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How to Deactivate Botim in du?

Deactivate Botim in du by following these easy steps

If you are wondering how to deactivate Botim in du, we have you covered. In this Dbd guide, you will learn the step-by-step process to deactivate Botim in du.

du provides various affordable data packages, calling, and SMS plans for prepaid and postpaid customers. du also gives value-added services and add-ons to their customers.

There are monthly and daily packs and monthly home wifi plans available. If your monthly plan renews automatically or you want to unsubscribe from Botim in du, we will walk you through the process. Stay with us till the end.

Here is how to deactivate Botim in du prepaid

You can unsubscribe from internet calling packs on du and deactivate the Botim app anytime. However, at the end of every 30 days, your internet calling plan will automatically renew.

If you’re subscribed to a prepaid plan with Botim and would like to cancel your subscription on du prepaid, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • Create a new text message in your messaging app, type “Stop Netcall,” and send it to 1355.
  • Or you can deactivate the service by dialing *135*35#.

Prepaid service will last until the expiry date of the internet calling plan. [1]du, “How can I unsubscribe from du internet calling pack service, https://www.du.ae/personal/support-articledetail?artid=PROD-15190&lang=en-US”

Here is how to deactivate Botim in du postpaid

If you are a Mobile Postpaid customer, you can unsubscribe to Botim in du by:

  • Sending an SMS with the words ‘Stop Netcall” to 1355.

Once you have sent the SMS, you will receive a confirmation message, and your subscription will be canceled. [2]du, “How can I unsubscribe from du internet calling pack service,https://www.du.ae/personal/support-articledetail?artid=PROD-15190&lang=en-US”

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To deactivate Botim for home customer

If you are a Fixed (Home) consumer with du, you can unsubscribe by calling the call center on 800 155 or visiting du.ae and logging in to your account.


Note that Prepaid plans remain active until the due date (30 days after activation). At the same time, postpaid and home services are immediately terminated, and you will be charged for the time the service was utilized. [3]du, “How can I unsubscribe from du internet calling pack service,https://www.du.ae/personal/support-articledetail?artid=PROD-15190&lang=en-US”

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Does the daily internet calling pack auto-renew?

No, du daily internet calling pack doesn’t auto-renew. You’ll need to renew it each day to continue using it manually.
[4]du, “du FAQs, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/internet-calling-app#:~:text=Does%20DICP%20auto%2Drenew%3F”

Who can subscribe to du internet calling pack?

The internet calling pack is available to individual mobile customers, prepaid and postpaid businesses, and home wifi customers. In addition, all data SIM customers and all MNP port-in customers can also subscribe to the service. [5]du, “du FAQs, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/internet-calling-app#:~:text=Who%20can%20subscribe%20to%20ICP%3F”

Final thoughts

If you are leaving the UAE, or not interested in your current data plan, or want to switch to another operator, you can deactivate your old internet calling plans.

You can deactivate the Botim app in du at any time by following a simple process. You will get a confirmation message after deactivating it.

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