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10+ Best Recruitment Agencies in Sharjah in 2024

Here are the 10+ best recruitment agencies in Sharjah to help you find a job in Sharjah

If you are looking for a high-paying job in Sharjah but are confused about how to search for them, we have compiled the list of the best recruitment agencies in Sharjah to help you to get started.

We will provide detailed information on the recruitment agencies and which sectors they recruit candidates from. Additionally, we will also provide salary information, working hours, office location, and how reputable these agencies are to make the top job agencies in Sharjah.

Furthermore, we will also be transparent about how we researched to come up with this recruitment companies list in Sharjah. We also mention the factors we considered while making the list of the best recruitment agencies in Sharjah.

We are sure from our list and research you will find the right recruitment agencies which will help you find the job you are looking for.

Compare the best recruitment agencies in Sharjah

Companies Sector
Fast HR Solutions  Industry 
World Star Manpower Supply Services  Industry 
Candor International Recruitment Agency  Construction, Oil and Gas, Security, Finance, Business, Engineering  
Al Tajaly Technical Contracting  Mechanical 
Easy Manpower Agency  Constructions, Facility Management, Cleaning, Oil and gas  
International Manpower & Tourism Services LLC  Tourism 
Bethelil Management Consultancy  Manpower 
Job Message Queue  All Types 
Alkhadim LLC Accounting 
Eurocon Smart Automation  Accounting  
Perfect Service Solution LLC Accounting  
CVs and Resumes UAE Writing 

List of 12 best recruitment agencies in Sharjah

There are many job agencies in Sharjah that help all the candidates prepare for the job from the beginning until they get the required position.

Let’s look at some of the best job agencies in Sharjah.

1. Fast HR Solutions

recruitment agencies in sharjah - fast hr solutions

Sector: Industry

Address: Al Rolla Street, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (563) 65-28-76

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday: 8:00—18:00

Fast HR Solutions is an online platform where you can post jobs and find the right job seekers or freelancers. You can also professionally evaluate applicants to find the right candidate for the job.

Fixed Working Hours

There are fixed working hours for all the laborers and extra remuneration in case of overtime.

Better for recruiter

As a recruiter, you can use the services like HR Consultancy and Recruitment Consultant to find a better person for your job.

Lots of jobs opportunity

You can browse more than 1000 kinds of jobs in Fast HR Solution.

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2. World Star Manpower Supply Services

recruitment agencies in sharjah - world star manpower

Sector: Industrial

Address: Near Clock Tower, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (507) 77-87-79

Opening hours: Saturday, Monday-Friday: 08:00—17:00

World Star Manpower Supply Services is an online platform that supplies both blue-collar and white-collar workforce throughout UAE. They mainly focus on supplying manpower in the industrial sector. It has been operating for more than 15 years. [1]Worldstar, “About World Star, https://www.worldstarmanpower.ae/about-us/”

All types of jobs and candidates

They provide jobs for both blue-collar and white-collar employees.

Cover lots of sectors

They cover various sectors like electrical, banking, education, healthcare, IT, law, and many more.

3. Candor International Recruitment Agency

recruitment agencies in sharjah - candor international

Sector: Construction, Oil and Gas, Security, Finance, Business, Engineering

Address: Al Gharb, Al Ghuwair, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 6 563 9142

Opening hours: Unspecified

Candor International is one of the leading recruiting agencies in Sharjah that has been providing talented manpower services from African and Asian countries to Gulf countries.

Overseas recruitment

Candor International provides expertise in finding unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled manpower for companies in the GCC region. They find workers from Asian and African countries to work in these companies.

Multiple sectors

Candor international agency has connections with many different sectors, such as agriculture, industry, finance, banking, law, media, and more. This will help candidates find a job in any specific field.

4. Al-Tajaly Technical Contracting

recruitment agencies in sharjah - al tajaly technical contracting

Sector: Mechanical

Address: Sharjah Clock Tower, Al Jaidi Building, Office #203, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (508) 95-33-44

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00—17:00

Al-Tajaly Technical Contracting is one of the best recruitment companies in Sharjah that provides you with technical and mechanical services to its clients.

They have provided their services to commercial, industrial and residential sectors since 2009.

Various sectors

They provide technical and mechanical services to commercial, industrial and residential sectors

 Lots of services

Their services include welding, pipe fabricating, pipe fitting, electrician, duct man, riggers, plumbing jobs, and many more.

5. Easy Manpower Agency

recruitment agencies in sharjah - easy manpower

Sector: Constructions, Facility Management, Cleaning, Oil and gas, Municipalities, Medical firm, Hospitality

Address:  Almajaz 1, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Phone number: +971 55 554 1336

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday: 09:00—18:00

Easy Manpower services were established in 2008 that supply manpower and human resources to various Emirates in UAE, including Sharjah.

Smart recruitment

Easy Manpower Agency offers smart and time-saving recruitment services to help companies in the UAE find the best employees. They can provide help with hiring, interviews, checking CVs, and even conducting physical interviews.

Salary and insurance feature

Easy Manpower Agency does everything it can to help workers who get a job through the agency. This includes helping with salaries, insurance, and compensation plans even after getting hired.

6. International Manpower & Tourism Services LLC

recruitment agencies in sharjah - international manpower

Sector: Tourism

Address: Media City, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (566) 00-16-20

Opening hours: Saturday, Monday-Thursday: 09:00—18:00; Friday: 14:00—18:00

International Manpower & Tourism Services LLC is among the best job agencies in Sharjah that offer tourism services like hotel bookings and travel for business and leisure travelers.

They ensure that their client is satisfied by providing quality services.

Tourism services

They provide tourism services like hotel bookings, Travel & Tours for business and leisure travelers.

Jobs in various sectors

They also recruit job seekers in civil, driving, mechanical, hospitality, medical and white-collar sectors.

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7. Bethelil Management Consultancy

recruitment agencies in sharjah - bethelil management consultancy

Sector: Manpower

Address: 204, Arabian Gulf Building, Al Khan Street, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (503) 57-47-56

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday: 09:00—17:00

Bethelil Management Consultancy is a popular job consultancy in Sharjah that connects employers with employees in the international market.

Employers use job placement agencies to find the right person for the job. This helps reduce the number of people who are not a good fit for the position and have to be fired.

The company has been operating for more than 11 years.

Benefits for the tourism sector

They offer services such as hotel reservations and Travel & Tours for business and leisure visitors.

Lots of job opportunities

Bethelil also employs individuals in various professions, including civil, driving, mechanical, hospitality, medical, and white-collar work.

8. Job Message Queue

recruitment agencies in sharjah - jobmq

Sector: All types

Address: Office 10, Level 1, Sharjah Media City, Sharjah

Phone number: Unspecified

Opening hours: Unspecified

Job Message Queue is among the best recruitment agencies in Sharjah that help people connect their talents with opportunities. It helps the organization to improve its performance by assisting people in unlocking their full potential.

Job seekers can contact a specialist at this organization to find out how well they do in job interviews, what their skills are, and how to improve their resumes.

The recruiter can also contact a specialist at this organization to get help verifying documents and other things that will save them time.

Provides lots of services

They provide services like advisory services, security services, talent acquisition, and recruitment consultancy.

Excellent user interface

You can search for jobs in various ways like job category, keywords, job type, location, etc.

9. Alkhadim LLC

recruitment agencies in sharjah - alkhadim llc

Sector: Accounting

Address: CWC+G93, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (569) 84-25-08

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00—18:00

Alkhadim LLC is a website that provides accounting services to businesses of different sizes.

This consultancy also offers services like tax consultation, business law, information maintenance, and auditing.

Excellent accounting services

They provide accounting services like bookkeeping, tax consulting, business law consulting, information maintenance, and auditing.

Beneficial for taxpayers

 They help taxpayers know about their rights, solve queries related to tax authorities and taxation, and so on.

10. Eurocon Smart Automation

Sector: Accounting

Address: Al Shamsi Building No 5, opposite City Center, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (585) 36-32-00

Opening hours: Saturday-Wednesday: 11:00—19:00; Thursday: 11:00—15:30

Website: Unspecified

Eurocon Smart Automation is a company that helps other companies find people for the jobs they need. They find people for the jobs by posting them and then finding people who are the best fit.

They also help their clients by providing professional evaluations, verifying document authenticity, and managing personnel.

Assist in recruitment

Eurocon helps various organizations find the right workers for the right job in a short time.

Complete support

They focus on their client’s happiness by helping them with professional evaluation, document authenticity and verification, and personnel management.

11. Perfect Service Solution LLC

recruitment agencies in sharjah - perfect service solution

Sector: Accounting

Address: Furniture Building – office 4089,4th Floor, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (509) 30-94-27

Opening hours: Saturday, Monday-Friday: 09:00—17:00

Perfect Service solution is one of the placement services provided to both organizations and job seekers. They also offer resources and expertise to all kinds of organizations like small, medium, and large organizations.

Various services

They provide two different services. One is a placement agency, which helps to find jobs for people. The other is an assessment center, which helps people learn how to be responsible employees and grow positively.

Fair job assessment

Candidates are assessed for their knowledge and professional skills to see if they meet the workplace requirements. This is done through various tests.

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12. CVs and Resumes UAE

Sector: Documentation

Address: Al MajazAl Majaz 3, Sharjah

Phone number: +971 (568) 00-23-50

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday: 09:00—17:00

CV and Resume UAE is an online platform that helps customers with their careers. This website allows customers to write persuasive and influential resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, bios, and letters to help them advance in their careers.

It helps clients of many levels, including executives, professionals, managers, and graduates.

Best writing services

They provide writing services like Resumes, CVs, LinkedIn Profiles management, Bios, and letters

Best pricing features

They provide the best service price and offer packages for multiple writing works.

What are the advantages of using the best recruitment agencies in Sharjah?

Many candidates are often hesitant to use recruitment consultancy in Sharjah. However, they do not know all the advantages of working with a recruitment agency.

Some major advantages of recruitment agencies are as follows:

  1. Getting help finding a job
  2. Getting access to jobs that are not advertised
  3. Access to a wide range of employers
  4. Help you prepare for your interviews
  5. Handle your application and resume with an expert
  6. Help to guide you to choose the best alternatives

Hence these are some of the advantages of recruitment agencies. As you can analyze, recruitment agencies help you prepare to find a job from scratch and keep assisting you until you complete your final interview.

Research methodology

We extensively researched to find the best recruitment agencies in Sharjah. We visited over 30 recruitment agencies’ websites and checked their features, customer policies, and which sectors they usually employ.

Additionally, we also studied some research papers and documents on recruitment in the UAE and other parts of the world. We also took inspiration from top websites such as Huffingtonpost, New York Times, and Forbes.

Some of the research papers we have gone through before preparing this list are down below.

  • Monitoring and enforcement of recruitment regulations [2]International Labour Organization, “Monitoring and enforcement of recruitment regulations, … Continue reading
  • Identification of Online Recruitment Fraud (ORF) through protective models by Riktesh Srivastava City University College of Ajman, Ajman, UAE [3]UCL Open Environment, “Identification of Online Recruitment Fraud (ORF) through protective models, https://ucl.scienceopen.com/hosted-document?doi=10.54878/EJBESS.170″

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How do we pick the best recruitment agencies in Sharjah?


The first thing to consider when choosing a recruitment agency is their security measures. There are many cases of online fraud from recruitment agencies, as well as the risk of your privacy being leaked online. It is essential to do extensive research on the security procedures of all agencies before you decide to work with them.


Another critical feature of picking such job agencies in Sharjah is their reputation. Reputation makes the brand or company reliable. When you apply for the reputed agencies, there is a high chance you will not get scammed, and they are incredibly professional in helping you find jobs.


Another key feature while selecting the best job agency contacts. Many candidates apply to these agencies to get jobs in various sectors. Hence recruitment agencies must have a vast network of contacts to fulfill the needs of every candidate that applies for a job.

Hence these are some of the features we considered while picking the best recruitment companies in Sharjah.


Which are the best job agencies in Sharjah?

Some top job agencies in Sharjah are Fast HR Solutions, World Star Manpower Supply Services, Candor International Recruitment Agency, etc.

How to find legit recruitment agencies in Sharjah?

You can check the legitimacy of job consultancy companies in Sharjah by visiting their website, reading reviews about the agency, or contacting them directly. You can check top customer review sites like Trustpilot or check public opinions on various pages of Reddit.

How much do recruitment agencies in Sharjah charge?

The charge for using a recruitment consultant in Sharjah may vary from company to company. Most reputable agencies will charge more money for hiring than less reputable ones. You must do your research before making any payments.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, you will find some of the best recruitment consultants in Sharjah with the help of this Dbd guide.

If you are looking for jobs in any sector, you will find many benefits from working in these job agencies in Sharjah. They are helping job seekers from all around UAE for free.

However, you will always have to be careful while checking the list of recruitment agencies in Sharjah and keep in mind which factors to choose from while selecting the best-recruiting agencies.

Some of these job agencies in Sharjah provide complete transparency on recruitment and are leading the way to clear unemployment.

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