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du Nepal Calling Offer from UAE (July 2024 Updates)

Call Nepal for just 2 fils per minute using du, also learn about amazing call offers to Nepal

Many Nepalese expats use du Nepal calling offer from UAE to stay connected with their friends and family. These call offers and packages help Nepalese workers to talk with their loved ones without compromising on the price.

du call offers for Nepal are easy to purchase. You can activate them simply through your dial pad. Also, we’ll look into different international call plans to help you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

This Dbd guide will provide you with all the details on activating call offers to Nepal. We will also show you how to take advantage of their bulk offers by buying the international minutes offer.

What is du call offer?

du is a popular telecommunication service in UAE that provides amazing services to their customer. Services include call plans, data plans, internet, and more. Also, they have voice plans for local and international calls.

In terms of international calling rates, du offers excellent calling rates. At the moment, du supports more than 100 countries in its international call offers. Some popular countries are Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and more.[1]du, “du international call eligible countries, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/international-savings-offer”

However, the discounted rates may vary according to country ranging from 0.38 AED to 1.89 AED per minute. Now, let us look at the du Nepal calling offer from UAE.

du Nepal calling offer from UAE

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Many Nepalese people travel to UAE or the middle east for foreign employment. While living there, they want to communicate with their family and friends back home.

This has been made much easier with the du Nepal calling offer from UAE. du provides their call offer for all popular mobile networks of Nepal.

You can choose from one-time offers, daily offers, or various call packages. Also, you can subscribe and deactivate these offers anytime. Now, let’s look into the du-call offers for Nepal.

1. Call home for less plan

With this offer, you can easily make calls to Nepal. Also, the offer is designed to promote international calling at a low rate. du supports total of 8 countries in this offer.

You can enjoy calls to Nepal only in 38 fils per minute. However, a setup charge of 1.05 AED is added when you activate to service. Thereafter, you only pay 38 fils per minute as you go.

The best part is you don’t have to pay any extra taxes as 5% VAT is included in the pricing. Also, you can activate this service anytime, day or night.

To activate the service, go to your phone dialer. Type *135*30# and call, press 1, and send to activate the service. Also, to learn more about this offer, you can dial *135*7# and press 2.[2]du, “du’s Call home for less, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/call-home-for-less”

2. International calling offer for Nepal

To help the Nepalese workers, du as a special call offer designed for Nepal. With this plan, you can call any number in Nepal for a discounted rate of 32 fils per minute.

However, you need to be a prepaid customer of the Pay AS You Go or Alo Plan. Also, the VAT of 5% is included in the offer. To activate the offer, go to your dialer and call *135*97#.[3]du, “International calling offer for Nepal, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/internationalcallingoffernepal.”

3. International savings offer

This is another excellent du Nepal calling offer from UAE. Also, this offer supports more than 100 countries. The best part is you pay as much as you talk, or you simply pay for the number of seconds you talk.

In the case of Nepal, you need to pay, 63 fils per minute while using this offer. You can subscribe to this offer without any hidden costs or fees. To subscribe, simply dial *135*70# and choose option 1. [4]du, “du international savings offer, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/international-savings-offer”

This is a great du Nepal call offer as you pay in seconds. Also, this plan includes VAT, saving you from hidden costs. Now, let’s look into some daily international call offers.

4. Daily international calling offers

These daily call offers can save you a lot in calls. You can subscribe to these plans and talk up to 2 fils per minute. Let’s look into the plans

  1. Call at 2 fils per minute: For a flat charge of 1 AED, you can call at 2 fils per minute for 24 hours.
  2. Call at 5 fils per minute: For a flat charge of 2 AED, you can call at 5 fils per minute for 24 hours.
  3. Call at 10 fils per minute: For a flat charge of 3 AED, you can call at 10 fils per minute for 24 hours.

To subscribe to these plans, call *135# from your dialer. Send 1 to select International Offers and 2 to select International Daily Offers. There you can select the daily plans and subscribe them.

So whether you need to catch up with family or check in with friends from UAE to Nepal, du has you covered. Hence, you can select one of the above-mentioned du call offers to Nepal from the UAE.

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How can I check my 5 fils offer in du?

You can check if your 5 fils offer has been accepted by calling *800#. Call and select the option that let you see whether or not your call offer is active. [5], du.ae, “Check your activation, … Continue reading

How can I get a 7 fils offer in du?

You can get a du 7 fils offer from your mobile by dialing *135*30# and clicking button 1. You will find different offers such as 5 fils offer, 7 fils offer or 500, 1000 and 2000 minutes plan. To deactivate, simply dial *135*30# and click3. [6]du.ae, “Activate fils offer, … Continue reading

How can I activate the 10 fils offer in du?

Just like other fils, you can activate the 10 fils offer from your dial pad. After you make the call, select International Offers followed by International Daily Offers.

How can I call du to Nepal?

To call from du network to Nepal, you have to dial *135*97#.

Final thoughts

So if you are in UAE and to make calls in Nepal, then you must be aware of the du Nepal call offer from UAE. du mobile network has provided tons of amazing international call offers that you can call various countries in Asia.

So take advantage of the du call offers for Nepal and connect with your family and friends daily.

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