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Dubai Driving License Renewal – Online Procedure Fees & More

You can renew the license through the RTA website, app, RTA call center, or self-service centers

Driving in Dubai can be a great way to travel, but if your driving license is about to expire, you’ll need to renew it before you can continue driving. So, you must be clear on the Dubai driving license renewal process.

Renewing your Dubai driving license can seem daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the process. There are many steps involved, and the fees can add up quickly.

Generally, the Dubai license renewal is an easy process. You can renew the license through the RTA website, app, RTA call center, or self-service centers. You need a valid eye test report, emirates ID, and original license.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about renewing your Dubai driving license. We’ll walk you through each step of the process, so there are no surprises. Plus, we’ve included a list of all the fees associated with renewal so that you know exactly what to expect.

How to renew driving license in Dubai?

The official Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai authorizes various ways for Dubai license renewal. You can either follow online renewal procedures or directly visit the concerned authorities. [1]Road and Transport, “License renew, … Continue reading

Let’s get into step-by-step methods to renew your driving license in Dubai that you can easily rely on.

Method 1. Official RTA website

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The RTA website is an official and online way to apply for or renew a driving license in Dubai. You must follow the basic steps for the Dubai driving license renewal process. So let’s get into it.

  1. Go to the RTA’s main website and look through the tab for the “Driver and Car Owner” Services.
  2. Click the Driving Licence Services link to learn more about services provided by Dubai’s Department of Transport, including Dubai driving license renewal.
  3. Upload all required documents and, if necessary, pay any outstanding fees.
  4. You will receive a temporary driver’s license that you can print. The temporary license is valid for about 5 to 15 working days.
  5. You can get your new license from Happiness Centres at Al Barsha or Deira.
  6. Furthermore, if you would like your license to be delivered, there is an additional fee of AED 25 for shipping.

Method 2. Dubai drive app

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Like in the official RTA App, you can renew your driving license from the application itself.

  1. Go to the RTA app and click on the driver and car owner services.
  2. Similarly, click on renew driving license option and upload all the necessary documents.
  3. Just like on the website, you will receive a temporary permit to drive vehicles.

After 5 to 15 days, you can get your new renewed driving license.

Method 3. RTA call centre

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Another way to renew your license in Dubai is by the RTA call center. Here are all the processes required for your driving license to be renewed from the RTA call center.

  1. Contact the RTA call center at 8009090 and speak to an agent.
  2. You must provide your driver’s license number.
  3. Then, you will need to pay the fines or fees.
  4. After this, you will receive a temporary license through email. The temporary license is valid for 5 to 15 working days.
  5. Then, you will need to visit one of the service centers at Deira or Al Barsha to get your new license.
  6. If you cannot come in person, you can have your license delivered by paying an additional shipping charge of AED 25.

Method 4. RTA service centers

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You can also apply for the renewal in Dubai from various RTA service centers or RTA eyes testing centers. To complete the license renewal process, you must have a valid eye test report to renew your driving license from those service centers.

Here are some of the RTA self service centers and Eye test centers from which you can apply for your driving license renewal procedure. [2]Road and Transport, “License renew, … Continue reading

Self-service centers

  • Customer Happiness Centre –Al Manarah
  • Customer Happiness Centre –Umm Ramool
  • Customer Happiness Centre –Al Aweer
  • Customer Happiness Centre -Al Barsha
  • Customer Happiness Centre –Deira
  • Hatta Tasjeel Centre.
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Al Quasis Tasjeel

Eye test centers

  • Dubai Optical
  • Salik Optical
  • Executive Optics
  • Apple International Optical
  • Rivoli EyeZone

Required documents for renewing Dubai driving license

You need a few things to renew your driving license in Dubai. Among them, the required documents are as follows.

  1. Go to the RTA website and download the application form for renewing your driving license.
  2. Fill out the form and include all required information, including your Emirates ID number, date of birth, and license number.
  3. Attach a copy of your expired license to the form, along with a copy of your Emirates ID and an optician’s report (if you are over 21).

Penalties for late renewal of Dubai driving license

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In Dubai, all drivers must renew their driving licenses every ten years. If a driver fails to renew their license within this timeframe, they will be subject to a fine of AED 10 per month.

The maximum fine imposed due to renewal delay is AED 500. If a driving license expires and the driver fails to renew it within ten years, they will only be able to renew their license after successfully passing a mandatory road test.

This test assesses the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely and is designed to ensure that only qualified individuals are allowed to drive on Dubai’s roads. By adhering to these regulations, drivers can help keep Dubai’s roads safe.

Dubai driving license renewal fees

The process for renewing your driving license in Dubai is not too complicated. You can either do it online or in person.

Applicants younger than 21 must pay 100 AED to renew their driver’s licenses. In addition, they must pay an additional 20 AED fee for Knowledge and Innovation. If the customer is 21 years old, they must pay 300 AED to renew their driver’s license.

If the driving license has not been renewed for more than ten years, the applicants must pay an evaluation test fee of 200 AED. In addition, they must pay an additional 100 AED for issuing a learning application, 50 AED for the handbook manual, and 200 AED for RTA test fees. [3]Road and Transport Authority, “Service charge, … Continue reading

How much does it take to renew a Dubai driving license?

The process of renewing your driver’s license in Dubai is relatively straightforward. You can renew your license 60 days before it expires, and the process usually takes three to five days. To renew your license, you must submit the required documents.

Similarly, you will also need to pass an eye test and pay the required fees. By following these steps, you can ensure a valid driver’s license. You can get a temporary license, and its validity may range from 5 to 15 days maximum.

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FAQs on Dubai driving license

Can I renew my driving license online in Dubai?

If you are wondering, “Can I renew my Dubai driving license online?” the answer is yes. You can renew your driving license in Dubai online either from RTA’s official website or from the Dubai drive app, which is also the app of RTA Dubai.

Where to renew Dubai driving license?

he Dubai license renewal process can be completed from RTA’s official website, app, call center, and service or eyes centers authorized by RTA Dubai.

Can I renew my Dubai driving license in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can renew your Dubai driving license from any UAE emirates. You have to open the online RTA website or download the apps. However, finding Dubai service centers in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE might be difficult.

Can I renew my UAE driving license after it expires?

Yes, you can renew your driving license after it expires. However, you must pay from AED 10 to AED 500 for the first ten years. If the expiry date exceeds ten years, you must pass your road test mandatorily.

How can I renew my driving license in Dubai by machine?

Yes, you can take an eyes test from the self-serving machines and then submit documents and clear fines. The machine renews and prints your driving license automatically if the process is complete.

Final thoughts

Dubai driving license renewal is an essential process to go through if you want to continue driving in Dubai. There are two ways to renew your Dubai driving license: through a government site or app or by visiting a help center.

The Dubai license renewal is simple and easy to follow, and once you have renewed your license, you will not have to retake your Road test.

So make sure to renew your Dubai driving license on time to continue enjoying the privilege of driving in Dubai.

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