How to Transfer du Balance to du, Etisalat & More (2 Minutes Guide)

Detailed description on how to transfer du balance to other numbers

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If you want to learn how to transfer du balance, you’re in the right place. du is one of the most common and reliable mobile networks for people living in UAE.

In this Dbd guide, you’ll learn about du to du balance transfer, Etisalat transfer, and other international numbers. Also, we will look into things to consider before you make a du balance transfer.

So, let’s get started without any delays.

How to transfer du balance?

You can transfer du balance easily from your phone dialer. There is a limit on balance transfer, the minimum amount of AED 2 and a maximum amount of AED 2000. [1]du, “du transfer limit, … Continue reading

So first, let’s look at how we can make a du credit transfer.

How to transfer du balance to du?

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You can easily make a du-to-du balance transfer with the help of a transfer code. Follow the steps given below after you go to your phone dialer. [2]du, “du balance transfer, … Continue reading

  1. Type *121*
  2. Add receiving du number as (05xxxxxxxxx)*
  3. Enter the amount, followed by #
  4. Click the call button

For example – *121*(recipient’s mobile number)*amount#

How to transfer du balance to Etisalat?

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You can transfer your du credit balance to Etisalat for free. If you want to transfer the credit balance from du to Etisalat, you can follow these simple instructions: [3], ” Transfer from du to Etisalat, … Continue reading

  1. Type *121*
  2. Add Etisalat recipient number as (05xxxxxxxxx)*
  3. Enter the amount in dirhams, followed by #
  4. Click the call button

For example – *121*(recipient’s mobile number)*amount#

Please note that you can only transfer credit to as many as 25 friends daily, and the total amount transferred should not exceed the available balance in your account.

Similarly, you can complete the Etisalat transfer balance from the same process and vice versa. The du to Etisalat balance transfer is quite common in UAE as these are two of the most popular mobile telecommunication in UAE.

How to transfer du balance to international mobile numbers?

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Sharing your phone balance with someone living in a foreign country can be a hassle. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy way to do it now from the du mobile network in UAE.

So if you’re ever in a bind and need to share your phone balance, follow these simple instructions, and you re good to go.

  • Send a message to 1700 by typing “SEND.”
  • After that, you must type the phone number of the recipient along with the country code.
  • Then, choose the amount you want to transfer and send the SMS.
  • After that, wait for the confirmation message to verify the transfer.

Note: By sending “LIST” to 1700, you can get the list of eligible countries where you can make a du mobile balance transfer.

Things to know for du balance transfer

The du balance transfer is quite popular and easy to execute in local, competitive, and international mobile networks. However, there are some things to consider before you make a du balance transfer.

Some of them are listed down below.

  1. Mobile number

The first thing to consider for the du balance transfer is the mobile number of the recipients. You have to consider if the number is expired or legal. Similarly, you must know the number and check if it belongs to du, Etisalat, or an international number.

  1. Recipient location

You also should consider the recipient’s location – if they are UAE residents or live outside the country. If they are outside the country, you must enter the country code (MSISDN) of the recipient’s country.

  1. Total balance

The final thing to consider while transferring a balance is if there is enough balance on the sender’s mobile phone. Otherwise, you will not be able to send the balance to the recipient’s mobile phone.

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FAQs on du balance transfer

How do I transfer credit from one phone to another?

There are several ways that you can transfer credit from one phone to another. For example, du allows you to transfer your balance via phone dialer or SMS. Also, you can make local and international credit transfer with du.

Can we transfer the mobile balance from du to the international mobile?

Yes, you can transfer balance from du to international mobile. Send an SMS “SEND” to 1700, followed by the recipient number with country code. Then, choose one of the available transfer amounts and wait for confirmation.

How to transfer credit balance from du to du 2022?

To transfer credit balance, dial *121* (recipient’s mobile number) *amount#. Press 1 and Send to transfer the credit balance from du to du.
This service is free to use, and there are no activation or subscription charges. The minimum about that must is sent is 2 AED.

How to transfer balance from du to Etisalat?

You can easily transfer credit from du to Etisalat. Go to your phone dialer and type *121*receipient mobile number*amount#. Verify by pressing 1 followed by Send to complete the tranfer. Sample – *121*(recipient’s mobile number )*amount#

Final thoughts

Balance in your du number is necessary for making an important call or during an emergency. However, you might sometimes not have enough balance on your phone. You must learn how to transfer the du balance to du, Etisalat, or international mobile networks.

We hope this Dbd guide has answered your query on how to transfer du balance. You can share this blog with your friends to help them learn about du credit transfer. Also, make sure to follow our blog for helpful content like this.

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