum salary, https://rakbank.ae/wps/portal/retail-banking/cards/personal/red-master-card”

Here are some more features of the RAKBANK Red Mastercard credit card.


  • No annual fees required
  • RAK Foodie offers discounts of up to 30% on your favorite foods at over 2000 restaurants, including buy one get one free.
  • Get free monthly international money transfers.
  • Send money cardless through digital banking.
  • Enjoy an interest-free Easy Payment Plan (EPP) for three, six, nine, or twelve months.

5. Arab Bank Visa Classic Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-5 Arab Bank Visa Classic Credit Card

Arab Bank Visa Classic credit card is one of the best low-income credit cards in UAE, mostly for individuals who earn a monthly salary of up to 7500.

This credit card is perfect for people who want the most value and flexibility from their credit cards. Similarly, you can make easy payment plans, enroll in reward programs, and benefit from Smart Chip technology which provides greater security.

You can apply for this card through an online application or visit any one of their branches. But you need to provide your recent income verification document with a valid ID or passport with a resident visa.

Here are more notable features of the Arab Bank credit card.


  • Personalized credit limit to meet financial requirements.
  • High cash advance limit of up to 75%
  • Flexible repayment instructions including: 5%, 25%, 50%, or 100% of the balance
  • Get a grace period of interest-free credit of up to 52 days.
  • Get Easy balance transfers between Arab Bank Visa Credit Card and third-party credit card.

6. CBD Super Saver credit card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-6 CBD Super Saver credit card

The CBD Super Saver credit card is one of the best low-income cards in Dubai, as it does not charge unnecessary expenses.

The minimum salary requirement is 8000 AED to get this card. And the CBD Super Saver Credit Card has an annual charge of AED 800. However, the first year of the card is free for all users. [4]CBD Super saver, “Minimum salary, https://www.cbd.ae/personal/borrow/credit-cards/super-saver#:~:text=minimum%20salary%20of%20AED%208%2C000%C2%A0″

You can earn 10% Cashback for utility bills, education, and supermarket payments and get up to a maximum of AED 200 cashback per month. Likewise, you can also earn base cashback of 0.5% – 1% on rentals, insurance, retail, and restaurants. [5]CBDsupersaver, “Cashback, … Continue reading

Here are some more exciting features of the CBD super saver credit card.


  • Free supplementary CBD Super Saver Credit card for the family members.
  • Four complimentary rounds of Golf at Trump International Golf Club every month if your expenses exceed AED 7,500.
  • Get free Valtrans valet parking services twice a month at more than 15 locations.
  • Get 24×7 customer service assistance to its CBD Super Saver credit card members.
  • Get up to 8 complimentary visits in a year at 1000+ airport lounges worldwide.

7. Mashreq Cashback Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-7 Mashreq Cashback Credit Card

The Mashreq Cashback Credit Card is among the best low-income credit card in UAE. It rewards you with cash back and points when you shop. The minimum salary requirement is 5000 AED. [6]Mashreq Cashback, “Monthly salary, … Continue reading

Similarly, Mashreq Cashback credit card offers a welcome bonus of AED 500 to anyone applying for the first time. However, if you already have another Mashreq credit card, then you will receive AED 100 as a joining bonus if you apply for its Cashback credit card. [7]Mashreq Cashback, “Welcome bonus, https://www.mashreqbank.com/en/uae/personal/cards/credit-cards/cashback-credit-card/#:~:text=No%20annual%20fees-,Welcome%20Bonus,-Enjoy%20an%20exclusive”

In terms of fees, you do not have to pay any annual fees however you do have to pay an interest rate of 3.33 per month for the first six months, and after that, it increases to 3.69% p.m. Additionally, you must pay a monthly minimum payment of 5% of your total monthly balance and 0.99% of your monthly balance as pay protect insurance. [8]Mashreq bank, “Fees and Charges, https://www.mashreqbank.com/en/uae/personal/cards/credit-cards/cashback-credit-card/#:~:text=Easy%20Payment%20Plan-,No%20Hidden%20Fees,-Annual%20fees”

So if you are excited by these benefits, here are some more enticing features.


  • Transfer third-party balance to Mashreq Cashback Credit card at a low-interest rate.
  • No annual membership fee.
  • Get travel insurance that covers the cost of medical emergencies, lost baggage, and trip cancellation.
  • Receive 5 % cash back on dining spending, 2 % cashback on international spending, and 1 % on local spending.
  • Get purchase protection covering accidental damage or theft of the items purchased.
  • Enjoy a maximum of 35% discount at more than 2000 restaurants.

8. HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-8 HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

The HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card is considered among the best low-income credit cards in the UAE. It offers a variety of bonuses and credits at 0% interest. They provide access to the HSBC ENTERTAINER app, where you can get 10% off British airfares from January 1 to December 31, 2022.

In order to get this credit card, you must earn a minimum monthly salary requirement of AED 10,000. However, you do not have to pay any extra annual fees after acquiring the credit card.[9]HSBC Platinum, “Minimum salary,https://www.hsbc.ae/credit-cards/products/visa-platinum-select/#:~:text=minimum%20monthly%20salary%20of%20AED%2010%2C000″

In terms of benefits, you can get an air miles reward for every 4 AED of expenses, purchase now pay later at 0% interest with Flexi Installment Plan, and also get buy 1 get one free offer to watch lots of 2D, 3D, and even 4D movies at various cinemas across UAE. [10] HSBC Platinum Select, “Benefits, https://www.hsbc.ae/credit-cards/products/visa-platinum-select/#:~:text=Why%20choose%C2%A0a%20Platinum%20Select%20Credit%20Card”

Other than these, you can also transfer the balance from other credit cards to your own HSBC credit card and don’t need to pay any interest you normally pay.

Here are some more amazing features of the HSBC Platinum credit card.


  • Get over 10,000 offers across dining, leisure, retail, and wellness. That includes over 260 delivery offers.
  • Enjoy dining offers at over 200+ locations globally with the Dragonpass dining and travel program.
  • Get 2, Buy 1, Get one free ticket at VOX cinemas when purchasing online tickets.
  • Enjoy delicious meals at over 400 restaurants across UAE at a 30% discount.
  • Get buyer’s protection options against accidental damage and theft. You will also get an additional one-year extended warranty on your purchased item.

9. Citi Simplicity Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-9 Citi Simplicity Credit Card

The Citibank Simplicity Credit Card is another best low-income credit cards in UAE. This credit card is mainly famous for benefits such as an easy installment plan to purchase expensive items but pays smaller amounts.

You can also get cash instantly in case of a financial emergency. Additionally, this card helps you get tons of discounts on entertainment, online shopping, and dining.

So if you are now excited to get hold of this card, you must have a monthly salary of AED 5000 or more and be over 21 years old. [11]Citibank, “Minimum … Continue reading

If you fulfill these criteria, submit some essential documents, mainly a valid Emirates ID, Passport, and UAE Visa copy, while submitting your application. Remember that you do not have to pay any annual fee after acquiring this credit card.

Here are some additional features of Citi Simplicity credit cards.


  • Balance transfer for the first six months at zero percent interest.
  • There are no additional charges for late payment, over-limit charges, or cash advance fees.
  • Get as many free supplementary cards as you want for family members.
  • Access airport lounges unlimitedly at partner airport lounges across the UAE.
  • Get buy 1 get one free offer in dining, spas, hotels, and restaurants.

10. ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-10 ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Credit Card

Another amazing credit card from ADIB bank is the ADIB Cashback credit card, where you can receive 1% cashback benefits anytime and anywhere. [12]ADIB cashback, “Cashback rate, https://www.adib.ae/en/personal/cards/cashback-cards/adib-cashback-visa-platinum-card#:~:text=1%25%20flat%20Cashback%20anywhere%20any%20time”

You can also get other amazing benefits, such as roadside assistance, discounts on dining, and cinema and lifestyle benefits.

In terms of fees, you must pay an annual fee of AED 1,000 for both covered and 5th supplementary credit cards. You will also have to pay a monthly profit interest of 2.99% with salary and 3.09% without salary per month and an annualized profit interest rate of 36.38% with salary and 37.60% without salary transfer. [13]ADIB Cashback credit, “Fees and charges,https://www.adib.ae/en/personal/cards/cashback-cards/adib-cashback-visa-platinum-card”

Here are some more amazing features of the ADIB Cashback Visa credit card.


  • Withdraw cash equivalent to 100 percent of your finance limit.
  • Get a maximum of four supplementary credit cards for your family members.
  • Transfer the other credit card’s outstanding balance to this ADIB card for a low charge.
  • Get an accessible cash facility in times of financial emergency.
  • Get complimentary access to airport lounges with Veloce Lounge.

11. Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-11 Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card is another exciting credit card to look for if you are searching for any credit card.

If this is your first time acquiring a credit card, you will immediately receive AED 2000 as a welcome bonus; however, if you have another Mashreq credit card, you will receive AED 200. [14]Mashreq Platinum Elite, “Welcome bonus, … Continue reading

If you are excited about this credit and want to acquire it, then you must earn a minimum salary of AED 7,000. [15]Mashreq, “Minimum salary, … Continue reading

Remember that even after acquiring the credit card, you must pay annual fees of AED 650 + 5% VAT for primary credit cards and AED 149 + 5% VAT for supplementary cards.

Similarly, you have to pay 0.99% as pay to protect insurance and 5% interest as a service charge on your monthly balance. Lastly, you must pay mandatory interest rates of 3.33% p.m. for the first six months and 3.69% p.m. for the final six months. [16]Mashreq Bank, “Fees and charges on a credit … Continue reading

Here are some more amazing features of the Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card.


  • Earn 5 Salaam points per AED for international expenses, 3 points per AED for dining expenses, and 1 Salaam point per AED on local products.
  • Get access to over 700 airport lounges in more than 300 cities if your minimum spending is at least AED 7,000 in your previous billing cycle.
  • Enjoy three complimentary limousine airport transfers monthly if your minimum spending is AED 7,000 in your previous billing cycle.
  • Receive discounts of up to 50 percent on restaurants.
  • Enjoy eight complimentary visits to Fitness First if your minimum spending is AED 7,000 in this business cycle.

12. HSBC Zero Credit Card

InArticle Image-best low income credit card in uae-12 HSBC Zero Credit Card

The HSBC Zero Credit card is among the most affordable credit cards in UAE. They have zero annual fees, over the limit fee, cash advance fees, balance transfer processing fees, and zero interest on purchase fees for the first three months. This is why they are regarded among the best low-income credit cards in UAE.

If you are excited about this credit card and apply for it today, you will receive AED 300 cash back as a welcome bonus. However, you must have a monthly salary of a minimum of AED 10,000, live in UAE, and be above 21 years old to acquire this card. [17]HSBC zero, “Minimum … Continue reading

The cardholders of this credit card get some amazing benefits in HSEB entertainer mobile app, where they can check out over 10,000 buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Additionally, get discounts on over 400 restaurants and get tons of Buy 1 get one free movie tickets from VOX cinemas. If you ever lose or damage your purchased item from the card, you will still get one year extended warranty where you can repair or replace them. [18] HSBC zero, “Benefits, https://www.hsbc.ae/credit-cards/products/visa-platinum-zero/#:~:text=Benefits%C2%A0you%27ll%C2%A0enjoy”

Here are some cool features of the HSBC Zero credit card.


  • You won’t be charged if you go over your credit limit.
  • Withdraw advance cash without any extra charges.
  • Transfer balances from your other credit cards without processing fees and save on interest amounts.
  • Get up to 10% discount on British airways airfares.
  • Protect against theft or accidental damage with the purchase protect feature.

How to apply for a low-income credit card?

Applying for a credit card can seem like a difficult task, but if you do your research and come prepared with the necessary documents, it can be a relatively simple process.

  1. First, you’ll need to decide which type of credit card you want to apply for.
  2. There are many different options available, so choosing the one that best suits your needs is essential.
  3. Once you’ve selected a card, ensure you’re eligible by meeting the minimum salary requirements.
  4. Once you’ve done that, you can begin the application by gathering the required documents.
  5. Finally, all that’s left is to wait for your card to arrive in the mail.

Eligibility criteria for low-income credit cards in UAE

You cannot simply get any credit card by simply applying to the bank. You have to fulfill specific eligibility or age criteria to be suitable to apply for these cards.

You must be

  • Residents of the UAE.
  • Must be over 21 years old.
  • The income must be over 5000 AED – 50,000 AED for employed people for three months.

Required Documents

Applying for a low-income credit card in UAE can be a great way to save money on purchases. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of this card, you will need to send in a few documents to ensure that your application is processed. Some of the documents you will need to include are as follows:

  1. A photo of your valid passport.
  2. Emirates ID
  3. Residence Visa for non-Gulf countries residents
  4. Proof of UAE residency
  5. Ejari tenancy agreement
  6. Title Deeds for homeowner
  7. Recent utility bill
  8. The bank statements from the last two months show that your salary was deposited into the account.
  9. A salary certificate from your employer is a document that certifies your compensation. This document can’t be more than 30 days old.

Related Info


Which credit card is best in UAE?

The best credit card in UAE is the Emirates NBD Lulu Mastercard Titanium Credit Card. It is one of the best low-income credit cards in UAE. You can get this card even if you earn a monthly salary of AED 5,000. The Emirates NBD Lulu credit card provides many discounts during grocery shopping, rewards points for dining, cash back on shopping, and much more.

What is the lowest income to qualify for a credit card?

To qualify for a credit card in UAE, your income must be at least AED 5000- 7000. These cards usually do not have an annual fee and provide cardholders with simple perks and benefits. However, most common banks qualify you for income if you earn between AED 10,000 to 12,000.

How can I get a credit card with a low salary in UAE?

You can get a credit card with a low salary in UAE. You can try to get a credit card that does not have an annual fee, a cashback credit card, or an air miles credit card.

Which bank gives credit cards easily in UAE?

Different banks in UAE offer different credit cards. Some banks are more likely to give you a credit card than others. Usually, the bank will check if you are eligible and have all the necessary documents. The bank does not usually require a sizeable monthly income to provide you with a credit card.

Can I open a credit card with a low income?

Yes, you can open a credit card even with a low income. Usually, your monthly income must be at least AED 5,000 to be eligible. Make sure to submit the required documents so the process can go smoothly.

Final thoughts

There are so many top low income credit card in UAE. You should choose the best one that doesn’t have a lot of extra charges, like an annual or late payment fee. You can easily apply for these cards if your income is from AED 5,000 to AED 15,000.

No matter what type of low-income credit card you choose, make sure it is based on your credit score. Using credit cards can be beneficial; however, overusing them can land you in some massive debt.

We hope our guide helped you choose the best low income credit card in UAE. If yes, please share this with your friends and family.

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