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Dubai RTA Bus: Timings, Stations, Routes, Fares & More

With our guide, you'll be able to navigate the Dubai RTA bus system like a pro in no time!

The Dubai RTA Bus system can be complicated for first-time users or residents, as there are different routes and stations.

The RTA Bus is a reliable, efficient, affordable public transportation service that operates over 1500 buses. Daily, the RTA Dubai Bus provides service to over 3 lakh passengers in and around the city. Plus, various bus routes cover the entire city and also connect with other emirates at a reasonable fare.

We created this Dbd guide to make it easy for you to take the Dubai RTA bus. It has everything you need to know about the Dubai bus station, routes, and fares, so you can easily use it. In addition, there is a map of Dubai bus routes so you can plan your trip before leaving home.

Dubai bus service

The public buses in Dubai are provided by the Public Transportation Authority (PTA) and operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The RTA offers many transportation options for residents and visitors, including buses, metro, water buses, and more.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai announced that nearly 304.6 million people used public transport or shared mobility in Dubai during the first half of 2022. This number is up from the previous years, showing that people rely more on public transportation. [1]Government of Dubai, “Press release, … Continue reading

How to use Dubai bus?

Consider a few things if you plan on using the bus system.

First, when you board the bus, use the front door; when it’s time to exit, use the rear door. Second, three rows of seats in the front of the bus are reserved for lady passengers. Finally, remember that the bus is not a place for eating, drinking, or smoking.

And lastly, remember to bring your NOL card. The NOL card is a payment method that can be used for public transportation in Dubai, such as the bus, metro, tram, and marine transport.

You’ll have no trouble navigating the Dubai bus system with these instructions.

Dubai bus routes map

The Dubai Bus routes map covers the entire emirate of Dubai, with each bus station and metro station clearly labeled. You can use the map to plan your trip and to find out which bus you need to take to get to your destination.

inarticle image-dubai rta bus-Dubai bus routes map-03

Dubai RTA bus routes

The RTA Bus routes in Dubai are a well-connected and efficient way to get around the city. There are 119 external bus routes in Dubai, including 35 lines that link to metro stations and 8 short lines that cover key city areas. In addition, there are 12 intercity lines to transport passengers to other emirates within Dubai and 62 internal lines connecting different parts of Dubai. [2] Government of Dubai, About Dubai bus, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/public-transport/dubaibus#:~:text=/%20Dubai%20Bus-,About%20Dubai%20Bus,-The%20Public%20Transport”

Additionally, bus routes span the whole length and breadth of the Emirate of Dubai, with 7 types of bus routes passing through many bus stations. The Dubai bus routes are classified by their functions. These include Intercity buses, Express buses, Feeder buses, Urban buses, Seasonal buses, Urban CBD buses, and night buses.

Below is a comprehensive list of all RTA buses in Dubai, including their route id and the starting and ending bus stations. [3] Government of Dubai, “Dubai bus route list, https://www.rta.ae/links/buses/RTA-Bus-Route-List-2022.pdf”

Urban bus routes

These bus routes make multiple stops throughout the city and provide regular services.

The following are Urban bus routes:

Route ID Start from End to 
Abu Hail MS Union Square Bus Station 
Al Ghubaiba Bus Station  Dubai Healthcare City 
Al Quoz, Bus Station  Al Satwa 
Al Baraha Bus Station  Ibn Battuta MS 
Al Ghubaiba Bus Station  Business Bay MS 
10 Gold Souq Bus Station  Al Quoz Bus Station 
11A Gold Souq Bus Station Al Awir Immigration 
11B Al Rashidiya Bus Station Al Awir Immigration 
12 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Al Quoz Bus Station 
13 Gold Souq Bus Station   Al Qusais DM Housing 
13A Gold Souq Bus Station  Al Qusais Bus Station 
13D Gold Souq Bus Station  Al Qusais Bus Station 
14 Oud Metha Bus Station   Safa Terminus 
15 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Al Khail Gate 
17 Al Sabkha Bus Station   Muhaisnah 4, Wasl Oasis 2 
20 Al Warsan 3   Al Nahda 1, Terminus 2 
21 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station  Al Quoz Ind’l Area-4 
22 Deira City Center Bus Station   Al Nahda 1 
23 Oud Metha Bus Station  Al Nahda 1 
24 Al Nahda 2   International City 
26 Oud Metha Bus Station   Business Bay 2 Bus Station 
27 Gold Souq Bus Station   The Dubai Mall 
28 The Dubai Mall  Oud Metha Bus Station 
29 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station  The Dubai Mall 
30 Dubai Mall MS   Dubai Sky Courts 
31 Airport Terminal 2  Oud Al Mateena 
32C Al Qusais Bus Station  Al Satwa Bus Station 
33 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Al Qusais Bus Station 
34 Etisalat MS   Al Khawaneej 2 
43 Gold Souq Bus Station  Al Qusais Ind’l Area 2 
44 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Al Rashidiya Bus Station 
50 Int’l City Dragon Mart 2   Al Khail Gate 1 
53 Gold Souq Bus Station   International City 
55 Al Satwa Bus Station   International City 
56 Danube Metro Station   DWC, Staff Village 
61 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Ras Al Khor Samari Residence 
61D Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Nad Al Shiba Clinic 
62 Al Qusais Ind’l Area 5    Ras Al Khor Vegetable Mar 
63E Al Qusais Bus Station   Al Quoz Bus Station 
64 Gold Souq Bus Station   Ras Al Khor 
64A Gold Souq Bus Station   Ras Al Khor Samari Residen 
66 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Al Faqa 
67 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station    Dubai Endurance City 
77 Baniyas MS  Al Garhoud, RTA HQ 
81 The Dubai Mall   MOEMS 
83 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station  Al Khail MS 
84 Al Khail Gate  Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 
88 Deira City Center Bus Station  Dubai Internet City MS 
91 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station  Jebel Ali Bus Station 
93 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   MOE MS 
95 Al Baraha Bus Station    Jebel Ali Waterfront Labour Ca 
95A Ibn Battuta MS   Jebel Ali Waterfront Labour Camp 
96 Al Quoz Bus Station  DIP 
97 Al Qusais Bus Station   Jebel Ali Ind’l Area 7 
98E Al Quoz Bus Station  Al Satwa 
99 Jebel Ali Bus Station  UAE Exchange MS 
310 Al Rashidiya Bus Station   International City 
320 Al Rashidiya Bus Station  Academic City 
367 Etisalat MS  Silicon Oasis 
D03 Dubai Mall MS  Dubai Design District 
D03A Dubai Mall MS  Dubai Design District 
DPR1 Ibn Battuta MS   Dubai Parks and Resorts 
H03 Hatta Bus Station   Masfut, Sheikh Khalifa Hospital 
J01 MOE MS  Jumeirah Village Circle 
J02 IMPZ  Mira 
J03 Dubai Studio City Damac Hills 
J04 Dubai Studio City  Remraam 
JLT1 Sobha Realty MS  JLT, Damas 
JLT2 DMCC MS  JLT, Silver Tower 
SM1 Gold Souq Bus Station  Souq Al Marfa Deira 

Express bus routes

The express route is the quickest way to travel between major destinations in Dubai.

Here is a list of all Express bus routes:

Route ID Start from End to 
13B Gold Souq Bus Station   Al Qusais Bus Station 
91A Gold Souq Bus Station   Jebel Ali Bus Station 
X02 Union MS   Al Satwa 
X13 LuLu Village  Al Satwa Bus Station 
X22 Al Qusais Ind’l Area 2   Business Bay MS 
X23 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   International City 
X25 Al Karama Bus Station  Silicon Oasis HQ 
X28 Lulu Village  Dubai Internet City MS 
X64 Al Baraha Bus Station   Ras Al Khor 
X92 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station    Dubai Investment Park 
X94 Gold Souq Bus Station  Dubai Investment Park 

Feeder bus routes

The feeder bus connects riders to the main bus and metro line.

Here is the list of Feeder bus routes:

Route ID Start from End to 
F01 Union MS   Al Baraha 
F02 Etisalat MS  Al Muhaisnah 4 
F03 Al Rashidiya Bus Station  Mirdiff West 
F04 GGICO MS  Sabkha, Turnoff 
F05 Al Rashidiya Bus Station  Mizhar 1 
F06 Al Rashidiya Bus Station  Al Rashidiya 
F07 Etisalat MS  Al Qusais DM Housing 
F08 Dubai Festival City Al Nahda 2 
F09 Al Jafiliya Bus Station (Dubai Frame)    Al Wasl Park 
F10 Al Rashidiya Bus Station   Al Warqa 
F11 Financial Center MS  Al Satwa 
F12 Max MS   Al Wasl Park 
F13 Dubai Mall MS  The Dubai Mall 
F14 Business Bay 2 Bus Station   Business Bay MS 
F15 Al Safa MS  Al Qouz Ind’l Area 2 
F16 Al Safa MS   Al Qouz, New Housing 
F17 Al Safa MS   Al Khail Gate 
F18 Oud Metha MS   Lamcy Plaza 
F19A Bay Square Business Bay 2 Bus Station 
F19B Business Bay 2 Bus Station   Bay Square 
F20 Business Bay MS  Al Safa 1 
F21 Al Nahda MS  Al Nahda 2 
F22 Stadium MS  Qusais Ind’l Area 2 
F23 Stadium MS  Al Nahda Terminus 
F23A Stadium MS  Al Nahda 1, Terminus 2 
F24 Stadium MS   Qusais Ind’l area 3 
F25 Umm Al Sheif MS   Al Qouz Ind’l Area 3 & 4 
F26 Al Safa MS   Umm Al Sheif MS 
F27 Al Jafiliya Bus Station  Al Satwa 
F28 Emirates Tower MS   Satwa 
F30 MOE MS   Dubai Studio City 
F31 Dubai Internet City MS  The Meadows East 
F32 MOE MS   The Sustainable City 
F33 MOE MS   Al Barsha-3 
F34 DIC MS   Dubai Production City 
F35 MOE MS   The Greens 
F36 MOE MS  Arjan 
F37 MOE MS  Sports City 
F41 Business Bay MS   Coral Tower 
F43 Ibn Battuta MS   Discovery Gardens 
F44 Energy MS Jebel Ali Gardens 
F45 Al Furjan Discovery Gardens 
F46 Ibn Battuta MS  DIP 2 
F47 Danube MS   DIP 2 
F48 Danube MS  DIP 2 
F49 Danube MS  Jebel Ali Industrial Area 
F50 DIP MS   DIP 2 
F51 DIP MS   DIP 1 
F53 Danube MS Dubai Ind’l City 
F54 Danube MS  JAFZA South 
F55 Ibn Battuta MS AMI Airport (PTB) 
F56 DIC MS  Al Khail MS 
F60 Al Rashidiya Bus Station  Downtown Mirdiff Gate 
F61 Al Rashidiya Bus Station  Al Warqa’a 
F70 Oud Metha Bus Station Dubai Museum 
F81 Al Qusais Ind’l Area Terminus 1    Al Nahda MS 

Intercity bus routes

The Inter-city route links Dubai with other emirates in the United Arab Emirates. 

Here is the list of Dubai intercity buses routes:

Route ID Start from End to 
E100 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Abu Dhabi CBS 
E101 Ibn Battuta MS  Abu Dhabi CBS 
E102 Ibn Battuta MS   Mussafah Shabia Bus Station 
E16 Al Sabkha Bus Station  Hatta Bus Station 
E201 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station   Al Ain Bus Station 
E301 Al Ahli Club   Sharjah, Al Taawun Terminus 
E303 Union Square MS  Al Jubail Bus Station 
E304 Al Satwa Bus Station  Al Jubail Bus Station 
E306 Ghubaiba Bus Station  Al Jubail Bus Station 
E307 Deira City Center Bus Station   Al Jubail Bus Station 
E315 Etisalat MS  Muwailah Bus Station 
E316 Al Rashidiya Bus Station  Sharjah University 
E400 Union Square Bus Station  Ajman Bus Station 
E411 Etisalat MS  Ajman Bus Station 
E700 Union Square Bus Station   Fujairah Bus Station 
E303A Al Sabkha Bus Station  Al Jubail Bus Station 
E307A Abu Hail MS Al Jubail Bus Station 

Urban CBD bus routes

There are 10 Urban Central Business District(CBD) bus routes in Dubai.

Here is the list:

Route ID Start from End to 
C01 Airport Terminal 3  Al Satwa Bus Station 
C03 Al Karama Bus Station  Abu Hail MS 
C04 Gold Souq Bus Station  Jaddaf 
C05 Gold Souq Bus Station  Al Ghubaiba Bus Station 
C09 Al Satwa Bus Station   Hor Al Anz East, Qiyadah MS 
C10 Hamriya Port, Control Tower    Mercato Shopping Mal 
C15 Hamriya Port, Control Tower   Deira City Center Bu 
C18 Shaikh Rashid Colony   Oud Metha Bus Station 
C26 Al Wasl Park  Qusais Ind’l Area 
C28 Al Baraha Bus Station  Mamzar Beach Park 

Night bus routes

Night buses are a convenient way to get where you need to go, whether coming home from a late shift or planning a night on the town.

There are just two bus lines in Dubai that operate at night. The N30 bus travels between Dragon Mart 2, International City, and Airport terminal 2 to complete its route. Another bus (N55) also leaves from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and heads to Al Maktoum International Airport.

Route ID Start from End to 
N30 Dragon Mart 2 Terminus Airport Terminal 2 
N55 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station AMI Airport (PTB) 

Seasonal bus routes

A seasonal bus route is a public transportation service that operates only during peak tourist seasons. This type of service is commonly found in areas with many popular attractions so that people can quickly get to and from them.

Similarly, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai resumed four bus routes to serve tourists and visitors of the Global Village in October.

The seasonal bus routes in Dubai are listed below:

Route ID Start from End to 
102 Al Rashidiya Bus Station Global Village 
103 Union MS  Global Village 
104 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station Global Village 
105 MOE MS  Miracle Garden 
106 MOE MS   Global Village 

Dubai bus station

The bus station in Dubai is a bustling place. Many buses passes by the station from different parts of the city, so there is a continuous flow of people moving through the area.

The main bus station of Dubai is Al Ghubauiba bus station and Gold Souq bus station. These bus stations will help you get to any destination in Dubai.

The list of bus stations available in Dubai are listed below: [4] Government of Dubai, “Dubai bus station, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/public-transport/dubai-bus-station/”

Station name Location 
Al Ghubaiba Al Ghubaiba Rd, Al Fahidi   
Al Satwa Al Satwa 
Hatta Dubai 
Mall of Emirates Al Barsha  
Al Quasis Muhaisnah  
Al Rashidiya Al Rashidiya  
Gold Souq Deira  
Al Sabkha Al Sabkha Rd – Deira  
IBN Battuta Jebel Ali Village  
Abu Hail Salah Al Din St – Deira  

Dubai RTA bus schedule and timing

inarticle image-dubai rta bus-dubai bus timing illustartion

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is responsible for the Dubai bus timings and schedule. Dubai bus starts their service from 4:00 AM to 1:00 the next day. In addition, The C01 will provide its service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, many intercity bus services go between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. [5]Government of Dubai, “Bus station, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/public-transport/timetable#BusStations:~:text=Dubai%20Tram-,Bus%20Stations,-Dubai%20Bus%20is”

Additionally, the RTA website provides information on the various bus routes, as well as the timings of the buses.

To download the timetable for a bus route, follow these steps:

Step 2: Click on Download Timetable.

Step 3: To see the timetable for a specific bus, search for its route number. For example, entering “C01” or “E100.”

The RTA offers a wide range of services to make public transportation in Dubai more convenient. One such service is the ability to view bus timetables online.

You can also find arrival and departure times for any desired bus routes by downloading one of the many RTA apps like S’hail, Dubai Drive, Salik app, RTA Dubai, and Dubai. These apps make planning your journey a breeze, so you can relax knowing that you’ll never miss your bus.

RTA Dubai bus fare

inarticle image-dubai rta bus-bus fare

Dubai is divided into seven distinct zones, each with its unique character. You can easily travel between the different zones using convenient and affordable public transportation options, including buses, metros, trams, and water buses.

There are several bus and metro stations located throughout each zone. The cost of your ticket will depend on how many zones you travel through.

In addition, it’s possible to switch from one form of public transit to another within 30 minutes. For example, you could take the bus to the metro. Your total fare for both the bus and metro rides will be combined and billed as a single trip when you arrive at your destination.

How to pay for the RTA Dubai bus?

You can use your NOL card to pay for all types of public transportation in Dubai, including buses, metros, trams, and water taxis. It is an easy method to pay the bus fare. In addition, cash is not accepted as a payment method for bus and metro services.

Similarly, You can purchase the NOL card from ticket offices at metro stations, ticket vending machines, and authorized sales agents. You can also buy the card through RTA smart apps.

In addition, there are four types of NOL cards. They are a Silver card, Gold card, Blue card, and Red ticket. The cost of transport using an NOL card ranges depending on the card type.

The fare comparison table is given below:

According to Zone Red Ticket Gold Card Personal Card Silver Card 
Within 1 zone 
2 Adjacent Zones 10 
More than 2 Zones 8.5 15 7.5 7.5 

Senior citizens, students, and residents with a personal blue card can get 50% off public transport in Dubai. This discount applies to all modes of transport, including the metro, buses, water taxis, and trams.

Likewise, people of determination and children below five years are also free to travel anywhere in Dubai. These discounts make public transport more accessible for all residents and help reduce road congestion. In addition, they also help to promote sustainable travel habits in Dubai.

Dubai RTA bus facilities and accessibility

inarticle image-dubai rta bus-bus seats

The Dubai RTA runs an efficient and comfortable bus service accessible to all. Dubai’s bus stations are air-conditioned and equipped with umbrellas, making them a comfortable place to wait for your bus.

Additional facilities provided by the Dubai RTA bus are listed below: [6]Government of Dubai, “Facilities, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/public-transport/dubaibus#:~:text=Our%20buses-,Facilities,-Include%20service%20facilities”

  • Air Conditioning: RTA buses are equipped with air conditioning in every vehicle, provided around the clock.
  • E-cards machine: The RTA has made it easier than ever to pay for bus fares with the introduction of e-card machines. This makes it easy for riders to tag in and out, with the convenience of not carrying around a physical card. 
  • Info screens: Several screens inside the bus display information about upcoming bus stops and other general announcements. The traveler will find this to be more convenient.
  • Women section: The RTA bus has a dedicated compartment for women, including children and families. This area is located at the front of the bus, near the door. A barrier separates it, and a sign says “women and children only” in English and Arabic. 
  • Top-up machine: The major bus stops in Dubai have NOL top-up machines for travelers. These machines are a quick and easy way to top up your NOL card in an emergency.
  • Parking for bicycles and taxis: At most main stations, there are designated parking spots for taxis and cycle stands for bicycles. These are usually clearly marked and easy to find. These parking facilities make it easy to get around the station, whether you’re catching a bus or taxi.
  • Services for Disabled Individuals: Every bus and bus stations have some facility for people with special needs, such as wheelchairs. This makes traveling more accessible to those with special needs.

RTA Application

RTA is actively helping Dubai evolve into a modern, technological metropolis. RTA has developed innovative apps to facilitate quick and simple use of its services. These apps help locals and visitors navigate Dubai more easily. With user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive features, RTA’s smart apps make traveling in Dubai easier than ever.

In addition, the application is developed for various user categories, such as Business and Corporate Services, Driver and Car owner Services, and Public Transport Services.

The apps that are made available by RTA Dubai are mentioned below:

RTA Dubai App

inarticle image-dubai rta bus-rta app

If you’re living in or visiting the United Arab Emirates, then the RTA Dubai App is essential. The app is easy to navigate and use, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

Regarding transportation, this app has everything you could need, with over 40 services and functions. Passengers can plan their trips, check their nol balances and top them off, apply for nol cards, and check their Salik balances using this app.

In addition, drivers can use the many services provided in the Driver and Licensing section, including renewing or replacing their license, preparing for the written and driving portions of the knowledge test, and more.

Also, there is a parking option that allows users to locate parking lots as well as pay any necessary parking fees. It also gives customers access to the RTA’s smart parking system, which makes it easier for them to identify vacant parking places quickly.

The RTA Dubai app also received three awards in 2015, 2016, and 2-17 for providing the best government service through mobile phones to people worldwide in the “Transport & Infrastructure Sector.” [7]Government of Dubai, ” RTA Dubai app, … Continue reading


inarticle image-dubai rta bus-S'ail App

S’hail is specially designed to provide services related to public transportation in Dubai. On S’hail, passengers can access all modes of public transit offered by the RTA, including the RTA buses, Tram, taxis, and Dubai Metro.

The app includes various features, such as the ability for travelers to plan their route, book a taxi, top-up NOL card, and locate the closest bus and metro station. Additionally, you have the option to watch the map, which features live traffic as well as cycling tracks.

Rules and policies of Dubai RTA bus

inarticle image-dubai rta bus-bus etiqueete

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai is responsible for the city’s bus system, including its infrastructure and operations. To ensure the safety and efficiency of the bus network, the RTA has established several rules and policies.

Here are some rules and policies of the Dubai RTA bus:


To ensure that everyone on the bus has an enjoyable experience, there are a few basic rules of etiquette that should be followed at all times.

  • Don’t hang around the bus stop area while waiting for the bus. 
  • Signal the bus driver to halt once it arrives. 
  • Don’t argue or chat with the driver.
  • Press the stop bell and depart through the rear door 
  • Use the front door to board and the rear door to exit.

Bag policy

Dubai RTA buses have a bag policy, and visitors must be aware of this before they arrive.

Here are the points to remember about bag policy while traveling on a Dubai bus:

  • Any huge bags are not permitted on RTA buses.
  • Never put your bags in the walkway.
  • Animals and dangerous materials aren’t allowed on the bus.

Rules and fines

You may be subject to a fine for breaking the RTA bus rules and regulations. Here are some of the fines that can be imposed on offenders:

  • Using a dedicated seating area or restricted areas – AED 100
  • Inappropriate eating and drinking – AED 100
  • Using an expired or invalid card, illegally selling nol cards – AED200
  • Misusing lifts, disturbing public transit users- AED 200
  • Actions that affect public transit cleanliness, like splitting, and smoking – AED 200

Related Info


What time does the RTA bus start in Dubai?

The Dubai Bus will start at 4 am and go until 1 am the next day.

How do you pay for a bus in Dubai?

You can use an NOL card to pay for all RTA services in Dubai. These include buses, the metro, parking, tram, and marine transport. And, The NOL card is valid for five years.

How do I take the bus to Dubai?

You can go to any bus station in Dubai and easily find a cheap ticket for a well-maintained bus that will take you anywhere you need.

How much does the Dubai bus cost?

The price of a bus ticket in Dubai varies by zone. Depending on your card type, the fare for trips within the same zone can cost anywhere from 3 AED to 6 AED. Your bus ticket will cost more money if you travel through multiple zones.

Does the RTA bus accept cash?

No, cash is not accepted on any buses or other forms of public transit in Dubai. You can only use your NOL card to pay for any public transportation

Can I buy nol card online?

You can buy a nol card via the RTA smarts app, i.e., nol pay. You can purchase an NOL card from an authorized sales agent or ticket office machines at select metro and bus stations.

Are the route 15 buses 24 hours?

Bus route 15 departs from the Al Ghubaiba bus station to the Al Khail Gate 2. On Sunday, it operates from 6:30 Am to 12:03 AM. And on other days, it runs from 5:20 in the morning to 11:30 PM. [8]Government of Dubai, “Route 15, https://www.rta.ae/wps/PA_JourneyPlanner/DownloadTimetableServlet?lineId=dub:01015:%20:H:y08&lineName=bus%2015″

Final thoughts

The Dubai RTA bus is an excellent way to explore the United Arab Emirates. Many buses often run and stop at numerous terminals across the city, making it simple to find a route that suits your needs.

We hope this Dbd guide has helped you learn more about the Dubai RTA bus system and how to use it most effectively while traveling in Dubai. 

Happy Traveling!

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