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5+ Best Driving Schools in Dubai in 2024

Are there any differences between the driving schools in Dubai? Let’s find out!

Learning to drive is daunting for many people, but it’s necessary if you want to live in Dubai. To get your driver’s license in Dubai, you’ll need to complete a driving course at one of the best driving school in Dubai.

The best driving school near Dubai are Galadari Motor Driving Centre, Belhasa Driving Centre, Emirates Driving Institute, Al Ahli Driving Centre, Al Ahli Driving Centre, and Dubai Driving Centre. Each of these schools has its unique advantages. Moreover, they will train you with the skills and knowledge you need to pass your driving test.

This guide will cover the six best driving schools in Dubai. We’ll also provide an overview of what you’ll need to take for your driving test. With this information, you’ll be well on getting your driver’s license in no time.

Process of getting a driving license in Dubai

First, you must be above 21 years old to get a license. If you follow that criterion, then there is a certain process that you have to follow to get a driving license in Dubai.

  1. Drivers need to have good, clear vision. So, you will need to get a test to check your vision. You can do this at your driving school or with an optician.
  2. In the same way, you will need to register at an approved driving school and submit all the required documents.
  3. You must complete all the theory classes.
  4. You need to pass the theory and practical assessment.
  5. You must pass the internal parking test, and after that, you can apply for the RTA test.
  6. If you pass both RTA theory and road tests, you will get your driving license.

6 best driving schools in Dubai

1. Galadari Motor Driving Centre

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Galadari Motor Driving Center (GMDC) is one of the best driving schools in Dubai, established in 2004. It offers courses in light and heavy vehicles, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced drivers.

In addition, GMDC offers discounts to groups such as students, nurses, military personnel, and Emirates Gifts members. The institute also has a team that helps students obtain the necessary permits.

Moreover, GMDC is highly convenient, with over 40 branches throughout Dubai, including Al Qusais, Al Quoz, Dubai Silicon Oasis, International City, and Dubai Mall. [1] Galadari Motor Driving Center, “Features, https://www.gmdc.ae/#:~:text=GET%20IN%20TOUCH!-,WHY%20CHOOSE%20GMDC!,-We%20understand%20that”

2. Belhasa Driving Centre

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Belhasa Driving Centre is a highly-rated driving school in Dubai owned by Mr. Saif Ahmed Belhasa. They offer various driving tutorials, including theoretical and practical sessions, for vehicles like motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, and forklifts.

In addition to regular courses, Belhasa Driving Centre also offers e-lectures and VVIP courses that can be tailored to the student’s specific needs.

Moreover, their comprehensive and affordable services make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their driving skills – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

3. Emirates Driving Institute

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Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) is one of the top driving schools in Dubai, with over 20 years of experience and accreditation from AA Driving School in the UK.

It offers various driving courses to suit different needs and levels and has trained over 500,000 students. EDI’s instructors are highly professional and dedicated to providing the best possible training to their students.

The institute also provides many rewards and discounts, such as gift vouchers to customers with the platinum course, a 15% discount for Fazaa cardholders, and 40% off for AL SAADA cardholders. [2]Emirates Driving Institute, “Features, https://edi-uae.com/en/#:~:text=you%20looking%20for%3F-,Our%20Driving%20Courses,-Car%20Driving%20License”

Whether you’re a first-time driver or experienced behind the wheel, EDI is sure to have a perfect course.

4. Al Ahli Driving Centre

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Al Ahli Driving Centre is one of the most acclaimed driving schools in Dubai, established in 2006, and has been providing driving training and licensing services for nearly 15 years.

Likewise, E-learning is available in three languages on the institute’s website so that you can study at your convenience. If you face difficulties, the school has vehicles with hand controls and highly qualified instructors whom Sharjah Humanitarian Services trains.

Al Ahli Driving Centre has diverse courses to help you become a safe and confident driver. They offer courses for those wanting to learn to drive a car, a heavy truck, or even a forklift – meaning that there is a course to suit your needs. [3]Al Ahli, “Features, https://www.alahlidubai.ae/?lang=en#:~:text=CONTACT%20US-,COURSES%20WE%20OFFER,-LIGHT%20MOTOR%20VEHICLE”

5. Drive Dubai

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Drive Dubai is one of the leading driving schools in Dubai, renowned for providing high standards of driving education. Similarly, it comprises a team of experienced management and highly trained instructors that create a comprehensive and supportive learning environment.

The school offers specialized courses for motorcycles, heavy trucks, heavy buses, yellow buses, heavy forklifts, and light forklifts. These courses guarantee that students receive the training to operate these vehicles safely. [4]Dubai Driving, “Features, https://www.drivedubai.ae/#:~:text=you%20looking%20for%3F-,Our%20Driving%20Courses,-We%20offer%20a”

Overall, Dubai Driving Center is an excellent place to get your driving license or improve your driving skills.

6. Dubai Driving Centre

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The Dubai Driving Centre was established in 2003 and provided high-quality driving lessons and services to residents of Dubai.

The center is accredited by the RTA and offers courses for different vehicles, including Light Motor Vehicles, motorcycles, heavy trucks, buses, and light and heavy forklifts.

The Dubai Driving Center branches are located across Dubai, in DIP, Al Qusais, Al Barsha, and the Al Khail area, with the main office on Jumeirah Road.

Each branch offers different courses, so check which ones are available before signing up. For example, DIP and Al Khail offer Light Motor Vehicle courses, while Al Qusais 1 only offers LMV courses. You can attend courses at one of the institute’s branches or take them online.

Documents required for driving license in Dubai

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To be able to drive in Dubai, you will need to submit a few legal documents first. The documents needed to get a driving license in Dubai are as follows: [5]UAE Government Portal, “Required Documents, … Continue reading

  1. Copy of passport and residence visa page
  2. Eye test report
  3. Copy and original Emirates ID card
  4. Two photographs
  5. No objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).

As long as you have all of the necessary documents in order, you should be well on your way to getting behind the wheel in Dubai.

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Which is the best driving school in Dubai?

The best driving institute in Dubai is the one that offers the best quality training and services to its students. Hence, we consider Belhasa Driving Centre, Emirates Driving Institute, Al Ahli Driving Centre, and Al Ahli Driving Centre as one of the best driving schools in Dubai.

How much does it cost to learn to drive in Dubai?

The cost of driving lessons in Dubai can vary depending on the driving school you choose and the number of lessons you need. However, most driving schools offer a package deal that may vary between AED 1500 and AED 7000.

How many driving classes should I take in Dubai?

In Dubai, you have to take certain driving classes based on how extended your driving license is. If you have a license that is 2-5 years old, you need to take 15 classes. If you have a license over five years old, you only need to take ten classes.

Final thoughts

All the schools on the list are the best driving schools in Dubai and will help you learn how to drive.

The best way to choose the best list of driving schools in Dubai is to consider your budget and what services you need. For example, some schools offer help with getting a driving license or checking vision.

Whichever school you choose, you can be sure that you will be able to learn how to drive safely and confidently.

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