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Dubai Traffic Fines FAQs – Check Fines, Fines List & More

Ultimate guide on how to pay Dubai traffic fines and more

Dubai traffic fines are almost impossible to avoid if you drive every day. The traffic here can get congested at times as a result of the largest population in the UAE.

Undoubtedly, most people have at least some awareness while driving. But it’s impossible to go around the city perfectly, especially if you are new. You must first check the required amount to pay your Dubai police traffic fines.

You can check your traffic fines via the Dubai police website, enter your plate no, T.C No., license Details, or ticket Details, and click search. After checking your traffic fine, you can pay them from the Dubai police website or the RTA website.

In this Dbd guide, we will show you how to check and pay your Dubai traffic fines, along with informing you about all the traffic violations that the Dubai police will fine you for.

So if you want to learn more, please keep reading to find out more!

List of Dubai traffic fines

Following are the most updated Dubai traffic fines we obtained from the Dubai Police.[1]Dubai Police, View the Black Points of Traffic Violations, https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/opendata/fines”

S.N.Fine DescriptionFine AmountBlack PointsVehicle Confiscation Period
1Driving in a way that poses danger to drivers life or lives, and safety of others20002360 days
2Driving in a way that harms public or private properties.20002360 Days
3Driving under the influence of alcoholby court2360 Days
4Driving under the influence of narcotic, psychotropic or similar substances.Decided by court60 Days
5Driving a vehicle without number plates30002390 Days
6Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that poses danger to drivers life or lives and safety of others.3000
7Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to public or private properties3000
8Jumping a red signal by heavy vehicles3000
9Heavy vehicle driver causing his or another vehicle to overturn.3000
10Heavy vehicle not abiding by lane discipline.150012
11Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that poses danger to others20006
12Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to the road20006
13Heavy vehicle prohibited entry10004
14Falling or leaking of a heavy vehicles load.300012
15Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of trucks and transport vehicles500
16Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles and tractors without permission from licensing authority1500
17Failure to raise exhaust pipe in trucks1500
18Not covering trucks loads3000
19Failure to abide by loading or unloading regulations in designated areas10004
20Overtaking from a prohibited place by trucks.3000
21Driving a heavy vehicle that does not comply with security and safety standards.20006
22Driving against traffic.60047 days
23Entry from a prohibited place.100087 days
24Driving a noisy vehicle200012
25Driving a vehicle that causes pollution10006
26Driving a vehicle without insurance.50047 days
27Driving an unlicensed vehicle.50047 days
28Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted cases.10004
29Driving a vehicle on a different license40012
30Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license.50047 days
31Driving a vehicle with an expired registration.50047 days
32Driving a vehicle that doesnt comply with safety and security standards.500
33Driving a vehicle that is unfit for driving.500
34Driving a vehicle with one number plate.400
35Number plates with unclear numbers.400
36Driving below the minimum speed set for the road (if any).4004
37Sudden swerving10004
38Reversing dangerously5004
39Using a hand held mobile phone while driving.8004
40Any other distractions.8004
41Jumping a red signal by light vehicles.10001230 days
42Jumping a red signal by motorbikes.10001230 days
43Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h20001230 days
44Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 80km/h20001230 days
45Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 60km/h1500615 days
46Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 50km/h1000
47Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 40km/h700
48Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h600
49Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h300
50Failure to follow traffic policeman instructions.4004
51Overtaking from hard shoulder.10006
52Entering road dangerously6006
53Overtaking in a prohibited place600
54Running a way from traffic policeman man (light vehicle)8001230 days
55Running away from a traffic policeman by ( heavy vehicle)10001630 days
56Causing death of othersby court2360 days
57Causing a serious accident or injuries.by court2330 days
58Failure of a light vehicle driver to stop after causing a minor accident.500860 days
59Failure of a heavy vehicle driver to stop after causing a minor accident10001660 days
60Allowing children under 10 years old to sit in front seats400
61Failure to provide a child car seat for children under 4 years old.400
62Failure of driver to fasten seatbelt.4004
63Failure of passenger to fasten seatbelt4004
64Failure to leave safety distance4004
65Entering road without making sure it is clear.4004
66Not giving way to emergency, police and public service vehicles or official convoys.3000630 days
67Parking cars in front of fire hydrants.10006
68Parking in spaces designated for people with special needs.10006
69Stopping on the road for no reason.10006
70Stopping on the yellow box.500
71Parking on the left side of the road in prohibited places.1000
72Stopping at pedestrian crossings500
73Parking behind other cars and blocking their way.500
74Taxis which have designated pickup areas stopping in undesignated ones.5004
75Stopping the vehicle on a road junction or curve.500
76Not securing vehicle while parked.500
77Parking in a wrong way.500
78Parking in a way that poses danger to passersby.400
79Parking in a way that interrupts pedestrian movement.400
80parking on pavements400
81Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without permission.500
82Exceeding permitted level of tinting.1500
83Tinting a vehicle not allowed to be tinted.1500
84Not giving way to pedestrians on pedestrian crossings.5006
85Failure to abide by traffic signs and instructions.500
86Littering from vehicle window while driving.10006
87Placing signs on the road in a way that causes harm to the road or interrupts traffic.500
88Modifying engine or chassis without permission.100012
89Rubbernecking and crowding at traffic accidents scenes.100030 days
90Using vehicle for undesignated purpose.3004
91Transporting passengers illegally.30024
92Transporting inflammable or hazardous materials without permission.30002430 days
93Transporting passengers in a vehicle that is not licensed for this purpose.1000460 days
94Exceeding passenger limit by a passenger transport vehicle.5004
95Failure to take road safety measures during vehicle breakdown.5007 days
96Failure of motorcyclist to wear helmet.5004
97Failure of passenger to wear helmet.5004
98Expired tires50047 days
99Failure to use indicators when changing direction or turning.400
100Failure to give priority to vehicles coming from behind or the left side.400
101Failure to get the car tested after carrying out major modification to engine.400
102Failure to get the car tested after carrying out major modification to chassis.400
103Failure of a light vehicle to abide by lane discipline.400
104Poor condition of car lights4006
105Poor condition of indicators.4002
106Poor condition of rear lights.4002
107Failure of pedestrians to abide by traffic signals.400
108Pedestrians crossing from undesignated areas.400
109Failure of a school bus driver to activate STOP SIGN or abide by traffic rules.5006
110Drivers failure to stop when school buss STOP SIGN is activated.100010
111Using three-wheel or more leisure bike on the road.300090 days
112Driving on lanes designated for taxis and buses except in permitted cases.400
113Participating in a motorcade without permission except in permitted cases.500415 days
114Changing vehicle color without permission.800
115Towing a car or a boat without permission.1000
116Failure to abide by safety and security standards in towing a car or a boat.1000
117Poor condition of trailers rear or side lights.5004
118Absence of trailers rear or side lights.5004
119Interrupting traffic in any other way not specified in this table.500
120Turning from undesignated areas.5004
121Turning in a wrong way.5004
122Loading a light vehicle in a way that poses danger to others.5004
123Loading a light vehicle in a way that poses danger to the road.500
124load or protruding load from a light vehicle without permission.5004
125Dropping or spilling load from light vehicles500
126Illegal use of commercial number plates5007 days
127Driving at night without lights.5004
128Driving in a foggy weather without lights.5004
129Driving in a foggy weather in violation of concerned authorities instructions.5004
130Using horn or car sound system in a disturbing way.4004
131Driving at residential areas, educational zones, hospitals in a way that endangers others lives.400
132Not carrying vehicle registration card.400
133Using driving learning vehicles in prohibited times and areas.400
134Teaching driving in a car that is not labelled as learning vehicle.500
135Teaching driving in a car that is undesignated for this purpose without permission from the licensing authority.500
136Teaching driving without a license.500
137Not carrying Driving Learning permit while training.300
138Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the first traffic violation.1000
139Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the second traffic2000
140Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the third traffic violation.3000

Must know Dubai traffic fines

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Dubai has a scoring system known as the “Black Points.” It is a system to see how often a driver has violated traffic laws.

When you break a traffic rule, you will get black points. These accumulate over time, and when you get too many, your driver’s license will be taken away for some time.

Here is the list of all traffic violations in Dubai that you can get fined for: [2]UAE government, “Road safety, … Continue reading

1. Speed violations

You may have to pay Dubai traffic fines between AED 400 to 2,000 for driving over the speed limit. There are also some roads where you are supposed to go faster than the minimum speed limit.

Your vehicle may be confiscated for up to 2 months as well. These are the two kinds of primary offenses in the speeding category:

  • Driving below the minimum speed limit: AED 400
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h or above: fine of AED 300 – 2,000, 6 to 23 black points, and the vehicle confiscated for up to 60 days.

2. Plate violations

These are violations related to the number plates displayed on your vehicles. You can be charged between AED 400 and AED 3,000 for these offenses:

  • Driving a vehicle without number plates
  • Driving with a single number plate
  • Misusing vehicles with commercial number plates

3. Endangering others on the road

By driving dangerously, some drivers put the lives of other motorists and pedestrians in danger. These violations are treated severely, and fines are quite heavy.

You may be taken to court and jailed, depending on how bad the offense is. Your vehicle can also be towed away and your license revoked or suspended.

The violations in this category are as follows:

  • Damaging properties and causing a safety risk
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Moving a light vehicle in an unsafe manner and overturning heavy vehicles
  • Crossing a red light and driving against one-way traffic
  • Causing severe injuries or death in an accident
  • Not wearing helmets on motorcycles
  • Not maintaining a safe distance
  • Crowding the place of accident
  • Not using signal lights
  • Not using lights at night time

4. Pedestrian and priority violations

Pedestrians may be fined as well. They may be penalized if observed walking carelessly and not crossing roads from pedestrian crossings.

Fines will be imposed on motorists who do not allow emergency vehicles to pass. Those vehicles include fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, etc.

The most common pedestrian and priority violations in Dubai are:

  • Not giving way to emergency vehicles
  • Not stopping for people at pedestrian crossings
  • Jaywalking
  • Crossing roads dangerously

5. Violations inside the vehicle

Some rules need to be followed while inside the vehicles as well. Ignoring the following rules can lead to you being fined:

  • Using your mobile phone while driving
  • Not using seat belts
  • Letting a child under ten years or less than 145 cm sit in the front seat

6. Vehicle installation violations

It is unlawful to modify or alter the vehicle’s appearance without permission. You must also make sure that your lights are working.

Here are some common violations in this category:

  • Placing stickers and decals on vehicles
  • Driving old and unsafe vehicles
  • Modifying parts
  • Driving without working lights

7. Load and heavy vehicle violations

Heavy vehicles might be a significant hazard if proper attention is not given. Here are the violations that a driver must be careful about:

  • Loading trucks over legal capacity
  • Not covering load
  • Towing carriage, boats, or trailers without permission

8. Environment violations

Some rules are kept in place to prevent environmental pollution. You are not allowed to do these:

  • Not maintaining emission standards
  • Releasing hazardous materials
  • Load leakage

9. Traffic police non-compliance violations

The traffic police are responsible for managing traffic and dealing with anyone who breaks the law. So you must always be respectful towards them.

You will be penalized for these activities:

  • Not stopping when asked to stop
  • Failure to follow the traffic police’s instructions
  • Driving on a prohibited road

10. Driving license violations

Motorists can get fined for these activities:

  • Not carrying license
  • Carrying expired license

11. Wrong parking and overtaking

These are the activities that are prohibited:

  • Parking in no-parking zones
  • Overtaking dangerously

12. Vehicle registration and permit violations

You may have to pay Dubai traffic fines for these activities:

  • Not carrying valid registration documents
  • Carrying expired or fake vehicle registration documents

13. Horn violations

There are rules placed to prevent sound pollution. Here are the things you are not allowed to do under this category:

  • Using horns in silence zones
  • Using horn unnecessarily

14. Training vehicles violations

Trainers can also be penalized for a violation of regulations. They are not allowed to use the vehicle for anything other than training.

Here are the things that a trainer cannot do:

  • Not labeling training vehicles as such
  • Not holding a training permit while training
  • Using training vehicles in undesignated areas and times

How to check Dubai traffic fines online?

To check Dubai traffic fines online – you have to visit the official Dubai Police website and enter any identification details such as ticket details, license plate numbers, and so on.

inarticle image-dubai traffic fines-website screenshot

You can make a Dubai traffic fines inquiry by following these simple steps: [3]Government of Dubai, “Fines inquiry and payment, https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/services/individualservices/finesinquiry/”

Step 2: Choose Plate Details, T.C No., Licence Details, or Ticket Details – whichever you want to inquire by.

Step 3: Enter your details and solve the captcha. Then click the “Search” button.

After you complete these three steps, the fines will be displayed along with the number of traffic fines.

The fines list will appear empty if you have no fines, giving you a “No fines found” message.

If you have fines, you can print out the list of fines or mail it to an email address too.

Other ways to check Dubai traffic fines

Alternatively, you can also pay the fines on the RTA Dubai website. The process is similar to the one mentioned above. [4]RTA Dubai, “Search for your fines, https://traffic.rta.ae/trfesrv/public_resources/revamp/ffu/public-fines-payment.do”

There is also a Dubai Police mobile app that you can download to check fines and pay. The process is more or less similar to doing it online.

How to pay Dubai traffic fines?

But before finalizing the payment, you have to verify your phone number. You also need to provide your email address.

Afterward, go to the next page and enter the activation code you received in your SMS.

Finally, you can choose a payment method and complete the payment. [5]Government of Dubai, “Fines inquiry and payment, https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/services/individualservices/finesinquiry/”

Can I pay Dubai traffic fine with fine number?

Yes, you can pay Dubai traffic fine with a fine number. However, you have to go to the RTA website to do it.

There are several inquiry options, and a fine number is one. Just choose that option and enter your fine number, choose the fine source and fine year.

This will show you a list of all Dubai RTA fines, and you can pay the fines from there too.

How can I pay traffic fines in Dubai installments?

You can pay Dubai fines in installments if you cannot pay all of them at once. Dubai Police traffic fines can be split into 12 payments. You can then pay monthly throughout the year. However, this service is available in selected banks, such as First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, and Mashreq bank only.

So you must have a credit card in one of those banks. You can contact these banks to set up this payment plan – This is a great option for those who want to avoid spending a large sum of money at once.

This payment plan makes paying fines more accessible for everyone. It is especially beneficial for those with low incomes.

So if you’re struggling to pay your traffic fine all at once, consider contacting your bank. Ask them to provide you with this installment plan.

How to dispute traffic fine in Dubai?

Sometimes, you may be charged Dubai police traffic fines for no reason by mistake. If you feel like this is happening to you, you can try to counter this claim.

In order to dispute the traffic fine in Dubai, you have to visit the Traffic Department in Deira or Bur Dubai. You can tell them about the issue, and they will look into it. They will remove the charges if they find that you have a valid case against the fine.

To dispute the fine, you must provide evidence that proves your innocence. It will be helpful if you have a dashcam installed in your vehicle.

The dashcam footage of the vehicle can show how you followed the traffic rules and lets police know if there has been any reckless driving.

Dashcams are a great way to protect yourself from getting Dubai traffic fines for no reason.

Mistake fines are more than just a minor issue in Dubai and can happen in a situation you never expected. So getting one installed is a great way to secure a car.

If you are in other emirates, you can also dispute the fine. For example – if you have to pay Abu Dhabi traffic fines, you can dispute it from the police directorate there.

Can I ask for a video for traffic fine Dubai?

Yes, you can ask for video proof of the traffic fine in Dubai. If you don’t believe that you made a mistake, you can always ask them to show evidence.

You must visit the police office and ask for a police offer to get this service. They will find and play the video for you.

How to get discount on Dubai traffic fines?

If you are fined for any violation in Dubai, you can now get a discount of up to 35 percent. Those who settle their fines within two months are eligible for the discount. Payment can be made using a credit card from First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, or Mashreq bank.

The Dubai police authority introduced the discount to enforce regulations and encourage motorists to pay their fines on time.

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Final thoughts

Payment of Dubai traffic fines can be hefty if you are not careful while driving or just walking on the road.

However, no one can say for certain that they will drive all the time perfectly. You never know when you may break some traffic rules and have to check the fine for yourself.

We hope the above violations list will help you to be careful, and you won’t have to incur Dubai police fines. But in case you do, you now know how to make Dubai traffic fines inquiries and get a fine discount.

Thank you for taking the time to go through our Dbd guide. Did you ever have to pay your traffic fine if yes, please let us know your experience in the comments below.

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