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How to Watch Euro Cup in UAE? (2024 Updated)

Follow any of your favorite methods to watch Euro Cup in UAE

If you are a football fan and are wondering how to watch Euro Cup in UAE, then you have come to the right place.

There are a few different ways that you can go about this. You can watch it for free on some websites or apps, but you are going to suffer through ads or low quality.

However, if you want to view the Euro Cup in UAE and are willing to pay, some premium options are available.

In this guide, you will find amazing premium and free options to enjoy the UEFA Euro Cup in UAE.

We will also provide you with legitimate download links for each app if they are available on the Play Store or App Store.

However, some of the sites we recommend might be blocked. So, we will also recommend some of the best VPN services of 2024 that can solve your issue.

So if you want to know how to watch the Euro Cup in UAE, please follow this guide till the very end.

How to watch Euro Cup In UAE?

If you are excited to watch the Euro Cup in UAE, you have many options available.

You will get amazing quality football matches for a certain amount of money. Another option is to use a free trial service to enjoy Euro Cup for a limited amount of time. After the trial period, you will need to pay for the subscription service to continue using it.

You can also find websites that stream the matches for free. However, these websites will be difficult to surf since they may have ads and low-quality streams.

Compare the best sites and apps to watch Euro Cup in UAE

Service NamePriceApplication PlatformVPN RequiredKey Features
Fubo TV $70/month App YesBest HD Streams 
Hulu TV $6.99-$70.99/month App YesHD TV Apps 
Sky Sports $25/month Website or AppYesBest international sports 
BT Sports $25/month Website or AppYesBest Subscription package 
BeIN Sports $19.99/month Website or AppYesBest Sports for UAE 
Squid TV Free Website YesBest Free Sports site 
YuppTV Free AppYesBest Free TV App 
Live Soccer TV Free AppYesBest Apps for Soccer 
Supersport Free AppYesBest Free site for all Sports 
Stream2watch Free Website YesBest Free site with no ads 

Best Sites to watch Euro Cup live stream in UAE

So if you are excited about how to watch the Euro Cup in UAE, then we have compiled some of the best sites and apps that stream football matches along with the UEFA Euro tournament.

We have compiled a list of the five best premium sites, including a free trial site and five of the best free site that broadcast the game for you to check out.

Method 1. Best Premium sites to watch Euro Cup matches in UAE

1. Fubo TV – Best overall premium site to view free live Euro Cup in UAE

fubotv logo 1

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $70/month

VPN required: Yes

Fubo TV is a premium site and app that streams many sports, including football. You can watch a lot of tournaments such as the UEFA Euro Cup and FIFA World Cup.

Other than sports, you can watch various movies, TV shows, and news on Fubo TV. There are many other features and information on Fubo TV so let’s get into it.

Features of Fubo TV

High-quality stream

The best part of Fubo TV is you can enjoy any entertainment channel, the news channel, or sports channel in HD quality. Their primary focus is to provide a high-quality sporting experience so you can watch all your favorite Euro matches in a 4K stream.

Compatible with a lot of devices

Fubo TV is compatible with many devices such as Android, iOS, Xbox, Chromecast, Applet TV, and more, so you can buy their subscriptions without hesitation.

Download FuboTV

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2. Hulu TV – Best TV app to watch

hulu logo

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $6.99 – $70.99/month

VPN required: Yes

Features of Hulu TV

More than 75 channels

On Hulu, you can watch over 75 channels to enjoy your favorite shows, including ESPN, CBS, HBO, and more, in which you can get sports, news, and entertainment.

No cable is required

Download Hulu

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Method 2. Best free trial sites to watch free live Euro Cup in UAE

Free trial sites are those sites that provide free services for a certain period, and after that, you have to pay a premium amount.

If you have no problem paying a subscription fee but want to check the platform or site first, these are the best places to get started.

1. Sky Sports – Best international free trial site to watch Euro Cup in UAE

skysports logo

Available platforms: Website, Android, and iOS

Price: $25/month

VPN required: Yes

You can watch all types of sports, including the tournament, on Sky Sports. They are the home of sports, including football, cricket, rugby, hockey, and more.

Features of Sky Sports

Get all sports in one package

Sky Sports is renowned for its fantastic sporting experience, and for just $25/month, you can enjoy sports such as Soccer, Golf, Motoracing, and more.

Seven-day trial

Download Sky Sports

2. BT Sport – The best site in price to enjoy Euro Cup stream in UAE


Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $25/month

VPN required: Yes

Features of BT Sport

Watch anywhere

You can watch BT Sport anytime, anywhere, as it is supported on TV, app, and even web player.

Mutilple sports channels

BT Sports is the home of all the sports, including UEFA Euro, as you can enjoy them from various channels such asBT Sport, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, and BT Sport ESPN from its monthly pass feature.

Download BT Sports

3. beIN sports – Best middle eastern site to View UEFA Euro Cup live in UAE

beinsports logo

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $19.99/month

VPN required: Yes

beIN Sports is one of the best sporting channels or platforms predominantly for residents of middle eastern football fans.

Most football fans in Dubai or all-around UAE are dedicated viewers of beIN sports because of their amazing features.

Features of beIN Sports

14 days trial

beIN sports offers a 14-day free trial, so you can check it out before you subscribe. If you’re not satisfied at any time, you can cancel the package without having to pay anything.

Get HD channels

You can get all the Euro football match action in beIN sports in HD quality if you purchase Foxtel sports Pack, which will make your experience even more fun and realistic.

Download beIN Sports

Method 3. Best free sites to watch Euro Cup in UAE

If you want to enjoy football matches such as UEFA Euro but do not want to pay any premium fees, then there are some best free sites and apps.

Here are some of them.

1. Squid Tv – The best free TV app to watch UEFA Euro Cup free in UAE

squidtv logo

Available platforms: Website

VPN required: Yes

Squid TV is an excellent free platform where you can watch all the channel’s news, sports, and entertainment.

Features of Squid TV

Channels by continent

Multiple channels for free

On Squid TV, you’ll find thousands of channels you might be interested in. This includes news from all over the world, movies, music, and more. On Squid TV, regardless of where to watch, you will always be able to find the channel to watch in your language.

Download Squid TV

Squid TV apps are not available for either Android or iOS till now.

2. Yupp TV- Best South Asian-based site to view Euro Cup in UAE

yupptv logo

Available platforms: Android and iOS

VPN required: Yes

Yupp TV is one of the top media entertainment providers. It offers a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and sports.

Features of Yupp TV

Multiple devices

Never miss your favorite shows

Yupp TV keeps track of your favorite shows so you can watch them later even if you missed the episode when it aired.

Download Yupp TV

3. Live Soccer TV – Best free mobile apps to watch the UEFA Euro Cup in UAE

livesoccer tv

Available platforms: Android and iOS

VPN required: Yes

Live Soccer TV is one of the best free apps to watch live football. You can watch any football match, including Euro matches, as well as other categories such as leagues, countries, or nations, and support your favorite teams.

Features of Live Soccer TV

Use on any platform

Live Soccer TV can be used on websites, apps, radio, laptops, or Apple products, so you will never miss your favorite match.

Get news of your favorite teams

In Live Soccer TV, you can not only watch your team’s matches, but you can get their latest news, including transfer news or international tournament news such as European schedules or qualifiers.

Download Live Soccer TV

4. SuperSport – The best site in Africa to watch Euro Cup live in UAE

super sport logo

Available platforms: Website, Android, and iOS

VPN required: VPN

SuperSport is said to be a very popular sports news and live streaming platform mostly popular in Africa and all around the world.

Features of Supersport

Lots of sports

In SuperSport, you can watch football matches and many other sports such as Ruby, Golf, Cricket, Aquatic, Boxing, Cycling, and more.

SuperSport podcasts

In SuperSport, you can listen to veteran and expert football experts in their own free SuperSport Podcast that airs live on their site.

Download SuperSport

5. Stream2Watch- Best site for live stream and schedule of Euro Cup in UAE


Available platforms: Website

VPN required: Yes

Stream2watch is a website where you can watch live sports. This platform has a category including UEFA Euro Cup. You just have to click on that category to find ongoing and upcoming World Cup matches.

Features of Stream2watch

Lots of sports

There are several sports in Stream2watch, such as Football, Cricket, Rugby, Motorsports, and more. You can one day be watching the English premier league and the next day enjoys Tour de France.

UEFA Euro schedule and news

Download Stream2watch

Unfortunately, Stream2watch does not have a mobile app for either Android or iOS devices.

Recommended VPNs to watch UEFA Euro Cup live stream free in UAE

Some preferred sites or apps might be blocked because of the UAE government. However, you can still enjoy them by using VPN.

There are some of the best VPNs you can use to access blocked sites. You can easily sign up for these VPNs from their site and immediately get started.

Some of the best VPNs to watch the UEFA Euro Cup are as follows:

  • NordVPN – Nord VPN is a very reliable VPN whose primary function is protecting online security and making your IP anonymous and private.
  • ExpressVPN – Another popular VPN is Express VPN which is famous mainly for speed and can access blocked sites worldwide.
  • SurfSharkVPN– Surfshark is another reliable VPN that protects your online data and is quite affordable.

These are the best VPN services that will keep you safe online and allow you to watch Euro football matches without interruptions.

FAQs on how to watch Euro Cup in UAE

Which channel is showing Euro Cup in UAE?

Some amazing channels are showing Euro Cup in UAE, and some of them are Sky Sports, BT Sports, and beIN Sports.

How can I get Euro Cup updates in UAE?

You can get updates about the Euro Cup from sports websites like ESPN, Sky Sports, and beIN Sports. You can also get updates from the official UEFA website.

Do I need VPN to watch the Euro Cup in UAE?

Yes, you need a VPN to watch the Euro Cup in UAE. Some of the best VPNs that we recommend are Express VPN, Nord VPN, and Surfshark VPN.

Final thoughts

Hence if you have ever wondered how to watch the Euro Cup in UAE, we hope our guide has helped you find an answer.

Throughout the games, many fans can be restless and search for platforms to watch the UEFA Euro Cup live in UAE.

We have provided various new sites and platforms to watch your favorite football matches, whether on a premium or for free.

So if you got your best sites or apps on how to watch the Euro Cup live in UAE, then please let us know which one you choose in the comments down below.

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