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10+ Best Lebanese Restaurants in Dubai: Price, Location & More

Explore the best Lebanese restaurants in Dubai

Lebanese cuisine has gained immense popularity in recent years in the Emirate. The best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai provides customers with authentic Arabic and Lebanese cuisine.

Several Lebanese restaurants in Dubai serve popular dishes like Shawarma, Falafel, Baklava, and more. Among numerous eateries, Al Safadi, Al Hallab, and ZouZou are some popular names serving Middle Eastern cuisine.

We created this list of Dubai’s best Lebanese restaurants through an extensive process. We personally visited the restaurants and considered our taste evaluation.

We also gathered information via reputed food blogs, online reviews, and food critic recommendations. Furthermore, factors like ambiance, service quality, and value for money were also considered.

11 top Lebanese food places in Dubai

Lebanese cuisine is a popular and beloved delicious food choice in Dubai, with many options. Here are the 11 best places to eat Lebanese food in Dubai to explore and enjoy.

1. Al Safadi Restaurant

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Al Safadi Restaurant

Al Safadi Restaurant, established in 2000, is one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. 

The restaurant first opened its door on Al Rigga Road in ‘old Dubai.’ They cater to businesses, government officials, locals, and tourists.

Al Safadi offers a diverse menu, with dishes like Hummus Balila, Zaatar, Tabouleh, Fatoush, and Lamb Biryani. Also, their signature items include Kebabs and Lamb with cheese.

Besides the dine-in option, Safadi provides delivery and catering services.

2. Al Hallab Restaurant & Sweets

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Al Hallab Restaurant & Sweets

Al Hallab is a Lebanese grill restaurant founded in Tripoli, Lebanon, in 1881.

The restaurant later expanded to Dubai in 2002 and now has four locations across the city. You can find Al Hallab across places like Dubai Mall, the Mall of Emirates, and more.

At Al Hallab, customers can enjoy a range of Mediterranean-style dishes like Shankleesh, Shish Tawouk, and grilled seafood. Accompany them with their sweet menu of Hallawet Algeben, Mafroukeh, Jazareiah, and Baklawah.

With its long-standing reputation and hospitable staff, Al Hallab is a popular Lebanese restaurant in Dubai.

3. ZouZou Turkish & Lebanese Restaurant: Fine dining Lebanese restaurant

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - ZouZou Turkish & Lebanese Restaurant_ Fine dining Lebanese restaurant

ZouZou is a fusion restaurant that combines the best Turkish and Lebanese food.

ZouZou draws inspiration from the rich history of both cuisines to create a unique dining experience. Their menu includes popular items like Kavurma, Muhammara, Mix platter, and Lamb chops. 

You can find this restaurant around Dubai in locations like Dubai Mall, The Beach, and more. Go and explore the best of two civilizations at ZouZou.

4. Zaroob

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Zaroob

Zaroob is a Lebanese restaurant with over ten years of experience in Dubai. It is known for its fabulous décor and ample seating area.

Diners can enjoy healthy Lebanese food such as Hummus with meat, Manakeesh, Fava, Fatteh, and Koshari. Also, the portions are generous, providing good value for money.

With its long-standing reputation and diverse menu, Zaroob has been Dubai’s favorite Middle Eastern restaurant.

5. Allo Beirut: Lebanese street food in Dubai

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Allo Beirut_ Lebanese street food in Dubai

Allo Beirut has multiple locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Their menu offers a unique blend of street food and dining experiences.

We recommend you try their Emirate favorite stuffed lamb, moudammas, falafel sandwich, and shawarma. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and is perfect for groups and families, with large portions and seating areas.

Online ordering, drive through is also available, making Allo Beruit convenient if you want to enjoy food on the go.

6. Al Mallah Dhiyafah: Cheap Lebanese restaurant in Dubai

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Al Mallah Dhiyafah_ Cheap Lebanese restaurant in Dubai

Al Mallah Dhiyafah is an Arabic and Lebanese food restaurant chain founded in 1979. It has branches in Dubai and Sharjah, serving various pastries, shawarmas, grills, etc.

With over 150 menu items, customers can enjoy a variety of dishes, as well as signature cocktails and mocktails. Popular menu items in Al Mllah are Manakees, Fattoush, Cheesebread, and more.

7. Al Falamank: Locally sourced Lebanese ingredients in Dubai

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Al Falamank_ Locally sourced Lebanese ingredients in Dubai

Al Falamanki Dubai serves the best Lebanese food with locally sourced ingredients from the country’s villages.

Some of the popular Lebanese food menu items include Mankoshi, Falafel pizza, and Mankouche zaatar. 

The restaurant’s well-decorated space features a backyard garden. You can enjoy and play cards or backgammon while enjoying special tea and desserts.

Moreover, Valet parking is also available for your convenience.

8. Wafi Gourmet

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Wafi Gourmet

Wafi Gourmet is a leading Lebanese restaurant that was established in 2001. With four locations across the UAE, including Sunset Mall and National Towers, customers can enjoy authentic Lebanese food.

Their authentic menu offers a variety of hot and cold Mezze, Kebabs, Shawarma, and fish dishes.

At Wafi Gourmet, customers can dine and relax in a cozy atmosphere. With live cooking, customers can watch as their food is perfectly prepared.

9. Mezze House: Lebanese grilled meat in Dubai

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Mezze House_ Lebanese grilled meat in Dubai

Mezza House is a luxurious Lebanese-style restaurant offering delicious Syrian and authentic Lebanese cuisine.

Located with a view of Burj Khalifa, it provides a perfect setting for a fine dining experience. Moreover, the restaurant also features karaoke entertainment, perfect for groups and families.

You can enjoy special items like hummus, stuffed lamb, fried kobbeh, and mixed grill platter. With authentic food and an amazing view, Mezze House is worth a visit.

10. Barbar

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Barbar

Barbar, a street food franchise from Beirut, Lebanon, has been offering tasty meals since 1979. The restaurant has since expanded to eight locations in the UAE, KSA, and Lebanon.

Barbar features unique Arabic selections like Manousheh, Thyme, Minced meat, and Shawarma.

Besides the amazing food, customers can enjoy convenient parking facilities and receive outstanding customer service from the friendly staff.

11. Grand Café: Lebanese shisha cafe in Dubai

inarticle image-best lebanese restaurant in dubai - Grand Café_ Lebanese shisha cafe in Dubai

Grand Café is a Lebanese restaurant chain that originates in Beirut. It is known for its rich and appealing tastes, enticing colors, and live music.

Grand Cafe offers menu items inspired by the family dining style. You can expect signature dishes like Fatteh, Mouajanat, Grills, and Middle Eastern teas.

Besides food, the restaurant also offers valet parking services and free Wi-Fi for a convenient dining experience.

How much does a Lebanese meal cost in restaurants in Dubai?

The cost of dining at Dubai’s best Lebanese restaurants can vary depending on location and menu. We’ve averaged the cost for meals, dessert, and drinks for two people.

Prices for a main course at a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai can range anywhere from 100 AED to 250 AED. However, affordable restaurants can cost around 100 AED, and premium places cost 800 AED.

Some popular items on the menu are:

  • Shawarma
  • Falafel
  • Fatteh
  • Mouajanat

You can opt for Lebanese buffet restaurants if you’re on a budget. There are plenty of cheap Lebanese restaurants that serve generous quantities. These restaurants generally feature Lebanese breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

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What is traditional Lebanese food?

Spices, nuts, olive oil, and creamy elements characterize traditional Lebanese food. Traditional meats in the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai include mutton, lamb, and goat, etc.

What is the most popular Lebanese dish?

The two most popular Lebanese dishes are falafel and shawarma. Falafel is made from ground chickpeas, herbs, and spices formed into deep-fried balls. While shawarma consists of roasted meat (chicken or lamb) that is shaved off and served in a wrap. [1]Food and Agriculture, “Falafel, https://www.fao.org/3/bc108e/bc108e.pdf”

What are Lebanese sweets called?

Lebanese sweets are commonly known as “halaweh” or “halva.” Some popular sweet dishes are baklava, maamoul, and more.

Final thoughts

Lebanese cuisine is a delicious and diverse blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors.

It features an array of ingredients, such as fragrant spices and herbs. From street food to fine dining experiences, Lebanese restaurants in Dubai cater to all preferences. 

The best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai offers popular dishes like falafel, shawarma, and hummus. We hope this Dbd guide on the best place to eat Lebanese food in Dubai has helped you make the right choice. 

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