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Is Botim Free in UAE & Dubai?

Find out here whether Botim is free in UAE and Dubai or not

Is Botim free in UAE & Dubai? Well, the answer is yes and no. The Botim app is available to download for free, but you have to be on the internet calling plan.

Technically you need to pay for the internet calling plans to use the Botim app in UAE. However, it is free to download and use in other countries besides UAE.

Many apps offer free voice and video calling, but most of them are banned by the telecom providers in the UAE.

Luckily, Botim is one of the apps that the UAE’s telecom regulators license.

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Is Botim free in UAE & Dubai?

According to local regulation, to use Botim you must have an active subscription to one of the telecom providers in UAE, either du or Etisalat, or Virgin Mobile.

If you are subscribed to any of these data packages, you can use Botim without any issues.

For Etisalat, du & Virgin Mobile, the monthly subscription fee is AED 50, and the daily fee is AED 5 with free 1GB of mobile data.

Additionally, Botim charges AED 100 for home WiFi on Etisalat eLife and du Home Services. [1]Botim, “Subscribe to use unlimited voice and video call, https://botim.me/uae/icp.html”

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How can I use Botim in UAE for free?

The Botim app is not free to use if you are in UAE. You will require an active subscription to the internet calling plan to use Botim for free voice and video calls in the UAE.

Once you have an active subscription, download the Botim app on your Android or iOS phone. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can download the app from the App Store, and for Android device users, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and register with the same mobile number that you used during your subscription to the internet calling plan. You can start making calls, sending messages, video chats, and more within the app. Remember that you will need to make sure your family and friends are also using the same application. If they’re not, you can always invite them to join. It is free to use and download outside the UAE.

Is Botim free in Etisalat?

No, Botim is not free in Etisalat. You will be charged for a subscription to any Etisalat Internet Calling Plan. The plans start at AED 50 per month or AED 5 per day for Etisalat users.

For Etisalat eLife customers, the monthly plan is AED 100. So if you’re planning on using Botim to make VoIP calls, be sure to factor in the cost of the subscription plan.

Is Botim free in Du?

No, you can use Botim app with Du only when you have an active subscription to an internet calling plan.

Du subscribers can choose between these service plans: a monthly plan for AED 50 per month or a daily plan for AED 5 per day. Du also offers a home services plan for AED 100 per month, including unlimited Botim access. [2]Botim, “Subscribe to use unlimited voice and video call, https://botim.me/uae/icp.html”

All three plans offer unlimited calls to anyone in the world from UAE.

How long does Botim offer free package?

Occasionally, Botim offers a free two-month package. You must cancel your old plan and rejoin to take advantage of the complimentary offer.

Why you get charged when Botim is free?

Some UAE residents had complained that they are being charged for using Botim when offered a free two-month package. If you want to avoid being charged, unsubscribe from your current package before subscribing to the free service.

It is a great way to try out the service and see if it is right for you. After two months, you can continue using the service or cancel your subscription.

You will not be charged anything if you cancel. However, if you continue using the service after the offer, you will be charged a monthly fee.

Why is Botim not working sometimes?

Sometimes Botim may not work if you are not connected to the internet or your internet connection is not strong enough.

While in UAE, you must also ensure that you have an active subscription to Intenet Calling Plan.

How to get free Botim with tourist plan?

If you are a tourist in UAE or Dubai, you can make voice and video calls using Botim by subscribing to a tourist plan of the mobile service provider in the UAE.

At the airport, you can get free SIM cards from mobile carriers such as du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile. The SIM cards may be pre-ordered or received on arrival.

For Virgin Mobile sim card users, you can purchase a tourist plan and activate your SIM card at the airport. To activate you can either SMS ”ICP” to 1012 or download the Virgin Mobile App and subscribe to the Internet Calling plan and use the Botim app for free.

For du users, you can buy tourist plans from any du retail store across UAE. To activate your sim, you must provide your name and passport details. Once you complete activation, download the Botim app and use it for video and voice calls.

Similarly, Etisalat also offers Visitor Line for visitors traveling to the UAE. With the Visitor Line, you can use the Botim app by selecting a rich pack.

If you’re visiting the UAE or Dubai, make sure to sign up for a tourist plan so that your trip is both enjoyable and convenient.

Final thoughts

Botim is one of the VOIP apps that is officially authorized in the UAE. It is a great VOIP alternative for those who may not have access to conventional phone systems. It’s convenient and secure, making it ideal for VOIP conversations in the UAE.

Botim delivers HD voice quality and clear call clarity, making it the perfect way to stay connected with friends and family in the UAE. Therefore, it is an affordable and best VoIP provider in the UAE.

We hope this Dbd guide helped you get your answer: Is Botim free in UAE & Dubai? Please, share this information with your family and friends if you find this useful.

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