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MOFA Attestation in UAE: Procedure, Fee, Location & More

Everything you need to know about MOFA attestation in UAE

When it comes to MOFA attestation UAE, there are a few things that residents need to know. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is responsible for MOFA UAE attestation.

If you are an expat in UAE or are moving to the country, you’ll need your documents attested. The process of MOFA attestation UAE can be completed online or in person.

The MOFA attestation UAE procedure is to certify that certain documents are authentic and have been issued by the relevant authority.

Such documents are required for the UAE embassy to be able to process visas, permits, employment, etc.

This Dbd guide will outline the process, fees, and other necessary things about MOFA UAE attestation.

What is the MOFA attestation UAE procedure?

Before you start the process of MOFA attestation, there are some things you need to take note of.

Your information and original documents must be correct and valid to be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs successfully. Any inaccuracy will make document attestation impossible.

If the certificate is not valid, you may even face legal consequences from the department. You can begin the procedure if all documents required for attestation procedures are valid.

The MOFA attestation UAE procedure is very simple. The following are the steps to complete the MOFA or embassy attestation procedure in the UAE:

Step 1. Log in or register

First, you must register or log in to the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation (MOFAIC) website. To log in as an individual, you can use your UAE PASS. For companies, you must provide your email address and password after registering. [1] Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, “Registration/Login, www.mofaic.gov.ae/Account/Login”

Step 2. Choose the service

Once you have registered or logged in, go to the “Individual or Companies” service list. Then choose “Attestation of Official Documents, Certificates, and Commercial Invoices” and click “Start Service.”

Step 3. Choose the attestation location

Then choose one of the attestation locations. If your documents need attestation by MoFAIC inside UAE, select “Customer Happiness Centres in the UAE.” If your documents need attestation from UAE embassies abroad, choose “UAE Embassy or Consulate abroad.”

Step 4. Choose documents

Choose the type of document you want to have attested as well as the number of copies.

Step 5. Payment

The next step is to provide your courier details. After that is done, you can pay the necessary fees to complete the procedure.

Once you pay the fees, you will get an email and SMS. These will have a reference number and transaction information. [2]Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, “Official Documents, Certificates, and Commercial Invoices Attestation, … Continue reading

You can track your application via the reference number provided to you. The whole process is relatively straightforward and should not take more than a few days.

There is something you must know if you are submitting a document that was issued in the country outside UAE. The document must have been attested by the MOFA or UAE embassy in the home country. [3]Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, “Official Documents, Certificates and Commercial Invoices Attestation, … Continue reading

In some countries, you may not find a UAE mission for attestation. In that case, please reach out to the MOFIAC from their website’s “Contact us” page or call +97180044444. [4]Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, “Official Documents, Certificates and Commercial Invoices Attestation, … Continue reading

While applying for certificate attestation in Dubai, the documents required cannot be laminated. They must also be in Arabic or English language.

Who can apply for MOFA attestation services in UAE?

Several individuals or organizations can avail the MOFA attestation UAE services.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE provides attestation facilities to people based on their needs. The UAE MOFA can attest individual certificates, commercial documents, and invoices.

The parties that can apply for MOFA attestation UAE can be categorized into four groups:

  • Individuals
  • Private Companies
  • Foreign Missions in UAE
  • Government Entities

What is the MOFA attestation UAE fee?

The MOFA attestation fee in UAE is AED 150 per document for individuals. The cost for the foreign affairs attestation for all documents will remain the same.

For commercial documents, the fee is AED 2,000. Like with the certificates of individuals, the MOFA attestation UAE fee is the same for all commercial documents. [5]Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, “Attestations Guide, https://www.mofaic.gov.ae/en/Services/Forms/attestations-guide”

For invoices, the fees depend on the amount of the invoice mentioned on the documents attested. The lowest price is AED 100, and the highest is AED 3,000, with invoices issued outside UAE being cheaper.

Where are the MOFA UAE attestation centers?

mofa attestation uae - mofa uae attestation locations

The MOFA attestation centers are located in all seven emirates of the UAE. Highly populated cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman have multiple attestation centers.

Many private companies also offer door-to-door services for MOFA attestation in UAE. These companies are authorized to provide services to those who cannot visit the attestation centers.

Some popular and highly-rated attestation centers in major locations inside the UAE are:

1. Abu Dhabi – Prime Global Attestation Service

Location: 105 Al Rai St, Mohamed Bin Zayed City, ME-11, Abu Dhabi

Contact: +971 56 998 6516

2.Al Ain – Elite Legal Translation

Location: Building No.63 Al Mutawaa, Oud Al Touba, Al Ain

Contact: +971 55 915 2014

3. Ajman – FZ Typing Center

Location: 6th Floor – Office # 612, B1 Building, Free Zone, Ajman

Contact: +971 55 278 8809

4. Dubai – Genius Attestation & Apostille Services Dubai

Location: Suite #1209, Mai Tower, Al Nahda 1, Dubai

Contact: +971 800 8880888

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5. Fujairah – Saif Business Service Centre L.L.C

Location: First floor, Emirates Islamic Bank Building, Near Labor Office

Contact: +971 50 390 3438, +971 55 245 3438

6. Raz Al Khaimah – RAK Economic Zone

Location: Al Mamourah Street, Ras Al-Khaimah

Contact: +971 7 204 1111

7. Sharjah – Genius Attestation & Apostille Services Sharjah

Location: CM5, M floor, Damas Building, Sharjah

Contact: +971 50 567 0117

What documents can be attested by the MOFA?

UAE MOFA attestation is possible for documents issued inside and outside the UAE. The documents that are eligible for MOFA attestation in the UAE are listed below:

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate issued from UAE for UAE nationals or non-UAE nationals
  • Court issued certificates
  • Document of fingerprint
  • Educational/degree certificate
  • Employment contract
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Judicial rulings
  • Marriage contract
  • Medical report
  • Police report
  • General power of attorney (non-commercial enterprise)
  • Single-purpose power of attorney (ex: selling a car)
  • To whom it may concern certificates
  • Work experience certificates

In addition, attestation of a loss of a foreign passport by the ministry of foreign affairs is also possible.

Similarly, attestation of the commercial documents is also possible. Here are the commercial documents that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can attest to:

  • Commercial agency to franchise products to be sold within the country
  • Board of directors’ decisions
  • Achievements of projects that have been completed each individually
  • Adjustment of capital share
  • Trading license
  • Article of association
  • Cancellation of commercial licenses and agencies
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Commercial brand, agency, licenses, and capital
  • Company’s closure, new set-up contract, and commercial registrar
  • Corporate financial budget for each fiscal year
  • Copy of a commercial agency attested before
  • Document attested outside
  • End-user certificate
  • New partner entry
  • Financial statements
  • Free sale certificate
  • ISO Certificate
  • Patent registration
  • Pledged certificate to open a branch
  • Price list
  • Recording new product
  • Private or public commercial agency (extraction licenses, appointing managers, opening new branches, and quotas circuit)

FAQs MOFA attestation

Is MOFA attestation mandatory?

Yes, MOFA attestation is mandatory in many cases. MOFA or embassy attestation is required to complete the process of document validation.

How many days does it take to get MOFA UAE attestation?

It only takes 12 minutes if you visit a Customer Happiness Centre. However, it takes 3 to 5 working days to deliver within the UAE if you use delivery services.

What is the process of MOFA attestation in UAE?

The process of MOFA attestation UAE involves creating an account and choosing the documents to attest. Then you pay the necessary fees for finalization.

How much does MOFA certificate attestation UAE cost?

MOFA attestation costs between AED 100 and AED 3,000 in UAE. Please note that it is cheaper to have foreign documents attested when compared to UAE-issued documents.

What are the MOFA UAE attestation requirements?

For the process of attestation in UAE, the fees and legal documents are all you require. But it is a rule that the document cannot be laminated and must have no inaccuracies.

Final thoughts

The MOFA attestation UAE is a simple process and can be done quickly with the correct information. You can follow the steps mentioned above to get your documents attested by the ministry.

We encourage you to use the online portal for MOFA UAE attestation and use a reliable company to get your documents attested. Applications for attestation can be made at any of the regional centers located throughout the UAE.

Some certified documents include school transcripts, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. MOFA UAE attestation fees vary depending on the type and number of documents authenticated.

The steps for attestation may vary slightly depending on the type of document. But now that you know the general procedure, you’ll be able to get your documents attested without any problems.

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