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Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus: Timings, Fares, Routes & More

Compare bus timings, fares, and routes to make the best decision for your journey

The Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus is a good initiative by the UAE government to improve connectivity between the two emirates. But there are so many different buses, routes, and companies that it takes time to know where to start. 

One of the Middle East’s most modern and prosperous cities is Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. And Dubai, besides being a significant tourist attraction, has a unique culture that attracts visitors worldwide. The RTA’s bus services make it possible to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi at a very affordable price.

This Dbd guide will provide an overview of the available bus routes, fare costs, and schedules to help you with bus service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Overview of Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus

One of the most practical transportation methods between the two cities is the bus that runs from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Although you could take a taxi or your vehicle, taking the bus is likely the most suitable solution.

The journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus can be completed using one of three bus routes. The Ibn Battuta bus station is the starting point for two intercity bus routes that travel to the Central bus station in Abu Dhabi and the Mussafah Shabiya Bus station. In addition, another bus travels from the AL Ghubaiba bus station to the central station in Abu Dhabi.

Here is an overview of the different routes of the Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus:

Bus numberBus timeBus routesDistanceBus price 
E100Monday to Friday (4:20 AM – 11:50 PM)
Saturday to Sunday (4:20 AM – 12:20 AM)
Al Ghubaiba bus station – Abu Dhabi central bus station148 KMAED 25
E101Monday to Friday (5:20 AM – 1:00 AM)
Saturday to Sunday (5:20 AM – 4:30 AM)
Ibn Battuta bus station – Abu Dhabi central bus station116 KMAED 25
E102Sunday to Saturday (5:30 AM – 10:30 PM)Ibn Battuta bus station – Mussafah Shabiya bus station114 KMAED 25

How many bus services are available from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The public transport from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is an excellent option for those looking for a cheap and convenient way to travel between the two cities. There are three intercity bus routes between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They run regularly throughout the day and night, so it’s easy to find a service that suits your schedule.

Similarly, the distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is 139 KM. The journey by bus usually takes around two hours, depending on traffic conditions.

If you need to become more familiar with who operates the bus services in Dubai, it is the RTA. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is the government body responsible for overseeing and operating public transportation in Dubai. This includes the Dubai Metro, taxis, buses, trams, and water buses. [1] RTA, “Public Transport, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/public-transport/dubaibus”

Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus routes

Buses are one of the most popular forms of public transport in Dubai. Many residents use them daily to travel between different areas in the city. There is also a wide variety of bus routes available, so passengers can easily find a service that suits their needs.

Likewise, different bus routes are available if you want to take bus service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

The three different buses routes that operate between Dubai and Abu Dhabi are listed below:

E100 (Al Ghubaiba bus station – Central bus station Abu Dhabi)

inarticle image-dubai to abu dhabi bus-E100 (Al Ghubaiba bus station - Central bus station Abu Dhabi)-01

The E100 bus leaves the Al Ghubaiba bus terminal regularly. The Al Ghubaiba bus station is often located on Al Ghubaiba road, near Bur Dubai and Dubai creek. After that, the bus will travel in the direction of Abu Dhabi and make its final stop at the Central bus station.

A total of 148 kilometers separates the Al Ghubaiba bus station and the Central bus station in Abu Dhabi. It will take you two hours and twenty-one minutes to get from the Al Ghubaiba bus station to the central bus station in Abu Dhabi. The alternative bus service runs at 30-minute intervals from the bus terminal.

The E100 bus route has three stops on the way to Abu Dhabi. They are:

  1. Al Ghubaiba Bus station
  2. Abu Dhabi, Samha 1
  3. Abu Dhabi, Shahama Village
  4. Abu Dhabi, Central Bus Station

E101 (Ibn Battuta bus station – Central bus station Abu Dhabi)

inarticle image-dubai to abu dhabi bus-E 101(Ibn Battuta bus station - Central bus station Abu Dhabi

If you are in or around Jebel Ali Village or the Gardens and want to take a trip to Abu Dhabi, the E101 bus route is the best option.

Similarly, the trip from the Ibn Battuta Bus Station in Dubai to the Central bus station in Abu Dhabi is 116 kilometers long and takes 1 hour and 41 minutes to complete. Approximately every 15 minutes, the following bus will arrive at the terminal.

The Ibn Battuta Bus Station and the Central Bus Station in Abu Dhabi are directly connected by the E100 bus route, which makes three stops on the way. They are given below:

  1. Ibn Battuta Bus Station
  2. Abu Dhabi, Samha 1
  3. Abu Dhabi, Shahama Village
  4. Abu Dhabi, Central Bus Station

E102 (Ibn Battuta bus station 10 – Musaffah bus station)

inarticle image-dubai to abu dhabi bus-E102 (Ibn Battuta bus station 10 - Musaffah bus station)

The E102 bus route connects the Ibn Battuta Bus Station with the Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station, providing passengers with a safe, clean, and punctual ride. The total time spent traveling is around one hour and 57 minutes. The Abu Dhabi International Airport can also be reached using Bus E102.

The route is serviced by modern buses that provide passengers with wide, comfortable seating and sufficient storage space for their bags, allowing travelers to relax and take pleasure in the journey. In addition, the route is serviced by friendly and experienced drivers who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of everyone.

The E102 has various stops on the way to Mussafah bus station from Ibn Battuta bus station. There are five bus stops where passengers can board or disembark.

The bus stops are:

  1. Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 and 3
  2. Mussafah, Al Ain University S&T 1
  3. Mussafah, Al Najah Private School 1
  4. Mussafah, Al Mussafah Park 1
  5. Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station

Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus fare

Bus fares are generally priced according to the total distance the vehicle will go; hence, longer trips frequently result in higher fares. Several other variables, such as the time of day or the number of passengers, may also impact the cost of bus tickets in certain circumstances.

Similarly, the bus ticket price from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is reasonable, particularly when weighed against the costs of several alternative modes of transportation. The cost of the bus ticket is only AED 25 for one-way travel. It is far more affordable than hiring a private car or taxi.

Payment method

inarticle image-dubai to abu dhabi bus-person holding nol card

The Nol Card is a contactless smart card that may be utilized for payment of parking fees in addition to fares on the Metro, buses, and water buses. Using an Nol card as a form of payment is an option for all bus services in Dubai.

Four varieties of Nol Cards exist, including Personal, Silver, Gold, and Red Ticket. In addition, older citizens and UAE residents, and students of any nationality can receive a discount of fifty percent off their bus cost by using a Nol Blue Card. Using a Nol Blue Card, determined passengers can travel freely on Dubai’s buses and metros. [2] RTA, “Main features of NOL card, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/public-transport/About-Nol-Card/#:~:text=Keep%20Exploring-,Main%20Features%20of%20nol%20Cards,-Whether%20you%20are”

The card is easy to use and can be topped up as needed. So, whether you’re a visitor or a resident, take advantage of the Nol Card for all your public transportation needs while traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and other areas.

See also: Check out our guide on how to recharge your NOL card.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus timings

The bus takes a few different routes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, each with its schedule. It may arrive every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, or every hour. Bus stops will usually feature signs that indicate the time that will pass before the next bus arrives. This ensures that passengers will always be aware of when to wait for the arrival of the following vehicle.

Similarly, the RTA bus also provides a variety of timetables for different bus routes.

So, we have included a list of the time for the relevant bus routes to make traveling to Abu Dhabi more convenient for tourists coming from Dubai. With many buses running regularly, you can easily plan your trip around your schedule.

Here is the timing for Dubai Abu Dhabi bus service:

  1. E100 bus timings

The Al Ghubaiba bus station starts the first trip on route E100, leaving at 4:20 in the morning. In addition, the bus will leave for the last trip at 11:50 PM.

The following is the schedule for the E100 route:

DaysFirst busLast bus
Monday to Friday4:20 AM11:50 PM
Saturday and Sunday4:20 AM12:20 AM (Next day)
  1. E101 bus timings

The trip begins at 4:30 in the morning with the bus departure from the Ibn Battuta bus terminal to Abu Dhabi central bus station. The last bus leaves at one in the morning on the next day. Buses are available for travelers around the clock thanks to their extensive service hours.

Here is the timing of the E101 route:

DaysFirst busLast bus
Monday to Friday4:30 AM1:00 AM (Next day)
Saturday and Sunday5:20 AM4:30 AM (Next day)
  1. E102 bus timings

It is convenient for travelers to use the E102, which leaves the Ibn Battuta bus station at 5:30 in the morning and arrives at the Mussafah Shabaiya bus station at 7:25 AM. Additionally, the last bus leaves the station at 10:30 PM. They offer their services continuously throughout the entire week.

The schedule for the E102 can be seen below.

DaysFirst busLast bus
Sunday to Saturday5:30 AM10:30 PM

Is it worth traveling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by bus?

If you’re wondering whether taking Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus is worth it, the answer depends on the experiences of previous travelers on that route.

Traveling by bus is a suitable way to see everything that both Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer. You may take in the breathtaking views while relaxing and enjoying them for the low cost of just 25 AED. You can take the bus at any time convenient, as they often run at all day hours.

Additionally, the bus ride will give you a glimpse into what daily life is like in the UAE, and going by bus is an ideal option for those who wish to take their time and savor the experience. The route is designed with plenty of rest stops, so you may bring your time and see everything that attracts you.

Alternative transportation option from Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus

inarticle image-abu dhabi to dubai bus-Civitatis

Similarly, those looking for a quick and pleasant method to get about Dubai can take advantage of the private transfer services offered by civitatis. When you board a plane, a private driver will be there to meet you and assist you with your bags before leading you to the vehicle you reserved.

inarticle image-abu dhabi to dubai bus-Big Bus

Bus tours in Dubai operate along two distinct routes: the red route and the blue route. Both routes make stops close to some of Dubai’s most famous monuments and attractions.

inarticle image-abu dhabi to dubai bus-Viator

In addition, they offer various options for travelers going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, including day tours, private tours, city tours, and other similar excursions. You can also hire private transportation to take you to Abu Dhabi City or Yas Island from any location in Dubai.

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Are there bus service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Yes, various buses are available from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The RTA buses E100, E101, and E102 have routes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi’s different bus stations.

How much does it cost the bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

It costs AED 25 per passenger for a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Senior citizens and students can get discounts using an NOL card as a payment method.

How can I go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

The most common and preferred option is a public bus operated by the RTA. Another option is to take a taxi which is the fastest way to reach Abu Dhabi.

Is PCR required to enter Abu Dhabi?

No, PCR is not required anymore to enter Abu Dhabi. Residents and visitors can freely enjoy all of Abu Dhabi’s attractions without worrying about complying with restrictions.

Final thoughts

Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus is an excellent mode of transportation for getting from one emirate to the other because it is cost-effective, convenient, and allows passengers to take in some of the stunning natural scenery the country offers along the journey. 

Whether you’ll only be in Abu Dhabi for the day or there for a while, you should include taking public transport on your to-do list. You can also take the same bus route from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Hope this guide has helped you with bus service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

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