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du International Call Offer (July 2024 Updates)

List of du international call offers for different countries

Looking for du international call offer? If yes, you have come to the right place. To subscribe to international call offers, there is an easy step you need to follow. You can save a lot on your phone bills with their exciting offers.

du international call package offers are the best option for UAE residents to call their friends and family outside UAE. You can learn about rates and countries eligible for du offers. Also, we’ll look into how to activate this offer.

This Dbd guide will provide complete information on various countries’ du international call offers. So, let’s get started.

du international call offer

du is a popular telecom company that provides packages and call options to its clients to call their loved ones internationally. du provides call discounts in over 100 countries in the International Savings Offer. [1]du, “du International Savings Offer, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/international-savings-offer”

They provide services to clients to call many countries, such as Nepal, India, Pakistan, and more. Now, let’s look into some of the international offers.

1. du International call offer to Nepal

inarticle image-du international call offer-1 Nepal Flag

Many people from Nepal work in UAE as they provide some of the largest employment opportunities to Nepal. You can call Nepal from du telecom at 63 fils per minute (5%VAT included). However, to use this offer, you need to be a customer of any Pay As You Go or Alo Plan. To activate, dial *135*97# and enjoy the plan. [2]du, Call plan for Nepal, … Continue reading

Also, with the Call home for less plan, you can call Nepal is a low rate. With this plan, you pay a flat fee of 1.05 AED at first and 38 fils per minute as you go. Furthermore, this offer is applicable both during the day and at night. [3]du, “Call home for less, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/call-home-for-less”

Thanks to this, you can now stay in touch with people in Nepal easily and affordably. You can call Nepal Telecom, Smarttel, and Ncell networks from the UAE at discounted rates with these plans.

2. du international call offer to India

inarticle image-du international call offer-2 India Flag

Just like Nepal, du telecommunication offers international call offers to India. du international minutes offer to India provides cheap plans to Indian networks such as BSNL, Jio, VI, Airtel, and more.

The discounted rate to make voice calls to India is 38 fils per minute. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *135*70#. Also, the Indian mobile network is eligible for the Call home for less plan.

These plans are perfect for people who have come to UAE from India to earn money. They can use this plan to stay in touch with their family and friends back home without worrying about the cost.

3. du international call offer to Pakistan

inarticle image-du international call offer-3 flag of Pakistan

The du offer call package to Pakistan is 38 fils per minute. As there are many Pakistani workers in the UAE, du provides call packages to Pakistan from UAE. This offer applies to Pakistan’s four major mobile networks, Zong, Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor.

This offer provides a great opportunity for those with relatives or friends living in Pakistan who want to stay connected. Activate this offer easily from your dialer by calling *135*70#. In addition, mobile network in Pakistan is eligible for the Call home for less plan.

4. du international call offer to Bangladesh

inarticle image-du international call offer- 4 Bangladesh

du telecom has amazing call package to Bangladesh, as many people from Bangladesh come to the UAE for work. They need a way to call people back home, so du offers a discounted rate to call Bangladesh.

For 38 fils per minute, you can easily call the major Bangladesh mobile networks. Just make sure to recharge your SIM with enough balance. To activate this offer, just dial *135*70# to activate the offer and select option 1. [4]du, “Kabayan Bundle, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/kabayan-bundle-data-pack”

5. du international call offer to the Philippines

inarticle image-du international call offer- 5 Philippines

Thedu call offer to the Philippines is another exciting call offer for workers in the UAE. You easily connect with friends and relatives in the Philippines through this offer.

In this international call offer, you can connect to the Philippines in 95 fils per minute. Furthermore, you can easily activate this plan by dialing *135*70#. After that, press 1 to confirm and activate the service.

There is another special Kabayan Bundle where you can connect to the Philippines. For the cost of 3 AED per day, you get 30 minutes and 30 SMS along with other features. To activate this service, you need to dial *143# and choose option 1.

6. du international call offer to Egypt

inarticle image-du international call offer-6 Egypt

Like in other countries, the du company provides a telecommunication plan to Egypt. The discounted rate for calling into Egypt is 63 fils per minute.

This plan is for you if you are a worker from Egypt in the UAE. You can easily activate this plan by dialing *135#.

7. du international call offer to Afghanistan

inarticle image-du international call offer-7 Afghanistan

du company provides a discounted rate for calls to Afghanistan. You can call at the rate of 95 fils per minute. Activate this plan by dialing *135# and follow further instructions.

Afghanistan is also eligible for the Call home for less plan. With this offer, you can make calls to Afghanistan in 38 fils per minute after a 1.05 AED flat fee.

However, this plan only applies to networks MTN, Roshan, Afghan Telecom, Wasel, and AWCC. Also, numbers beginning from +9378 are not eligible for this offer.

Hence these are the international calls offers from UAE to other countries via du telecommunication. These call packages help people from several countries to talk to their friends and families.

The call rates are also quite cheap. Also, the telecom offers exciting offers and discounts to their customers.

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FAQs on du international calling offer

How to activate du international calling offer?

To activate the international calling offer, dial *135*70# and choose option 1. Now, you can call the country of your choice in a discounted rate.[5]du, “International savings offer, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/international-savings-offer”

How do I activate the du 5 fils offer?

You can activate the du five fils offer by dialing *800#. With this offer, you can browse or download with speeds up to 3 Mbps for a four-hour period. There is a minimum chargeable 15 minutes after you activate the service. [6]du, “Activate du 5 fils, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/special … Continue reading

How can I buy international minutes in du?

You can buy international minutes in du by dialing *135*70#. The international call offer is valid for over 100 countries. Make sure to check if the country you want to connect with is eligible for this offer.

How do I know if my international call offer is activated?

You will receive a confirmation SMS after the offer is activated. Make sure to you have dialed *135# and made the correct choice.

What is the cheapest du international call offer?

The cheapest du international call offer is 38 fils per minute. This rate is applicable to Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, and India.

Final thoughts

du international call offer is very beneficial to the people living in UAE to call their friends and families abroad. So if you are thinking of calling your friends and families, we recommend you give a chance to du international call package a chance and let us know how it went.

The prices are charged per minute and vary according to the country you will be connecting to. Also, it’s easy to activate and use.

We hope this Dbd guide has helped you about du international call offers. If you’ve any queries about du offers, feel free to comment below. Also, share this guide with your friends and family.

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