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Dubai Parking SMS Service Guide – Registration, Benefits, & More

A complete guide for Dubai parking SMS, its activation, and its benefits

Dubai is the busiest city in UAE, and we all know how difficult parking in a busy city can be. Dubai parking SMS was introduced to make this complex process more convenient.

In Dubai, parking SMS is an effortless way of paying for parking space via SMS. However, you must register on the RTA website to use the service. To make a payment, you can send an SMS with your license plate number, zone number, and parking time to 7275.

So if you have never heard about paying for parking space via SMS, you have come to the right place.

This Dbd guide will cover everything about Dubai parking SMS, including registering for the service, using the service, its benefits, and the parking SMS number to activate the service.

So if you’re interested in learning more, read the guide to the end.

How to register for Dubai parking SMS?

Even though you don’t need to register for the service, the registration will give you access to many other benefits.

To register for Dubai SMS parking, you must visit the official RTA website, register or use your UAE pass to log in, click on mparking services, and enter the received verification code to confirm your registration.

Now let’s take a look at the above process in much detail step-wise: [1]Road and Transport Authority UAE, “RTA homepage, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/home”

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Step 2: Register for an account or log in with the UAE PASS.

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Step 3: Go to the dashboard and click “Proceed” on the “Parking Services” section after logging in.

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Step 4: Click on mParking service.

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Step 5: You will receive a verification code in your mobile number’s SMS. Enter that code for verification and click on “Confirm.”

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After you complete this process, your phone number registration is complete. Now let’s look at how you can pay your parking fees by sending an SMS to the service number.

How to pay parking by SMS in Dubai?

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Paying parking fees by SMS in Dubai has become a blessing for many people who want to avoid notes and coins and are more attracted to the digital mode of payment.

To pay for the parking by SMS in Dubai, you need to send an SMS of your plate number, zone number, and parking time to 7275.

For Example, the SMS text should look something like A678 123A 2. Here, A678 is the plate number, 123A is the zone number, and 2 is the hours of parking.

Don’t forget to add the space between the plate number, zone number, and parking duration.

After you send the message, you will get a confirmation message. This message will also be your digital parking ticket, so do not delete it. [2]Road and Transport Authority UAE, “About m SMS Parking, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/driver-and-carowner/parking/parking-services/mparking#:~:text=Apply%20Non%20registered%20user”

For the message, your SIM providers will charge you 30 fils as a service charge. The charges must also be accounted for when calculating the mParking prices.

How to pay for parking extension in Dubai?

To extend your parking time, type “Y” and send it to the number 7275. You are allowed to extend your parking time in Dubai by paying an additional amount.

Once you pay for the parking extension, you will receive an expiry reminder message 10 minutes before your parking duration expires.

But if you need more time, you can again send another SMS to extend your parking time and renew your parking space duration. [3]Road and Transport Authority UAE, “About mParking, … Continue reading

Benefits of Dubai paid parking SMS

Dubai parking SMS has various benefits, like parking in other emirates.

The SMS service has notable benefits such as safety, ease of confirmation, fixed and cheap rates, convenience, etc.

In more detail, let’s look at the advantage of Paid parking in Dubai via SMS:

  • Convenience: The main advantage of SMS pay parking in Dubai is that it is very convenient. You can quickly pay for the parking space from your mobile phone and must not worry about extra cash.
  • Cheap & fixed rates: Different establishments in the city may charge more if you purchase physical tickets. However, SMS parking will always provide the best rates as they are fixed and will not alter according to one person or parking space owner.
  • Safe: The service is also safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about losing your cash. Your SMS payment can also act as evidence of payment without any hassle of keeping bills.
  • Ease of use: Using SMS service for parking spaces is relatively easy. You have to send your plate no, zone no, and parking time to a certain number, and your payment will be accepted within a few minutes.
  • Time-saving: It will also save you time. You don’t have to look for a parking space or wait in line to pay for parking.
  • Accessibility: You can use this service from anywhere in Dubai. All you need is your mobile phone, and you will be able to pay for parking.
  • Parking expiry reminder: The reminder service will help you avoid getting parking tickets. With the reminder service, you will get a notification of either extending your parking time or taking your vehicle to other places for parking.

Hence these are the benefits of Dubai’s paid parking SMS service. There is no doubt with the arrival of this service, the parking problem in Dubai has decreased drastically as people can book their parking from anywhere in Dubai. They also do not have to worry about carrying extra change for just parking payments.

FAQs on Dubai SMS parking guide

What is the parking SMS number in Dubai?

The parking SMS number in Dubai is 7275. Save it in your contact, so you don’t forget it when you need to use parking through SMS.

How can I send parking SMS in Dubai?

On du or Etisalat, simply type an SMS in this format: <Plate number><space><Zone number><space><Parking time> in your SMS and send it to Dubai parking SMS number 7275.

How do I pay for WhatsApp parking in Dubai?

You can send an SMS in the <Plate number><space><Zone number><space><Parking time> format to 971 588009090 on WhatsApp to use WhatsApp parking. This will save you 30 fils, which you would spend extra on SMS parking.

How do I know my parking code in Dubai?

You can find your RTA parking code from the RTA app. It also has several other advantages and services such as fares, parking zones, timings, etc. You can also call 800 90 90 for assistance.

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Final thoughts

The Dubai Parking SMS service is a convenient and affordable way to pay for parking in Dubai. It is easy to use, and you can pay for parking anywhere in Dubai.

The service is also safe and secure. You can use this service to save time and money, although you must know that there is a 30 fils extra carrier charge in every SMS sent.

If you have any questions you want to be answered, call them on their toll-free number 8009090. They will also help out with any issue you face.

We hope you found this Dbd guide helpful. If you did, you could share it online with people who may not know about Dubai’s paid parking SMS.

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