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10+ Top Business Setup Consultants in Dubai in 2024

Guide on the best business setup consultants in Dubai

Dubai is often regarded as one of the best places to start your business. However, it is quite a daunting task, so you may need help from business setup consultants in Dubai.

Many foreign businessmen might need business consultants to know about the new investment environment and regulations. Apart from these environments, you must be familiar with new business locations such as Dubai.

There are some business locations in Dubai for doing business, such as the mainland, free zone, and offshore. Hence sometimes it is confusing where to and how to start when doing business in Dubai in which these consulting services will assist you.

From these business consulting services in Dubai, you will know the process and requirements for business setup in Dubai, UAE, and the middle east.

For this purpose, we have compiled a list of business setup consultants in Dubai below.

What are business setup consultants?

Business setup consultants are consulting companies designed to assist foreign or local investors and businessmen with a business setup in Dubai.

Starting a business in a new location might need assistance setting up your business, so these consultants will provide the services for your business.

We have listed some of the best business setup consultants to help you in company formation in Dubai and UAE.

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12 business setup consultants in Dubai

1. Shuraa Business Setup

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-1 Shuraa

Address: Aspin Commercial Tower, Dubai

Email: Info@Shuraa.com

Phone no: 97144081900

Shuraa is one of the top business setup consultants in Dubai that helps in new company setup and all the other services in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

It has helped people in Dubai and outside the country start their businesses for the past two decades. Shuraa has registered 35,000 firms in the UAE.

They also have many years of experience setting up companies in Dubai and working with professionals and regulatory authorities, making the process much easier.

2. Aurion

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-2 Aurion

Address: Dubai Airport Freezone, Dubai

Email: contact@aurionuae.com

Phone no: 97142504150

Aurion is also among Dubai’s best business setup consultants that guarantee successful business setup due to its professional services.

Aurion assisted with setting up a business in the free zone and offshore location in Dubai for 12 years.

Aurion can help you get repeat customers and referrals from your clients. The consultant also helps clients find the right candidate for the job and get visas.

3. MSZ Consultancy

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-3 MSZ

Address: Mai Tower, Al Nahda, Dubai 

Email: info@mszconsultancy.com

Phone no: 971589827842

MSZ consultancy is also one of the business startup consultants in Dubai that helps investors from around the world set up their businesses in Dubai and across the UAE.

They help with businesses’ initiation, expansion, and growth by issuing necessary licenses and preparing documents.

MSZ consultancy provides services to many sectors such as trading, real estate, technology, fashion, and more.

They are a very experienced business consulting service in Dubai as they have a lot of knowledge about UAE’s corporate law and affairs.

MSZ helps set up businesses in complicated locations in the United Arab Emirates, such as free zones and even the mainland.

4. Jumeira Consultants

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-4 Jumaira Consulting

Address: City Tower 2 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Email: info@jumeiraconsultants.com

Phone no: 97143277201

Jumeira Consultants is another best management consultancy establishment offering leading business setup services in various sectors, including government, non-government, business, and education.

They offer many services that can help your business grow and succeed.

Jumeira consultant professionals have a lot of experience in the process of company formation. They keep up to date on the latest rules and regulations that affect this process.

Jumeira has a lot of good relationships with both local and international clients as they have a lot of contacts.

5. Business Setup Consultants

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-5 Business Setup

Address: Jumeirah Bay, Cluster X, JLT, Dubai

Email: info@businesssetup.com

Phone no: 9714430125

Business setup consultants are famous business consultants in Dubai that help set up companies in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

The company offers many services to its clients, making it easier for them to get what they need. This includes setting up a business and providing candidates for the workforce.

Getting help from Business Setup Consultants is a good idea if you want to set up a business. They will make the process easy for you, starting from bank account opening to issuing a business or trade license.

They set up a business efficiently and without any hassle. Moreover, they will do it professionally. The company’s client services are outstanding and give each client full attention.

6. Creation Business Consultants

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-6 Creation Business Consultants

Address: Prism Tower, Business Bay, Dubai

Email: info@creationbc.com

Phone no: 97148786240

Creation Business Consultants help entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses, and even large companies enter and expand in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.

They provide consultancy services in various business activities such as company formation, recruitment, and more.

They works with private equity firms, law firms, and financial advisors. They have provided help creating a company and have a lot of experience in the process.

They have valuable relationships with government departments. This lets them get the most up-to-date market information and gives their clients professional advice on their business.

Creation consultants also provide accounting services such as accounting and bookkeeping, acquisition, and company liquidation.

7. Avyanco

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-7 Avyanco

Address: The Exchange Tower, Business Bay, Dubai

Email: info@avyanco.com

Phone no: 971503989000

Avyanco is a popular certified business consultant and auditing firm in Dubai. It has a great team of qualified professionals.

It helps entrepreneurs start their businesses in UAE. They offer financial consulting to help make this process easier.

Avyanco offers clients various services, including accounting and bookkeeping, external and internal auditing services, and trademark registration.

8. ACT PRO & Business Services

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-8 ACT

Address: Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai

Email: solutions@actgroupservices

Phone no: 97144281505

Ahmed Al Suwaidi and Michael Samuel are childhood friends who started ACT PRO and Business services. Ahmed is from Sharjah and is part of the influential Al Suwaidi family. Michael is a British national who was born and raised in the Emirates.

ACT Pro is a leading corporate service provider and support system for businesses in the GCC countries and the United Arab Emirates. The people at ACT Pro are always trying to learn new things and improve their skills.

They want to ensure that they can provide accurate information to assist you in your query. The company also commits to helping its clients understand the various uncertainties and helping them make sure their business is booming in UAE.

9. Maven Business Consultancy

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-9 Maven

Address: Dubai Silicon Office, Dubai

Email: N/A

Phone no: 971556791998

Maven Business Consultancy is an excellent place for experts and professionals to help set up a business.

The company has been doing well with tax consultations and company formations since 1973.

Maven Business Consultancy is a great choice because it promises to give its clients the best service possible. They offer innovative ideas, technology, and techniques to help customers collaborate and trust them.

They have years of industry knowledge and international strength to offer their customers. Maven Business Consultancy is a great company with many skills and is very committed to helping its customers achieve their business dreams.

10. Decisive Zone

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-10 Decisive Zone

Address: Concord Tower Dubai Media City, Dubai

Email: hello@decisivezone.ae

Phone no: 97145813618

Decisive Zone is among the popular business startup consultants in Dubai, offering professional services of the highest quality by helping you identify and set up a simple and affordable process to start a company based in Dubai, UAE.

It helps its clients choose the best corporate structure and jurisdiction for their business. The company also ensures that all the financial and administrative aspects of setting up a business are taken care of.

The company guarantees a fast and efficient process for all the clients, free zone, or offshore company setups.

Decisive Zone has a team of passionate professionals dedicated to helping its clients find the best solutions when starting or expanding a company in Dubai.

11. Commitbiz Management Consultants

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-11 CommitBiz

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Email: info@commitbiz.com

Phone no: 97143867474

Commitbiz was established with the vision of providing more than just business consulting services in Dubai and world-class management advisory services. Commitbiz is an expert in forming new businesses and has quite a reputation.

Commitbiz consultancy provides excellent and professional service to establish business and can assist in many sectors such as e-commerce, restaurant, private clinic, tour guide, and more.

They can issue licenses for any company in any sector you like and are among professional business startup consultants in Dubai.

The consultancy provides services to open a business in any business location, either in a free zone or mainland territory.

12. NEX Consultants

InArticle Image-business setup consultants in dubai-12 NEX Consultants

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Email: info@nexconsultants.com

Phone no: 971509330152

NEX Consultants are one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai. They provide a wide range of services for both small and medium-sized businesses.

They provides essential services, including free consultation, company formation, advice on recruitment, mass hiring, and corporate research.

The company also helps its clients file their taxes easily. They allow you from the beginning and provide complete TAX and VAT solutions so you won’t get into trouble with the authorities.

Nex Consultants provides accounting and bookkeeping-related services. They can also help with auditing and can assist in opening a bank account for your new business.

Hence here is our business setup consultants list that will help you in company setup in Dubai and all around the middle east.

How to start new business setup consultants in Dubai?

Starting new business setup consultants in Dubai is like starting any business venture. You must have to follow some important and interesting steps for your new consultancy to be legal in Dubai

Here are some of the steps.

Step 1. Choosing the business consulting sector

The first part that any new business setup consultant is to choose the sector where you will be providing your pro services.

There are several sectors in UAE, such as industry, retail, hospital, trade, and technology, so you have to choose an industry where you provide consultations.

You can provide consultancy on more than one sector or even all industries, but it is necessary to have your business contacts before hiring clients.

Step 2. Choosing business location

After choosing a sector, any business setup consultants need to select the location of your services.

You can become business consultants in Dubai free zone or provide expertise for mainland or offshore company.

This is the same for business setup consultants, too, as they have to provide their services in certain business locations in Dubai.

Step 3. Submit proper paperwork

After choosing the sector and location of your business and setting up a consultancy, it is time to make your business plan to life.

For this, you must submit the proper paperwork such as a passport, outline of a business plan, license application LLC certificate, passport copies, and other documents to receive a business license and start your business setup consulting in Dubai.

Step 4. Get business setup consultants license

When you submit all the requirements, such as legal documents, the concerned authority will do a background check.

You will now be involved in the registration process, and once your company is registered, you will receive your consultancy license.

Once you receive your business license, you can start your business setup consultancy based on your preferred sector in Dubai.

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How much money do you need to start a business in Dubai?

To start a business in Dubai, you must have capital ranging from AED 1000 to 100,000. It would be best if you also had some additional costs to start a business in licensing fees, office costs, and registration costs ranging from AED 10,000 to 80,000.

How do I set up a company in Dubai?

You can start a company in Dubai by choosing a sector, picking a location, and opening a corporate bank account. Finally, you’ll need to get business licenses to help you set up a company in Dubai.

How do I find a small business consultant?

You can find small business consultants through social media, LinkedIn, and yellow pages, where you can get lots of contacts.
Most business consultants in Dubai will help every company, whether small or big. They will provide complete packages of the services available, such as recruiting, accounting, bookkeeping, and everything related to a company from its formation to liquidation.

Can a non-citizen start a business in Dubai?

Yes, a non-citizen can start a business in Dubai. Dubai is the home of foreign investors who are actively taking advantage of the amazing business environment in Dubai.
You must follow the same process as a local citizen except for a mainland business, where you must have a local sponsor with 51% equity.

Final thoughts

Business setup consultants in Dubai are essential for advising and consultancy on forming a business in Dubai.

If you are new in Dubai, then there is a chance you will be looking for some business consulting service in Dubai, so you do not get overwhelmed and know all the regulations and rules about their policies.

So we hope our list of some of the best business consultants will make your business life more manageable in Dubai.

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