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Invisalign Cost Without Insurance: Updated 2024

Learn about Invisalign cost without insurance in 2023

Invisalign is a popular alternative to dental braces that uses clear, removable aligners for teeth realignment. Invisalign cost without insurance coverage can be a significant investment for individuals.

The cost of Invisalign without insurance varies depending on several factors. Generally, the average cost of Invisalign treatment ranges from $3,000 to $7,000.

This guide provides an overview of the Invisalign price without insurance and the factors that can impact the overall cost. It also discusses financing options and tips for seeking insurance coverage to help make the cost of treatment more manageable.

What is Invisalign?

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Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses clear plastic aligners. It is used to shift teeth into the desired position gradually.

Moreover, Invisalign can be customized to fit each person’s aligners, making the treatment more comfortable.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are not visible and can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. They provide effective results in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional braces. [1]Your Dentistry Guide, “Invisalign, https://www.yourdentistryguide.com/invisalign-cost/”

Similarly, the aligners also put gentle pressure on your teeth, which is less uncomfortable than braces.

Therefore, it is a popular choice for individuals who want to improve their smiles without the appearance and inconvenience of traditional metal braces.

Besides, Invisalign can address various orthodontic issues, such as crowding, spacing, and bite alignment.

How much does Invisalign cost without insurance?

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Invisalign costs more than regular braces. Many dental insurance plans cover the Invisalign cost.

However, the Invisalign price without insurance can be high and different depending on a few things. These factors can change the cost of Invisalign:

Complexity of the case

The more complex a case is, the more aligners are needed to achieve the desired results. This can make the cost of treatment increase.

Length of treatment

The more time it takes to for treatment, the more aligners you need. This can make it cost more money.

Geographic location of the orthodontist

The cost of things like rent, food, and running a business can be different in different places. The cost of Invisalign treatment can also differ depending on where you live.

In addition to the factors above, additional costs are associated with Invisalign treatment. These can include:

  • Initial consultation fee
  • X-ray and imaging fees
  • Replacement aligners, if lost or damaged
  • Retainer fees after treatment are complete

Payment options for Invisalign treatment without insurance

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There are different ways to finance Invisalign treatment with insurance. But you can consider several financing options even if you don’t have dental insurance.

Payment plans

Invisalign provider offers affordable monthly payments plan for treatment, making it easier for people who don’t have insurance. These plans may require a down payment and have associated fees and interest rates. [2]Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, “Invisalign Cost, … Continue reading

Third-Party financing

Another option for those without insurance coverage is to seek third-party financing.

Companies like CareCredit and LendingClub offer money for medical and dental expenses like Invisalign. This financing usually has lower interest rates than credit cards and a longer repayment time.


Some orthodontic practices offer Invisalign deals for upfront payments or paying in full at the start of treatment. Patients should inquire whether their insurance covers Invisalign or not.

This treatment can be more affordable with Invisalign payment plans and third-party financing. But there are extra costs like interest rates and fees.

People should think carefully about the extra costs before they decide which option to choose.

Seeking insurance coverage for Invisalign treatment

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Before committing to Invisalign treatment, you should determine if your dental insurance cover Invisalign. Unfortunately, not all plans offer such support for the service, yet there are some that partially or fully cover it.

To learn more about whether your insurance plan caters to Invisalign treatment, follow these simple steps:

  • Check your plan documents: Look at your insurance policy or ask your insurance provider if it pays for Invisalign braces.
  • Ask your orthodontist: Your orthodontist might help you determine if your insurance plan pays for Invisalign treatment. Many orthodontic offices have people who know much about insurance and can help you understand the process.
  • Inquire about pre-authorization: Before you begin Invisalign treatment, ensure that your insurance plan covers it and inquire about the pre-authorization process. This will give insight into how much of the cost of treatment your insurer will cover.

Research your insurance coverage for Invisalign treatments. You can save money by asking the right questions.

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Are there any discounts available for Invisalign treatment?

Yes, some providers offer a discount for Invisalign treatment, especially for new patients or those paying upfront. It depends on the dental provider and their promotions or specials.

Does dental insurance cover the cost of Invisalign treatment?

Yes, some dental insurance can help you pay for Invisalign treatment. But it depends on your specific plan. Ask your dental insurance provider to see what kind of coverage you have.

How much does 20 trays of Invisalign cost?

The cost of Invisalign treatment depends on various factors. It could include the case’s complexity and the dental provider’s location.

However, on average, 20 trays of Invisalign treatment can cost between $3,500 to $6,000.

What is the cheapest price for Invisalign?

The cheapest price for Invisalign treatment can also vary depending on location and provider. Before getting treatment, it is important to look around and compare the prices of different providers.

Why is Invisalign so expensive?

Invisalign treatment is usually more expensive than regular braces. It requires special technology and individually designed components.

The materials needed for this process and the professionals involved comprise the overall cost.

What is the success rate of Invisalign?

Invisalign has a high success rate and effectively treats various orthodontic issues. It is important to follow the instructions from your dentist for wearing your aligners. Take good care of them, and you will get great results!

The Invisalign cost without insurance may seem high, but it’s important to consider the potential long-term benefits and the impact on your oral health and self-confidence.

Invisalign cost for uninsured patients is higher than for individuals with full insurance coverage.

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