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List of 10+ Best Schools in Al Ain in 2024 – Rating, Fees & More

Here is a list of internationally recognized schools in Al Ain

There are many schools in Al Ain. Choosing the best one for you and your family can be challenging. But don’t worry! We are here to help you find the best schools in Al Ain for your needs.

All the top schools in Al Ain on this list have high academic standards and outstanding educational programs. We also took into account curriculum, location, and fees when compiling it.

This Dbd guide will help you find the best school among the top schools in Al Ain. We have a list of the best schools in the area. Let’s get started without any delays.

Compare the best schools in Al Ain

School Name Curriculum Tuition Fees (Annual)Founded On
Grace Valley Indian School CBSE 4,800 to 12,000 AED 2011 
Al Adhwa Private School UAE National Curriculum 11,820 to 28,608 AED 1994 
The New Indian Model School CBSE 5,280 to 8,844 AED 1994 
Global English School UK 13,135 to 19,825 AED 1982 
Beaconhouse UK 20,000 to 29,000 AED 2019 
Al Sanawbar School UAE National Curriculum 13,270 to 28,190 AED 1983 
Oasis International School CBSE 7,000 to 9,500 AED 1988 
Brighton College UK 51,404 to 81,370 AED 2013 
GEMS Our Own English High School CBSE/IB 6,700 to 13,200 AED 1992 
Manor Hall International School US 25,000 to 35,500 AED 2008 
Madar International School US 18,300 to 29,600 AED 2002 

11 best schools in Al-Ain

1. Grace Valley Indian School – Popular school in Al Ain

inarticle image-schools in al ain-1 Grace Valley Indian School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 4,800 to 12,000 AED (Annually)

Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Contact: +97137805511, +971585924789

Founded on: 2011

Grace Valley Indian School (GVIS) offers education for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. They offer an excellent education at a reasonable price.

The school was established in 2011 to deliver high-quality education. The founders strive to ensure that children receive a broad education focusing on their growth.

The school strive to make a learning environment where children can develop and thrive in all areas of life. Additionally, they use modern facilities and technology to help students learn better.

2. Al Adhwa Private School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-2 Al Adhwa Private School

Curriculum: UAE National Curriculum

Tuition Fees: 11,820 to 28,608 AED (Annually)

Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Contact: +97137828870, +971503005252

Founded in: 1994

Al Adhwa Private School has assisted students with their higher studies since it began operating in September 1994. The establishment of the best learning environment has always been a priority. Notably, they achieved this by incorporating international and creative elements into the school while preserving the best aspects of UAE culture.

Al Adhwa Private School has long been recognized as one of Al Ain’s finest international schools. Resilient academic results are relevant for families who value education highly, particularly for students who will write their histories as APS alumni.

Over time, the school system and the country have progressed in various ways. APS has made significant improvements since it was established 26 years ago. Furthermore, traditional values such as discipline and respect for cultural diversity are highly esteemed and integrated into teaching curriculums. [1]Al Adhwa Private School, “About Al Adhwa School, http://aladhwa-sch.com/main/school_profile/about-us/#:~:text=Since%20our%20founding,as%20APS%20Alumni.”

3. The New Indian Model School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-3 The New Indian Model School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 5,280 to 8,844 AED (Annually)

Location: 16th st, Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Contact: +97137828870, +971503005252

Founded in: 1994

Since the school’s creation in 1994, it has had a 100% success rate, with its students receiving top grades in Board Exams. Higher Secondary classes for both Science and Commerce streams were started as soon as the school moved to its new building Al Ain 2001.

The school aspires to become a part of Abudhabi Vision 2030 and raise its standards to match the best practices in international education. By following the guidance and support of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), we are putting in our professional potential to make this happen. [2]Official, “About Us, https://nimsalain.com/about-us/#:~:text=its%20inception%20in,Abudhabi%20Education%20Council.”

4. Global English School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-4 Global English School

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 13,135 to 19,825 AED (Annually)

Location: Al Muwaij’i, Abu Dhabi

Contact: +97137678844

Founded in: 1982

The International School of Al Ain, located in the city of Al Ain, is a well-known international coeducational institution. They cater to children from four through eighteen years old.

The school, founded in 1982, quickly became popular and grew a lot. It now has students from more than 50 different countries. And there are about 1500 students in total. [3]The International School of Al Ain, “About School, … Continue reading

Similarly, the school is a member of the Associated School Project Network (ASPnet), a network of schools founded in over 140 countries that UNESCO sponsors. [4]The International School of Al Ain, “Accreditation, https://geschooluae.com/#:~:text=The%20school%20is,promoted%20by%20UNESCO”

5. Beaconhouse

inarticle image-schools in al ain-5 Beaconhouse

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 20,000 to 29,000 AED (Annually)

Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Abu Dhabi

Contact: +97137515678

Founded in: 2019

Beaconhouse Private School is situated in the Garden city of Al Ain in the UAE, within the school district. The school has provided a high-quality learning environment since its establishment in 2019.

Moreover, the teaching staff at Beaconhouse Private School is highly qualified and experienced. They are dedicated to providing every student with a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

6. Al Sanawbar School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-6 Al Sanawbar School

Curriculum: UAE National Curriculum

Tuition Fees: 13,270 to 28,190 AED (Annually)

Location: 5PW6+WH9, Al Muwaij’i, Al Ain

Contact: +97137679889

Founded in: 1983

Al Sanawbar School is a private school in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Since its establishment in 1983, it has provided education for students from kindergarten to grade 12, offering the UAE national curriculum.

The school offers a modern teaching practice through highly qualified and experienced teachers. Also, they use the latest technology in their teaching to ensure that each student receives a quality education.

In addition to academics, Al Sanawbar also offers various sports teams, clubs, and activities. The school has consistently achieved high academic results and strives for the overall development of its students.

7. Oasis International School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-7 Oasis International School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 7,000 to 9,500 AED (Annually)

Location: 7P3G+HH, Al Ain

Contact: +97137227679

Founded in: 1988

Oasis International School (OIS) Al Ain follows the CBSE curriculum. It was founded in 1988 and has continued to grow in strength. The school is now considered one of the best in Al Ain.

The school has top-of-the-line facilities providing academic and pastoral care for students. Similarly, the staffs are dedicated and well-qualified, giving exceptional care and attention to students who are determined to succeed.

OIS students have numerous opportunities to learn and develop their co-curricular abilities. Student can display their talents in intra and inter-school competitions. Similarly, they can also pick up new skills and meet new people for such activities.

8. Brighton College

inarticle image-schools in al ain-8 Brighton College

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 51,404 to 81,370 AED (Annually)

Location: Gafat AL Nayyar, Al Ain

Contact: +97137133999

Founded in: 2013

Brighton College provides an excellent education through its innovative British curriculum, supportive family atmosphere, and skilled teachers. The multicultural community further enhances this combination, where students are open-minded and tolerant and are encouraged daily to “be the best.” 

Moreover, the school helps students become successful adult who is tolerant and interested in learning new things. Similarly, they focus on students to be well-educated to take on active global roles.

Furthermore, they have a 28-acre school with the latest educational facilities, a full-size IAFF-accredited athletics track, including a 450-seat auditorium, a 25-meter swimming pool, and more. [6]Brighton College, “About Brighton College Al Ain, https://www.brightoncollegealain.ae/life-brighton-1/about-us/welcome#:~:text=CONTACT%20US-,About%20the%20College,-ABOUT%20THE%20COLLEGE”

9. GEMS Our Own English High School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-9 GEMS Our Own English High School

Curriculum: CBSE/CIE

Tuition Fees: 6,700 to 13,200 AED (Annually)

Location: Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain

Contact: +97137679747

Founded in: 1992

GEMS Our Own English High School is dedicated to bringing a unique approach to education. This school provides students with an excellent academic foundation and prepares them for higher education and beyond. Primarily, the curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum, and the UAE Ministry of Education accredits us. 

The school provides various extracurricular activities that appeal to all students’ interests. Sports, cultural events, volunteer work, and other forms of involvement are among them. They also have a large library and computer lab that give students access to materials that help them excel in their studies.

10. Manor Hall International School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-10 Manor Hall International School

Curriculum: US

Tuition Fees: 25,000 to 35,500 AED (Annually)

Location: 5PXC+RW, Al Ain

Contact: +97137810891

Founded in: 2008

Manor Hall International School (MHIS) is an award-winning educational institution that offers a unique and caring school atmosphere. MHIS was the first school in the area to be awarded WASC accreditation (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

In particular, the school believes that creativity and a passion for learning are essential values. So, the teachers and the staff decided to create a school where students would feel healthy, safe, and nurtured.

11. Madar International School

inarticle image-schools in al ain-11 Madar International School

Curriculum: US

Tuition Fees: 18,300 to 29,600 AED (Annually)

Location: Al Towayya District, Al Ain

Contact: +97137611330

Founded in: 2002

Madar International School has provided high-quality education to students in the Al Ain community since 2002. Madar caters to the needs of learners from Kindergarten to Grade 12 from various nationalities and backgrounds.

Students have many opportunities to excel academically, in sports, and social skills. They can do this through both extra-curricular and intra-curricular activities.

Similarly, the school provides an international curriculum based on a blended learning approach. This ensures that all children receive a high-quality education. Also, using eLearning tools helps ensure that no child is left behind, even in difficult times.

How expensive are schools in Al Ain?

The tuition fees for schools in Al Ain can vary greatly, depending on what type of school it is and what curriculum they offer. For example, private schools that follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum can charge more than schools following the CBSE board.

However, CBSE board schools are more affordable. You can expect to pay around 8,000 to 15,000 AED per year for a school following this curriculum.

There are a few more expenditures that families should consider when budgeting for their children’s education. Uniforms, textbooks, and transportation to and from school are all possible expenses. Extra-curricular activities, field trips, and other occurrences may be charged at some schools.

Quality of education in Al Ain

There are many different schools in Al Ain, with different curricula to choose from. The CBSE and CIE boards are popular options because they are recognized internationally. The IB curriculum is also available, but it is more expensive.

The government intends to improve the quality of education in the city by reforming the teaching methods. Also, they ensure that teachers receive proper training on material and delivery. The eventual goal is for students to be able to compete with their international peers at renowned universities.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme strives to better education in government-run schools across the UAE. With updated technology and resources, this program provides students an improved chance for success. [7]UAE Ministry of Education, “Quality of Education, … Continue reading

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FAQs for the best schools in Al Ain

Which is the best school in Al Ain?

Global English School is the best school in Al Ain. It offers English-language education at a reasonable price, with modern teaching practices. However, all the schools in Al Ain mentioned in this list are the best.

How much do schools in Al Ain cost?

The schools in Al Ain have an average fee of 10,000 AED annually. However, the cost of the school depends on the curriculum, extra-activities, and other factors.

Are schools in Al Ain free?

The government completely covers the cost of education for UAE residents. However, private schools in Al Ain do charge tuition fees. [8]UAE Ministry of Education, “School fees, … Continue reading

What type of curriculum is offered by schools in Al Ain?

The schools in Al Ain offer various curriculums. The most popular ones include the CBSE, UK, and US curriculum systems.

Is it expensive to school in Al Ain?

No, the schools are not expensive in Al Ain regarding the quality of education offered. The tuition fees are affordable compared to other cities in the UAE.

Final thoughts

These are the best schools in Al Ain that offer excellent education options for your child. If you want your kid to get the best education possible, these institutions should be at the top of your list. We hope this Dbd guide has helped you find the right school for your child.

Respected organizations have accredited these schools in Al Ain. With experienced staff, they’re able to offer great curriculums for students.

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