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How do I Complain to Shein?

Here are five ways for you to report to Shein

Shein is a clothing store that ships clothes and accessories to people in 150 countries. While many are happy with what they receive, some are not and often ask, “how do I complain to Shein?”

If you are amongst them, you have come to the right place. In this Dbd guide, we will inform you of all the different ways to file a complaint to Shein.

Additionally, we will also show you various methods to get in contact with Shein and report your complaints.

Similarly, we will also let you know if the brand has its customer care service and how it works.

So once you go through this Shein complain guide, we assure you will not have to search for other ways.

Different ways to file a complaint to Shein

Countries Shein Availability  Complaints Via 
USA  Yes Live Chat, Email, and social media 
UK  Yes Live Chat, Email, and social media 
UAE Yes Live Chat, Email, and social media 
Canada Yes Live Chat, Email, and social media 
Australia  Yes Live Chat, Email, and social media 
India Yes Live Chat, Email, and social media 

After purchasing their goods and several items, some customers are unsatisfied with the services from Shein. It might be related to payments and money, tracking number, status, waiting period, or other issues.

Hence, dissatisfied customers look for a way to file a complaint to Shein or provide feedback.

Despite being a popular clothing store, many people find it difficult to contact Shein for queries or to complain about their product and customer service.

However, there are some easy ways to complain to Shein.

How do I complain to Shein via email/ticket?

how so I complain to shein - contact shein via livechat, email ticket, and social media

It is quite difficult to complain to Shein via email since they do not have a dedicated email address to complain.

However, if you click on the “Support Ticket System” on the website, you can submit a ticket and send your complaints via email.

Once you send your complaint via email from the Shein customer support ticket, they will send you a response within 24 hours. [1]Shein, “Shein Contact, https://us.shein.com/contact-us.html#:~:text=Ticket,within%2024h,”

There is confusion regarding the email id to address Shein’s complaints. Many believe that service@shein.com is a legitimate one for the clothing brand.

However, we did some research and sent a mail to that address. But unfortunately, our mail was not received by an official Shein customer service representative.

The response we got said, “Unable to send to service@shein.com.” This shows that the above email address is not available.

Furthermore, there is not a dedicated email address to file a complaint or for queries. However, there is one to remove your Shein account.

To do so, you can send an email to data@shein.com. In addition, you can get a full tutorial on How to delete Shein account here.

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How to file a complaint to Shein via live chat?

One of Shein’s best customer service options is its Live Chat option.

The live chat feature on the website can be found by clicking on the Shein Customer Service button on the top right.

Shein’s live chat feature is excellent as you can immediately get a response to your query. This way, you can report your issue immediately.

You can find out about your order, track your product, or complain about their service in real-time through live chat.

However, Shein does not provide 24/7 live chat support, so you can only complain from 6 Am to 9 Pm PST. [2]Shein, “Shein Live Chat, https://us.shein.com/contact-us.html”

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How to file a claim via Shein contact number?

Currently, there is no Shein customer care number, so you cannot complain via phone. Furthermore, you will not find an official contact number even in their head office in Hongkong.

It also does not have any toll-free number, Shein customer helpline, or Shein customer care team for people to call or complain.

There are a lot of phone numbers online that claim to be customer service for Shein. But unfortunately, their services might not be working right now.

Similarly, they do not have SMS services. Therefore, if you file a complaint against Shein via messages, you must use Live Chat, Ticket, or social media.

If Shein provides any contact details in the future, we will update this guide.

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How do I file a claim to Shein via personal visit?

how do I complain to shein -personal visit

Shein store head office is located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. So if you are outside Hong Kong, it might not be possible to report Shein via personal visit.

However, after research, we found that even if you are in Hong Kong, you cannot file a complaint to Shein to a live person by just visiting their headquarters.

But the customer support team of Shein will help you file a complaint by issuing a ticket and providing you a ticket id. With the said ticket id, you can track your complaints and get a response from the personnel of Shein.

How do I complain to Shein on social media?

Shein support for customer care is not limited to their site since the brand is popular on social media and is active on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Apart from loyal customers to Shein website, it has over 25 million followers on Facebook, 470k followers on Twitter, and over 25 million followers on Instagram.

Since they have such a massive social media fan base, Shein has been taking customer requests, queries, and complaints from social media.

You have to log in to your Facebook messenger and can message Shein all of your complaints. They have announced they are communicating via social media.

However, at the moment, they have only shared the link to their Facebook messages. Similarly, you can also send your complaints to Shein on Twitter and Instagram through direct messages.

We tried to find out if Shein responds to social media messages or not, and what we found out was mixed results.

Some people were angry that they didn’t get a response for eight months, but most people were happy with how social media worked.

Does Shein have customer care service?

how do I complain to shein - customer service

Yes, Shein has customer care service. You can find Shein’s customer care service on their official website.

At the top right-hand of the website, you will find the Customer service button recommended for contacting them.

When you click on the page, you will find another button that says “Contact Agent.” If you click this button, it will take you to a section where you can submit a ticket.

After clicking submit a ticket button, you will get lots of questions from the dropdown.

You may select an appropriate question related to you or create a new one by choosing the category and sub-category relevant to it, such as return package policy, full refund policy, purchases process, bank account problems, and so on.

Now, you can send a ticket button to send your complaint or query to their customer service.

Once you submit a ticket, you will have to wait almost 24 hours to get a response to your query.

However, if you want a response right away on the same date, you can click the live chat button on the connecting agent page.

When you send your query on the live chat, you will get a response from the robot. But if you are unsatisfied with the said answer, you can click on Manual Support service.

With this service, you will directly be in contact with a human agent. Then, you can ask your queries to them, who will confirm them and provide you with a response.

They will also give you a tracking id to keep up with your queries and complaints.

FAQs on how to report to Shein

Can I complain to Shein by phone number?

Unfortunately, you cannot complain to Shein by phone since they do not have a dedicated phone number for calls, queries, or complaints.
You can complain to Shein via email, ticket, live chat, or Facebook messenger.

How do I contact Shein customer service?

The best way to contact Shein customer service is from their customer service page on their website. Your problem will be tackled by a robot or live agent who will also resolve your complaints.

How do I complain to Shein in the USA?

You cannot visit Shein in the USA. Instead, you have to go to their customer service page on the website or send them a message on Facebook.

What is Shein Wallet?

Shein Wallet is the virtual wallet that can be accessed for a refund when you return your paid product. Shein wallet is linked to your Shein account.

Who owns Shein?

Shein company is owned by Nanjing Lingtiang Information Technology Co, and its founder is Chris Chu.

Final thoughts

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with Shein and had questions like “how do I complain to Shein,” we hope our Dbd guide helped you find an answer.

There are three ways to file a complaint to Shein: via Live Chat, Tickets, or social media messages.

We know that Shein doesn’t have a customer support number, but if any new contact details of Shein become available, we will surely update you about it.

Please let us know in the comments if you filed a complaint to Shein about the method mentioned above and which worked best for you.

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