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10+ Best New Restaurants in Dubai: Location & More

Discover Dubai's new restaurants with our guide

Dubai’s dining scene is exciting and continuously evolving with new additions. In this Dbd guide, we’ll explore the best new restaurants in Dubai, carrying on the city’s rich culinary history.

Every year, Dubai’s new restaurants welcome new flavors and experiences. Some recent exciting additions to the scene are Bungalo34, Mott 32, Ling Ling Dubai, and more.

Our Dbd guide compiles research, personal experience, and recommendations. We’ve searched the city’s dining scene, researched, and visited Dubai’s new restaurants to try them.

Furthermore, we consulted top food critics in the Emirate and looked for authentic online reviews. Lastly, we compiled all the info to compile this comprehensive guide.

12 best new restaurants in Dubai

From upscale dining to casual eateries, there is something for everyone. In this article, we’ve handpicked the 12 best new restaurants in Dubai worth checking out. 

1. Rüya Dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Rüya Dubai

Rüya Dubai is a fantastic new restaurant in Dubai that offers contemporary dishes inspired by western Asia’s Anatolian region.

The restaurant is founded by the second generation Özkanca with a rich Istanbul heritage. And since then, they have expanded across five countries, including London, UAE, KSA, Qatar, and France.

At Rüya, you can enjoy various menus, including a dedicated A la carte menu, business lunch, Iftar menu, vegan, vegetarian, and more. 

Their signature Iftar menu is popular and includes grilled sea bass, şiş tavuk kebap, muhammara, and more.

2. RüyaFIYA

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- FIYA

FIYA is an exceptional restaurant located in Matcha Club Meydan. This restaurant is surrounded by beautiful olive trees, providing a unique setting to gather and connect.

Moreover, the restaurant offers an outdoor setting and open wood fire cooking style.

Besides its setting, FIYA is known for its delicious dishes, beautiful presentation, and wonderful desserts. The restaurant’s most popular items include brisket, pizza, burgers, steak frites, and sweet potatoes.

With its lovely atmosphere and mouth-watering food, FIYA is a must-visit restaurant for those who love great food and nature.

3. RüyaBlack Flamingo Dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Black Flamingo Dubai

Black Flamingo Dubai brings the Miami Dream to Dubai. This vibrant restaurant is inspired by the Latino-Hispanic and Caribbean Creole cultures.

The atmosphere creates an inviting ambiance for everyone who loves music, food, and entertainment.

Moreover, the restaurant offers live DJs playing a mix of Afro beats, Reggaeton, Latin, and HipHop music.

Besides music, the food menu at Black Flamingo Dubai includes a wide range of delicious dishes. We recommend you try dips and chips, guacamole, quesadillas, ensaladas, and fondos.

4. RüyaBabylon DIFC

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Babylon DIFC

Babylon is a beautiful restaurant in the Dubai Financial Center (DIFC). This restaurant boasts impressively designed stairs and interiors, creating a stunning ambiance for diners.

Moreover, Babylon offers entertaining live shows during dinner, making the experience captivating and mesmerizing.

The restaurant’s signature menu includes oxtail kenefe, crispy octopus, crab salad, and tempura sushi.

Furthermore, the bartenders also expertly crafted cocktails, making Babylon DIFC a great place to party while enjoying leisurely meals and drinks with friends.

5. RüyaNazcaa

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Nazcaa

Nazcaa is a stunning restaurant on the 12th floor of Address Fountain Views. The ancient Nazca civilization inspires the diner’s interior design from Peru architecture.

Furthermore, they combine the culinary heritage of Peru and Japan to create a unique dining experience.

Nazcaa’s special menu serves cocktails, wines, and sake. Besides food, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Khalifa from this eatery.

Furthermore, a special lunch menu at AED 125 offers a 5-course lunch. Additionally, private dining is available with items like avocado tartrate, Salmon Usuzukuri, Kabukiage Avocado, and more.

6. RüyaHayal Dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Hayal Dubai

The name ‘HAYAL’ means daydreaming in Turkish, and the restaurant brings the authentic Mediterranean fare of Istanbul to Dubai.

Hayal Dubai is a new Turkish restaurant on the Mezzanine floor at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai. The diner focuses on vibrant fresh flavors and eclectic energy.

The restaurant offers a variety of special offers, including Nevizade Nights, Ladies Night, and Sip and Paint.

Besides regular food, Hayal is also open for private events, making it a perfect venue for special occasions.

The Mediterranean cuisine menu features a la carte items, desserts, and a Hayal breakfast menu with items like Menemen, Mutabbal, Butcher Kofta, and Lamb Guvec.

7. RüyaAttiko Dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Attiko Dubai

Attiko is a rooftop restaurant and lounge at the W Dubai Mina Seyahi. The lounge is inspired by Asian nightclubs and cosmopolitan lounges spanning three countries.

With stunning views, Attiko Dubai is the perfect spot for nightcrawlers and party heads.

Moreover, you can enjoy the ambiance featuring live DJs and deep, energetic music.

Beisdes the ambiance, the restaurant also offers a variety of menus, namely the Late menu, Sky brunch, and beverages. Popular menu items include sweetcorn salad, wagyu, sashimi, nigiri, and salmon maki.

8. RüyaBungalo34

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Bungalo34

Bungalo34 is an all-day dining spot at the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa with Dubai’s beach club scene.

With its stunning beach view, the eatery is a perfect place to catch a perfect sunset while enjoying a meal. [1]VisitDubai, “About Bungalo34, https://www.visitdubai.com/en/places-to-visit/bungalo-34#:~:text=FOOD%20%26%20DRINK,Pearl%20Jumeira%20eatery”

Moreover, the menu at Bungalo34 boasts a variety of fresh seafood, Treccia, Salmon Carpaccio, Assorted Fritti, and Tuna Tartare. Diners can also enjoy the unique dining experience while feeling sand on their feet.

9. RüyaSumosan Dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Sumosan Dubai

The restaurant combines architectural motifs with Japanese flair, providing an open space with modern artistry. Also, you can enjoy the DJ’s tunes and the beautiful atmosphere.

Moreover, Sumosan features a slate sushi bar with favorites like lobster salad, truffle tiradito, and salmon rice pizza.

Other menu items include the 24-hour miso marinated black cod, Yaki udon, and marinated slow-cooked beef short ribs. 

10. RüyaMott 32 Dubai: New Chinese restaurant in Dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Mott 32 Dubai_ New Chinese restaurant in Dubai

Mott 32 is a luxurious Chinese restaurant on the 73rd floor of Address Beach Resort. It pays tribute to the rich culture and culinary traditions of Hong Kong.

It’s also the world’s first luxury Chinese restaurant to expand outside the East and was established in 1891. Mott’s other locations are Vancouver, Las Vegas, Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Moreover, the restaurant offers signature dishes like 42 days apple wood smoked peking duck, smoked black cod, and dim sum. They also offer a plant-based menu for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan options.

11. RüyaLing Ling Dubai: New fine dining in dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Ling Ling Dubai_ New fine dining in dubai

The restaurant offers an extraordinary view of the Palm from the dining room, an ultra-lounge club, and outdoor terraces. The fining dining has a smart dress code and caters to a family setting. [2]Atlantis, “About Ling Ling, https://www.atlantis.com/dubai/dining/ling-ling#:~:text=Dubai%27s%20best%20restaurant,years%20and%20above”

Moreover, Ling Ling offers a menu that ranges from drinking to dining to dancing. The Asian menu features Makizushi & Temaki, Omakase, and large sharing plates.

12. RüyaFouquet’s Dubai

inarticle image-best new restaurants in dubai- Fouquet's Dubai

Fouquet’s is a stylish gourmet restaurant in Downtown Dubai’s heart.

Also, the eatery is spread over Cannes, St Barths, New York, and Abu Dhabi and is now located in Burj Khalifa.

The restaurant is an ambassador of the Parisian “Art de vivre,” which translates to “art of living.”

Addditionally, Fouquet’s offers an exceptional French gastronomy experience, with a menu that features classic French dishes.

How much does a meal cost in new Dubai restaurants?

The cost of dining out in new Dubai restaurants can vary widely. We have calculated the average cost for two people with the main course, desserts, and drinks.

On average, a meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant can cost 500 Dirhams. However, upscale eateries can cost up to 1200 AED, and affordable ones will cost 300 Dhs.

Casual eateries or fast food joints like Nazcaa are budget-friendly, with prices starting from 300 AED for two people. Mid-range restaurants like FIYA can offer a more diverse range of cuisine and ambiance, with prices starting from 600 AED. 

Lastly, new fine dining restaurants like Babylon DIFC can offer a more luxurious dining experience, with prices starting from 1200 AED.

Additionally, the price of a meal can vary depending on the time of day or the day of the week.

For example, brunches or special menus can be more expensive than regular meals. Also, weekday lunch specials can be more affordable than dinner options.

What are the trending cuisine in new restaurants in Dubai?

In recent years, there has been a surge of newly opened restaurants in Dubai with unique and trendy cuisine. They aim to target foodies and enthusiasts. Here are some of the new trendy restaurants in Dubai.

Firstly, Asian cuisine has been gaining popularity in Dubai, with restaurants like Ling Ling, Mott 32, and Sumosan leading the way. They offer other dishes like sushi, sashimi, dim sum, and dumplings.

Secondly, plant-based and vegan cuisine has become increasingly popular in Dubai. Several new restaurants, like Rüya Dubai, focus on plant-based dishes. Plant-based dishes like avocado toast, courgette dolma, and muhammara are a staple in the Emirates.

Lastly, fusion cuisine has also gained a following in new restaurants in Dubai. Fusion cuisine combines elements from two or more culinary traditions to create unique and innovative dishes. For example, Nazcaa is a fusion restaurant that combines Peru and Japanese cuisine.

Also, some notable dishes you can enjoy in the best new restaurants in Dubai are 

  • Wagyu beef
  • Lobster rice
  • Kabukiage Avocado 
  • Crispy octopus

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Which new restaurants in Dubai have good food?

Based on our Dbd post’s research, some of the best new restaurants in Dubai include Riya Dubai and Babylon DIFC. These restaurants have received positive reviews for their food, service, and ambiance.

How fancy are new restaurants in Dubai?

It’s difficult to generalize all new restaurants in Dubai, as there is a wide range of styles and levels of fancy-ness. However, Bungalo34 has a unique feature where you can dine while your feet are on bare beach sand.

What types of restaurants are emerging in Dubai?

Dubai has seen a rise in vegan and vegetarian restaurants, offering more plant-based options. Also, fusion restaurants offer unique blends of different culinary heritage.

Final thoughts

After reviewing the best new restaurants in Dubai, it’s clear that the Emirates is a hub for innovative and exciting restaurants.

The new breed of restaurants offers a diverse range of cuisines and dining experiences. , ensuring that there is something for everyone.

One standout is the recently opened Fouquet’s Dubai, where you can enjoy food in the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa.

We hope this Dbd guide on top new food places in Dubai helped you find a new hotspot for your tastebud. Overall, Dubai’s new restaurants are bringing fresh flavors and experiences. 

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