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Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance (2024 Updated)

If you have a missing tooth, you can replace it with a single tooth implant. The implant is made of a metal cylinder, which acts as an artificial root. The implant has a custom-made crown that looks like a real tooth.

The single tooth implant cost without insurance varies from $1,500 to $6,000, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the procedure. 

This guide will help you understand the implant cost, any extra fees, and the payment options available.

What is a single tooth implant?

inarticle image-single tooth implant cost without insurance-What is a single tooth implant

When you lose a tooth, a single tooth implant can replace it. This dental procedure does not require any other teeth to be changed. A custom-made crown is used to match the size, shape, and color of your existing teeth.

Single implants are more stable and last longer than bridges or dentures. They also require less care and don’t need to be replaced as often. 

Additionally, implants help keep your other teeth healthy and blend in naturally with your existing teeth.

The osseointegration process involved in single tooth implants also affects the cost of dentures.[1]American Academy of Periodontology, “What are the advantages, … Continue reading

How much does a single tooth implant cost without insurance

inarticle image-single tooth implant cost without insurance-How much does a single tooth implant cost without insurance

Tooth implants come at varying costs, ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 per tooth. It is crucial to conduct thorough research to identify trustworthy practitioners that offer quality care at an affordable price for dental implants. [2]Dentaly, “Dentures vs. dental bridges vs. implants, https://www.dentaly.org/us/teeth-implants-cost/”

Getting a tooth implant requires surgery, but it is similar to having a new natural tooth as it looks and functions like one without needing extra maintenance. 

Unlike bridges or dentures that rely on other teeth for support, implants are directly inserted into the jawbone. Here is the mouth dental implants cost associated:

Factor Cost 
Abutment $300-$600 
Implant crown $900-$1,500 
Dental implant $1,500-3,000 

Additional costs

When getting a single dental implant, several steps need to be done. 

Each step has its own cost. The table below shows what each cost of dental implant costs is:

Procedure involved Average cost range 
Oral surgeon consultation fee $50-$300 
X-ray (panaromic) $100-$250 
CT(Cone Beam) $150-$750 
Extraction of tooth $150-$700 
Bone grafting (if required) $200-$3200 (depending upon the complexity of bone) 
Abutment $300-$600 
Implant crown $900-$1,500 
Dental implant $1,500-$3,000   

Factors affecting single tooth implant cost without insurance

inarticle image-single tooth implant cost without insurance-Factors affecting single tooth implant cost without insurance

Along with the regular price, a single dental implant surgery will have several factors that affect the total fee. Some of them are:

Type of material: The price of the material used to make the implant will always affect this oral health procedure. Titanium or zirconium are usually used, and the type will affect the price.

Location of the missing tooth: If the tooth is hard to get to(usually molar teeth), it will take extra care and cost more money.

The complexity of the whole procedure: Implant placement and restoration can be complicated, requiring more visits, materials, and procedures.

The implant clinics’ geographic location: The implant’s cost can also vary depending on the clinic’s location. If you perform dental procedures in the US, it is more expensive than that in Mexico.

Payment options: The single implant cost without insurance will depend on your financial situation. You have various payment options, such as medical loans, dental credit cards, and grants.[3]Dental Grants, “Welcome to the Dental Grants Program, https://www.dentalgrants.org/”

Ways to reduce single tooth implant cost without insurance

There are several ways to reduce the single tooth implant cost without a dental insurance plan. Some of them include the following:

Negotiate with the dental office

Many dental offices are happy to help you pay for your care. Ask them if they can help you pay in a way that fits your budget. You can also talk with them about how much the bridge will cost.

Ask for discounts

Some dental offices give discounts or special prices on these kinds of procedures. You can find the offers given as a part of advertisements.

Consider dental school or look for community health camps

Dental schools sometimes offer lower prices for dental bridges. The students do the procedure under the supervision of the surgeons.

Consider a mini implant

Mini dental implants are low-cost dental implants that involve a minor procedure and cost less, making them an option for those seeking an affordable single tooth implant.

Apply medico-tourism

If you go to countries like Mexico, the dental health clinics report that it is cheaper than in the US.

Financing options for single tooth implants without insurance

inarticle image-single tooth implant cost without insurance-Financing options for single tooth implants without insurance

If you don’t have enough money to get a single tooth implant upfront, don’t worry. Several implant financing ways to pay for it make it more affordable.

Popular financing options include:

Medical loans

Medical loans have lower interest, and you have more time to pay them back. But the approval process can take several weeks. [4]Dentaly, “How do dental loans work, https://www.dentaly.org/us/dental-financing/dental-loans/”


  • Do not need to rely on insurance coverage
  • Every community with low income can get access [5]Whitehouse, “Factsheet, … Continue reading


  • Not reliable warranties of financial health

Dental credit cards

You can use dental credit cards like CareCredit for the payment to cover dental implants.


  • Can use where insurance does not cover the mouth implants cost


  • Cannot be accessible in every dental office

Dental grants


  • Useful for people who cannot pay their oral surgeon fees.
  • There are special programs in different places where you can get money if you qualify. Fill out the paperwork and see if you can get the funds.


  • Everyone might not be eligible to get the grant
  • Ultimately, think about your money carefully. Look at all the options before deciding which is best for you.

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Is it possible to get affordable single-tooth implant treatment?

Yes, it is possible to get affordable single-tooth implant treatment. You can save money on a single tooth implant by researching payment options, finding a qualified dentist, looking into low-cost programs, and thinking about mini implants.

One way to reduce the cost of mouth dental implants is to ask your dentist about discounts and specials they may offer.

Does dental implant cost vary depending on the type of implant material used?

Yes, the cost of a dental implant can vary depending on the type of material used.

Titanium is generally more expensive than ceramic or zirconia, but titanium implants are typically considered the most durable and long-lasting option.

Are there any financing options available for single-tooth implant treatment?

Yes, there are many financing options available for single-tooth implants. Popular financing options include medical loans, dental insurance, credit cards, and in-house financing from your dentist’s office.

How long does a single tooth implant procedure take, and does it affect the cost?

Generally, a single tooth implant procedure takes around one hour. However, the length of a single tooth implant procedure can vary depending on the type of implant and other factors related to your case.

The full cost of dental implants is typically not affected by the length of the procedure. Nevertheless, if oral surgery specialists perform associated treatments, it will affect the final cost.

What factors determine the price of a single tooth implant procedure?

The single tooth implant price will depend on several factors, including the type of dental implant procedures and material used, the clinic’s location, the complexity of your case, and the fees charged by your oral surgeon.

Think about all your choices before deciding on the single cost without insurance, while with good care, single tooth implants can last a long time.

If you properly watch for the cost of a single dental implant, it will make you smile again.

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