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du Data Offers: Special Data Package Offers (April 2024)

All the du data offers for prepaid and postpaid users

Wondering about du data offers? If so, you have landed in the right place. du mobile data offer helps people in UAE call their loved ones or use internet services cheaply.

They are one of the largest networks in UAE for over a decade. They have received such feat due to their customers’ satisfaction through great service and awesome offers.

du data plans are an excellent way of saving money while browsing the internet. You can choose from a variety of offers that are one-time or recurring. Learn all about these offers, along with the activation and deactivation process.

This Dbd guide will provide you with an in-depth guide on all the du data package. Also, you’ll get insights on du daily data package, monthly data offer, and how to activate data offer on du SIM.

What are du data offers?

The du network offers various data plans and packs. They have new offers for festive, regular, and other months.

They have provided remarkable customer service in terms of home services help and online services help. This is especially useful to people with du numbers since they can buy data offers and get complete help and assistance from the network.

Moreover, du keeps on upgrading its offers to attract more customers. The most common offer they have is the daily, monthly, and weekly data packages for both prepaid and postpaid.

Daily du data offers

Some customers do not want to buy a subscription that lasts for a long time. So, du’s daily offers are best for those people.

Arguably, the daily data offer is the most famous offer the network with their clients. This is mainly because the daily data package offers many benefits, like internet services and data offers.

Moreover, it is cheaper than most other packages, making it a great deal.

  1. Daily prepaid data offers
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For prepaid SIM cards, du offers two daily data plans. This offer lets you make voice and video calls from your mobile.

For the cost of 5.25 AED, you get 1 GB of daily data. To activate this offer go to your dialer and call *135*35#. Also, you can subscribe by sending “DCIP” and send it to 1012. [1]du, “du daily pack, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/internet-calling-app#:~:text=dial%20*135*35%23%20to%20activate”

Also, you can purchase data packages of small volumes from the list of data offers. You can access this list after dialing *135# in the data offers. They are listed below as:

  • 60 MB data for 2.1 AED
  • 100 MB data for 3.15 AED
  • 150 MB data for 4.2 AED
  • 120 MB social media data for 2.1 AED
  • 200 MB social media data for 3.15 AED
  • 300 MB social media data for 4.2 AED
  • (200 MB data + 200 MB social media data) for 26.25 AED
  1. Daily postpaid data offers

The network does not have any daily offers for postpaid SIM holders. If you buy postpaid plans from du, you will only get monthly offers, not daily or weekly data plans.

Weekly du data offers

Some people would find it beneficial to buy weekly or monthly offers instead of taking daily packages every day. This offer also includes prepaid and postpaid data packages.

You can easily enhance your plan from daily to weekly almost immediately without any restrictions.

  1. du prepaid weekly data offers

du occasionally announces weekly data offers, unlimited bundles, and tourist offers. However, when writing this guide, they do not have weekly data offers for prepaid users.

  1. du postpaid weekly data offers

du does not have any weekly offers for postpaid sim holders. You can only get postpaid offers in their monthly data plans.

Monthly du data offers

Usually, people staying in UAE for more than a month opt for the du monthly data package. This offer also provides data packages for both prepaid and postpaid numbers.

  1. Monthly prepaid data offers
inarticle image-du data offers-SMS 1015 ICP

Also, there are several monthly data plans for prepaid plans subscribers. To activate du monthly pack for prepaid users, you can SMS “ICP” to 1012. With this package, you will get unlimited voice and video calls. [2], “Monthly payment, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/internet-calling-app#:~:text=Monthly%20Pack%20for%20Prepaid%20%26%20Postpaid”

Also, there are monthly volume packages for prepaid customers you can browse from *135#. They are listed below as:

(500 MB data + 500 MB social media data) for 57.75 AED

(1.1 GB data + 1.1 GB social media data) for 115.5 AED

(5 GB data + 3 GB social media data) for 220.5 AED

(25 GB data + 15 GB social media data) for 551.25 AED

  1. Monthly postpaid data offers
inarticle image-du data offers-SMS Data

Like prepaid users, du also offers various monthly data recurring packages for postpaid users. There are several packages for postpaid users. Let’s look into these packages along with price. [3]du, “Monthly postpaid pack, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/data/databundles#:~:text=Monthly%20data%20packs%20for%20Postpaid”

  • 160 MB data for 20 AED (SMS activation: “Data 160MBA R” to 1355)
  • 1 GB data for 20 AED (SMS activation: “Data 1GBA R” to 1355)
  • 3 GB data for 100 AED (SMS activation: “Data 3GBA R” to 1355)
  • 6 GB data for 150 AED (SMS activation: “Data 6GBA R” to 1355)
  • 10 GB data for 200 AED (SMS activation: “Data 10GBA R” to 1355)
  • 40 GB data for 500 AED (SMS activation: “Data 40GBA R” to 1355)

Also, you can add booster data packages to the end of the billing cycle. You can only buy this package only once a month. Let’s look into them.

  • One-time data package of 3 GB for 70 AED
  • One-time data package of 8 GB for 120 AED
  • One-time data package of 12 GB for 160 AED

Yearly du data offers

  1. Prepaid yearly plans

With the Flexi plans, you can subscribe to a yearly package with voice, internet calling, and data plans. The best part is you get double data and a 50% discount on the actual price. Let’s look into the prices and data packages.[4]du, “du prepaid yearly plans, https://shop.du.ae/en/personal/s-du-prepaid-flexi-plans”

  • (1 GB + 1 GB) data for a price of 24.5 AED monthly (318.5 per year)
  • (2 GB + 2 GB) data for a price of 39.5 AED monthly (513.5 per year)
  • (3 GB + 3 GB) data for a price of 49.5 AED monthly (643.5 per year)
  • (5 GB + 5 GB) data for a price of 69.5 AED monthly (903.5 per year)
  1. Postpaid yearly plans

At the moment, there are no yearly data plans for postpaid users. We’ll include the postpaid yearly plans when they are published.

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FAQs on du data offer

How to check du data offers?

Du provides several data packages and various offers to its customers. To check the offers, go to your dialer and call *135# and browser available services. Another way to check the offers is by navigating their website or app. Go to the website and browse the mobile plans or offers sections. Similarly, you can look for offers after installing the official du mobile application.

How to deactivate data offer in du?

You can manage your services relating to du offers from your dialer. Also, you can browse any subscribed data offers using *135#. After selecting the data bundle, you get the option to unsubscribe from the offer.

How can I get unlimited data on du?

If you want an unlimited package, you can purchase it by dialing *135#. You can choose to get either monthly or weekly packages. You can also choose to get unlimited data for 1 hour or 2 hours by dialing *135#.

How can I activate 1 GB per day in du?

You can activate 1 GB of internet per day in du by sending a text message “DCIP” to 1012. Also, you can activate this service via phone dialer by calling *135*35#. You’ll have to pay 5.25 AED to use this service. [5]du, “du daily pack, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/internet-calling-app#:~:text=dial%20*135*35%23%20to%20activate”

Final thoughts

The du network has various data plans and benefits for its customers like the du data offers. These data packages vary daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly for prepaid and postpaid users. Also, they are beneficial for people visiting the UAE.

All users can activate the recharge data offer anytime. Also, if you are dissatisfied with the offer, you can cancel your subscription or deactivate the package immediately.

We hope this Dbd guide has helped you find the right du mobile data offer. Make sure to share this guide to help your friends and family.

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