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Dental Implant Cost: Everything You Need To Know

Discover everything about dental implant cost including various financing options

A dental implant is a popular way to restore teeth in the space left by missing teeth. In this procedure, the surgeon puts a titanium or zirconia screw in your jawbone. An artificial tooth is then attached to the top of existing teeth using the screw.

The dental implant cost varies depending on factors such as location, type of implant, and complexity of the case. In general, the cost can range from $1,500 and $6,000 per tooth. If you need multiple teeth or a full mouth implant, then the clinics might charge you around $40,000. 

This guide provides information regarding the expenses associated with dental implants, including insights into insurance coverage and payment options. Additionally, it covers various factors that may affect the cost of implants.

Average cost of dental implant

inarticle image-dental implant cost -Average cost of dental implant

When it comes to dental implants, the cost can be determined by three factors. 

These factors include the location of the tooth in your mouth, the number of teeth that require implants, and the complexity of the case or single tooth implant. [1]American Academy of Implant Dentistry, “Dental Implant Pricing facts, … Continue reading

As a result, the cost per tooth can range between $1,500 and $6,000. However, if you require multiple teeth or a complete mouth implant, the cost may increase to around $40,000 at some clinics. [2]Dentaly, “How much,   https://www.dentaly.org/us/teeth-implants-cost/”

Dental implants may be more affordable in certain countries, due to lower labor costs. For instance, in Mexico, Europe, and Asia, the price of dental implants may be lower than in the United States. 

In Costa Rica, the cost of dental implants is approximately $15,000, while in Turkey, the cost can range between $5,000 and $14,000. [3]Dentaly, “Top 4 cheapest places, https://www.dentaly.org/us/teeth-implants-cost/cheapest-all-on-4/”

Dental implant cost with insurance coverage

Insurance companies offer coverage for dental implants, ranging from 50% to full coverage of the total cost . The amount covered depends on your specific insurance plan and the type of implant procedure you require. 

To determine the amount of coverage you are eligible for, it is recommended to consult with your insurance provider.

In recent times, insurance companies have realized the long-term benefits of dental implants compared to other tooth replacement options. Therefore, more companies have started to provide coverage for dental implants. 

In case your insurance company does not offer coverage for dental implants, you can ask if they provide an allowance equivalent to the cost of traditional dentures or a bridge. [4] American Academy of Implant Dentistry, “Dental Implant Insurance coverage, https://www.aaid-implant.org/value-and-cost/#:~:text=Recognizing%20the%20long,or%20traditional%20dentures.”

This will enable you to make an informed decision on how to finance your dental implant procedure.

Dental implant cost without insurance coverage

If you do not have insurance coverage, the dental implant surgery might cost you the following: [5]Dentaly, “How much, … Continue reading

  • Single mouth implant: $1,500 to $6,000.
  • Full mouth implant: $25,000 – $90,000. 
  • Zygomatic: $3,000 – $ 4,800 per implant
  • Dental bridges (implant-supported): $5,000 -$16, 000 (depending on the number of implant placements on the bridge)

Cost breakdown of dental implant

When you get mouth implants, it will cost you for the implant and any extra parts that go with it, like a crown replacement tooth or abutment. 

The table below will give you a detailed cost estimation of the implant from initial consultation to additional costs: [6]Ask The Dentist, “Breakdown of Individual Costs, https://askthedentist.com/dental-implants-cost/#dental-implant-cost”

Item Cost range 
Consultation fee $50 – $300 
Panoramic X-ray $100 – $250 
Cone Beam CT $150 – $750 
Tooth Extraction $150 – $700 
Bone grafting (if needed) $200 – $3200 (depending upon the complexity of bone) 
Abutment $300 – $600 
Implant crown $900 – $1,500 
Dental implant $1,500 – $3,000   

Factors affecting the cost of dental implant

The cost of dental implants can be affected by several factors, such as the number of implants needed, the type of implant, and the location of the implant post the dental clinic.

  1. Number of Implants: The cost will be higher if you need to replace more than one missing tooth with an implant.
  2. Type of Implant: The material used for the implant will also affect the cost. Titanium and zirconia are two common materials used in implants. Titanium is often more expensive because it is more robust and durable. [7]Dentaly, “Titanium implants pros and cons, https://www.dentaly.org/us/teeth-implants-cost/zirconia-vs-titanium-implants/”
  3. Location of Dental Clinic: Where you live can affect the price of a dental implant. The cost might be different in different parts of the world, like Europe, the United States, or Asia because labor costs are sometimes different.

Financing options for dental implant

inarticle image-dental implant cost -Financing options for dental implant

When considering dental implants, financing options can help make the procedure more accessible.

  1. Cash/Card: You can use a debit or credit card to cover the cost of your implant procedure. Many clinics will also accept cash payments.
  2. Dental insurance: If you have insurance for dental implants, it can help pay for some of the cost. But different policies may only cover part of the price. Check with your insurance provider to find out how much they will pay.
  3. Health savings accounts: Use a tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to fund your procedure and save money.
  4. Medical credit cards: Medical credit cards can be an excellent option for those who need to finance their dental implant procedure. People can make payments over some time.
  5. Care credit financing: CareCredit is a way to help pay for healthcare. It usually lets you pay differently, and the interest rate is lower than other credit cards for medical bills.

Overall, there are several options for financing dental implants cost. Patients should consider all their options and research the best choice to make an informed decision about the procedure.

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What factors influence the cost of dental implants?

The cost of dental implants can be affected by various factors, such as whether you are doing a single implant or several teeth, the type of mouth implant, and the location of the oral surgeon and the dental clinic.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Many companies of insurance cover dental implants. Usually, single dental implant coverage ranges between 50% to full coverage. Insurance companies may cover part or all of the cost of dental implant fees.

However, patients should contact their insurance provider to find out what their medical insurance covers.

Can I get financing for dental implant costs?

Yes, there are several financing options available for dental implant costs. These include payment plans, medical credit cards, and Care Credit financing.

Patients should consider their options and research the best option to make an informed decision about the procedure.

How long do dental implants last?

The implants should last for a lifetime. However, the lifespan of implant maintenance varies, but on average, they can last anywhere from 15-20 years.

Proper care and maintenance replacement teeth can help ensure they last as long as possible. 

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

The dental implant insertion procedure is not painful. Many clinics give you local anesthesia to make it less painful and to make you feel less scared. This medicine makes you more relaxed and takes away pain. 

A dental implant can be an expensive dentistry procedure; thus, consider different ways to pay for your dental implant cost.

Ensure you know the total dental implant expenses before deciding on treatment.

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