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10+ Best Indian Schools in Dubai in 2024 – Rating, Fees & More

If you are looking for British schools in Dubai, then here is the list of top internationally recognized best Indian curriculum schools in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the best schools in the world, and Indian schools are no exception. With a wide range of schools, parents can choose from some of the best Indian schools in Dubai.

These schools offer a curriculum based on the Indian education system. The teachers are often from India. Also, these schools are affordable compared to other schools in Dubai.

The Indian schools on this list have excellent accreditation and outstanding educational programs. When compiling this list, we considered not only the KHDA rating but also the location, tuition fees, and infrastructure.

So, let’s get started with Indian curriculum schools in Dubai.

Compare the best Indian schools in Dubai

School  KHDA  Tuition fees (Annual)Founded on
GEMS Modern Academy Outstanding 28,646 to 52,427 AED 1986 
The Indian Academy Good 9,330 to 18,650 AED 1987 
Amity School Dubai Acceptable 13,500 to 26,100 AED 2017 
Ambassador School Very Good 26,500 to 42,298 AED 2010 
Gems Our Own English High School Very Good 14,424 to 37,638 AED 1968 
Credence High School Good 13,00 to 26,000 AED 2014 
The Indian High School Very Good 5,525 to 10,465 AED 1961 
Delhi Private School Very Good 10,298 to 14,416 AED 2003 
GEMS New Millenium School Very Good 17,188 to 31,025 AED 2000 
GEMS Legacy School Good 7,888 to 10,528 AED 1990 
JSS Private School Very Good 11,771 to 24,384 AED 2011 

List of the best Indian schools in Dubai

1. GEMS Modern Academy

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-1 GEMS Modern Academy

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Tuition Fees: 28,646 to 52,427 AED (Annually)

Location: Nad Al Sheba 3,  Dubai

Contact: +97143263339

Founded in: 1986

GEMS Modern Academy strives to create students who can reach their full potential. They provide opportunities for a student-focused learning environment that caters to each individual. Also, the school meets the high standards of education set by internationally acclaimed organizations such as Cambridge and IB.

GEMS Modern Academy hires staff that knows how to teach the school’s curriculum and goals. All teachers are experienced educators and have the skills to help students learn. The performance of all staff is regularly checked to ensure they know about the latest education programs and systems.

2. The Indian Academy

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-2 The Indian Academy

KHDA rating: Good

Tuition fees: 9,330 to 18,650 AED (Annually)

Location: Nad Al Sheba 3,  Dubai

Contact: +971042646746, +971042646733

Founded in: 1987

The Indian Academy in Dubai is a K-12 model school that follows the Indian Curriculum. It is situated in Qusais and provides education from PRE-KG to Grade 12. [1]The Indian Academy Dubai, “About The Indian Academy Dubai, https://indianacademydubai.com/our-school/#:~:text=School%20in%20Dubai-,About%20Us,-%E2%80%9CThe%20objective%20of”

Similarly, they have around 700 students and 100 teachers, with around 55 classes teaching ten courses. The school has a dedicated faculty to deliver professional learning opportunities for the students.

They teach children in a way that helps them see how everything is connected. Also, the school is experiential, which means the children have fun while they learn. The school also has field trips and activities that help the children learn.

3. Amity School Dubai

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-3 Amity School Dubai

KHDA Rating: Acceptable

Tuition Fees: 13,500 to 26,100 AED (Annually)

Location: School Zone, Al Qusais 1, Dubai 

Contact: +97142041000, +97142041001

Founded in: 2017

The education model at Amity School Dubai focuses on preparing students to understand and solve problems. The unique learning program (ULP) allows students to collaborate, create, and turn their ideas into reality.

Experienced teachers design the school’s curriculum to help students become well-rounded citizens. The curriculum creates a smooth learning environment that allows students to produce exceptional work that benefits their community.

The 14-acre campus in Al Qusais is designed to help young adults and parents find an excellent educational system. The students can participate in sports, music, drama, and student council. [2]Amity School Dubai, “About Amity School Dubai, https://www.amityschooldubai.com/why-amity-school/about-us#:~:text=Amity%20School%20Dubai,to%20the%20community.”

4. Ambassador School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-4 Ambassador School

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 26,500 to 42,298 AED (Annually)

Location: 41A Street, Mankhool, Bur Dubai, Dubai

Contact: +97142041000, +97142041001

Founded in: 2010

The Ambassador School was founded in Dubai in 2010. They aim to provide a good education that includes academic courses and reflective/learning-oriented programs.

They have achieved academic excellence through their use of educational best practices. The Dubai affiliate schools – Ambassador School and Ambassador Kindergarten – received good ratings from the Dubai School Inspection Bureau in 2010. [3]The Ambassador School, “The Ambassador School, … Continue reading

Celebrating the uniqueness of each youngster, Ambassador School offers a warm learning environment where children may learn effectively and efficiently.

5. Gems Our Own English High School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-5 Gems Our Own English High School

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 14,424 to 37,638 AED (Annually)

Location: a 3, 41 St, Al Warqa 3, Dubai

Contact: +97142361335

Founded in: 1968

GEMS Our Own School Dubai is a well-known, safe school. They have excellent facilities, such as an on-site Sports Complex, AstroTurf field, and integrated ICT resources.

The school has received a Very Good rating from the KHDA for five consecutive years and an Outstanding Rating for the Health and Safety of the school. [4]GEMS Our Own School Dubai, “GEMS Our Own School Dubai, … Continue reading

The students have done very well on exams and have shown their creativity and potential. They have also competed in many sports, drama/theater productions, debate clubs, and various events.

6. Credence High School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-6 Credence High School

KHDA Rating: Good

Tuition Fees: 13,00 to 26,000 AED (Annually)

Location: near Al Khail Mall, Al Quoz 4, Dubai 

Contact: +97143212144, +971-529858300

Founded in: 2014

Credence High School is one of the best schools in Dubai. It follows the CBSE Indian curriculum. The school was founded in 2014 and had students from over 30 countries. The faculty and staff are constantly getting trained to ensure students have access to the most updated version of the curriculum. [5]Credence High School, “Credence High School, https://www.credencehighschool.com/about-us.html”

Credence High School is an excellent place for students to learn. The campus is supportive and helps Indian and international students living in Dubai, leading to academic and personal development.

7. The Indian High School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-7 The Indian High School

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 5,525 to 10,465 AED (Annually)

Location: Oud Metha Rd, Oud Metha, Dubai

Contact: +97143377475

Founded in: 1961

Founded in 1961, IHS is one of the longest-standing and oldest Indian schools in Dubai. The school embodies India and the UAE’s values, culture, and ethos. Also, it is one of the cheap Indian schools in Dubai. .[6]The Indian High School, “The Indian High School, https://ihsdubai.org/ihs-legacy/#:~:text=Founded%20in%201961,values%20and%20culture.”

IHS is where students can feel safe and comfortable while learning. They offer a high-quality education that will help students succeed in the future.

Many former students attend universities all over the world. After they finish their studies, they often return to the UAE to take up leadership positions.

8. Delhi Private School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-8 Delhi Private School

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 10,298 to 14,416 AED (Annually)

Location: Jebel Ali Village, Dubai

Contact: +97148821848

Founded in: 2003

Delhi Private School is a private, co-educational school in Dubai for the diverse expatriate community of the United Arab Emirates.

The school is located in The Gardens of Jebel Ali in Dubai. It covers 6.83 acres and has various top-notch faculties to provide students with a well-rounded international experience. [7]Delhi Private School, “Delhi Private School, https://website.dpsdubai.com/about-us/”

DPS Dubai is a school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and talents. The DPS motto, “Service Before Self,” is the driving force behind its value-based curriculum. Students learn about being global citizens who care about the environment and other cultures.

9. GEMS New Millenium School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-9 GEMS New Millenium School

KHDA Rating: Very Good

Tuition Fees: 17,188 to 31,025 AED (Annually)

Location: Al Khail Rd, Dubai 

Contact: +97144452900

Founded in: 2000

The GEMS New Millennium School is located in Dubai. It is close to the Al Khail Residential Community and the Dubai Hills near the Dubai Mall.

This school has an excellent career guidance program. The program includes working with universities, attending career fairs, and preparing for competitive exams. The school was also crowned the ‘Most Innovative School Award’ at the 2019 GEMS Global Innovation Challenge. [8]Official, “GEMS New Millennium School, https://www.gemsnewmillenniumschool-alkhail.com/About-Us/Our-School#:~:text=At%20GEMS%20New,communities%20and%20cultures.”

GEMS New Millennium School offers a variety of learning environments to help students develop essential skills. The innovative curriculum includes subjects that will help students become better communicators, problem-solvers, and researchers.

10. GEMS Legacy School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-10 GEMS Legacy School

KHDA Rating: Good

Tuition Fees: 7,888 to 10,528 AED (Annually)

Location: 2nd Street، Garhoud, Dubai

Contact: +97144452900

Founded in: 1990

The GEMS Legacy School is a unique school that offers excellent instruction, learning opportunities, and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

The school has focused on developing learning environments that will help all students. Also, the school makes sure that everyone is aware of the importance of an equitable and long-term future is essential.

They are proud of its creative and diverse curriculum, which encourages students with ambition. Ensuring each student receives a high-quality education is essential to our success.

11. JSS Private School

inarticle image-indian schools in dubai-11 JSS Private School

Rating: Very Good

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 11,771 to 24,384 AED (Annual)

Location: 40 B St, Al Safa, Dubai

Contact: +97143446419 / +97143446519

Founded in: 2011

The JSS Private school was founded in 2011 and has provided good educational quality. The school offers a rigorous and exciting curriculum that is perfect for the Indian community.

The education at JSS helps students be successful in the future. The right ambiance and facilities help students learn better.

There are many different types of things that students learn. Trips, group projects, and enjoyable events like music and drama can help students learn in various ways. They can also expand their horizons with all these different exposures. [9]Official, “JSS Private school, http://www.jsspsdubai.com/#:~:text=The%20school%20has,students%20and%20parents.”

How expensive are Indian schools in Dubai?

Indian schools lie in the most affordable range of schools in Dubai. The fees are half of the competitive international boards.

Dubai’s most expensive Indian schools will cost you 50,000 AED each year. However, the less expensive schools will only cost you 10,000 AED each year.

Some schools offer scholarships to help needy students. This can provide financial support to parents so they can afford to send their children to school.

Advantages of studying in an Indian School

There are several advantages of studying in an Indian school. We have mentioned some of them below:

  • The annual fees at Indian schools in Dubai are reasonable.
  • The Indian curriculum is acknowledged worldwide and may be helpful for students studying outside of India.
  • Most of the time, highly trained and experienced teachers from India are hired. The CBSE curriculum has a rigorous syllabus that focuses students more on learning.
  • Students have the freedom to choose which subjects they study.
  • The competitive atmosphere in which the curriculum is taught ensures better chances in the future.

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FAQs for the best Indian schools in Dubai

Which school is best for Indians in Dubai?

GEMS Modern Academy is one of the top Indian schools in Dubai. The school offers excellent education and extracurricular activities. Similarly, all the schools in the list provide an excellent education in Dubai.

How much does an Indian school cost in Dubai?

The price of an Indian school in Dubai ranges from around 10,000 to 50,000 AED, paid annually. These tuition fees are affordable in comparison to other boards in Dubai. 

Is education free in Dubai for Indians?

No, education is not accessible for Indians in Dubai. However, UAE nationals can have a free education in public schools. [10]Official government site, “School fees, … Continue reading 

How good are Indian schools in Dubai?

Most Indian schools are rated excellent or very good by the KHDA. This demonstrates that they are good schools.

Do children have to learn Hindi if admitted to an Indian school?

Students do not have to learn Hindi if admitted to an Indian school. The schools may offer a choice of Hindi or English as the language of instruction.

Final thoughts

The best Indian schools in Dubai are those that provide quality education. All the schools mentioned in the list above have recognition from respected organizations and provide better curriculums.

We have now reached the end of this guide on Indian curriculum schools in Dubai, UAE. We hope this article has helped you find the perfect school for your child.

Please let us know in the comment below if you have any questions. Also, share this guide with others. We will make more content like this in the future.

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