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10 Best Free iPhone VPN for 2024

Looking for the best free iPhone VPN? Here are our top picks after testing 30+ VPN services that work on any iOS devices

With all the cyber threats, it’s more important than ever to use a VPN for your iPhone. But which are the best free iPhone VPN services you can get?

You have plenty of free options to choose from. However, not all of them are equally good, and some even sell your data instead of securing it.

If you are looking for a great free iPhone VPN, you have to do a lot of research. To save your time, we have researched for you.

So which VPN should you be using in 2024 for the iOS platform? Let’s take a look at some iPhone VPN services for free users.

Best free iPhone VPNs comparison

VPNBandwidth Speed Servers Kill Switch No-logs policy Based in 
ProtonVPN Unlimited 66 Mbps1720 (134 free)YesYesSwitzerland
Atlas VPN 10GB/month 200 Mbps750+YesYesUSA
Windscribe VPN 15GB/month 120 Mbps63 countries (11 free)YesYesCanada
Tunnelbear VPN 500MB/month 50 Mbps3000+YesYesCanada
Hide.me 10GB/month 40 Mbps5 free locationsYesYesMalaysia
Hotspot Shield 500MB/day 48 Mbps1 location freeNoYesUSA
ExpressVPN Unlimited 135 Mbps3000+YesYesBritish Virgin Islands
Surfshark VPN Unlimited 324 Mbps3000+YesYesBritish Virgin Islands
NordVPN Unlimited 369 Mbps3500+YesYesPanama
CyberGhost VPN Unlimited 548 Mbps7900+YesYesRomania

Best free iPhone VPNs

1. ProtonVPN – Overall best free iPhone VPN

protonvpn - best vpn in uae

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Speed: 66 Mbps

Servers: 134 servers in 3 countries (1720 premium servers)

Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging: Yes

Based in: Switzerland

Streaming platforms: Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc

Cheapest premium plan: Get Proton VPN for $3.29 per month in a 2-years deal


  • Free unlimited bandwidth
  • Good encryption and protocols
  • Over 100 free servers
  • Above-average speeds


  • Servers in only three countries are available

How good is ProtonVPN for iPhone?

ProtonVPN is one of the few VPNs that can work for free with your iPhone and iPad. The app is available to download from the App Store.

It offers unlimited data and great functionality.

All functions work as they should, and there are no performance issues we have found in our testing.

The black and green colors look decent on the iPhone’s screen.

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2. Atlas VPN – Best user-friendly free iPhone VPN

free android vpn - atlas vpn

Data limit: 10 GB per month

Speed: 200 Mbps

Servers: 750+

Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging policy: Yes

Based on: United States

Streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, ESPN, Disney+, etc

Cheapest premium plan: Get Atlas VPN for $1.99 per month


  • No throttling
  • No ads
  • Wireguard protocol
  • Servers optimized for streaming


  • Just 3 locations are available
  • Limited data

How good is Atlas VPN for iPhone?

Atlas VPN is user-friendly and shows no ads.

It is one of the most popular VPNs for iOS and a good reason. You can use up to 10GB of data in a month using free AtlasVPN.

Atlas also has a tracker blocker that blocks tracking scripts.

Atlas VPN is very easy to use and looks minimalistic with its pure white background.

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3. Windscribe VPN

free android vpn - windscribe vpn

Bandwidth: 15 GB per month

Average speed: 120 Mbps

Servers: 11 free, 63 countries total

Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging policy: Yes

Based in: Canada

Streaming platforms: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc

Cheapest premium plan: Get Windscribe for $4.08 per month


  • In-depth features
  • GPS spoofing possible
  • Double VPN available
  • Seamless unblocks streaming sites
  • Ad-blocker


  • Limited data
  • 24/7 live-chat support is unavailable

How good is Windscribe VPN for iPhones?

Windscribe VPN looks great with its dark blue color, and a country flag displayed. It has a great design choice because most VPNs feel empty when on the main page.

Initially, you will get a 1 GB data limit, but you can sign up using an email to get 2GB. If you verify your email, you will get 10 GB of data for free. If you go even further and tweet about it, you’ll get 15 GB of data!

Windscribe also has a feature that lets you see “location load,” which shows how many others are connected to the exact location. Overall, Windscribe is a great VPN with all the necessary features.

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4. Tunnelbear VPN

best android vpn - tunnelbear

Data limit: 500 MB per month

Speed: 50 Mbps

Number of servers: 3000+

Kill Switch: Yes

No-log policy: Yes

Based in: Canada

Streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO, etc

Cheapest plan: Get TunnelBear for $3.33 per month


  • The user interface is appealing
  • 3000+ servers
  • Independent audits of no logs policy


  • Only 500 MB of data per month

How good is Tunnelbear VPN for iPhones?

Tunnelbear VPN is a popular VPN app known for its easy user interface.

The iOS app also has a world map that shows the locations of servers available in the VPN app.

Tunnelbear VPN is an excellent way to unblock Netflix because it has fast servers.

It is a great option for iOS device users who want to try out a VPN to see if it is worth the price. The only downside is that free users are limited to 500MB of data per month which can only be increased by upgrading to a paid subscription.

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5. Hide.me VPN

hide.mevpn - free vpn for uae

Data limit: 10 GB per month

Speed: 40 Mbps

Servers: 5 locations for free

Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging policy: Yes

Based in: Malaysia

Streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, ESPN, HBO, NHL, NFL, etc

Cheapest Plan: Get Hide.me for $2.59 per month in 24 months plan


  • No ads
  • No throttled speeds
  • Good at unblocking
  • Supports P2P sharing


  • Limited data
  • Only five free locations

How good is hide.me for iPhones?

Hide.me VPN has a very simple aqua blue-colored layout. Don’t get fooled by the simplicity on its main screen, though, because it can get in-depth if you go into its settings.

It comes with the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, the best one used by all other VPNs in this list. It will hide your IP address well enough, even in the free version.

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6. Hotspot Shield VPN

hotspotshieldvpn - free vpn for uae

Data limit: 500 MB per day

Speed: 48 Mbps

Servers: 1 location free

Kill Switch: No (only in premium)

No-logging policy: Yes

Based on: the United States

Streaming platforms: Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ & more (not favorable with its throttled speeds)

Cheapest Plan: Get Hotspot Shield for $7.99 per month (40% off)


  • Strong security protocols
  • Minimal connection drops


  • 2 Mbps throttled connection
  • Only 1 location is available without paying
  • SD quality streaming due to prolonged connection

How good is Hotspot Shield for iPhone?

Hotspot Shield free is great for anyone who wants to try a VPN before paying for the premium plan. The app looks intuitive & sleek, and its usability is also excellent.

Its most significant setback of Hotspot Shield free is its highly throttled speeds. Its iOS apps can’t use split tunneling, so if you use this, all of your traffic will be extremely slow.

Hotspot Shield is good, but it could be better if it offered unlimited bandwidth. However, this seems unlikely to happen in the future.

Regardless, it does conceal your IP address correctly.

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List of best free trial iPhone VPNs

7. ExpressVPN

free vpn - express vpn

Free trial: 7 days

Refund period: 30 days

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Speed: 135+ Mbps

Servers: 3000+

Kill Switch: Yes

No-log policy: Yes

Based on: The British Virgin Islands

Streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Hotstar, HBO max, Amazon Prime, ESPN, DAZN, etc

Cheapest plan: Get ExpressVPN for $6.67 per month with + 3 Months FREE (49% off)


  • No data limit
  • 7 days free trial
  • Best encryption and security protocols
  • Optimized UI
  • Biggest distribution of servers
  • Easy refund policy


  • More expensive payment is necessary for longer ‘free.’

How good is ExpressVPN for iPhone?

ExpressVPN’s app looks neat and easy to use. It has a highly optimized user interface for iOS. The app is also highly functional and provides many features, such as a kill switch and DNS/IPv6 leak protection.

ExpressVPN has multiple protocols that you can choose from the settings menu. That makes it easy for you to choose the most secure protocol to conceal your IP address.

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8. Surfshark VPN

surfshark vpn - best vpn in uae

Free trial: 7 days

Refund period: 30 days

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Speed: 324 Mbps

Servers: 3000

Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging policy: Yes

Based on: The British Virgin Islands

Streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu, DAZN, etc

Cheapest plan: Get Surfshark for $2.49 per month – save 81% on a two-year plan


  • Unlimited data
  • 7 days free trial
  • Excellent security and AES-256 bit encryption
  • Streaming and gaming optimized
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections


  • A free trial of over seven days requires upfront payment, but you will get it back

How good is Surfshark VPN for iPhone?

Surfshark VPN‘s teal and white color scheme look beautiful on iPhone’s screen. The controls look very simple, and the app is relatively easy to use.

In functionality terms, this app provides everything required for a great VPN. You won’t find it challenging to use, and there isn’t anything missing either.

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9. NordVPN

nordvpn - free vpn for uae

Refund period: 30 days

Data limit: Unlimited

Speed: 369 Mbps

Servers: 5500+

Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging policy: Yes

Based in: Panama

Streaming platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc

Cheapest plan: Get NordVPN for $3.99 per month


  • Multiple features for advanced users
  • Worldwide access
  • Excellent security of internet traffic


  • No real free trials

How good is NordVPN for iPhone?

NordVPN has plenty of features that make it great. It still fully secures your iPhone and iPad connections despite its simple design.

It has a nice look and a world map showing all of its server locations.

You can use NordVPN by using Siri voice command shortcuts to enjoy using NordVPN. It is also available on the Apple TV app store.

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10. CyberGhost VPN

cyberghostvpn - free vpn for uae

Free Trial: 7 days

Refund period: 45 days

Data limit: Unlimited

Speed: 548 Mbps

Servers: 7900+

Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging policy: Yes

Based in: Romania

Streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Hulu, DAZN, etc

Cheapest plan: Enjoy 3 Years of Unrivalled Anonymity for Only $2.29 per month


  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Vast server network
  • One of the most secure protocols and encryption
  • Streaming optimized servers


  • Payment is needed upfront to access longer trials

How good is CyberGhost VPN for iPhone?

CyberGhost VPN‘s iOS app looks excellent and simple simultaneously, thanks to its deep blue and yellow color scheme. No functionality is lost despite having an easy-to-use interface and simplistic design.

CyberGhost is excellent for restricted countries, thanks to a diverse network of fast servers. The optimized streaming servers are neatly sorted in a great overlay, and you can connect to a specific server of a location.

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How to install a free iPhone VPN?

iOS users can follow these simple steps to download a free iPhone VPN on iOS devices.

Step 1: Go to the App Store

Step 2: Search for your free iPhone VPN provider

Step 3: Tap on the “Get” button

Step 4: If it asks for confirmation, enter your ID code or fingerprint to download

Step 5: Wait for your iOS VPN app to download and launch it

Step 6: When it asks for device permissions, tap “Allow.”

Step 7: Log in or sign up for an account. There will be instructions on the screen.

Step 8: Tap the Quick connect button or select a VPN server

After these steps, you can download free version VPN apps on your iOS devices and use their free services.

Should you use a free iPhone VPN?

It depends. iPhone and iOS devices are increasingly popular. As a result, more and more people are looking for free iOS VPNs. While there are several VPN services available, most aren’t safe.

Some VPNs may have data limits or only offer a limited server location. Others may be less secure than paid options.

When choosing a free iPhone VPN service, it’s essential to consider your needs. Choose one that offers the right mix of security, speeds, and free servers. Once you’ve found a trustworthy VPN, you’ll unblock streaming sites and protect your internet connection.

Methodology – How do we choose the best free iPhone VPNs?

We take online privacy very seriously. We conducted thorough research using the best sources and first-hand testing to prepare this article.

How do we rank these VPNs?

The placement of every iPhone app here has a reason. These are the factors we considered:

  • Security protocols and encryption used to encrypt user data
  • The clarity in privacy policies and no-logs policies
  • DNS leak protection capability
  • Internet speeds and data limits
  • Full refund policy for 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free server quality
  • Adblocker, antivirus, or any available add-ons

These metrics are essential when rating any VPN for your iPhone and iPad. We also researched the amount of trust placed on these VPN providers. Other factors include server location diversity, app store reviews, user-friendly interface, fastest server speeds, performance in public wi-fi, etc.

We excluded VPNs that performed poorly or had lousy customer support and logging policy. Popular providers like VPN proxy master and Flash VPN are omitted here.

How do we collect our data?

We put them through several tests ourselves. We used the official site addresses of every VPN for gathering numerical data. We even paid for the services of some VPNs to see the difference between free and paid subscription models.

Since user privacy is the most important part, we read the privacy policies. We want to make sure that these VPNs aren’t selling user data to surf the web anonymously.

User reviews are crucial too. We put these VPN’s claims against user reviews to see if they are true. For example, we saw if a VPN unblocks Netflix as it says on its official website. We did the same thing with customer support as well.

We are active in some VPN Reddit communities like the subreddits- r/vpn and r/vpnreviews. We always interact with the real-world users there and gather feedback. [1]Reddit, “Reddit VPN Reviews, https://www.reddit.com/r/VPN/” [2]Reddit, “Reddit VPN Reviews, https://www.reddit.com/r/VPNreviews/”

We also connect with some experts who have researched and worked on VPNs for years. Adam Levin, the cybersecurity expert of Magical Media Studio, guides us on what to look for in a good VPN service. He is a highly experienced IT professional with incredible knowledge of online privacy.

We have also studied several research studies on the VPN and its security in iOS devices. A few of the studies that we have gone through before writing this list are:

  • “Investigation into the security and privacy of iOS VPN applications” – research conducted by Jack Wilson, David McLuskie, and Ethan Bayne at Abertay University, Dundee, UK. [3]Jack Wilson, David McLuskie, and Ethan Bayne. 2020. “Investigation into the security and privacy of iOS VPN applications. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Availability, … Continue reading
  • “Analysing Leakage during VPN Establishment in Public Wi-Fi Networks” – research conducted by C. Burkert, J. A. McDougall, H. Federrath, and M. Fischer at Universität Hamburg. [4]C. Burkert, J. A. McDougall, H. Federrath and M. Fischer, “Analysing Leakage during VPN Establishment in Public Wi-Fi Networks,” ICC 2021 – IEEE International Conference on … Continue reading

Every iOS app listed in this article has gone through meticulous tests. We are confident that the data of every virtual private network contained here are fully accurate and unbiased.

FAQs about free iPhone VPN

What is the best free iPhone VPN app?

ProtonVPN is the best free iOS VPN, in our opinion. It offers high-speed servers, unlimited data, and military-grade security features.

What’s the difference between a paid and free iPhone VPN?

Paid VPNs usually offer more features, server locations, unlimited data, and faster speeds. They also have more security features than free options.

Are free iPhone VPNs safe?

Some virtual private networks are safe even though they are free. But most of the VPNs for iPhones that are entirely free offer very little security. Premium VPN is always better than free ones.

If you use ProtonVPN’s free service, your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV can use its unlimited data allowance with a strict no-logs policy. You can unblock streaming platforms, access Netflix or BBC iPlayer, get private internet access, keep your network connection safer and improve online security.

Which is the fastest free iPhone VPN?

ProtonVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN are all very fast. There is no definitive answer as the speeds of VPNs can vary depending on many factors like your distance from the server and server load.

Which is the safest free iPhone VPN?

The safest VPNs with a strict no-logging policy are ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN, and ProtonVPN. These also have strong encryption to conceal your IP address and above-average speeds to use the internet safely and fast.

Is there a completely free iPhone VPN?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers its premium services for free when you use it on iPhones. With ProtonVPN Connect, you get unlimited data and speedy servers to ensure a safe connection.

Which free iOS VPN works in China?

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, SurfsharkVPN, Cyberghost VPN, ProtonVPN, etc work in China. We recommend using free trials of premium VPNs on your device for maximum security. Most free options have bad encryption, store logs, slow down your connection, and can’t unblock many sites.

Your network activity or IP address might often be spied on in China. So, be careful when using the free version of iOS VPN apps on Apple devices.

Can I use a free iPhone VPN for Netflix?

Yes, you can use free iPhone VPN apps for Netflix. But they are not very effective at giving Netflix libraries or other streaming websites. Take advantage of free trials of premium VPNs if you need to connect or get access to region-blocked streaming websites.

Final thoughts

Using a free iPhone VPN is a great way to stay secure and private online. But be careful when having a VPN connection using the free plan.

However, there are some great VPNs for iPhones out there. Try out a free plan to get started.

We recommend using a premium VPN or at least a free VPN app that encrypts data securely.

Do not trust free iOS-based VPNs in the app store that have bad reviews.

If you are not sure if a VPN is worth using, read user reviews to determine what other people think. Also, read the privacy policy to see how the company protects your personal information.

We hope you found this Dbd guide helpful. If you did, feel free to share it with your friends and have a safe browsing experience.

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