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How to Book Taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai: Ultimate Guide

Get around easily and conveniently with taxis from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two large cities located in the United Arab Emirates, and they have a lot to offer travelers who visit. People often travel by taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai for business trips, to visit friends and family, or even for fun.

There are several ways to book a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, including using a taxi app, such as Careem or Uber, which allows you to book and pay for a ride directly from your smartphone. Similarly, you can book by calling a taxi service or hailing a taxi on the street. It is important to note that in the UAE, taxi fares are regulated by the government, so the cost of a ride will be the same regardless of how you book it.

In this Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxis guide, we gathered information sources like ways of booking, taxi types, and fares. Also, we have included info like address, contact info, and rates for some popular destinations.

How to book Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxi?

Booking a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is find the perfect taxi that matches your needs. There are plenty of taxi services offering both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rides at different prices.

You can easily compare their prices and choose one according to your budget. After that, you must provide basic information like where you want to go, how many passengers will be there, etc. 

It is best to book a taxi in advance if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Likewise, make sure you are on time for your pick-up location. Now let’s explore different methods to book taxis from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Method 1. Using the Abu Dhabi taxi app

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-Using the Abu Dhabi Taxi app

The Abu Dhabi taxi app makes it super easy to get a ride anywhere in Abu Dhabi. To book a cab, you must open the app and pick one of the taxis after choosing your destination in Dubai. Once you’ve booked your taxi, you can track its location to know when it’ll show up. You can also cancel your ride if you need to without waiting around.

Furthermore, the app lets you save and edit your favorite places so that booking will be a breeze in the future. And don’t forget that you can rate the driver in the app when your ride is over. Finally, if you’re curious about where you have been or how much you have spent on rides, check out your trip history in the app. 

Method 2. Using the Darbi app

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-Using the Darbi app

Discover total convenience with Darbi, the revolutionary taxi booking app that Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) launched. With this simple and reliable system in the palm of your hand, you can now make your trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai a breeze. And that’s not all; the app provides real-time traffic updates such as incidents and roadworks to ensure everyone travels safely.

To make a booking, Abu Dhabi residents and visitors must enter their name, pick-up point, destination, gender, and code after entering their mobile number. The ITC is devoted to ensuring everyone can get an excellent transport experience in the Emirate. Immediately afterward, you will receive an estimated journey cost from our fare calculator!

Method 3. Booking an airport taxi 

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-airport taxi

While traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, take advantage of the excellent airport taxi service. Not only are the taxis clean and spacious, with plenty of room for your luggage, but the drivers are highly professional. They can provide you with all the information about the city in multiple languages, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. [1]RTA, “Taxi, … Continue reading

And if you’re worried about currency exchange, they accept multiple currencies, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Best of all, the airport taxi service offers special assistance for those with special needs and the elderly.

Therefore, don’t miss out on this hassle-free transportation option. They are available in terminals 1, 22, and 3 at the Abu Dhabi international airport.[2]Abu Dhabi Airport, “Airport taxi, https://www.abudhabiairport.ae/en/transport/to-and-from-the-airport/taxi”

You can board a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport taxis are available 24/7 throughout the year to serve the visitors. And you don’t have to wait much as plenty of taxis are waiting for you at the terminal.

Method 4. Using taxi booking apps

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-Using taxi booking apps

Booking a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai can be easy with the right apps. There are many taxi booking apps available that make it simple to request a cab for your journey.

Now, let us look into some popular taxi booking apps you can use for the journey. You must download an app, sign up for an account, and enter your payment information. Then you can enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, search for the best fares, confirm your booking, and get ready for your trip.


Booking a taxi is as easy as pushing a few buttons on your phone with the Careem app. Careem works on all popular smartphone operating systems and has an easy-to-use interface.

Plus, you can pay for your ride in the app by adding your credit card details and settling the fare. You can also earn points on every ride that you can redeem for discounts on future rides.


Taking a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is super easy with Uber. Just download the Uber app, type in your destination, and you’re good to go. What’s more, you can book a ride up to 30 days ahead of time if you like to plan your trips.

Plus, there are many vehicle options, so everyone can find something that works for them. Also, all the rides are constantly supervised and monitored for maximum road safety. So whether you’re traveling for fun or business, travel with Uber for a hassle-free experience.


Hala is a fantastic way to get around the Emirates. Whether you prefer to pay with cash, card, or Careem Pay, you can quickly pay for your ride and know the fare upfront.

The Hala app lets you track your driver and share your ride details with friends or family. And when traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, Hala makes it easy and convenient with features like estimated time of arrival and route details. Choose Hala for a smooth and stress-free journey.


Talixo is a taxi booking app that allows you to easily book rides in the economy, business, or first-class categories. With Talixo, you can book your ride immediately and without delay, and you’ll receive the car and driver information around 30 minutes before pickup. [3]Talixo, “Taxi Abu Dhabi, https://talixo.com/taxi-abu-dhabi/”

Talixo’s drivers are English-speaking, and you can request a children’s seat when you book. Plus, they offer great deals on taxi bookings, making it a convenient and affordable option for travelers. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the 24/7 support hotline.

Method 4. Go to a taxi stand

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-Go to a taxi stand

In Abu Dhabi, you can find taxis at various stands throughout the city. Simply approach the driver and negotiate a deal for your destination. Many drivers accept cash, card, or online payments. Some popular taxi stands in Abu Dhabi are:

Best Careem Online Limousine

Location: Al Zahiyah, E16-01, Abu Dhabi

National Limo Travels and Tourism

Location: 113 Al Yahar St, Al Hisn, W4, Abu Dhabi

National Taxi LLC

Location:  M-17, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

Method 5. Book a taxi by calling the hotline number

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-Book a taxi by calling the hotline number

After a successful reservation, a taxi will be sent to your location and arrive at the specified time. Payment can be made by cash, card, or online transfer, and you can use the hotline to provide any additional information.

How much does Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxi cost?

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-How much does Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxi cost_

A normal silver taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai costs 1.82 AED per kilometer. The starting fee of the taxis is 5 AED with a minimum trip fare of 12 AED. In addition, if you book one, you’ll need to pay 4 Dirhams upfront with a rate of 0.5 AED per minute of waiting time. [5]ITC, “Silver taxi fares, https://itc.gov.ae/Transport-in-Abu-Dhabi/Public-Transport/Taxis/Taxi-Fares/Silver-Taxi-Fares”

The booking charges and the per-kilometer charge is the same as regular taxis. In comparison, an additional fee of 25 AED is added to the Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport taxi fare with a 1.82 Dirham per kilometer charge. [6]ITC, “Airport taxi fares, https://itc.gov.ae/Transport-in-Abu-Dhabi/Public-Transport/Taxis/Taxi-Fares/Airport-Taxi” 

The cost of a taxi ride could differ depending on when you go, the traffic, and the route the driver takes. Always ask the driver how much it will cost before you start your trip.

Now, let’s look into the taxi fares for some popular destinations from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

From  To Distance (Kilometers) Estimated price (AED) 
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Burj Khalifa 117 km 229 AED 
Louvre Abu Dhabi Palm Jumeriah  130 km 252 AED 
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Burj Al Arab 122 km  238 AED 
Emirates Palace Mall of the Emirates 136 km 263 AED 
Marina Mall Abu Dhabi Aquaventure Waterpark 138 km 267 AED 
Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi The Dubai Frame 127 km 247 AED 
Zayed Sports City Ice Rink Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo 137 km 265 AED 

Payment methods for Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxi

A taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is easy and convenient, thanks to the ITC, the Integrated Transport Center. The ITC ensures public transport runs smoothly by managing parking spaces, checking vehicle axle weights, and monitoring traffic.

Plus, they have special facilities for freight surface transport like cars and trucks. If you’re ever taking a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the ITC has your back so you can travel comfortably. Also, they regulate the taxi fare from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to regulate the industry.

Cash payment

A taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai can be a quick and easy way to get from one city to another. Cash is a popular option for paying for a taxi in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as that is often the preferred payment method. When you pay with cash, make sure you have the exact amount ready for your driver when you arrive at your destination.

Credit card

Another popular Abu Dhabi to Dubai fare payment option is a credit card, as it’s fast and convenient. With this option, you don’t need cash after landing and don’t have time to visit a money exchange. It’s also a secure payment since all transactions are tracked.

Make sure the taxi accepts card payment before you hop one. In addition, most of the Abu Dhabi taxis have card scanners installed.

Apple Pay

One of these payment methods is Apple Pay, which is super convenient and secure. You can now pay for your taxi fares in Abu Dhabi using Apple Pay. Likewise, major banks in Abu Dhabi support Apple Pay.

You must wave your phone or watch over the reader and use your fingerprint as authentication. Apple Pay doesn’t require an internet connection as it uses NFC (Near Field Communication).[7]Apple, “Apple Pay without internet, https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8204935#:~:text=You%20do%20not,internet%20connection%20required.”

Samsung Pay

Like Apple Pay, the Emirati taxi also supports Samsung Pay as a payment method. It works just like Apple Pay but is only available on Samsung devices. This makes it simple and easy for those with the latest Samsung handset.

With Samsung Pay, you can pay your taxi fare quickly and securely without worrying about cash or cards. Plus, you don’t have to worry about tricky currency exchange rates when crossing the border. To use Samsung Pay, add your card to the app and hold your phone to the taxi fare reader to process the payment.


You can now use PayBy to pay for your taxi fare from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. This new system is contactless, meaning you don’t have to touch anything to pay. Scan a code on the taxi, and your fare will be deducted from your credit or debit card. This system is easy to use and faster than ever.

Careem Pay

Getting around Abu Dhabi and Dubai has become much easier with the introduction of Careem Pay. Careem Pay is a payment method approved by the UAE central bank and is super easy to use. 

All you have to do is top up your wallet, scan the QR code or use the payment link, and you’re all set. There are offers and rewards you can redeem when using their excellent service.

Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxi toll charges

Taking a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is easy, but it comes at a cost. Every time the taxi passes through a Salik tollgate, it’s scanned by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This detects the Salik sticker tag on the cab so that a toll of AED 4 can be deducted. You will have to pay three Salik gates between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Rules and regulations for Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxi

Taxis in the UAE are a convenient and affordable mode of transportation. They are clean and well-maintained and use metered fares to calculate the cost of your ride. Now, let’s examine some rules and regulations you must follow while boarding a cab. [8]ITC, “Taxis FAQs, https://itc.gov.ae/en/FAQs#faqs-signaure_e=30&faqs-signaure_q=taxi”

  • To hail a taxi, look for a vehicle with a green “vacant” sign on the roof and flag it down.
  • Taxis operate 24 hours a day, so you can rely on them to get you where you need to go at any time or night.
  • There are designated pink taxis for women passengers, which can be requested through the taxi dispatch or the app.
  • To ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers, pets are not allowed in taxis.
  • Sharing a taxi with strangers is also not permitted for safety reasons.
  • For added security, all taxis in the UAE are equipped with CCTV cameras.
  • You will need a UAE mobile number to book a taxi in advance or use a taxi app. This is required for the dispatch system to locate and assign a cab to you.
  • If you happen to leave anything behind in the taxi, don’t worry; the driver must report any lost items to the dispatch.

Where to find Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxis?

inarticle image-taxi from abu dhabi to dubai-Where to find Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxis_

There are several places where you can find taxis in Abu Dhabi that can take you to Dubai. Let’s look at some of the locations.


If you’re arriving at the airport in Abu Dhabi and need to get to Dubai, you can easily book one. These taxis can be found at the terminals or book via app or call the hotline at +971600535353. This can be a convenient and hassle-free way to start your journey to Dubai.


You can find Abu Dhabi to Dubai taxis at the Tawasul Transport dispatcher. It is a national company that began on 3 November 2007, focusing on public transport for taxis in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. With their service, you can easily get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai by car quickly and easily.

Taxi stands

Throughout Abu Dhabi, you can find designated taxi stands where you can find taxis that can take you to Dubai. Approach a driver at a taxi stand and negotiate a deal for your destination. This can be a good option if you need a booking app or prefer to arrange your ride.


If you’re already out and about in Abu Dhabi, you can also find taxis on the streets that can take you to Dubai. When hailing a cab from the road, you must be aware of your surroundings and take standard safety precautions.

For starters, book only a licensed taxi and make sure the driver knows your desired destination. Remember that finding a taxi on the street may take longer than at the airport or taxi stands.

Can all taxis go from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

Yes, taxis in Abu Dhabi can take you to Dubai with proper planning. Several taxi options include regular cabs, special women’s pink taxis, special needs taxis, airport taxis, or rental cars. Also, you can book a taxi through an app, by calling a hotline number, or by hailing one from the street. [9]ITC, “Taxis, https://itc.gov.ae/Transport-in-Abu-Dhabi/Public-Transport/Taxis”

While making a booking, It’s essential to state all your requirements to the driver in advance. For starters, inform the number of passengers and any stops you need to make during the journey. You must also pay toll fees when traveling between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Moreover, you can negotiate with the driver for discounts, but this may only sometimes be possible. Preparing and planning your trip to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey is always a good idea.

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How to go Dubai from Abu Dhabi?

There are several ways to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, including by taxi, public transportation, and rental car. Taxis are often the most comfortable and convenient option, particularly for groups, and they can be affordable if you negotiate a reasonable rate with the driver. You can book a taxi through an app or by calling a hotline. 

How many tolls are there for Abu Dhabi to Dubai cabs?

There are three toll gates from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, and the fee is 4 AED per toll. These tolls are known as Salik toll gates and are used to help fund the development and maintenance of Emirates roads. When you take a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, it will include the toll fees in the cost of your journey.

What is the per-kilometer charge for a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

The per kilometer charge for a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is typically around 1.75 AED. This rate may vary depending on the specific taxi company, the type of vehicle, and other factors. Also, it is a good idea to negotiate a flat rate with the driver in advance to avoid any unexpected charges. [10]RTA, “Taxi Fare, … Continue reading

How long does it take to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

Getting from Abu Dhabi to Dubai usually takes one to one and a half hours without making any stops. It might take longer if you take a break or visit somewhere between. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, booking a taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is convenient and affordable for travelers. Several options are available, including using app-based services such as Uber or Careem or booking via the hotline. Researching the different options and comparing prices is essential to find the best deal.

Overall, booking Abu Dhabi to Dubai cab is a straightforward process that can help travelers reach their destination quickly and comfortably. Furthermore, the same methods are applicable if you’re traveling to Abu Dhabi. It is also essential to consider factors such as vehicle type, driver availability, and additional services.

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