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Etisalat Nepal Calling Offer from UAE (May 2024)

Latest Etisalat Nepal calling offer from UAE

Etisalat Nepal calling offer from UAE allows you to call major phone numbers in Nepal from the UAE. This is a great way to remain connected with family and friends back home without spending a lot on international tariffs.

Etisalat Nepal calling offer from UAE has the lowest international call rates out of any country, at just AED 0.32 per minute. This rate is the same no matter which network provider’s number you want to call. You can activate the offer from the Etisalat app, via dial code, or SMS code.

In this Dbd guide, you will learn how to activate the Etisalat Nepal call offer. You will also understand a few terms and conditions that you need to be aware of.

Let’s begin.

Etisalat Nepal calling offer from UAE

Etisalat has provided three international call offers for Nepal. These three offers have different prices, validity, and talk times. [1]Etisalat, “International call offer to Nepal, https://www.etisalat.ae/en/c/mobile/plans/international-voice-packs-for-prepaid.jsp#:~:text=99-,Nepal,-All%20Operators”

Have a look at the offers and choose which is the best one for yourself:

  • For 5 AED,you can buy 50 minutes of talk time which will be valid for 24 hours.
  • For 25 AED, you can buy 320 minutes of talk time which will be valid for 7 days.
  • For 79 AED, you can buy 1,100 minutes of talk time which will be valid for 28 days.

Now let’s see how you can activate these Etisalat call offers for Nepal.

How to activate an Etisalat Nepal call offer?

There are three methods in which you can activate Etisalat’s Nepal call offer. They are: [2]Etisalat. ae, “Activate Etisalat call offer to Nepal, … Continue reading

Method 1: My Etisalat UAE app

inarticle image-etisalat nepal calling offer from uae-app store screenshot

You can activate Nepal offers on the Etisalat UAE mobile app. You just need to install and sign up for the “My Etisalat UAE” app to take a look at all the offers and purchase one online.

Method 2: Call to activate

There is also a way to activate an Etisalat Nepal call offer without downloading the app. To do that, simply go to your dialpad and type the following:


After that, simply choose Nepal as your desired country. You can activate your offer quite simply and quickly this way.

Method 3: SMS activation service

The last method of activating Etisalat Nepal calling offer is through Etisalat’s SMS service.

First of all, open the messaging app and type the following text in your text box:


Then send this text to 1012. This way, you will be able to activate the calling service without downloading the app.

Additional benefits of Etisalat call offers for Nepal

Apart from getting cheaper rates, you will get more benefits when you activate the Nepal call offers. They are as follows:

  • If you use up all of your talk time, you will be able to renew your offer immediately.
  • You will get access to the auto-renewal option which will automatically renew your offer when the previous one expires.
  • The auto-renewal will take place only on the day you make a call to Nepal. It will not renew before that, which means it won’t be active when you don’t need to make calls.
  • You can call the phone numbers of all network operators in Nepal.

Terms and conditions for Etisalat International call offer for Nepal

Here are some terms and conditions for the Etisalat international call offer for Nepal:

  • Prepaid customers can activate the offer by simply making a call to Nepal.
  • That there will be a 5% VAT charged on your first call to Nepal.
  • Once activated, the offer will be valid for 24 hours before you have to renew your subscription.
  • All charges will take place on a per-minute basis.

Always remember these simple terms and conditions before you activate Etisalat call offers to Nepal.

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How do I activate Etisalat Nepal calling offer? 

You can activate calling offers to Nepal in three different methods. They are – via the My Etisalat app, by texting DI20 to 1012, and by dialing *101*24# on your dialer.

How much does Etisalat charge for international Nepal calls?

Etisalat charges 32 fils per minute for international Nepal calls. This is the cheapest rate out of all international offers by Etisalat.

How can I make a cheap call from Etisalat to Nepal?

You can make a cheap call to Nepal by using the Etisalat international call offers for Nepal. The offers have validity periods of 24 hours, 7 days, and 28 days.

Final thoughts

Etisalat Nepal calling offer from UAE is a very budget-friendly way to call your people back home in Nepal. With this, you will be able to call any number in Nepal without worrying about the high prices of international calls.

Now that you know how about the Etisalat call offers for Nepal and how to activate them, go ahead and choose the offer that is best for yourself!

Be sure to share this Dbd guide with the others around you so that they can call their families too. We’re sure they will appreciate your efforts!

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