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20+ Best Recruitment Agencies in Dubai in 2024

Here are the 20 best recruitment agencies in Dubai for you to find your next job.

If you are finding it hard to find jobs in Dubai, then you have come to the right place. In this Dbd guide, we have compiled the list of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Here, you will find 20 top job agencies in Dubai where you can apply for jobs or clients who can help get aspiring talents.

We will also show you how we picked up these agencies and which factors we considered while making a list.

So if you are excited to learn about some of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, please engage with the guide below.

Compare the best recruitment agencies in Dubai

GroupL FZE  Financial Services, Aviation, Logistics 
ANOC Management Consultants  Business 
Charterhouse Jobs  Banking, Government, Retail, Healthcare 
Michael Page Middle east consultancy  All sectors 
Ultimate HR Solutions  Business and Finance 
BAC Middle East  Engineering, Marketing, Legal 
Recruits Management Consultancy  Business 
Caliberly – Recruitment Agency  Digital, Finance, Aviation, Manufacturing 
RFS HR Consultancy Dubai Industries, Finance, Healthcare 
Lobo Management Services  Business 
AccelHR  Travel and tourism, Construction, Hospital, Retail, Media, Marketing, E-commerce 
Budge Talent  Investment Fund, Contractors 
Cooper Fitch Recruitment Agency  Healthcare, Private, Government, Retail 
First Select Employment  Private and Government sectors 
Guildhall Recruitment Agency  Business and Industries 
HR Source  Business and Technology 
Inspire Selection  Finance, Oil and Gas, Engineering, IT 
Greenland Research  Education, Transportation, IT, Textile, Media and Advertising 
Mackenzie Jones Recruiter  Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Bank 
ManpowerGroup Middle East  Industry 

Top 20 recruitment agencies in Dubai

We have compiled a list of the 20 best job agencies in Dubai. This will help you find the right agency to help you find a job.

1. GroupL FZE

recruitment agencies in dubai - groupl fze logo

Sector/services: Financial Services, Aviation, Logistics, etc

Address: 1st Floor Al Quoz commercial building, Dubai

Phone number:  +971 4 330 3373

Free/ Charge: Free

GroupL FZE is the top job consultancy in Dubai which was formed fifty years ago. It was formed with a motto of employing people worldwide and has been fulfilling its services in Dubai.

Why GroupL FZE?

GroupL FZE has contacts with many sectors, such as construction, aviation, retail, healthcare, and more. So providing placement to clients will not be a problem.

Another amazing feature of the agency is that it provides training to new job seekers and candidates in hospitality, security guard, technology, and more.

2. ANOC Management Consultants

recruitment agencies in dubai - anoc management consultants

Sector/services: Business

Address: Downtown Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 444 9599

Free/ Charge: Free

ANOC is one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, with offices also in other countries such as England, Canada, and India.

Why ANOC Management Consultants?

One of the critical features of ANOC is that it provides complete support to candidates from overseas or people in Dubai if they want to migrate.

Another feature of ANOC is to provide complete training to job seekers, such as corporate training, development, and staffing for candidates and companies, to incorporate correctly.

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3. Charterhouse

recruitment agencies in dubai - charterhouse

Sector/services: Banking, Government, Retail, Healthcare, etc.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

Phone number:  +971 4 372 3500

Free/ Charge: Free

Charterhouse is known as the entry point for job opportunities in the middle east. They are a popular choice for recruitment and hiring, so many people rely on them to help find their dream job.

Why Charterhouse?

Charterhouse has provided its recruitment expertise in various areas such as Banking, Government, Retail, Healthcare, and more, so you are bound to land a job if you have decent skills and qualifications.

The career center at Charterhouse provides all the help and guidance you need to prepare for your job search. This includes tips on how to write a CV, questions to prepare during job interviews, and screening tools to help you find the best candidates.

4. Michael Page Middle East consultancy

recruitment agencies in dubai - michael page

Sector/services: All sectors

Address: Al Fattan Currency House, Dubai

Map: Get direction

Phone number: +971 4 709 0300

Free/ Charge: Free

Micheal Page is one of the top-rated staffing agencies in Dubai that is an expert in 25 disciplines and provides expertise in each market sector.

Why Michael Page?

One of the essential features of Michael Page is it has one of the most extensive global reaches, with over 14 million candidates worldwide.

They have management experience of over 150 years of assisting candidates and organizations around Dubai and other parts of UAE.

5. Ultimate HR Solutions

recruitment agencies in dubai - ultimate hr

Sector/services: Business and Finance

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 343 3737

Free/ Charge: Free

Why Ultimate HR Solutions?

One of the best features of Ultimate HR Solutions is its talent acquisition. The agency takes part in the complete process of recruiting candidates through the interview, hiring, outsourcing, and overseas migration in Dubai and worldwide.

Ultimate HR Solutions also provide digital payroll services that can handle salary and basic accounting systems of any organization in Dubai or worldwide.

6. BAC Middle East

recruitment agencies in dubai - bac middle east

Sector/services: Engineering, Marketing, Legal, etc.

Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 439 8500

Free/ Charge: Free

BAC Middle East was established in 1979, and they have been cooperating to recruit candidates in many organizations in Dubai.

Why BAC Middle East?

In the Job board feature, you will find various jobs available according to skills and qualifications, so you can easily apply and get hired.

They provide one of the most cost-effective solutions for hiring and placing candidates, making them among the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

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7. Recruits Management Consultancy

recruitment agencies in dubai - recruits management consultants

Sector/services: Business

Address:  Al Barsha 1, Dubai

Phone number: +971 58 589 3693

Free/ Charge: Free

Recruits Management Consultancy was established in 2005, and it has been one of the leading recruitment agencies ever since its establishment.

Why Recruits Management Consultancy?

Recruits Management Consultancy provides essential features in remote hiring where companies can hire candidates on a part-time basis remotely from any part of UAE.

Another critical feature of this consultancy is they provide a model of managing funds of the company that can be wasted on hiring, salary, terminations, and more through their programs and policies.

8. Caliberly

recruitment agencies in dubai - caliberly

Sector/services: Digital, Finance, Aviation, Manufacturing

Address: Dubai World – Trade Centre, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 523 2622

Free/ Charge: Free

Caliberly is among the top recruitment agencies in Dubai and has gained a reputation for providing top candidates to clients.

They have provided quality human resources in the MENA region to the top branded companies in Dubai and UAE.

Why Caliberly?

One of the key features of Caliberly is to provide career counseling for candidates for free. Many job seekers are often confused about the path they want, so proper career counseling will help them follow a good approach.

Caliberly also offers the option of hiring people permanently or temporarily. They also help with recruiting, interviews, and human resources.

9. RFS HR Consultancy Dubai

recruitment agencies in dubai - caliberly

Sector/services: Industries, Finance, Healthcare, etc.

Address: Park Lane Tower, Dubai

Phone number: +971 50 434 4675

Free/ Charge: Free

RFS HR Consultancy is a team of recruiters that work well together. They use innovative techniques to find the best employees for companies.

It can be challenging to find the perfect professional talent for your needs. That’s why RFS HR Consultancy offers broad-spectrum recruitment solutions to help you find the best talent available in your industry.

Why RFS HR Consultancy?

RFS HR Consultancy features include hiring, recruiting, staffing, and placement of talented candidates in standard or executive job positions for the benefit of clients.

They provide employment opportunities to various working-class blue-colored manpower according to their talent and skill. They have contacts with various sectors, making it easier for candidates to land their desired jobs.

10. Lobo Management Services

recruitment agencies in dubai - lobo management services

Sector/services: Business

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 369 5120

Free/ Charge: Free

Lobo Management consultancy has been in operation for 25 years to provide deserving and talented candidates to various sectors. The agency has been providing such sources to the MENA region and other parts of the world.

Why Lobo Management Consultancy?

One of the key features of Lobo Management is to find talent through data analytics, AI search technology, and the traditional hiring process.

Not only does Lobo Management provide talent, but they also offer features like business advice, human resource planning, and executive research and placement. This creates excellent opportunities for businesses to be productive.

11. AccelHR

recruitment agencies in dubai - accelhr

Sector/services: Travel and Tourism, Construction, Hospital, Retail, Media, Marketing, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Logistics, and Manufacturing.

Address: Al Nasr Plaza, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 396 9600

Free/ Charge: Free

AccelHR is one of the best recruitment companies in Dubai and has been for over 15 years where they supply quality human resources to various sectors.

Why AccelHR?

One of the key features of AccelHR is providing complete transparency of employees through employee reference checks. With this feature, companies can get good talent with proper verification.

Not only does AccelHR help in hiring and recruitment, but they also provide complete assistance in organizational restricting by involving in both hiring, recruitment, and even terminations of office personnel.

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12. Budge Talent

recruitment agencies in dubai - budge talent

Sector/services: Investment Fund, and Contractors

Address: Al Barsha South, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 374 8101

Free/ Charge: Free

Budge Talent was established in 2003 in Dubai and UK and provided human resource assistance to contractors and real estate companies.

Why Budge Talent?

One of the key features of Budge Talent is its exceptional talent database, which will provide significant assistance to various sectors such as property, architecture, facilities and management, construction, and real estate organizations.

Budge Talent has another feature in Hub where you can discuss your career with various employers and read many excellent articles and discussion forums.

13. Cooper Fitch Recruitment Agency

recruitment agencies in dubai - cooper fitch

Sector/services: Healthcare, Private, Government, and Retail

Address: Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 352 2506

Free/ Charge: Free

Cooper Fitch is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai and the GCC. In addition to having HR advisory services, they offer recruitment, executive search, and personnel consulting. Their goal is to assist you in finding the most qualified individual available in the market.

Why Cooper Fitch?

One of the best features of Cooper Fitch is that they provide exceptional HR advisory services, which start from hiring talents to executive search and even structural changes in the company.

Cooper Fitch is well-known for providing accurate data on company success rates, employer data, salary guides, and more when helping talented individuals find the right job or placement.

14. First Select Employment

recruitment agencies in dubai - g4s

Sector/services: Private and Government sectors

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Quoz 4, Dubai

Phone number: +971 438 07491

Free/ Charge: Free

Since its establishment in 1983, First Select employment has been a top recruitment agency based in Dubai. It has been offering world-class HR services to organizations and government agencies.

Why First select employment?

One of the important features of First select employment is its ability to hire permanent or temporary staff. In the case of permanent staffing, HR and payroll activities will be beard by the agency, which will benefit the organization.

The important feature of First select employment is to find talents within the states of Emirates so they can provide a complete database of national talents to various sectors around Dubai or UAE.

15. Guildhall Recruitment Agency

recruitment agencies in dubai - guildhall recruitment agency

Sector/services: Business and Industries

Address: South Freezone, Dubai

Phone number: +971 (0)4 579 5315

Free/ Charge: Free

Guildhall is quite a popular job agency with over 30 years of experience providing human resources to various startups.

Why Guildhall Recruitment Agency?

Guildhall agency is good for hiring and recruitment because it has worked with many local and multinational companies and has an excellent reputation.

Another feature of Guildhall agency is that you can get the latest news on Human resources, recruitment, organization structure, termination, and more.

16. HR Source

recruitment agencies in dubai - hrsource

Sector/services: Business and Technology

Address: Fortune Executive Tower, Office 2001, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 441 2289

Free/ Charge: Free

HR Source has been one of the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai ever since they were established in 2010 and has delivered top talents to various sectors.

Why HR Source?

One of the best features of HR Source is that they have case studies in which you can read or do research to learn about financial software, global vendors, facts about financial and banking sectors, and more.

Another feature of HR Source is they use AI and data analytics to find top talents and companies for those talents to get their dream job.

17. Inspire Selection

recruitment agencies in dubai - inspire selection

Sector/services: Finance, Oil and Gas, Engineering, IT, etc

Address: Emaar Boulevard, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 368 0852

Free/ Charge: Free

Inspire Selection is a recruitment agency that was established in 2012. They are industry leaders and have helped find jobs for people all over Dubai and UAE.

Why Inspire Section?

Inspire Selection has the feature of Outplacement Assistance for employees who lost their jobs due to their bosses or from redundancy. This will help the employees get a new job search immediately and effectively.

Inspire Selection also provides quality advice and data-driven analytics to candidates and companies to achieve their desired goals.

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18. Greenland Research

recruitment agencies in dubai - greenland research

Sector/services: Education, Transportation, IT, Textile, Media, and Advertising

Address: Dubai Islamic Bank Building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone number: +971 5 0685 2201

Free/ Charge: Free

Greenland Research is among the top job recruitment agencies in Dubai that have been in business for about ten years. It has a team of experienced research professionals, including data miners and analysts.

Why Greenland Research?

One of the features of Greenland research is quantitative and qualitative research, where the agency searches for talents in bulk. However, only excellent quality personnel will be placed in various jobs and opportunities.

Alongside providing talents to companies, Greenland Research also helps in product research and development along with quality control, saving tons of money for the company and its client sectors.

19. Mackenzie Jones Recruiter

recruitment agencies in dubai - mackenzie jones recruiter

Sector/services: Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Bank, etc

Address: Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 457 1700

Free/ Charge: Free

Mackenzie Jones is a top recruiting agency in Dubai established in 2006 that provides top talent to leading companies and helps them work together to achieve their respective goals.

Why Mackenzie Jones?

The best feature of Mackenzie jones is that they are culturally diverse and help candidates and companies get along.

Mackenzie Jones is a very transparent company. They provide complete information to candidates about their employers and vice versa. They also provide clear information on salary, recruitment, organization overhaul, and more.

20. ManpowerGroup Middle East

recruitment agencies in dubai - manpowergroup

Sector/services: Industry

Address: Al Sufouh 2, Dubai

Phone number: +971 4 391 0460

Free/ Charge: Free

ManpowerGroup is the top staffing agency in Dubai and is a global leader in helping businesses find workers. They help companies in the Middle East find people to work, get help from other countries, and find new jobs for people who lost their old jobs.

Why ManpowerGroup Middle East?

Manpower Group provides complete recruiting and human resource features, including permanent and temporary recruitment, Emiratization, outsourcing, and outplacement solutions.

Another feature of Manpower Group is that they find talented people, provide training and advice, and help them find jobs with top companies in Dubai or all around UAE.

Hence these are the 20 best lists of recruitment agencies in Dubai.

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Advantages and disadvantages of recruitment agencies in Dubai

Many people wonder if joining recruitment agencies will help them or be a complete waste of time. So let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of recruitment agencies in Dubai.


  • Full support to employers and potential job candidates.
  • Complete human resource management assistance from hiring to payroll policy.
  • Recruitment Agencies have a lot of contacts who can give expert advice about your career or find good talent.
  • Recruitment agencies get a lot of candidates from the area or other countries. This means that it will be easier to find the right candidate for the job.


  • Recruitment agencies cost money for employers, and some of them are expensive.
  • If you get a job from a recruitment agency, it might not match your cultural values.
  • Many recruitment agencies focus on getting more people to sign up, even if they are not the best candidates. This allows them to earn more commission.

Hence these are the advantages and disadvantages of recruitment agencies in Dubai. There are plenty of goods of agencies alongside some harm as well.

So we recommend choosing some of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai from the list above.

Research methodology

To come up with the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, we have compiled a list of the top 20 based on our extensive research.

We looked at factors such as customer policies, features, and sectors they usually employ. In addition, we also studied research papers and documents on recruitment in Dubai, UAE, and other parts of the world.

We also took inspiration from top websites such as Huffingtonpost, New York Times, and Forbes.

As a result, we are confident that our list comprises the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Some of the research papers we took for our inspiration are.

  • Identification of Online Recruitment Fraud (ORF) through protective models [1]UCLscienceopen, “Identification of Online Recruitment Fraud (ORF) through protective models, https://ucl.scienceopen.com/hosted-document?doi=10.54878/EJBESS.170″
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Regulation Employment Relationships in UAE [2]mohre.gov.ae, “Frequently Asked Questions on Regulation Employment Relationships in UAE, https://www.mohre.gov.ae/en/faq.aspx”
  • Using recruitment agencies to obtain the best candidates by Nicoleta Valentina Florea [3]Armyacademy, “Using recruitment agencies to obtain the best candidates, https://www.armyacademy.ro/reviste/rev1_2014/FLOREA.pdf”

After looking at the resources and our conclusions, we found a few things to consider when choosing the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

How did we pick the best recruitment agencies in Dubai?

We considered some of the most important factors when picking the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.


One of the critical factors required to pick every recruitment agency is candidates’ and companies’ safety or security. Several examples of fraud or scams have affected many job candidates to land their job, so we need to be careful in choosing which recruitment agency to join.


Another key factor while picking top job agencies in Dubai is that they must have contacts with all the sectors. Since recruitment agencies can receive candidates with skills and education in different sectors, it will be easy for candidates to land a good job in the required industry if agencies are well connected.


While picking the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, we deemed it necessary to look at their records. This means that the agencies with good placement records were automatically selected, while the others which did not have such excellent records of placement were discarded.


Another essential factor to consider while picking the recruitment agencies is if they have a lot of experience. If such agencies have been working for a long time, they must have excellent connections and staffs who are familiar with every problem they may face and can assist in every way.

These are some factors we considered while selecting the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

The recruitment agencies we chose can help you find the job you want. These agencies have been researched, and their customer reviews are positive. They also have posts from top websites that recommend them.


How much do recruitment agencies charge in Dubai?

Recruitment agencies in Dubai charge a fee that is a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary. The range changes from company to company.
However, candidates do not have to pay for it. Instead, of hiring company will bear the amount of the charge.

Which is the best recruitment agency in Dubai?

Some of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai are BAC Middle East, Ultimate HR solutions, Robert Half, and Charterhouse Middle East.

How to find recruitment agencies in Dubai?

The best way to find recruitment agencies in Dubai is by using a search engine like Google. You can also find them in the yellow pages or by asking for recommendations from friends or family.

How do I know if a recruitment agency is legit in Dubai?

You can check if a recruitment agency in Dubai is legit by checking if they are registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). You can also see if they are reliable by reading customer reviews online or from discussion forums such as Reddit or Quora.

Final thoughts

Hence, if you are ever looking for jobs or candidates in Dubai, we hope our guide of the 20 best recruitment agencies in Dubai will help you find your solution.

Many top recruitment agencies in Dubai have different features and deal in separate sectors.

While picking our best agencies, we considered various important factors – security, reputation, and connections. This makes the task of finding a job or candidate easier.

So if you find a job from our recommended recruitment agencies, please let us know in the comment below.

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