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List of 15+ Best Schools in Sharjah in 2024 – Rating, Fees & More

Here is a list of internationally recognized schools in Sharjah

Looking for excellent schools in Sharjah? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. With so many schools to choose from, it cannot be easy to know where to start.

The best way to narrow down your options is to consider what type of learning environment your child will thrive in and what they need. Once you’ve done that, you can start looking at specific schools in your area.

We have listed the best schools in Sharjah with high accreditation and excellent education programs. When making this list, we also looked at the tuition fees, the location, the curriculum, and other important aspects of schools.

So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Compare the best schools in Sharjah

School’s Name CurriculumTuition Fees (Annual)Founded On
GEMS Cambridge International Private School UK 20,000 to 30,000 AED 1980 
Al Ansar International Private School UK  14,900 to 26,600 AED 1987 
Victoria International School UK  28,350 to 74,900 AED 2007 
Scholars International Academy UK  23,500 to 36,000 AED Unspecified
ASPAM Indian International School CBSE  9,000 to 18,000 AED 2013 
GEMS Wesgreen International School UK  19,000 to 47,465 AED 1991 
American Gulf School US/IB  22,058  to 52,988 AED 2021 
Delta English Private School CBSE  Unspecified1992 
Delhi Private School CBSE 11,300 to 15,200 AED 2000 
Amity Private School CBSE 10,500 to 17,250 AED  Unspecified
GEMS Millennium School CBSE  10,800 to 20,700 AED 2010 
Ambassador School CBSE 8,000 to 18,000 AED 2019 
Sharjah English School UK 26,400 to 67,600 AED 2005 
Al Wahda Private School US 12,815 to 27,200 AED 2004 
Leaders Private School CBSE 7,800 to 12,600 AED 2004 
Providence English Pvt. School UK 13,520 to 27,800 AED 1999 

16 best schools in Sharjah

1. GEMS Cambridge International Private School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-1 GEMS Cambridge International Private School

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 20,000 to 30,000 AED (Annually)

Location: Muweilah School Zone Area, Sharjah

Contact: +97165024800

Founded in: 1980

GEMS Cambridge International Private School is a co-educational day school located in Sharjah. The school offers an international curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Year 13. The National Curriculum accredits GEMS Cambridge for England. [1]Official, “GEMS Cambridge International Private School, https://www.gemscambridgeschool-sharjah.com/en/About-Us/Our-School#:~:text=By%20integrating%20the,future%20with%20confidence.”

The school provides a place where students can learn about other cultures and be positive. The school’s curriculum is up to date so that students can develop skills that will help them learn more. Additionally, the school helps every student feel good about themselves, making them more likely to keep learning.

2. Al Ansar International Private School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-2 Al Ansar International Private School

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 14,900 to 26,600 AED (Annually)

Location: 124 and 7th Street Al Gharayen, Sharjah

Contact: +97165459441

Founded in: 1987

Al Ansar International Private School follows the United Kingdom’s National Curriculum. It has been licensed by the Sharjah Private Education Authority and the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. The school boasts a modern, spacious campus in an ideal location for children in Sharjah.

Similarly, the school is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for students where they can learn. They offer an excellent education that meets the needs of students. They also prioritize the well-being of students by creating a positive environment.

3. Victoria International School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-3 Victoria International School

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 28,350 to 74,900 AED (Annually)

Location: 1E55, Sharjah

Contact: +97165771999

Founded in: 2007

The school opened in September 2007 on a new campus that looks like a Victorian building. The first teachers and Heads of schools were hired before the 2007 opening from Victoria.

The school’s opening ceremony in 2010 approved the Deal between the Sharjah and Victorian governments. It was attended by the Ruler of Sharjah and Premier of Victoria, John Brumby.[2]Victoria School, “History, https://www.viss.ae/about-us/history-of-viss#:~:text=The%20school%20opened,Victoria%20John%20Brumby.”

The school’s curriculum has been developed to suit the needs of the UAE. They recognize and embrace different cultures, developing respect for each other. The school fosters a genuinely diverse neighborhood where kids may reach their highest potential.

4. Scholars International Academy

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-4 Scholars International Academy

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 23,500 to 36,000 AED (Annually)

Location: Industrial Area, Muwailih Commercial, Sharjah

Contact: +97165197000

Founded in: 2007

Scholar’s International Academy is one of only two schools in Sharjah accredited by the British Schools Overseas. Also, they are the first school in Sharjah to focus on high-performance learning. [3] Scholar International Academy, “Accreditation, https://www.sia.ae/accreditation/#:~:text=Scholars%20International,School%20in%20Sharjah”

Students learn best in an environment with supportive teachers, engaging academic work, and opportunities to grow in different areas.

The music, art, and dance programs are known for their creativity and passion. Also, PE and sports after-school programs help students stay fit and develop self-confidence. In addition, the House Programme and Student Council help students connect with others and learn leadership skills.

5. ASPAM Indian International School 

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-5 ASPAM Indian International School 

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 9,000 to 18,000 AED (Annually)

Location: Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi Street, Sharjah

Contact: +97165677372

Founded in: 2013

ASPAM Group of schools was started in 2013 by Gulf Petrochem Group. It provides high-quality education while helping each student find their unique potential. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education in New Delhi, India. [4] ASPAM Indian International School, “Our School, https://aspamiis.com/our-school/”

The school has high-quality education by following best practices making it one of the most affordable schools in Sharjah. This helps the teachers and school leaders to support the school’s vision. The school has also set goals, performance targets, and a metric system to measure how well the students are doing.

They make sure that the curriculum, instruction, and assessments are strong. This allows students to work on research-based projects, plan actions, frame ideas, and share thoughts.

6. GEMS Wesgreen International School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-6 GEMS Wesgreen International School

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 19,000 to 47,465 AED (Annually)

Location: Muwailih Commercial, Sharjah

Contact: +97165062999

Founded in: 1991

Wesgreen International School (WIS) has been a successful school in Sharjah since 1991. It has provided an excellent education for over two decades and is accredited by the Council of International Schools. Also, they are one of the most experienced schools in Sharjah.[5]Wesgreen International School, “Our School, … Continue reading

The Cambridge University exams help students develop analytical thinking, communication, and cultural awareness skills. These skills can be helpful in activities like leadership, creativity, and sports.

WIS wants its students to grow in all areas, from academics to social skills. Similarly, they want their students to excel and be excellent citizens worldwide. Making them capable and communicating with people of different cultures quickly.

7. American Gulf School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-7 American Gulf School

Curriculum: US/IB

Tuition Fees: 22,058  to 52,988 AED (Annually)

Location: Al Rahmaniya, Shaghrafah, Sharjah

Contact: +97165061111

Founded in: 2021

Students who attend American Gulf School (AGS) become part of the IB community. This community helps create a supportive environment in Sharjah that encourages the learner profile attributes. A community that believes in knowledge and goodness is essential to having international mindedness.

AGS Foundation bases its practices on the best ideas from around the world. This allows for a purposeful campus that fits well into Sharjah’s community. This builds strong ties with the community and continues to grow and improve shortly.

8. Delta English School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-8 Delta English School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: Not Available

Location: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, Muwailih Commercial, Sharjah

Contact: +97165359244

Founded in: 1992

Delta English School (DES) was founded in 1992 to deliver a CBSE curriculum-based high-quality education. The school began operations in the Ghafiya region, adjacent to Al Shaab Sports Club. DES relocated its facilities to a larger site in the Maysaloon area in 1996. [6]Official, “History, https://www.deltasch.com/delta-history.html#:~:text=The%20vision%20of,Shaab%20Sports%20club.”

The Delta education system moved into a custom-made facility in September 2009. Creating state-of-the-art buildings featuring world-class libraries and student activity centers makes it an ideal choice among the schools in Sharjah.

Students accepted to DES came from across the globe, including North Africa, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, India, and AGCC nations. This diversity helped make DES stand out and allowed students to learn about different cultures.

9. Delhi Private School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-9 Delhi Private School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 11,300 to 15,200 AED (Annually)

Location: Sharjah Industrial Area 16, Sharjah

Contact: +97165345352

Founded in: 2000

DPS Sharjah is a school that was founded in the year 2000. It has grown to become a well-known provider of quality education. DPS Sharjah has accomplished many academic and extracurricular milestones in the past 20 years.

Many students have been accepted into Ivy League Universities and other world-renowned institutions of Higher Education. The school has a rich growth history and is set on a 12-acre campus. The school boasts many accomplished alumni with more than 5700 students, 400 faculty members, and many courses that provide growth opportunities.

DPS Sharjah has received the Khalifa Award for excellence in education, a great affirmation of the institution. The Ministry of Education, UAE, has bestowed this distinction on the school. They also hold the record for having the most pupils win the Sheikh Hamdan and Sharjah Awards each year, beating other schools.

10.Amity Private School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-10 Amity Private School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 10,500 to 17,250 AED (Annually)

Location: Muwailih Commercial, School Zone, Sharjah

Contact: +971522520369

Founded in:

The Amity Education Group is a nonprofit education foundation. It has 150,000 students worldwide and a growing network of globally benchmarked institutions. This has resulted in campuses worldwide with plans to expand to 25 more countries.

Amity Private School’s (APS) mission is to provide a safe, challenging, and enjoyable environment where students can learn. They want each learner to be a valued member of the community. Also, they work together with parents and the community to create opportunities for students inside and outside the classroom.

11. GEMS Millennium School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-11 GEMS Millennium School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 10,800 to 20,700 AED (Annually)

Location: Sharjah School Zone Area, University Rd, Muwailih, Sharjah

Contact: +97165358176

Founded in: 2010

The GEMS Millennium Sharjah school was opened in 2010. This school provides high-quality academics and a variety of extra-curricular activities, making it one of the most popular schools in Sharjah.

Similarly, they employ an experienced, qualified team of teachers dedicated to knowing, understanding, and celebrating each child’s uniqueness.

12. Ambassador Kindergarten

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-12 Ambassador Kindergarten

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 8,000 to 18,000 AED (Annually)

Location: Muweilah, Sharjah

Contact: +97165668811

Founded in: 2019

The Ambassador International Academy was opened in 2019 in Sharjah. The school has a mission to help students be inspired and innovative to find their place in the ever-changing global world.

The founders of Ambassador School have a lot of experience with education services in India and the Middle East. They help students prepare for tests and get into good colleges in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Similarly, the after-school program for inspiration and recreation offers students the chance to enhance their skills. As students who participate in ASPIRE can learn new skills that will allow them to represent the school in various events.

13. Sharjah English School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-13 Sharjah English School

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 26,400 to 67,600 AED (Annually)

Location: Meliha Rd, Sharjah

Contact: +97165589304

Founded in: 2005

Sharjah English School is a non-profit school that many families choose because of its excellent education.

The school, which added a second section in 2005, now serves students aged 3 to 19. It offers Foundation-level classes up through A-level and follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales.

Similarly, the performing arts building, which The Ruler of Sharjah opened in 2012, has greatly enhanced the school. This new building has a great auditorium, a whole-school library, a new ICT Suite, Learning Support Rooms, and Music Rooms. [7]Sharjah English School, “Introduction to SES, https://www.sharjahenglishschool.org/about/introduction-to-ses#:~:text=For%20more%20than,our%20greatest%20strengths.”

14. Al Wahda Private School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-14 Al Wahda Private School

Curriculum: US

Tuition Fees: 12,815 to 27,200 AED (Annually)

Location: Al Qarayen 3 Near Sharjah Airport, Sharjah

Contact: +97165160500

Founded in: 2004

Al Wahda Private School provides a high-quality education making it one of the most popular schools in Sharjah. The school offers a positive and supportive environment where all students can reach their full potential.

The student-centric programs provide individualized support to every child, making them independent thinkers and proactive learners. They are also equipped with 21st-century skills to help them emerge as leaders. These programs align with His Highness Zayed’s Vision and the UAE’s Agenda of becoming number one. [8]Al Wahda Private School, “Principal’s Message, https://www.wschool.ae/en/message-from-the-principal#:~:text=Al%20Wahda%20Private,replicates%20this%20model.”

Additionally, Al Wahda Private School is a part of the Athena Education group. Athena provides holistic education that helps students learn about themselves and how to achieve goals. The school also helps students understand diversity and respect others.

15. Leaders Private School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-15 Leaders Private School

Curriculum: CBSE

Tuition Fees: 7,800 to 12,600 AED (Annually)

Location: Sheikh Majed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi St, Al Azra, Sharjah

Contact: +97165225560

Founded in: 2004

Leaders Private School was established in 2004 and follows the CBSE curriculum. It serves students of different backgrounds and nationality.

The school has a team of qualified and trained faculty members who help students with their academic pursuits and personal growth. The school also allows all students to participate in co-curricular activities through different modules, depending on the student’s age.

Furthermore, Leaders Private School organizes activities for the students to help them improve their skills. These activities vary in range and type. The goal is to help the students be up-to-date with educational trends and to become leaders themselves.

On May 22, 2013, Leaders Private School in Sharjah received an award for their best environmental sustainable project on 23/5/13 at the Shariah Police Academy. The school was recognized as “Rationalization of Energy and Water Consumption.” [9]Leaders Private School, “Award, http://www.leadersprivateschool.com/page.php?menu_id=2061#:~:text=Sharjah%20Sustainability%20Award%2D%20Green%20Schools%2C%201st%20Cycle%202012%2D13″

16. Providence English Pvt. School

inaritcle image-schools in sharjah-16 Providence English Pvt. School

Curriculum: UK

Tuition Fees: 13,520 to 27,800 AED (Annually)

Location: School Compound, Mowaileh Area, Sharjah

Contact: +97165340443

Founded in: 1999

Providence English Private School (PEPS) is a school that is committed to the education of children. They have a long-term goal of creating well-educated, capable young men and women. To meet their objective, the school has employed highly trained and dedicated staff to consistently deliver a high-quality educational experience.

Moreover, the school has well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories, a library, a computer laboratory, playing fields, and sports halls. Also, they host educational trips and participate in many inter-school competitions and events.

How expensive are schools in Sharjah?

The tuition fees for schools in Sharjah can vary widely, depending on the type of school and its curriculum. For instance, private schools that follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum can charge annual tuition fees higher than UK or US boards.

On the other hand, schools following CBSE boards offer options for cheap schools in Sharjah. You can expect to pay a starting fee of around 10,000 AED annually or less.

Families should expect to budget for other costs, such as uniforms, textbooks, and transportation to and from school. Some schools might also charge for extra-curricular activities, field trips, and other events.

Quality of education in Sharjah

The UAE’s Ministry of Education has developed a strategy for education. This series of five-year plans will bring significant improvement to the education system. This includes ensuring teachers are teaching effectively and students learn more effectively.

The government is changing the education system so students can learn more smartly. They also ensure that the teachers know what to teach and how to teach it. The goal is for students to be able to attend universities all over the world and compete with other students.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme was created to reduce the educational deficit in government-run schools within the UAE. With an emphasis on job futures and global 21st-century awareness, this initiative provides technologically updated resources for all students. There is also a focus on inclusion for those with special needs. And various laws protect their rights as individuals.[10]UAE Ministry of Education, “Quality of Education, … Continue reading

Related Info

FAQs for the best schools in Sharjah

How much do schools in Sharjah cost?

The cost of schools in Sharjah varies considerably, from AED 8,000 to AED 75,000. The price is determined by the curriculum provided, the school’s reputation, and the facilities available.

Are schools in Sharjah free?

UAE nationals can receive free education at government schools. Private institutions, on the other hand, demand payment for education. [11]UAE Ministry of Education, “School fees, … Continue reading

Do all schools in Sharjah follow the same curriculum?

The type of curriculum offered will usually depend on the school type. For instance, top schools in Sharjah are more likely to offer the IB, UK, or US curriculum, while Indian schools are more likely to offer the CBSE curriculum.

Final thoughts

These are the best schools in Sharjah that offer great education options for your child. These schools have outstanding curriculums, staff, and facilities that many respect. Similarly, they also have accreditation from credible organizations.

We hope this Dbd guide will help you select the best schools in Sharjah. If you want your kid to get the most outstanding education possible, these institutions should be at the top of your list. Please let us know if you have any queries in the comment area below.

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