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du Bangladesh Calling Offer From UAE (June 2024 Updates)

Affordable ways of calling Bangladesh using du, find about international offers starting from 2 fils per minute

Learn everything about du Bangladesh calling offer from UAE. You can stay connected with your loved ones with du Bangladesh call offer.

du offers convenient call plans for Bangladesh that can be activated by dialing a code on your phone. du also has different international call plans that can help you save money on your calls.

You can call almost every day without spending too much money with the help of these international plans. This Dbd guide will provide you with all the details on how to do so.

Now, let’s look into these awesome deals.

What is du call offer?

The du call offer is a service provided by the telecommunication company du in the United Arab Emirates. This plan allows subscribers to make local or international calls at a discounted rate.

There are two types of du call offers, one for local calls within the UAE. Another for international calls from the UAE to foreign countries. You can get a cheap call plan from international call offers.

du offers international calling rates to more than 100 countries, some of the most popular being Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.[1]du, “du international call eligible countries, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/international-savings-offer” Note that the per-minute rates will differ depending on which country you are calling. The charges start at 0.38 AED and go up to 1.89 AED.

Now, let us look at the du Bangladesh calling offer from UAE. Go through the offers carefully to make the most out of them.

du Bangladesh calling offer from UAE

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After you get a du SIM card, you can easily activate du Bangladesh calling offer from UAE. You just need to subscribe to the appropriate international offer. Also, these offers support major Bangladesh mobile networks.

You have the option to select from one-time offers, daily offers, or different call packages. Also, you can subscribe and cancel these offers at any time. Now let’s examine the du call offers for Bangladesh in more detail.

1. Call home for less plan

With this service, you can make calls to Bangladesh for only 38 fils per minute. However, there is a one-time activation fee of 1.05 AED. After that, you’ll just pay the regular minute rate of 38 fils per minute as you use the service.

You can now call Bangladesh easily and affordably with this offer. By taking advantage of this deal, you’ll also be able to extend your international calling ability to 10 other countries. The countries include Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Egypt, and more.

If you want to activate this service on your phone, open your dialer and type 13530#. Once the screen prompts, press 1 and then send to confirm service activation.

If you want more information about this offer before activating it, you can also type 1357# into your phone’s dialer. Following that press 2 to get more details about the offer.[2]du, “du’s Call home for less, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/call-home-for-less”

2. International savings offer

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With this fantastic deal, you can call Bangladesh for only 38 fils per minute without extra costs or fees. To subscribe to this plan, dial 13570# and press option 1.[3]du, “du international savings offer, https://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/specialoffers/international-savings-offer”

This is a great Bangladesh calling offer from UAE. Not only does it support more than 100 countries, but you pay only for the number of seconds you talk.

If you frequently call Bangladesh, this is an excellent deal that includes VAT. So you don’t have to worry about additional hidden costs. Now, let’s look into international call deals available daily.

3. Daily international call offers

If you’re looking for a cheaper phone bill, subscribing to these daily call offers can help. You can talk for up to 2 fils per minute with these plans. Let’s take a closer look at the different options:

  1. For a setup charge of 1 AED, you can call at 2 fils per minute for 24 hours.
  2. For a setup charge of 2 AED, you can call at 5 fils per minute for 24 hours.
  3. For a setup charge of 3 AED, you can call at 10 fils per minute for 24 hours.

To subscribe to one of these plans, dial *135# and select “International Offers”, then “International Daily Offers.” After choosing your desired plan, follow the prompts on your screen to finish subscribing.

These are the international call offers for Bangladesh you can subscribe to. With any of these plans, you’ll be able to call Bangladesh for a cheaper rate. So, choose the best suits your needs and start saving today.

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FAQs on du Bangladesh call offer

How much does it cost to call Bangladesh with du?

The cost of calling Bangladesh with du depends on the plan you choose. There are three different plans available, and the rates vary depending on which one you choose. The cheapest option is the daily international calling offer, which starts at 2 fils per minute.

What is the activation fee for du Bangladesh calling offer from UAE?

There is an activation fee of 1.05 AED only for the Call home for less plan. However, there is no activation fee for the daily international offer, and international savings offer.

How can I subscribe to du Bangladesh calling offer?

There are three ways you can subscribe to du Bangladesh call offers. You can activate the Call home for less plan by *135*30#, and International savings offer *135*70#. The last method is by choosing an international daily offer from *135#

Which is the cheapest Bangladesh calling offer?

2 fils per minute is the cheapest du call offer for Bangladesh. You can browse and subscribe to this plan by dialing *135#

Can I talk at night with du call offers for Bangladesh?

Yes, you can talk at night with du international call offer for Bangladesh. All the international call offers have time restrictions.

Final thoughts

If you currently reside in the UAE but need to make frequent calls to Bangladesh. Take full advantage of du Bangladesh calling offer from UAE. These plans allow you to talk more and spend less with the du mobile network.

By reading this Dbd guide, you are now more informed about the du Bangladesh call offers. If you found this article helpful, make sure to share it with your friends so they too can benefit. Also, follow our blog for similar content in the future.

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