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10+ Best Sites to Watch Free Live Football Streaming in UAE

Here are some best sites to watch free live football streaming in UAE.

If you are in UAE and worried about how to watch free live football streaming in UAE, don’t worry because we have the perfect solution.

Football is a popular sport, and there are many ways to watch live football matches in UAE.

If you’re also looking for ways to watch free live football streaming in the UAE, we’ve included a list of the best options below, including apps, sites, or TV channels.

Usually, some of these platforms are free, but others require a subscription.

In some cases, your desired sites or apps may have been blocked by UAE Government. This can be solved by VPNs.

For this, you can read our Dbd guide on the best VPN services of 2024 to select which one would be the best for you.

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How to watch free live football streaming in UAE?

There are three ways to watch free live football in the UAE. The first way is to download and install apps on your phone or computer.

The second way is to use websites, whereas the third is a TV channel.

The best option to watch football in UAE is to use apps. These apps offer high-quality streams of live football matches from around the world.

Several sites offer free live football streaming. However, these sites may show regular ads during the match. If you don’t mind the ads, these sites are a great option for watching live football.

If you want to watch a live football match, several premium paid sites and apps will let you do this without any ads. However, you usually have to pay for the subscription right away.

But if you want to check the quality of the premium sites before joining the subscription plan, you can join free trial sites, which provide a trial period for some days.

Overall, there are many ways to watch free live football streaming in UAE.

You can watch the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and even the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 on various streaming sites.

So let’s check out some of the best premium, free, and trial platforms to watch live football streaming in the United Arab Emirates.

Compare the best sites to watch free live football streaming in UAE

Service NamePriceAvailable PlatformVPN RequiredKey Features
Fubo TV$70/monthWebsite, Android, and iOSYesHD matches
Hulu TV$6.99 / $70.99Website, Android, and iOSYesMultiple screens
Squid TVFreeWebsite, Android, and iOSYesFree sports
Live Soccer TVFreeWebsite, Android, and iOSYesLive Football streams
Fox Row SportsFreeWebsite, Android, and iOSYesMultiple languages
Strike OutFreeWebsite, Android, and iOSYesReal-time updates
SportLemonTVFreeWebsite, Android, and iOSYesCreate your own links
Sling TV$35/monthWebsite, Android, and iOSYesExtra sports package
BeIN Sports$19.99/monthWebsite, Android, and iOSYesBest sports in UAE
Sky Sports$25/monthWebsite, Android, and iOSYesInternational sports

Best sites to watch live football streaming in UAE

In this guide, we have compiled all the best sites, apps, and other platforms, such as TV channels, to watch live football streaming in UAE.

We will be dividing these sites based on their premium plans, whether they provide a free trial period or if they are entirely free.

Method 1. Best premium sites to watch live football streaming in UAE

1. Fubo TV – Overall the best site to watch live football streaming in UAE

fubotv logo

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $70/month

VPN required: Yes

Fubo TV is a premium app that lets you watch sports and live TV for a certain premium. They are one of the best football streaming platforms in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Features of Fubo TV

Football galore

You can subscribe to Fubo TV to watch any sports in real-time for $70. This will give you access to various football broadcasts, such as NBC Sports, FS1, FS2, beIN Sports, and more.

Cheap quality streams

This TV service provides over 150 channels, including more than 100 sports channels in ultra-high definition quality.

Download Fubo TV

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2. Hulu – Best TV app to watch live football streaming in UAE

hulu logo

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $6.99 – $70.99

VPN required: Yes

Hulu is a premium app that allows you to watch live football matches in UAE. ESPN channels on Hulu stream football games. Unlike Fubo TV, there are no free trials. You can stream 89 channels on Hulu at the base price.

Features of Hulu TV

Unlimited DVR storage

Hulu offers its customers unlimited DVR storage to record and watch football games from any device at any time.

Quality football at cheap

You can get a football channel without paying extra on Hulu TV, making it one of the best premium streaming platforms.

 Download Hulu

Method 2. Best free sites to watch live football streaming in UAE

Now, if you do not want to pay a dime to watch football matches, you can join some free platforms.

1. Squid TV – Best for multiple channels to watch live football streaming in UAE

squidtv logo

Available platforms: Website

Price: Free

VPN required: Yes

Squid TV is a fantastic website for anyone looking to stream live sporting events from all over the globe. The selection of football streams is particularly impressive, with popular channels like beIN Sports, ESPN, and Sky Sports all available.

And best of all, it’s completely free to use.

Features of Squid TV

Free live stream

With Squid TV, you can watch football and other sports for free anytime. You can log in to the site and start watching football matches.

Stream library

Download Squid TV

Unfortunately, there are no apps for Squid TV on Playstore or Appstore.

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2. Live Soccer TV – Best free site to watch live football streaming in UAE

livesoccer tv

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: Free

VPN required: Yes

Live Soccer TV is a top app that allows you to stream live football television free worldwide. You can visit their website or app and find ongoing football streams and upcoming matching matches on the home page.

Features of Live Soccer TV

Home of Football

Live Soccer TV streams football games from all around the world. You can watch domestic games from countries like England, Spain, and Italy. The website also has live streams of games on Facebook and other sites like Super Sports.

Available on every device

Download Live Soccer TV

3. First Row Sports – Best stream to watch live football in UAE with real-time updates

firstrow sports

Available platforms: Website

Price: Free

VPN required: Yes

First row sports is a free website that allows you to stream live football worldwide. You can watch all the major sports, including your favorite football matches, for free.

Features of First Row Sports

Real-time football scores and matches

In “First Row Sports,” all schedules are updated in real-time. You can get real-time football news, live football score, and which matches are ongoing.

Updated stream

First-row sports updates the stream for every sport every 45 minutes so that it will delete old links and start showing new games.

Download Fox Row Sports

Unfortunately, First Row Sports do not have any apps to download.

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4. Strike Out – Best site to watch live football matches in UAE from multiple streams

strikeout sports live

Available platforms: Website

Price: Free

VPN required: Yes

Strike Out is a free website that allows you to stream live sports from all across the world. You can find various sports channels on their website like football, cricket, baseball, etc. Click on the football category, and you can find ongoing and upcoming fixtures on the website.

Features of Strike Out

Football in Different languages

They offer you multiple stream links in different languages. Thus, you watch football live for free in your preferred language.

Domestic and international matches

You can watch domestic matches like Premier League, Spanish La Liga, or International games like UEFA Nations League or FIFA World Cup.

Download Strike Out

Unfortunately, Strikeout also does not have any apps to download.

5. Sport Lemon TV – The best App to watch football in UAE in different languages


Available platforms: Website

Price: Free

VPN required: Yes

Sport Lemon TV is a free app that lets you watch live sports from all over the world. You can find different sports categories on their website, like football, cricket, and baseball. Under the football category, you can find information about ongoing and upcoming games.

Features of Sport Lemon TV

Add your link

SportslemonTV has one of the best features – you can add your best free links and share them with others online.


One of the amazing features of Sport Lemon TV is you can set reminders for every match and will never miss any live games.

Download Sport Lemon TV

Unfortunately, Sport Lemon TV does not have any apps to download.

Method 3. Best free trial sites to watch free live football streaming in UAE

Those were some of the best free sites to watch live football in UAE and any part of the world.

However, if you don’t mind paying for a stream but first want to check out the sites, you can join some free trial sites or apps. They provide some days as a free trial to check their products.

Let’s look at some of them below.

1. Sling TV – Best free site for live football streaming in UAE

sling tv

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $35/month

VPN required: No

One of the most popular ways to watch live football online is through the Sling TV app. Sling TV has the option to provide a free trial for some days so you can take pleasure in your favorite football matches for free.

Features of Sling TV

Seven days trial

It offers a 7-day free trial and after that charges $25 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time within 7 Days.

Sports extra package

The best part is that it has a dedicated Sports Extra package that costs an additional $5 per month and gives you access to several channels such as NFL Network, NBC Sports, and more. Additionally, the extras also contain Lifestyle Extras and Kids Extras.

Download Sling TV

You can download this app from Play Store on your Android device or App Store on your iOS device by searching Sling TV.

2. beIN Sports – Best sports site in UAE to watch free live football online in UAE

beinsports logo

Available platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $19.99/month

VPN required: Yes

beIN Sports is a premium app that allows you to stream sports and live television. You can watch any sport in real-time.

To use this site, you have first to buy the subscriptions. The subscriptions to stream football are ultimate with $55 per month, Premium for $30 per month, and Kick-Off for $20 per month.

Features of beIN Sports

Get 24/7 action

beIN Sports have an amazing new feature in beIN Sports where you can watch your favorite football matches 24/7.

Get notifications

In beIN Sports, you will get notifications for your favorite football matches so that you will never miss your team play.

Download beIN Sports

3. Sky Sports – Best international sports channel to watch free live football streaming in UAE

skysports logo

Available platforms: Website, Android, and iOS

VPN required: Yes

Sky Sports is a paid app that lets you watch live sports on your phone or computer. You can watch any sport at any time. To use the app, you first have to pay for a subscription.

Features of Sky Sports

Free Trial

One of the best features of Sky Sports is you will get seven day’s free trial to watch live football matches and can cancel your subscription within that time.

Buy only football package

You can only buy a football or sports package to watch your football matches, so you do not have to spend more money on other channels. You can watch all football matches such as Premier League, Scottish Cup, Carabao Cup and more.

Download Sky Sports

You can download Sky Sports from Play Store and Appstore by searching its name on the dashboard.

Hence these are some of the best sites, apps, and TV channels to watch free live football streaming in UAE.

As mentioned above, you can join free sites, premium sites, or free trial sites to join and watch your favorite football matches.

Recommended VPNs to watch free live football streaming in UAE

If you’re a football fan, you might wonder how you can watch live football matches in UAE without the geo-block.

The UAE government blocks foreign sites and channels, making it difficult to catch your favorite team in action.

However, there is a way around this issue – using a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN allows you to bypass internet restrictions and access blocked content even if it is blocked in your entire country.

We’ve recommended the best VPNs for watching live football in the UAE – Nord VPN, Express VPN, and SurfShark VPN.

  • Nord VPN – Nord VPN is a reliable VPN to protect your online information, mostly recommended for public security.
  • ExpressVPN– One of the best features of Express VPN is the mixture of security and speed. Express VPN is
  • SurfShark VPN – Surfshark VPN is an excellent service to unblock websites and content. It can also be used for internet security and protection.

Hence these are the best VPN services to unblock your favorite sports channels, sites, or apps to watch live football streams in UAE. They can be owned on a monthly or yearly basis.

Research Methodology

We looked at many factors to find the best live streams to watch football matches in UAE.

Some factors that we considered are online security, price, use of VPN, availability of apps, frequency of ads, and quality of the live stream.

Not only that, but our tech team has tested more than 30 apps and websites, including free and premium ones. We joined them and checked their quality, pricing, and availability.

Along with each site, we also checked user reviews of every site to find out how they felt when they used them personally. We examined data and information from review videos, websites, and user forums. We also used our tools to analyze it all.

We also considered other additional factors such as availability, customer support, languages, and more.

Before concluding, we also did extensive research on online piracy and security. We also studied research papers from various organizations, which helped us realize how online streaming can compromise your privacy and how we can be safe from it.

With the help of these research papers, we learned how online streaming could pose various types of severe threats to users.

Some of the articles we went through are:

  • App security and private interventions by Julia Lopez MP, Minister of State for Media, Data and Digital Infrastructure

The research paper is the study of how malicious and poorly developed apps can affect customers on their cost or affects their privacy online. [1]Government of the UK, “App Security and Private Interventions, … Continue reading

  • Streaming online: know the risk.

The research paper shows us the risk of illegal streams and how you can be affected by authority or can be a victim of the crime. [2]Crime Stoppers, “Streaming online – know the risks, https://crimestoppers-uk.org/keeping-safe/online-safety/streaming-online-know-the-risks”

  • Streaming or misbehavior, investigation on movie streaming or movie piracy-by Arman Derakhti, Catalina Del Pilar Ramírez-Rivas and Patricio E Ramírez-Correa of Universidad Catholica del Norte.

This research paper is about illegal movie piracy and if the cause is unlimited streaming sites. [3]Research Gate, “Streaming or misbehavior, investigation on movie streaming or movie piracy, … Continue reading

After going through these research papers extensively, our researchers, who have tons of experience in the related field, worked very hard to find out some of the best platforms for live streaming football matches in the UAE.

We used their help to generate important factors that determined which factors ranked highest and were considered best for watching live football streaming in UAE.

Additionally, we also took help from other popular websites, such as Forbes, to generate factors and make a list according to their recommendations.

Now you might be wondering how we managed to pick the list, so let’s get into it.

How do we pick the sites?

We considered various factors before deciding on choosing the best sites. Some of them are

  • Security
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Use of VPN
  • Apps
  • Language
  • Multiple Matches

How did we test the sites?

With the help of the above features, we managed to test the sites accordingly. Here is how we determined which site to include and which not to include.


As we all know, every personal data is accessed online in this modern digital world. Hence threats of attacks on your personal information, bank account, or important documents are at high risk.

We have all heard the news of large organizations and brands getting hacked despite implementing maximum security. Hence we must be careful while streaming from any website not to provide our personal information or credit card.

The websites that ask for personal or private bank information must be kept as a warning immediately. After visiting these websites, it is essential to clear caches and not use the same email id and passwords on every website.


Football is an exciting game that makes viewers as excited as the players on the field. It’s entertaining to watch football matches on high-quality streams and videos.

If the video quality of those streams isn’t up to par, the user’s experience won’t be as good as it could be. Video Quality is generally based on free sites or premium sites.

However, free sites with continuous ads and buffering are not very attractive to viewers. Those websites have been removed from our list, but those whose primary focus is on providing quality football streams have been included.


Pricing also plays a significant part in choosing which sites to watch live football matches. Several websites claim to live stream football matches for free.

But, when you sign up, they ask for a credit card. This does not make sense as free websites do not need credit cards.

Many premium websites are more expensive than others; however, they do not provide HD quality live streams. We have managed to remove those websites from our list.

In fact, we have kept a perfect measure of premium sites, free trial sites, and completely free sites that provide adequate quality according to their price.

Use of VPN

If you are in UAE, apps, and sites must be accessible via VPN since most of them have been blocked locally by the Government. We checked many websites, and they were not accessible even with VPN, so they were not kept on the list.

Some websites were accessible by VPN, but they had to be registered, which was very confusing. Accessibility was also not secure, so these websites had to be removed.


Another critical factor to consider while determining the list of football streaming sites is the availability of apps. Many football fans want to watch football matches on the big screen.

However, plenty of fans are busy and want to watch football matches on their mobile devices quickly.

Hence live streaming platform having apps on both Android and iOS devices is very popular, but some of the sites themselves are excellent without needing their mobile apps, which are considered in the list.

However, the platforms also earn some decent extra earnings if they have their application platform to watch live football.


Watching football matches in your language is extremely important for some fans. Most football fans love English commentary, but fans from South America or Europe, such as Spain and Portugal, want to watch football in their native language.

Language may not be the most necessary deal-breaker in watching football matches, but it is also crucial for many football fans worldwide.

Multiple matches

Many football fans want to watch their favorite team’s games. Websites need to have all the matches of different football clubs so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Broadcasting multiple football streams is essential to keep viewers interested, and viewers do not have to search for other options. Websites that broadcast both domestic and international football matches are popular among fans.

If the same website lives streams both English Premier League and FIFA World Cup, fans will stay on that website all the time. Hence these are the factors that we considered to come up with the best list and were able to separate the finest of sites from many options on the internet.

FAQs about watching free live football streaming in UAE

How can I watch live football in Dubai?

You can watch live football in Dubai from several channels depending on which country’s league you want, such as Bein Sports or Sling TV.

How can I watch Premier League in UAE?

You can watch Premier League in UAE from several channels such as Fubo TV and Hulu TV. These channels will broadcast live Premier League football every season

How to watch FIFA World Cup in UAE?

You can watch the FIFA World Cup in UAE on several channels, such as Sling TV and Fubo TV. These channels will broadcast live FIFA World Cup football on their apps and websites.

Final thoughts

People in the UAE love football. If you are one of them, you might be looking for websites to watch free live football streaming in UAE.

We have compiled some amazing sites and apps for watching live football matches in UAE if you cannot attend your stadium or want to watch games from international countries.

We considered many factors to make the list, such as security, privacy, apps, USE of VPN, applications, and languages. These factors make every site to be adequate for football fans all around the world to watch their favorite football team play.

If the Government blocks the websites you are trying to access, then you can try some of the best VPNs mentioned above.

Hence if you found any amazing sites from above to watch free live football streaming in UAE, please let us know in the comments below.

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