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5+ Best Driving Schools in Sharjah in 2024

Are there any differences between the driving schools in Sharjah? Let’s find out!

Driving can be challenging, and getting professional training from a qualified instructor is essential. It’s not just about learning how to drive – it’s about staying safe on the road. Many different driving schools claim to be the best driving schools in Sharjah, but only some of them are.

The best driving school near Sharjah are Sharjah Driving Institute, Al Nasserya Driving Centre, Al Midfa Driving School, Al Shamsi Driving School, Al Dhaid Motor Driving School, and Al Bedoor Driving School. Each of these schools has its unique advantages. Moreover, they will train you with the skills and knowledge you need to pass your driving test.

The schools on our list offer a wide range of services, from beginner’s courses to advanced training for experienced drivers. These schools are spread across Sharjah, so you’re sure to find a convenient school. So whether you’re a first-time driver or an experienced road warrior, check out our list of the best driving schools in Sharjah.

6 best driving schools in Sharjah

To help you get started, we have listed six of the best driving schools in Sharjah.

1. Sharjah Driving Institute

InArticle Image-best driving school in sharjah-1 Sharjah Driving Institute

Sharjah Driving Institute is one of the city’s oldest and best driving schools in Sharjah. It has been helping people get their driving licenses since 1992, which means the company has experience of over 30 years.

Beginner students are required to register for 50 training classes, and the fees range from AED 1200 to 3500, depending on the number of classes taken. Each class is 40 minutes long, and the training services offered by Dubai Driving Center include light car training, heavy truck training, bus training, light forklift training, and motorcycle training. [1]Sharjah Driving Institute, “Rates & Fees, https://www.sdi.ae/en/car-driving/”

Similarly, students can select the type of vehicle they would like to learn how to drive, and the company offers classes for both manual and automatic vehicles. However, students with an automatic license are not qualified to drive a manual transmission vehicle. The company also has simulator training and a designated driving area for each type of vehicle.

2. Al Nasserya Driving Centre

InArticle Image-best driving school in sharjah-3 Al Nasserya Driving Centre

The Al Nasserya Driving Centre is the best driving instructor in Sharjah and can help you get your license quickly and efficiently. The Al Nasserya Driving Centre has a fee structure of AED 1805 for the country license holder with five total classes, whereas for a complete beginner, it’s AED 4465 with 30 total classes. [2]Al Nasserya Driving Centre, “Fee Structure, https://drivinglicenseinsharjah.com/#:~:text=Read%20Reviews-,Fee%20Structure,-5″

However, they have adjustable timing for the students and provide free pick-and-drop service with an easy installment plan. Similarly, they are awarded the best school by the traffic department in Sharjah.

Consequently, if you want to get your driving license without any hassle, the Al Nasserya Driving Centre is the best option.

3. Al Midfa Driving School

InArticle Image-best driving school in sharjah-2 Al Midfa Driving School

Al Midfa Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Sharjah, founded in 1990.

The school has a good reputation because it has dedicated trainers committed to providing detailed guidance on the best practices for safe driving in the emirate. Moreover, their representatives can answer your inquiries anytime, day or night.

This driving school provides one-on-one classes daily from 6 am to 9 pm and the latest model cars for training. Similarly, they have set a fee structure of AED 3732 for beginners with 30 classes and a course contract for license holders at AED 850 with five classes. [3]Al Midfa, “Features, https://almidfadrivingschool.com/#:~:text=good%20and%20friendly…-,At%20Your%20Service,-Our%20Services”

4. Al Shamsi Driving School

InArticle Image-best driving school in sharjah-4 Al Shamsi Driving Centre

Al Shamsi Driving School is a top driving school near Sharjah that offers a way for beginners to learn how to drive. This school has high-quality facilities, certified instructors, and many late-model cars.

Similarly, they offer a beginner-level course with 30 classes for people with a GCC driving license and ten for people with a UAE driving license. The school also offers special courses for ladies and senior citizens.

All the instructors at Al Shamsi are certified by the RTA and have many years of experience teaching people of all ages how to drive. This is the perfect place to learn or improve your driving skills.

5. Al Dhaid Motor Driving School

InArticle Image-best driving school in sharjah-5 Al Dhaid Motor Driving School

Al Dhaid Motor Driving School, located in the Nasiriya Driving Complex, is one of the well-known driving schools in Sharjah. The school’s primary objective is to provide the best service to its driving students in Sharjah. It has 16 professional trainers certified by the Sharjah Police Driving School.

This makes it the best driving school for ladies in Sharjah, as it has a team of female instructors who ensure their female students’ comfort is taken care of.

Similarly, the institute offers classes on weekdays and weekends in different shifts, so you can find a class that works for you, regardless of your experience level.

6. Al Bedoor Driving School

InArticle Image-best driving school in sharjah-6 Al Bedoor Motor Driving School

Al Bedoor Driving School is one of Sharjah’s most understanding and top driving schools as of 2022. Classes are available at different times and days, so you can find a class that suits your schedule.

It has developed its reputation as one of the oldest driving schools, giving driving lessons for over 17 years and making quite a considerable name.

The school provides a safe and comfortable environment for its students with professional and certified instructors who ensure their students are well-prepared for the driving test. As a result, it has become one of the most reputable driving schools in Sharjah.

Documents required for driving license in Sharjah

To obtain a driving license or open a traffic file in Sharjah, drivers are required to submit several documents. These include a copy of the passport and residence visa page and the original Emirates ID card.

In addition, drivers will need to provide two photographs and an eye test report. For those whom an employer sponsors, a no-objection letter from the sponsor may also be required from the relevant traffic department. [4]UAE, “Documents, … Continue reading

By ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted, drivers can save themselves time and hassle when applying for a driving license or opening a traffic file in Sharjah.

Related Info

FAQs on driving schools in Sharjah

Which is the best driving school in Sharjah?

The best driving school in Sharjah is Sharjah Driving Institute, which has consistently provided services for over 30 years.

How much do driving lessons cost in Sharjah?

The cost of driving lessons in Sharjah differs according to the driving institute. The cost of driving lessons varies for heavy or light vehicles. Before filing your application, you can call and contact the driving schools to get their pricing details.

Is it easy to get a license in Sharjah?

In Sharjah, getting a driver’s license is not difficult. The only hard part is passing all the driving tests. You can easily pass the test if you take assistance from some of the best driving schools in Sharjah.

How can I get Sharjah driving license?

You can easily get a driving license in Sharjah if you are eligible and have the legal documents needed to apply. You must also complete various tests such as eye tests, theory tests, parking, and road tests.

Final thoughts

If you want to learn how to drive and get a driving license in Sharjah, we recommend you join one of the best driving schools in Sharjah from the list above.

This list of driving schools in Sharjah is reputed and experienced in teaching driving vehicles to amateurs or experienced. You can learn either light vehicles or heavy vehicles from these driving schools.

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