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How To Get MRN Number Dubai: A Step by Step Guide

Discover how to get an MRN number in Dubai

Obtaining an MRN (Medical Record Number) is essential for medical treatments in Dubai. An MRN number is a unique identifier assigned to a patient’s medical record. 

The process of obtaining an MRN number in Dubai is relatively simple. You can get your MRN number via the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website for the Dubai MRN number application form.

This Dbd guide will provide all the necessary information on how to get MRN number, Dubai. We’ll also look into the use of MRN, the application procedure, and the benefits. 

What is an MRN Number?

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An MRN (Medical Record Number) is crucial in the Dubai healthcare industry. MRN is a unique identifier of a patient’s medical history assigned by the DHA. [1]Dubai government, “MRN, https://www.dha.gov.ae/en/create-mrn”

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) assigns an MRN to each patient. Using an MRN, healthcare professionals can access a patient’s medical history, medications, treatments, and diagnoses.

This allows medical associations to provide efficient and effective care to patients. An MRN ensures that a patient’s medical information is kept private and secure.

How to apply for an MRN number in Dubai?

Applying for an MRN number in Dubai is a simple process. You can complete an online form via Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website. 

Let’s look into a step-by-step process to apply for an MRN number in Dubai with images. Also, we’ll look at other requirements for MRN.

Step 1: Go to DHA website

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Visit the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website to start applying for an MRN number. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Step 2: Enter your Emirates ID for the MRN number

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Step 3: Enter OTP (Verification code)

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After entering your Emirates ID number, the website will send an OTP (One-Time Password) to the registered mobile number. You must enter this OTP in the designated field on the website to proceed with the MRN application.

Step 4: Wait for a while

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Once you have entered the OTP, the website will generate your MRN number. This process may take a while, so patience is important.

Step 5: Keep it safe

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Once your MRN number is displayed, keep it stored or copied somewhere safe.

You will need this number for all future medical visits or procedures. Keeping it safe will save you time during your next medical appointment.

By following these five simple steps, you can easily obtain an MRN number in Dubai.

Benefits of MRN number in Dubai

MRN is a unique patient identifier (UPI) and is a method for standardizing patient identification. It assigns a unique code to individuals for healthcare organizations’ use for medical assistance to identify and manage patient information. 

Minimizing error

According to Joh Hopkin’s study, around 250,000 deaths were caused during the eight years due to medical errors in the USA. [2]Hopkins Medicine, “Deaths due to medical error, … Continue reading Therefore, standardization of medical data and history is a must. With a standardized method for patient identification, errors can be minimized.

Additionally, this leads to more accurate patient information and better patient safety. Moreover, it improves health management strategies by providing a complete view of the patient.

Security and privacy

Another advantage of using an MRN number is security. Using a unique code rather than personal information is great for privacy. This prevents personal or sensitive data from going public in case of leaks or hacks.

Data management

Furthermore, using an MRN number supports interoperability between healthcare organizations and states as it is easily read and recognized by all. This allows for a more efficient data exchange between healthcare providers and payers.

Preventing duplicate data 

Implementing a unique identifier prevents duplicate patient medical records from being created. There are many ways duplicate accounts or variances can occur: address differences, name variations, maiden names, and even user entry errors.

With MRN, hospitals and patients can link records together and have one complete record.

Canada is an example of a successful implementation of a unique patient identifier. All the patients have two patient identifiers to ensure the correct treatment of the correct patient.

The application has resulted in positive results reported by patients and service providers.[3]CMART, “Unique identifier, https://camrt-bpg.ca/patient-management/patient-interactions/patient-identification/#:~:text=Verify%20patient%20identifiers,ROP)2.”

In conclusion, implementing a unique patient identifier can improve the quality of care and protect patients’ privacy. 

DHA hotline number

DHA has a toll-free number for UAE residents and people outside of the UAE. You can contact the DHA hotline for any questions or concerns regarding the MRN number for new residents in Dubai. The hotline numbers are available for contact 24/7. The respective numbers are: [4]DHA, “Info, https://www.dha.gov.ae/en/contact-dha#:~:text=Dubai%20Health%20Authority,%2B971%2D42198888″

Additionally, you can visit the DHA headquarters. The info about the headquarters is given below:

For specific hospital-related queries, you can also visit DHA hospitals.

  1. Dubai Hospital
  1. Rashid Hospital
  1. Hatta Hospital

  1. Latifa Women and Children Hospital

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Who needs to obtain an MRN number in Dubai?

Any individual seeking medical treatment in Dubai needs to create MRN number. Medical professionals can check your history and make an informed decision via this identification number.

How long does it take to obtain an MRN number in Dubai?

Obtaining an MRN number in Dubai usually takes a few minutes to complete. After you enter your Emirates ID on the DHA website, you’ll get it instantly after entering the OTP code

Can I apply for an MRN number online in Dubai?

Yes, you can apply for an MRN number online in Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website lets you get your MRN easily, or you can use the DubaiNow app.[5]DigitalDubai, “DubaiNow, https://www.digitaldubai.ae/apps-services/dubai-now#:~:text=Manage%20All%20Things%20Health,including%2024%2Dhour%20pharmacies”

Final thoughts

In conclusion, obtaining an MRN vai Dubai MRN number application form is a simple process that can be completed online through the DHA website.

We hope this Dbd guide on how to get MRN number Dubai and all the details necessary was helpful.

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