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How to Cancel all Etisalat Subscription in UAE?

Here is how to cancel all Etisalat Subscriptions

Etisalat has many expensive services that deduct high balances on a monthly or daily basis. So, you need to know how to cancel all Etisalat subscription plans that you are not using.

Many people cancel all Etisalat subscription plans when they are leaving the country temporarily. Similarly, some also do it when they find offers from other network providers that are more suitable for them.

Etisalat services can be deactivated at any time for both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. You can cancel call services, internet services, third-party services, and auto-renewal features on your own. Doing this will help you save money by getting rid of expensive subscriptions that you don’t use very often.

In this Dbd guide, you will learn how to easily cancel Etisalat subscription and auto-renewal services. Let’s see all the ways to deactivate all subscriptions of Etisalat.

How to cancel all Etisalat subscription in UAE?

To cancel the Etisalat subscription, you can go through three different methods. They are explained below:

Method 1: My Etisalat UAE app

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In this method, you must first download the “My Etisalat UAE” app and log in. If you have not created an account, you must register it by filling up a digital form.

After logging in, tap on the “Manage” tab and then tap on “Manage and deactivate” option. Then just choose any service you want to unsubscribe from, and you won’t be charged for it anymore.

Method 2: Call 101

In this method, all you have to do is make a call. Simply call 101 and get contacted by agents who will help you cancel the subscriptions. [1]Etisalat, “Cancel via 101, https://www.etisalat.ae/en/c/mobile/leaving-uae.jsp#:~:text=your%20monthly%20subscription%3F-,Call%20101,-Cancel%20your%20plan,”

Method 3: Customer care

You can also call 800101 to speak to the customer service agents and tell them to deactivate all subscriptions. Similarly, you can also dial *123*# to cancel Etisalat subscription that you are using currently. [2]Etisalat, “Cancel via agents, … Continue reading

 How to cancel auto-renewal services of Etisalat?

You can cancel the auto-renewal feature simply by dialing a certain code. Canceling this feature helps you save some money as Etisalat will not randomly activate any service that you are not willing to use.

You can dial *170*#to cancel the Etisalat auto-renewal feature. When this is done, they will ask you to renew the subscriptions each time they expire. [3]Etisalat, “Cancel auto-renewal, … Continue reading

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 FAQs on canceling Etisalat subscription

How do I check my Etisalat subscription?

To check all Etisalat subscriptions, download the Etisalat app and log in to your account. Then visit the account section to find a list of all active services. For full details, click on the view option located at the top right corner. You can also call at +971 800 5800 and ask them about the details of your active services.

How do I cancel my Etisalat monthly plan?

To cancel monthly subscriptions, dial 101 or 800 101 to contact Etisalat agents who will help you cancel the subscriptions. You can also dial *123*# to stop all the Etisalat services. Another way to cancel your monthly plan is from the “Manage” tab in the Etisalat app’s “Accounts” section.

How do I unsubscribe from 1111 Etisalat?

To unsubscribe from 1111 Etisalat, simply dial *123*# and follow the instructions. For example, if you want to turn off the ringtone, select it from the option and send it. You can also type “MCO” and text it to 1012 to unsubscribe from the 1111 Etisalat play zone.

Final thoughts

Etisalat has many services that can be activated on prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. These services cost a lot of money and can quickly eat away at your balance if you’re not careful.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to cancel all Etisalat subscription plans. There are several ways to do it, but we suggest you use the official Etisalat app which is more comprehensive and useful.

We hope our Dbd guide gave you a clear idea of how to deactivate all subscriptions of Etisalat. If it did, share the guide with people you know so that they can take advantage of it too.

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