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10+ Top Insurance Companies in Dubai: Offered Insurance

Find your perfect insurance partner: Discover the Top insurance companies in Dubai

The top insurance companies in Dubai offer comprehensive coverage and exceptional customer service. They protect against financial loss and provide peace of mind to the clients.

Dubai is home to a thriving insurance industry. Many world-class insurance companies offer a range of products and services. Some of the best insurance companies in UAE are GIG Gulf, Emirates Insurance Company, Iran Insurance, and more.

Our team conducted extensive research and analyzed various Dubai Insurance companies. We examined factors like experience, feedback, and products offered.

Our Dbd guide provides an informative overview of the best Insurance companies in Dubai.

12 best insurance companies in Dubai

Dubai is home to thriving local and international insurance companies. The top insurance companies in Dubai provide stability, reliability, and innovative offerings.

1. GIG Gulf

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - GIG Gulf

GIG Gulf is a highly-rated regional insurer with over 70 years of experience in the industry. They offer corporate, SMEs, and individual customers insurance products and services. [1]GIG Gulf, “About GIG Gulf, https://www.giggulf.ae/en/about”

Similarly, the company offers a comprehensive range of insurance products, including car, travel, home, and health insurance. Additionally, they provide private clients insurance services to cater to the unique needs of individual customers. 

GIG Gulf has received several accolades for their services, including the 2021 General Insurance Company of the Year by MIIA and being listed as one of Forbes Middle East’s top 10 most valuable insurance companies. 

Offered insurance

GIG Gulf offers different insurance to its clients. Some of them are:

  • Car Insurance

The insurance protects you, your car, and the passengers. It covers third-party liability and personal damage.

  • Travel Insurance

The travel insurance meets all your travel needs. They offer cover for baggage delays, delayed departures, and medical emergencies.

  • Home Insurance

Home insurance covers building, contents, and personal belongings. It protects you against theft, fire, and natural disasters.

  • Smart Health

Smart Health provides easy access to treatment and direct settlement. It also has dental and optical covers, cancer, pre-existing conditions, and more.

2. Emirates Insurance Company

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Emirates Insurance Company

Emirates Insurance Company is a semi-government company that started in 1983. It has grown since then, with over 30 offices and more than 250 workers.

It is the 4th largest insurance company based on Gross Written Premium. They offer both commercial insurances as well as individual insurance. So coverage you are looking for, Emirates has something for you. 

Offered insurance

Emirates offers different types of insurance to its clients. Some of them are:

  • Motor Insurance

The policy protects against damage to the insured vehicle or a third-party vehicle. It also covers third-party injury and the policyholder’s liability to the passengers.

  • Home Insurance

Homeowners face risks such as fire, theft, water damage, and liability claims. This offers complete protection against these and other unexpected events.

  • Healthcare Insurance

There are different levels of healthcare insurance available. They include the basic, standard, enhanced, and VIP plans. Each plan has its benefits and covers different people.

  • Yacht Insurance

This policy protects against the loss or damage of an individual’s Yacht. It covers third-party liability and legal liabilities.

3. Iran Insurance

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Iran Insurance

Iran Insurance is a reliable option to ensure safety and security. Established in 1970, it is one of the oldest insurance companies in the Emirates.

Iran Insurance prioritizes quality service and customer satisfaction. Their core values ensure that customers receive the best possible experience with their services.

They strive to provide excellent customer service and can be trusted to meet all insurance needs.

Offered insurance

Iran Insurance offers several policies to customers. Some of them are:

  • Motor Insurance

The policy protects against third-party liabilities, covers damages, and repairs your vehicle.

  • Home Insurance

Home insurance protects against fire, explosions, floods, and other unexpected events.

  • Family Medical Insurance

Family medical insurance is offered at different levels: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These levels provide coverage for various benefits, including X-rays, medicine, laboratory, and more.

4. Dubai Insurance

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Dubai Insurance

Dubai Insurance has been a leader in the insurance sector since 1970. It started as the First National insurance. It has grown over the years to provide services to many customers.

They partner with leading international reinsurers to help with traditional and non-traditional risk management. They specialize in motor, home, and liability insurance programs.

Similarly, this company also offers specialized services like risk management and global claims handling. Their products cover all promises made to the client.

They make sure that the quality of service is consistently delivered. Dubai Insurance is one of the best options for reliable insurance services. 

Offered insurance

Dubai Insurance has different policies for individuals. Some of them include the following:

  • Car

Car insurance covers damages to your vehicle. They also cover third-party damages, passengers, and ambulance expenses. 

  • Home

Home insurance protects against fire, explosions, floods, and other unexpected events.

  • Basic Plan

The basic plan covers healthcare expenses. It includes examination, diagnostic, and treatment services. It also covers laboratory, radiology, and vaccinations. 

5. Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

Al Fujairah National Insurance Company, established in 1976, has been serving the insurance needs of people in the UAE for over four decades. 

With roots in Fujairah, the company has expanded its reach and operates branches throughout the country, including in Dubai.

Al Fujairah National Insurance Company is a well-established and financially secure company with a Paid-up Capital of AED 100 Million and total assets exceeding AED 400 Million.

Their operations are further supported by reinsurance securities, enhancing their expertise in providing insurance services. 

The company offers a wide range of insurance policies, protecting individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, and government establishments.

Offered insurance

The company offers different policies to individuals. Some of them are as follows:

  • Automobile Insurance

The policy offers comprehensive coverage for your automobile needs. They also offer third-party liability insurance.

  • Medical Insurance

Medical insurance provides policies that cover individuals and families. They also provide family care for the clients, making it one of the best medical insurance companies.

  • Retail Products

Coverage for retail products includes travel accident, tenant’s compensation, and homeowner’s package.

6. Alliance Insurance

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

For over 40 years, Alliance Insurance has been a trusted provider of premium insurance in the UAE.

Alliance Insurance’s extensive experience, expertise, and professional partnerships give clients the confidence they need when choosing an insurance provider. 

Additionally, their partnerships with world-class reinsurance companies further reinforce their commitment to providing quality insurance services.

The company offers a comprehensive range of insurance policies, including motor, health, travel, life insurance, and more. 

With a proven track record of delivering top-notch insurance services, Alliance Insurance is an excellent choice for anyone needing insurance coverage.

Offered insurance

Alliance Insurance provides different types of individual insurance. Some of them are:

  • Auto Insurance

Alliance offers both comprehensive and third-party insurance policies. This insurance makes Alliance one of the best car insurance companies in Dubai.

  • Health Insurance

This company provides a complete range of health insurance plans. You can choose from local, regional, or international health insurance schemes.

  • Life Insurance

They also offer a range of life insurance policies for individuals. 

  • Travel Insurance

Alliance travel insurance protects you from unexpected events during travel. Their policy can cover a single trip and multiple trips (annual policy).

7. Zurich Life Insurance

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Zurich Life Insurance

Zurich Life Insurance strives to help people have peace of mind in times of need. They provide quality products and prioritize their customers with a forward-thinking approach and determination.

Their team is made up of people from 25 different nationalities. They have a cover of 58 billion dollars for their 230k clients. [2]Zurich, “Home, https://www.zurich.ae/#:~:text=Protecting%0A230k%0Acustomers,of%0A25%0Anationalities”

This life insurance company in Dubai also values sustainability. They look out for the health and safety of their customers and the environment.

Offered insurance

Zurich Life Insurance offers several life insurance policies. Their life insurance policy includes:

  • Critical illness protection

This plan pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a severe illness.

  • YourLife & YourCare

This plan pays a lump sum on death or a critical illness diagnosis like cancer.

  • Term Assurance

This more tailored plan will pay a lump sum on death based on your health and lifestyle.

  • Futura

This plan is customizable. You can choose where your premiums are invested. The lump sum is paid upon death.

8. Metlife Insurance

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Metlife Insurance

MetLife has provided reliable financial solutions to people for over 65 years. Their experience guides everyone to reach their desired goals and handle life’s surprises.

MetLife is committed to providing improved offerings and gaining an understanding of different people’s needs. As a result, individuals, families, or businesses can craft a security plan to fulfill their goals. 

Offered insurance

Metlife provides different insurance policies to individuals. Some of their offered insurance are:

  • Life Insurance

Metlife offers different simple, flexible, and best-value Life insurance. Secure Plus, Live Life, and Future protect are popular life insurance policies.

  • Accident and Health Insurance plan

Accident and Health insurance policies cover critical illness, disability, hospitalization, and accident.

  • Individual medical

The individual medical plan covers regular doctor visits, emergency services, laboratory, and more.

9. Al Wathba National Insurance Company

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Al Wathba National Insurance Company

Al Wathba places customers at the center of their business, driven by a commitment to innovation. This customer-focused approach has contributed to the company’s successful service in the UAE insurance sector for over 20 years.

With a robust capital base of 207 million AED, Al Wathba provides customers with the right insurance protection through partnerships with leading reinsurers. 

This strategic approach positions the company at the forefront of the industry, delivering tangible value to stakeholders and customers alike. 

Offered insurance

Al Wathba provides different insurance policies to clients. Some of their policies are:

  • Motor Insurance

The company offers both comprehensive and third-party insurance policies. 

  • Home Insurance

Home insurance covers your buildings, your contents, or both. 

  • Pet Insurance

Al Wathba also offers pet insurance that covers veterinary expenses.

10. National General Insurance (NGI)

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - National General Insurance (NGI)

Established in 1980, NGI is a trusted name in the insurance industry. With a commitment to providing comprehensive protection, the company offers insurance solutions for individuals, businesses, homes, and loved ones.

With an excellent rating from AM Best and support from leading global reinsurers, NGI provides peace of mind for its customers. 

The company offers a full range of products and solutions for individual and corporate insurance, covering all the risks faced in today’s world.

NGI’s services are managed by qualified and experienced professionals, ensuring a 95% Claim Satisfaction rate for customers who submit claims.

With its impressive reputation and commitment to quality service, NGI is a top choice for insurance solutions in the UAE.

Offered insurance

NGI offers insurance policies for both individuals and corporates. Some of their insurance are as follows:

  • Medical

NGI’s medical insurance covers medical emergencies, preventive checkups, and 24*7 support. 

  • Motor

Motor Insurance products cover from Roadside Assistance to Ambulance Cover and more. 

  • Travel

Travel Insurance products cover a business trip, family vacation, and leisure home. 

  • Home

Home insurance provides coverage against theft, vandalism, riot damage, and others. 

11. Union Insurance Company

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Union Insurance Company

Union Insurance has been providing reliable, quality insurance services since 1998. It has a paid-up capital of over AED 330 million. They rely on experienced and respected professionals to provide the best coverage.

Union Insurance offers retail and commercial insurance throughout the UAE. They stay ahead of market trends by recommending innovative, superior-value insurance options. 

Similarly, they provide services to individuals, large enterprises, and government entities. 

Offered insurance

Union Insurance offers different policies for individuals. Some of them are as follows:

  • Motor Insurance

Union Insurance provides various packages to protect your car at affordable prices. 

  • Health

The Health insurance company provides coverage for diagnosis to medical treatment. Union Insurance is one of the best health insurance companies for its excellent service and outstanding policies.

  • Life

Union Insurance provides customized life insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients.

The company offers a range of options, including Smart Term Life, Smart Critical Illness, Infinity Life, and more, to help customers find the right coverage for their individual needs.

12. Al Buhaira Insurance

inarticle image-insurance companies in dubai - Al Buhaira Insurance

Al Buhaira has long been recognized for its reliability, quality, and customer service. It boasts a capital of AED 250 million and 346 professionals with many years of experience and expertise. [3]Al Buhaira Insurance, “About Al Buhaira, https://albuhaira.com/about-us”

The company is loyal to its valued customers. Their experienced team and strong industry relationships help with customer satisfaction.

Through these foundations, Al Buhaira has constantly evolved. It delivers innovative solutions to customers in UAE and abroad. It has been awarded multiple times in recognition of its efforts. 

Offered insurance

Al Buhaira offers different insurance to its clients. Some of their products are as follows:

  • Motor Insurance

Al Buhaira offers protection for your car and third-party insurance policies. 

  • Medical Insurance

Their medical insurance covers medical emergencies, preventive checkups, and diagnoses. 

  • Travel Insurance

Al Buhaira’s travel insurance meets all your travel needs in Schengen and other regions. They cover baggage delays, delayed departures, and other medical emergencies. 

Benefits of having an insurance

Insurance is a means of protecting oneself and loved ones from financial loss and uncertainty. It provides a sense of security in the face of unexpected events and circumstances.

Various types of insurance are available, each offering specific coverage and benefits. [4]Investopedia, “Benefits of Insurance, https://www.investopedia.com/5-top-benefits-of-life-insurance-5105062″

Financial Protection

  • Coverage for unexpected events (e.g., accidents, illnesses, property damage)
  • Peace of mind in case of financial loss

Tax Benefits

  • Tax deductions on premium payments
  • Tax exemptions on maturity or death benefits

Investment Benefits

  • Option to save and invest for the future through insurance plans (e.g., endowment, ULIPs)
  • Potential for better returns compared to traditional savings options

Social Security

  • Coverage for retirement planning and income replacement
  • Financial assistance for dependents in case of death or permanent disability

Customized Coverage

  • Tailored coverage options to meet specific needs and budget
  • Ability to adjust coverage as personal circumstances change.

How we chose the best insurance company in Dubai

Selecting an appropriate insurance provider in Dubai is crucial for ensuring financial stability and peace of mind. With many insurance companies operating in the market, finding the right one can take time and effort. Our choice of companies was based on several key considerations, including:

Financial stability

A company’s financial stability is a critical factor to consider when choosing an insurance provider. This includes the company’s financial strength, rating, and ability to pay claims.

Product offerings

We considered different policies, coverage options, and policy terms.

Claims handling

We also took the claims handling process and customer service offered into account. This includes the time it takes to process a claim and the support provided to customers during the process.

Premium costs

Premium costs and coverage options can vary widely between insurance companies. We compared premium prices and coverage options to ensure the best value for money. The island also has a cheap insurance company if you want an affordable option.

Customer review

We looked at customer reviews to decide on the companies. Customer feedback provides valuable insight into the reputation and satisfaction of the company. 

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Which is the best insurance company in Dubai?

GIG Gulf is the best insurance company in Dubai. They offer car, Travel, Home, Health, and private clients insurance.

Which is the cheapest insurance company in Dubai?

Emirates Insurance Company is the cheapest insurance company in Dubai. They offer premiums at affordable prices to everyone.

How much is car insurance in Dubai?

Car insurance in Dubai can cost anywhere from 750-1300 AED per year. Usually, the insurance for a car costs 1.25% to 3% of the vehicle’s value. [5]Khaleej Times, “UAE Car Insurance, … Continue reading

What are the benefits of having insurance?

Insurance protects against financial loss and provides peace of mind. It helps manage costs for events such as accidents, illnesses, and property damage.

Final thoughts

All in all, the insurance companies in Dubai provide coverage for health, cars, life, and more. From semi-governmental to international insurers, there are companies for every need.

We hope our Dbd guide helped you find the best Dubai Insurance Company. It is important to consider reviews, experience, and products before deciding on your policy.

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