10+ Best Restaurants in Dubai Marina: Location & More

Explore the top restaurants in Dubai Marina for unforgettable dining experience

Dubai Marina is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. With so many restaurants, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. 

The best restaurants in Dubai Marina offer fine dining to affordable food items. Some top restaurants in Dubai Marina are Pier 7, Bussola, Puerto 99, and more. 

Our Dbd guide considers the dining experience, ambiance, and food quality. We thoroughly reviewed and analyzed dozens of Marina food places. 

Also, we consulted top food blogs and online reviews of customers besides personal visits. Furthermore, our Dbd guide aims to provide a comprehensive guide to top Dubai marina restaurants.

11 best restaurants in Dubai Marina area

Dubai Marina is one of the most famous dining destinations with many culinary experiences.

With so many restaurants, it can take time to decide where to go. To make your search easier, here are the 11 best food places in Dubai Marina.

1. Pier 7


Pier 7, located in Dubai Marina, is a fine dining destination. The cylindrical building offers a stunning view of Palm Jumeirah and the Marina. 

With seven restaurants on each floor, each restaurant boasts a unique culinary style, ambiance, and vibe. 

Additionally, patrons can have indoor or outdoor seating while enjoying their meals. 

Among the restaurants available are Asia Asia, Atelier, Abd el Wahab, The Scene, Cargo, Mama Zonia, and Beedrock.

2. Bussola


Bussola is an Italian restaurant in Dubai Marina that has won several awards. They offer a beach experience to enjoy bites, light meals, and cocktails. 

Also, the menu offers seafood like oysters, sea bass, prawn, etc. One of Bussola’s specialties is Italian pizzas, which come in various choices. 

You can choose from traditional Margherita, Diavola to the Bussola signature pizza.

3. Puerto 99 Mexican Cuisine


Puerto 99 is a Mexican restaurant offering an extensive seafood and steak menu. They serve authentic Mexican cuisine with decor inspired by the Mexican Pacific coast.

In addition to the regular menu, Puerto hosts special menus like Ladies’ night and Taco Tuesday. 

Their menu includes authentic Mexican items like Tacos, Tostadas, Artichokes, and Fundido.

4. Wagamama Dubai Marina


Wagamama is a Japanese restaurant located in Dubai Marina. They have been practicing Kaizen, meaning ‘good change,’ since 1992. 

Moreover, they use fresh ingredients and ensure that every bowl and plate is cooked and served fresh. One of their signature dishes is the Ramen bowl, served fresh and warm. 

Also, the menu features many Japanese favorites such as Kokoro, Teppanyaki, Donburi, and more.

5. Nando’s Marina Walk


Nando’s is a South African restaurant located on Dubai Marina Walk. The franchise first opened its doors in Johannesburg in 1987 and expanded worldwide. 

Their signature dish is the PERi-PERi flame-grilled chicken. In addition, Nando’s menu includes items like Espetada Lima, PERi-PERi Soup & a Garlic Roll, and Festa Fries. 

If you’re looking for a taste of South African cuisine, Nando’s is a great place to start.

6. Zafran Indian Bistro – Dubai Marina Mall: Contemporary Indian cuisine


Zafran Indian Bistro, an award-winning restaurant in Dubai Marina Mall, specializes in North West Indian cuisine. 

It has many dishes, such as Laal Maas and Rogan Josh, complemented by fragrant biryanis and homemade pickles. 

The restaurant offers stylish contemporary interiors for a relaxing experience and provides special items like the Zafran feast, Kebab platters, and Tandoori chicken.

7. Carluccio’s: Italian Restaurant in Dubai Marina


Carluccio’s, an Italian restaurant in Dubai Marina, provides authentic Italian food of a great quality at reasonable prices. 

Founded by Antonio and Priscilla in 1999, the franchise has expanded to 30 restaurants worldwide, with three located in the United Arab Emirates. 

Their menu features a variety of Italian dishes, including Fritto, Pesto bread, Calamari Fritti, Meatballs, and Bruschetta.

8. Dinner In The Sky: 50 meters above dinner at Dubai Marina


Dinner In The Sky is a unique dining experience 50 meters above the ground. You can experience the unique culinary experience in this eatery. 

The concept was born in Belgium in 2005 and is now managed in Dubai Marina by High Sky Event Management.[1]Dinner in the sky, “About, https://dinnerinthesky.ae/about#:~:text=Dinner%20in%20the%20Sky%20came,tables%20during%20the%20on%20season.”

The experience includes lunch, dinner, and special packages for birthdays with advertising opportunities. Forbes has recognized Dinner In The Sky as one of the ten most unusual restaurants in the world.

9. Saarangaa Bhojan Shala Dubai Marina: Affordable restaurant in marina


Located in Dubai Marina, Saarangaa Bhojan Shala is an Indian vegetarian restaurant that is renowned for its affordability and wholesome vegetarian meals. 

Their menu features dishes from both South and North India, prepared by regional chefs from Tamilnadu and Kerala, 

Moreover, the Dubai government has awarded them an “A” food safety rating. Additionally, they are a registered business in BSCIC.

10. Massimo’s Italian Restaurant


Massimo’s is an authentic Italian restaurant offering breakfast, dinner, and lunch in Marina.

The restaurant is famous for serving the best traditional Italian recipes. Also, you can accommodate special requests from customers.

In addition to delicious food, Massimo’s has an incredible waterfront terrace for a view. The menu features Italian favorites, including pizza, pasta, meat, fish, and dessert.

11. Cargo Dubai


Cargo Dubai serves delectable Asian cuisine inspired by street food and offers a refreshing beverage menu, all within a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. 

The restaurant’s interior takes you back to 1960s Hong Kong. Cargo Dubai is the perfect place to socialize and make new acquaintances. 

Alongside the delicious food and drinks, Cargo Dubai also provides an array of events such as Ladies Night, Wine Night, Cocktail Night, and Happy Hours.

12. Marina Social


Marina Social is an award-winning restaurant offering a luxury dining experience among Marina walk restaurants. It provides a unique dining experience that combines creativity, conversation, class, and comfort. 

Marina Social offers stunning panoramic views with special Beef Wellington on Wednesdays.

You can also enjoy a five-course menu of signature chocolate dishes.

Which cuisine restaurants are famous in Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina is known for its diverse culinary offerings around the world. Italian cuisine is prevalent in the area, with many restaurants offering classic dishes such as pizza, pasta, and meat dishes.

Likewise, Indian cuisine is also popular, serving South and North Indian dishes. You can choose from curries, dosas, and biryanis.

For those who enjoy Asian cuisine, some restaurants offer street food-inspired dishes. However, there is also high-end Asian fusion cuisine with a contemporary twist in Marina cafes. 

In addition to these traditional dining experiences, Dubai Marina boasts unique and memorable culinary experiences. 

For instance, Dinner in the Sky takes dining to new heights, quite literally, with a full-course meal served 50 meters above the ground. This experience is ideal for special occasions and offers a next-level dining experience.

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What are the affordable restaurants in Dubai Marina?

Saarangaa Bhojan Shala is the most affordable restaurant in Dubai Marina. They offer dishes from South and North India at an average cost of 40 to 50 AED per item.

What food are famous in the beautiful Dubai Marina?

While shawarma, biryani, and burgers are popular food choices in Dubai Marina. However, you can enjoy Italian, Indian, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine. 

What are the best fine dining restaurants in Dubai Marina?

Pier 7 is a popular restaurant where you can have a fine dining experience. This multi-story building houses seven restaurants, each with its style and cuisine.

Final thoughts

Dubai Marina offers a diverse range of dining options for both locals and tourists. From luxury dining experiences to casual meals, there is something for everyone. 

Our team selected the best restaurants in Dubai Marina based on ratings, value for money, and food quality. So why not take a culinary journey through top Dubai Marina restaurants?

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