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Shein Reviews 2024: Our Findings After Purchasing 100+ Items

Unsure if Shein is the right online clothing store for you? Check out our comprehensive reviews before making your decision!

After purchasing a few hundred items and information collected from our product tester’s experience with Shein, we have decided to write comprehensive Shein reviews.

We have shared our honest reviews of Shein on different aspects. We hope this will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to shop at Shein.

Shein is a China-based shopping website, and it is growing its popularity among youngsters day by day. The main reason behind its popularity is that it provides a variety of clothes at extremely low rates compared to other shopping sites.

Shein has a wide range of products like tops, dresses, shoes, bags & accessories for both men and women. Although it is gaining popularity rapidly, people still have doubts about its delivery time, clothing quality, customer service, and legitimacy.

Without further ado, let’s get started on Shein reviews.

Comprehensive Shein Reviews

is shein good quality

We have divided this review into many sections to make it easy to follow.

We will start by talking about its legitimacy and safety.

Then, we will discuss its quality, customer service, and delivery.

Is Shein legit?

Is Shein legit? The answer is yes. It is an entirely legitimate website, and it is not a scam. It has been around for more than 12 years, and it is growing its popularity day by day.

The company is registered in China, and it has its headquarters in Nanjing. It has a wide range of products, and it delivers its products all over the world.

The website is also available in multiple languages so that people from all over the world can shop easily on its website.

Shein is also featured in popular magazines like Forbes, Huffington Post, New York Times, and others.

So, to sum up, we can say that Shein is an entirely legitimate website, and it is not a scam. You can shop easily on its website without any worries.

Is Shein safe?

Yes, Shein is a safe and reputable international B2C fast fashion e-commerce company that ships products to over 150 countries worldwide. [1]Shein, “About Shein, https://us.shein.com/About-Us-a-117.html”

They have a comprehensive return policy, and they also offer a refund if you don’t receive your product or receive a damaged product.

Shein also has a secure payment system as it offers various payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.

It also uses SSL encryption to keep your personal information safe and secure. So, we can say that Shein is a safe website, and you can shop easily on its website without any worries. [2]Shein, “Are online payments with Shein secure, https://us.shein.com/Online-Payment-a-684.html”

Shein clothing reviews

shein reviews - women clothing reviews

Shein offers on-trend clothes at an affordable price for women, men, and children. This Shein clothing review will focus on the womenswear section.

Before working on this Shein comprehensive review, we have ordered over 30 items from the clothing website, including a neck blouse, straight-leg jeans, tie-neck floral top, striped bikini swimsuit, and baby bow front mesh party dress.

We found that the overall quality of the Shein clothing was good.

The items were well-made and looked just like the photos on the website.

We were impressed with the quality of the Shein clothing, considering the price value.

So, we can say that Shein is a good option if you are looking for affordable and on-trend clothes. But if you are looking for high-quality clothes, then It is not the right option for you.

However, there are also some high-quality brands on Shein like MOTF, DAZY, Emery Rose, etc. We are very impressed with their quality and design.

Overall, we think that the quality of the Shein clothing is good considering the price. If you are looking for high-quality clothes, you should check out other luxury brands.

Shein curve reviews

shein reviews - shein curve reviews

Shein is also one of the most popular online stores among plus-size shoppers as it offers a great variety of plus-size clothing.

To have a first-hand experience, we ordered a few items from the plus-size section to see if they lived up to the hype.

We ordered the following items from the Shein curve section to test.

  1. Shein Plus Heart Print Dip Hem Peplum Top
  2. Plus Flounce Sleeve Solid Blouse
  3. Plus Ruffle Trim Petal Sleeve Blouse

We have sent the products to our three chosen plus-size product testers and the questionnaire.

Here are our findings on Shein curve clothing:

  • The quality of the Shein curve clothing is good. All three products were well-made, and they looked exactly like the photos on the website.
  • All three users said that the Shein curve tops and dresses fit well, based on the garment’s description and size guide accuracy.
  • The fabric is thick yet very comfortable to wear, noting that it felt nice against their skin.
  • We have found that these items offered excellent value for the price, and we would recommend these products to plus-size shoppers.

Aside from that, we have gone through hundreds of reviews posted on Shein’s official websites and Trustpilot regarding Shein’s curve clothes. We have found that many reviewers are happy with the quality and fitting of the plus-size clothes.

Here is our verdict on the Shein curve clothes:

Overall, it is clear that the Shein curve clothes deliver on both style and value – making them truly worth purchasing.

The great thing about the Shein curve is that they offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, making it easy to find the perfect outfit for your body type and style.

Shein swimsuit reviews

shein reviews - shein swimsuit reviews

Shein offers a wide variety of bikini styles, making it a popular choice for many women. For this survey, we have sent three particular swimsuits to our product testers and the questionnaire for the item.

These are the swimsuits that we sent to our product tester:

  1. Shein X Hello Kitty and Friends Cartoon & Rainbow
  2. Textured One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit
  3. Color Block V Neck Bikini Swimsuit

Here are our findings on Shein swimsuits:

  • All product testers found that the texture of the material is smooth and comfortable.
  • Two out of three swimsuit products we sent were well-fitting and accurate in size.
  • One of the users did note that although the Shein swimsuit was a decent fit at first, its elasticity and support seemed to diminish after frequent use in water.

Here is our verdict on the Shein swimsuit:

After looking at the reviews of Shein clothing on their website and our product testing, it seems that Shein’s swimsuit line is a good option for people looking for fashionable and affordable costumes. There are some minor flaws, but these swimsuits are a great deal overall.

Shein Jeans reviews

shein reviews - shein jeans reviews

After testing a variety of different jeans from Shein, we found that most of them had excellent quality and fit. Some of the jeans that we have ordered and tested are:

  1. High Waist High Stretch Raw Hem Skinny Jeans
  2. Acid Wash High-Waisted 
  3. Butterfly Print Straight Leg Jeans

We sent the product to our consumers and gathered feedback through questionnaires and phone interviews. This gave us a good sense of their opinions on Shein jeans.

Here are our findings on Shein Jeans wears:

  • The fabric used in Shein jeans is genuinely unique and of the highest quality, offering great comfort and breathability.
  • Shein’s sizing is remarkably consistent across different styles, so you can be sure to find a pair that fits perfectly every time.
  • Shein jeans look just as good as they feel, with colors and patterns that are entirely true to the pictures on the website.
  • One of our reviewers recommends sizing up because they feel Shein jeans tend to run small.

Here is our verdict on Shein jeans:

We were confident that Shein jeans were an excellent option for anyone looking for good-looking denim at an affordable price based on our results. But if you are looking for skinny and stretchy jeans, we recommend sizing them up.

Shein dresses reviews

shein reviews - shein dress reviews

Just like Shein’s other clothing, we have ordered a few dresses from Shein to test out the quality and comfort for this comprehensive Shein review. The dresses that we have ordered are:

  1. Ruffle Hem Puff Sleeve Dress
  2. Shirred Puff Sleeve Ruffle Hem Dress, and
  3. Floral Lace Insert Zip Back Dress

We have sent these dresses to our product testers along with a questionnaire.

Here are our findings on Shein dresses:

  • We found that the material was comfortable, and the measurements were accurate after we tested each dress separately.
  • The dresses fit correctly and perfectly.
  • The texture and color of each dress were great.
  • However, we did find one drawback. One of the dresses was made with low-quality fabric.

Here is our verdict on the Shein dress:

We were pleased with our experience with Shein and would recommend their dresses to others. The dresses were affordable and of excellent quality, but we would caution against ordering the dress made with low-quality fabric. We recommend that you read the material or composition in a product description before purchasing to ensure that it is made with high-quality materials.

Shein maternity reviews

shein reviews - shein maternity reviews

Like many other online retailers, Shein also offers a maternity line for expecting mothers. We have tested a few items from this line, including:

  1. Shein Maternity Striped Short Sleeve Dress
  2. Shein Maternity Frill Trim Buttoned Front Flap Pocket Side Dress
  3. Shein Maternity Split Side Cable Knit Dress

Here are our findings on Shein maternity clothing:

  • We were impressed with the quality of the material and the construction of the garments.
  • They were also very comfortable to wear, with just the right amount of stretch to accommodate a growing belly.
  • Two of our product testers found that the size ran perfectly fine, but one found that the dress was a bit too big.
  • One of our product testers found that the back of one of the dresses was a bit loose, but this was not enough to ruin our overall experience.

Here is our verdict on Shein maternity clothing:

Shein is an excellent option for budget-conscious moms-to-be looking for stylish and practical maternity wear. The clothes are well-made and flattering, and the prices are unbeatable. However, we recommend double-checking the sizing before ordering, as some pieces may run a bit large.

Shein baby clothes reviews

shein reviews - shein baby clothes reviews

Shein offers a wide variety of baby clothes at affordable prices. We ordered several items from its baby clothing section and tested some of the clothes to gain first-hand experience. These are the items we ordered:

  1. Baby Boy Bow Tie Shirt Bodysuit & Stripe Suspender Shorts
  2. Baby Girl Allover Floral Print Romper With Bow Front Shorts
  3. Baby Girl Contrast Ruffle Cartoon Graphic Jumpsuit With Headband

Here are our findings on Shein baby clothes:

  • We were impressed with the quality of the clothing – it was true to size and color and fit perfectly.
  • The material was thin, but it was well worth it for the price.
  • Our baby looked super adorable in the outfit, and it was very flattering.
  • The only downside was that the clothing didn’t have any instructions on how to care for it, so we had to do a little research to figure out how to wash and care for the clothes.

Here is our verdict on Shein baby clothes:

We would recommend Shein to anyone looking for affordable and stylish baby clothes. The quality is good, the prices are unbeatable, and the baby looks super cute in the clothes.

Shein jewelry reviews

shein reviews - shein jewelry reviews

Not a big surprise, Shein would also offer a wide variety of jewelry at affordable prices. But is the quality any good? We ordered several items from its jewelry section to put them to the test.

These are the items we ordered:

  1. Glow In The Dark Flower Charm Beaded Bracelet
  2. Faux Pearl Decor Necklace
  3. Bead Decor Flower Drop Earrings

Here are our findings on Shein jewelry:

  • The Shein jewelry is made of high-quality materials and looks very realistic.
  • The pieces are also stunning and feminine.
  • The jewelry is worth the price and looks great.
  • It is also lightweight.
  • The only downside is that the jewelry is not very durable and can break easily.

Here is our verdict on Shein jewelry:

Shein is a great online store for affordable jewelry, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a good deal. The jewelry is made of high-quality materials, is very pretty, and is worth the price. However, it is not very durable and can break easily.

Shein lingerie reviews

shein reviews - shein lingerie reviews

Shein also offers a wide range of lingerie. We ordered a variety of Shein lingerie to test the quality and see if the pieces lived up to the hype.

The Shein lingerie items we ordered and tested are:

  1. Satin Contrast Lace Teddy Bodysuit
  2. Guipure Lace Tie Shoulder Teddy Bodysuit
  3. Frill Trim Satin Slips

Here are our findings:

  • Two out of three lingerie materials that we tested were of good quality.
  • The pieces were accurate in size and color.
  • It was super flattering and looked great.
  • One of the pieces had a minimal stretch, making them difficult to put on.

Here is our verdict on Shein lingerie:

We were happy with the Shein lingerie and would recommend it to anyone looking for affordable, stylish lingerie. The clothes are well-made, and the prices are unbeatable.

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Shein sizing reviews

Shein offers stylish and affordable clothing for men and women of all sizes. However, many shoppers have found that the attire tends to run small.

This is why checking the sizing before you order so important. Shein provides a size guide with measurements in both centimeters and inches.

Make sure to check for instructions on measuring yourself to ensure a perfect fit. We recommend consulting the size guide before you purchase will help you avoid disappointment and ensure that you get the perfect item.

Among one hundred seven items purchased and tested to prepare this Shein review, we found that:

  • 55% of the items were true to size
  • 28% of the items ran small
  • 17% of the items ran large

Skinny jeans are the most popular item right now. We find that they run small, so you might want to try a size up. Maternity clothes are the one exception; we find that they run large, so you might want to try a size down.

Shein shipping reviews

According to our shopping experience with Shein, its shipping times are generally positive.

Since Shein has warehouses across Asia, the US, the Middle East, and Europe, our order generally arrived within the estimated delivery time.

However, it does take 1-3 business days for them to process your order and it takes around 7 to 15 days for products to reach your place. Shein offers a variety of shipping methods to meet your needs and budget.

Economy shipping is the most affordable option, but it does take longer for your order to arrive. Standard shipping is a good compromise between cost and speed.

Express shipping is the fastest option but also the most expensive. Free shipping is available in the US for orders over $49 (standard shipping) or $199 (express shipping).

Out of one hundred and seven items we purchased for this Shein review, here is what we can report about Shein shipping times:

  • 89 items arrived within the estimated delivery time
  • 12 items arrived before the estimated delivery time
  • 6 items arrived after the estimated delivery time

We were impressed with how quickly our order arrived. The average delivery time was 12 days, which is good considering the low prices. We would recommend Shein to anyone looking for a great deal on clothing.

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Shein return reviews

We tested the return process of Shein by returning some items we had bought from them.

The return process was straightforward. We sent the items back, and we received a refund within a few days.

We did not have to pay the return shipping fee for the first return items, but we had to pay a $7.99 return shipping fee for the second time.

We were happy with how quickly and easily we could return the items. Overall, we had a positive experience with Shein’s return policy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for Shein’s return:

  • You have 45 days after the date of purchase to return items, as long as they meet a few conditions.
  • The products must be unused and in their original packaging – this means that you can’t wear or wash the item before returning it.
  • All tags must still be attached to the clothing.
  • Some items are ineligible for returns, including jewelry, swimwear, lingerie, and cosmetics. If you’re unsure whether an item falls into this category, you can check the returns page on Shein’s website before purchasing.
  • Make sure that you don’t exceed the 45-day return policy – otherwise, Shein won’t be able to process your return.
  • Returns usually take 7-10 days to process, and you’ll either receive a refund to your original payment method or Shein wallet credit.

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Shein customer service reviews

Shein’s customer service has been the subject of many negative reviews, with customers complaining about slow response times and poor communication.

But in our experience, we found just the opposite.

Shein offers live chat and supports ticket services. As of now, they do not have any direct phone support and SMS service.

To test how responsive and helpful their customer service is, we contacted them through the live chat feature on their website.

We asked a few general questions about returns and shipping, and the customer service representative was very helpful.

They were able to answer all of our questions quickly and efficiently. Overall, we were impressed with Shein’s customer service.

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Shein ratings in Trustpilot

shein reviews trustpilot reviews

Shein is a popular clothing retailer with over 103,110 reviews on Trustpilot. The company has an overall rating of 3.9 stars out of 5, with most reviewers rating it as “Great” when this review was written.

Shein’s Trustscore is calculated based on all the company’s service and location reviews on Trustpilot. The Trustscore is designed to measure reviewer satisfaction, and it is visualized through the star rating system.

Shein’s high Trustscore indicates that reviewers are generally satisfied with the company’s products and services. However, some reviewers have criticized the clothing line for its poor customer service and slow shipping times. [3]Trustpilot,”Shein Reviews,https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.shein.com”

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Pros and cons of shopping in Shein

There are a few pros and cons to consider before shopping with Shein.


  • Affordable prices
  • Good quality product
  • Massive selection of trendy clothes
  • The return policy is very generous


  • Some items run small
  • Shipping times
  • Sizing issues
  • Unreliable customer service

Things to do before shopping in Shein

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before shopping in Shein and enjoy a great shopping experience:

1. Check the return policy: It is always better to check the website’s return policy before making a purchase. It will help you if you do not like the product or if it does not fit you well.

2. Check the size chart: Before finalizing your purchase, check the size chart of the product. It will help you in choosing the right size for yourself.

3. Read the reviews: Always read the product’s reviews before purchasing it. It will give you an idea about the quality of the product.

4. Compare prices: It is always better to compare the prices of different products on various websites before making a purchase. It will help you in getting the best deal possible.

5. Use promo codes: To save money on your purchase, use any available coupons or promo codes for Shein. These codes can offer great discounts and help you save money on your shopping experience. Check this page for the latest and working Shein coupon codes.

6. Use secure payment options: It is always good to use secure payment methods when shopping online. It will help protect your personal information and ensure that your transactions are safe and secure.

The research methodology – Here is how we prepare this Shein reviews

To prepare for this Shein reviews we have ordered more than hundreds of items from Shein. That included clothing, baby clothes, swimsuits, jewelry, and other products for product testing.

After that, we sent the products to our different readers who were asked to provide feedback on sizing, quality, comfortability, and other factors. We collected the reviews by making phone calls, sending emails, and answering questionnaires.

We also went over the reviews of clothing on each product page. We have also collected reviews from Trustpilot and subreddit r/SHEIN_/ where Shein customers all over the world critique and praise the bad and good aspects of Shein. [4]Shein, “Shein Trustpilot reviews, https://www.trustpilot.com/review/shein.in” [5]Reddit, “Shein subreddit page, https://www.reddit.com/r/SHEIN_/”

How we tested Shein clothing

We sent sample products to our product testers to test how well Shein clothing holds up. We then interviewed them over the phone about their overall impressions.

We asked them to wear the clothing for a week and fill out a questionnaire about their experience through email. We asked our testers to consider the following key features when testing Shein clothes:

  • Comfort: How comfortable is the clothing? Does it feel good against your skin?
  • Durability: How well does the clothing hold up? Does it stretch out or fade after being worn?
  • Style: Is the clothing stylish? Does it look good on you?
  • Fit: Do the clothes fit well? Is it true to size?
  • Value: Is the clothing a good value for the price?

Here’s what our testers had to say overall about Shein clothing:

  • Comfort: The clothing was very comfortable. It felt good against my skin and didn’t itch or anything.
  • Durability: The clothing held up well. Reviewers wore it a few times, and it didn’t stretch out or fade.
  • Style: The clothing is stylish. It felt good to wear and got compliments too.
  • Fit: The clothing fit well. It was true to size.
  • Value: The clothing is an excellent value for the price.

Our testers were generally happy with the Shein clothing they tested. They also appreciated the wide range of sizes available.

They did have some concerns about the fit of certain items and how the clothing held up after being washed.

How we tested Shein’s customer service

To test Shein’s customer service, we first purchase items from their website. We then contacted customer service to inquire about the possibility of returning and refunding the items.

We also asked about the company’s shipping policy and how to track an order. Finally, we asked a series of general questions about the company and its products.

We found that Shein’s customer service was very quick and responsive. They were able to answer all of our questions satisfactorily.

We could return and refund our items without any issues. We are satisfied with the customer service we received from Shein.

Alternatives of Shein clothing

Many online stores offer similar styles of clothing as Shein. However, there is no guarantee that the quality of the clothing is better at these alternative stores.

It is important to read reviews before purchasing from any online store. Some of the alternatives to Shein clothing are:

FAQs about Shein reviews

Is Shein cheap?

Yes, if you’re looking for cheap clothes, Shein is a good option. Their prices are low because their factories create garments and then sell them directly to customers through their online store.

Is Shein ethical?

There is no clear answer to whether or not Shein is ethical. Shein is a company that has been criticized for not being an ethical fashion brand.

Some people have raised concerns about the long hours and low pay of Chinese workers and the use of child labor.

But DbdPost cannot verify this information independently.

Where is Shein located?

Shein is a global company with headquarters in Nanjing, China.

Where does Shein ship from?

With warehouses located worldwide, the majority of the items are shipped from China. Shein also ships a few items from various locations, including the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East.

Final thoughts on Shein reviews

We were happy with the quality of the products we received from Shein. The clothes were what we expected, trendy and low-cost.

We had a positive experience with Shein. However, we recommend shopping for items you can occasionally wear during special events or outings.

Ensure you have done enough research and read these Shein reviews before shopping from Shein. Confirm your accurate clothing size from the sizing chart.

We recommend Shein as an excellent place to find affordable clothes and accessories.

We hope our reviews of Shein clothing will provide helpful and adequate information.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

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