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10+ Best British Schools in Dubai in 2024 – Rating, Fees & More

If you are looking for British schools in Dubai, then here is the list of top internationally recognized best British curriculum schools in Dubai

Looking for the finest British schools in Dubai? You’ve come to the right place! With so many schools to select from, it might be tough to know where to begin. But don’t worry; we’re here to assist.

The English schools on this list have excellent accreditation and provide outstanding education programs. When compiling this list, we considered not only the KHDA rating but also the location, tuition fees, and infrastructure.

This Dbd guide will help you choose from British curriculum schools in Dubai.

So, let’s get started without any delays.

Compare the best British schools in Dubai

School Name Tuition Fees (Annual) Founded OnRating (KHDA) 
GEMS Royal Dubai School 38,331 to 48,331 AED 2005 Outstanding 
Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba 37,500 to 74,340 AED 2004 Very Good 
Horizon English School 40,872 to 54,770 AED 1989 Outstanding 
Dubai British School Emirates Hills 49,026 to 73,540 AED 2005 Outstanding  
Dubai English Speaking School 38,305 to 79,222 AED 1963 Outstanding 
Pristine Private School 18,000 to 23,338 AED 1992 Good 
Nord Anglia International School 63,447 to 95,946 AED 2014 Very Good 
Dubai British School Jumeirah Park 49,026 to 73,540 AED 2015 Very Good 
GEMS Wellington International School 43,941 to 95,597 AED 2005 Outstanding 
Regent International School 45,373 to 61,500 AED 2012 Very Good 
Jumeirah College 72,988 to 91,235 AED 2000 Outstanding 

List of best British schools in Dubai

1. GEMS Royal Dubai School

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-1 GEMS Royal Dubai School

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Tuition Fees: 38,331 to 48,331 AED (Annual)

Location: 3 26th St, Nad Al Sheba 3, Dubai

Contact: +97142886499

Founded in: 2005

GEMS Royal Dubai School offers a broad curriculum and a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and drama. This commitment to excellence has made GEMS Royal Dubai School one of the most sought-after schools in Dubai.

2. Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba – Top UK curriculum schools in Dubai

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-2 Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 37,500 to 74,340 AED (Annual)

Location: 76 11 A St, Al Mizhar, Dubai

Contact: +97142375555

Founded in: 2004

Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba follows the National Curriculum for England, designed to shift as children’s needs develop. The school also prioritizes providing young learners with a great learning experience based on key concepts.

The School has the latest technology in all its classrooms and excellent sports facilities. The library is also impressive, with books in many languages and a black box theatre perfect for plays or performances. Similarly, there’s even a parent cafe where parents can relax.

3. Horizon English School

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-3 Horizon English School

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Location: Al Safa Area, Near Al Safa Park, Dubai

Contact: +97143422891

Founded in: 1989

Horizon English School is a top British school in Dubai. They offer a British curriculum education to children aged between 3 and 11. The experienced and qualified teachers at the school are dedicated to providing students with a good education. [2]Horizon English School, “Why Horizon School, … Continue reading

They also offer various extracurricular activities, including sports, drama, music, and art. Furthermore, Horizon English School also focuses on personal and social development, helping students to become well-rounded individuals. The school is a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone is valued.

4. Dubai British School Emirates Hills – Popular British schools in Dubai

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-4 Dubai British School Emirates Hills

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Tuition Fees: 49,026 to 73,540 AED (Annual)

Location: Springs 3 Emirates Hills, Dubai

Contact: +97143619361

Founded in: 2005

Dubai British School Emirates Hills (DBSEH) is one of the top British schools in Dubai. The school has a warm and positive atmosphere. DBSEH also offers a world-class education to many students, preparing them for success in an increasingly global community.

The school’s philosophy is based on the idea of “feeling good and doing good.” The school provides students with a supportive but challenging environment where they can achieve great educational outcomes and learn how to best care for themselves.

5. Dubai English Speaking School – Oldest British schools in Dubai

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-5 Dubai English Speaking School

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Tuition Fees: 38,305 to 79,222 AED (Annual)

Location: Oud Metha Rd, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai

Contact: +97143371457

Founded in: 1963

Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) is the oldest British school in Dubai. It was founded in 1963 and has offered a British education for over 50 years. The school now has modern facilities and classrooms that meet international standards.

The school now has a larger student body than it had previously, with over 1,000 pupils enrolled. The National Curriculum for England is designed for children aged 3 to 11 in Primary School.

In 2006, Dubai English Speaking Schools opened a new secondary school, Dubai English Speaking College (DESC), in Academic City, with stunning modern architecture. In September 2014, DESS launched a completely refurbished FS1 facility. [3]DESS, “About Dubai English Speaking School, https://www.dessc.sch.ae/about-us/about-dessc-our-history#:~:text=The%20Dubai%20English,board%20of%20governors.”

6. Pristine Private School – Affordable British schools in Dubai

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-6 Pristine Private School

KHDA Rating: Good

Tuition Fees: 18,000 to 23,338 AED (Annual)

Location: Street 15, Al Nahda 2, Dubai

Contact: +97142675822, +97142674299

Founded in: 1992

The Pristine Private School (PPS) was established in 1992 and provided a superior education. They are dedicated to ensuring that each student has all the tools they will require to achieve success in the future. [4]Pristine Private School, “Principal’s Message, … Continue reading

Teachers and staff understand the importance of assisting kids in acquiring the skills they’ll need for life. Children are guided and assisted throughout their earliest years so that they may become future leaders.

This school is one of the most competitive in Dubai and has won numerous awards for quality and excellence. Many alumni have gone on to say that they excel in their personal and professional lives after receiving a world-renowned education from this institution.

7. Nord Anglia International School

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-7 Nord Anglia International School

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 63,447 to 95,946 AED (Annual)

Location: Al Barsha 3, Dubai

Contact: +97142199999

Founded in: 2014

The Primary and Secondary curriculums are based on the National Curriculum of England. They have great success with exam results and university admissions, with former students attending some of the world’s top universities.

With a varied and exciting curriculum, students explore new interests and build skills through offsite trips via the Enrichment Activity Program (EAPs) and educational visits. This prepares them to flourish academically, socially, physically, and psychologically.

8. Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-8 Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 49,026 to 73,540 AED (Annual)

Location: Al Worood 1 St, Jumeirah Park, Dubai

Contact: +97145520247

Founded in: 2015

Dubai British School Jumeriah Park (DBSJP) opened in 2015 and is one of the leading schools in Dubai. DBSJP offers a broad and balanced education to children aged 3 to 18 from all around the world.

The Dubai British School wants to help its students succeed. It has excellent facilities that will help students learn and have fun. They will remember this school for a long time and achieve a lot in the future.

The staff and students work collaboratively to create a safe, supportive environment that builds self-confidence and celebrates success. Also, global partnerships ensure that all experiences are rich and rewarding, both in the classroom and outside of it. [6]DBSJP, “Principal’s Message, https://www.dubaibritishschooljp.ae/about-us/principal-s-message#:~:text=Our%20school%20encourages,in%20recent%20years.”

9. GEMS Wellington International School – A reputed British school in Dubai

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-9 GEMS Wellington International School

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Tuition Fees: 43,941 to 95,597 AED (Annual)

Location: Al Sufouh 1, Dubai

Contact: +97143073000

Founded in: 2005

GEMS Wellington International School (WIS) is an excellent school that provides quality education to scholars. The school is on eight acres of land and features state-of-the-art facilities and resources. [7]GEMS Wellington International School, “About GEMS Wellington School, … Continue reading

The WIS project constantly creates methods to educate in new ways, such as intelligent rooms with WiFi, interactive whiteboards, and audio-visual and multimedia projectors. This transformation will set the school apart from others in the future.

10. Regent International School

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-10 Regent International School

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 45,373 to 61,500 AED (Annual)

Location: The Greens, Emirates Living Community, First Al Khail St, Dubai

Contact: +97143608830

Founded in: 2012

Regent International School provides a top-notch education aligned with the National Curriculum of England. They are well regarded as one of the best schools in the area, having over 40 years of experience as one of Dubai’s top schools. [8]Regent International School, “Home, https://www.risdubai.com/#:~:text=Regent%20International%20School,happiness%20in%20life.”

Regent is a global leader in “Positive Education.” This education focuses on developing academic and personal achievement skills, well-being, and character development. Regent has several unique Signature Programs that help build character and inspire creativity.

Furthermore, they boast an AI learning platform to enable self-paced problem-solving. The Regent’s cutting-edge AR / VR program helps students learn in a truly impactful and enjoyable manner. Students can experience and visualize science, art, history, culture, and academics as they never have before. [9]Regent International School, ” Principal’s Message, … Continue reading

11. Jumeirah College

inarticle image-british schools in dubai-11 Jumeirah College

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Tuition Fees: 72,988 to 91,235 AED (Annual)

Location: 19th St, Al Safa 1, Dubai

Contact: +97143955524

Founded in: 2000

Jumeirah College is one of the best schools in Dubai that follows the British curriculum. The school focuses on developing a prosperous learning environment that boosts self-assured, confidence, and successful students.

The DFE Department for Education and Skills in London recognizes the school. This permits the institution to administer examinations for UK assessment boards.

Additionally, they prioritize encouraging and assisting students in their learning and growth. The school serves students from over 59 countries, making it a reputed international institution. [10]Jumeirah College, “Our School, https://www.gemsjc.com/About-Us/Our-School#:~:text=Jumeirah%20College%20Dubai,progress%20beyond%20limits.”

How expensive are British schools in Dubai?

Not only is Dubai an expensive city to live in, but sending your children to private schools with reputable boards can also strain your finances. However, the schools provide excellent education, with numerous opportunities for pupils to get involved in extracurricular activities.

The fees at British schools in Dubai can range from 30,000 AED to 90,000 AED or more. And that does not include the cost of books, uniforms, or extracurricular activities. There are plenty of cheap British schools in Dubai, like Pristine Private School.

The American and IB curricula can be pretty expensive, like British schools. However, Indian and Pakistani schools are more affordable options.

Quality of education in British Schools in Dubai

The quality of education at British schools in Dubai is premium. Also, they have to follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, UAE. The guidelines contain a syllabus, fee structure, and more. [11]UAE Official Site, “School fees, … Continue reading

British Schools Overseas evaluate schools in Dubai that operate under the British curriculum. This agency is in charge of verifying that the quality of education provided at these institutions meets U.K. standards.[12]KHDA Official, “British Schools, … Continue reading

The UAE government is ensuring students are prepared for schools worldwide and can compete on a global stage. This includes developing smart learning systems, new teachers’ codes of conduct, licensing and assessment processes, and altering the curriculum.[13]UAE Offical site, “Quality Education, https://u.ae/en/about-the-uae/leaving-no-one-behind/4qualityeducation#:~:text=The%20UAE%27s%20Ministry,in%20all%20schools.”

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Which is the best British school in Dubai?

King’s School Nad Al Sheba is the best British school in Dubai. The school has a good reputation and cutting-edge facilities. However, all the schools provide a high-quality British curriculum education in Dubai.

Are English schools expensive in Dubai?

Yes, British schools are quite expensive in Dubai compared to other cities in the UAE. Some schools can peak annual fees of 90,000 AED.

Are there British schools in Dubai?

Yes, there are many British schools in Dubai. The English schools in Dubai are considered some of the best in the world.

How many English schools are in Dubai?

There are 84 British schools in Dubai. All of these English schools have impressive curriculums and offer great facilities.

Final thoughts

These are the top British schools in Dubai that offer high-quality education. All the schools on this list have accreditation from respected national and international organizations.

Now, we have reached the end of this Dbd guide on excellent British curriculum schools in Dubai. We hope that this article has assisted you in finding the best school.

We are always looking at how to improve our content, so please let us know if you have any suggestions. Also, share this guide with your friends and follow us for more information like this.

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