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Top 10 Useful Apps in Dubai (2024 Updated Edition)

Some useful apps in Dubai can be handy if you are traveling to Dubai or currently staying there.

Dubai is one of the most famous cities in the UAE. It is well known because of its modern buildings, malls, and streets. To make your trip easier, we will share some essential apps that you can download for free before traveling.

List of top 10 useful apps in Dubai for 2024

Following are the 10 most useful apps in Dubai for 2024, which will make your life easier during your stay in Dubai.

1. Dubai Travel Guide and Map (DUB)

useful apps in dubai-dubai travel guide and map app

Planning a trip to Dubai can be overwhelming, mainly if you have never visited the city before. You need to make sure that you have all the information to maximize your experience.

The Dubai Travel Guide and Map is an app that will help with this problem by providing helpful information about the city of Dubai. This map includes everything from hotels, restaurants, nightlife spots, and more. 

Dubai Travel Guide & Map helps you find the best places for your trip by providing access to insider tips from local people who know their city inside out. Once you download this app, all the essential details are available right on your phone. So you do not have to worry about getting lost or forgetting where something is located.

Unlike google maps, maps on this app are accessible without any roaming charges or hidden fees. You will have fast and unlimited access to great content wherever you go! This means there are no data roaming charges or high phone bills at the end of each month upon using this app. Using this app you will save money while having convenience.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How Dubai Travel Guide and Map (DUB) app works?

  • Download the DUB app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Register or Create an account.
  • Enter the destination address and begin navigating the map.

2. The Dubai Mall

useful apps in dubai-the dubai mall app

The Dubai Mall app is also another most useful apps in Dubai. We all know that the Dubai Mall is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, it can be hard to navigate, and you might miss out on some incredible offers and events while you are there. 

The Dubai Mall app will help you find everything from your favorite brand stores to restaurants nearby, with turn-by-turn navigation for 1300+ stores and exclusive rewards when shopping with Emirates Skywards. Plus, get real-time notifications on special offers at every store, so make sure not to miss a thing!

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the Dubai Mall app works?

  • Download the app on your device.
  • Register and enter your information, choose your favorite store.
  • Enjoy the personalized shopping experience.

3. Dubai Metro Official app

useful apps in dubai-dubai metro app

Dubai metro app is one of the best apps to have in Dubai. Getting around Dubai is accessible with the metro, but it can be hard to find your way. The Dubai Metro app service helps you navigate the city’s metro system.

Dubai metro is an official application by RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) so it is entirely safe and reliable public transport for use anywhere in Dubai. It provides up-to-date maps of metro stations (even when offline) in English and Arabic with step-by-step directions and announcements of upcoming stops at each station (in both languages). It also shows routes between stations and nearby attractions. The app also provides information on how to use other forms of transportation in the city, such as taxis or ferries, and their fare estimate also.

Download the free Dubai Metro app if you are planning to visit Dubai or stay there. There will be no language barrier using this app. It is super easy to use, so you do not get lost. Whether you are a resident or visitor, it is one of the useful apps in Dubai to download on your phone.

Available to Download: iOS and Android

How does the Dubai Metro Official app work?

  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Create an account with an email address.
  • Start using the app when you step out of your place.

4. DubaiNow

useful apps in dubai-dubai now app

DubaiNow is one of the topmost useful apps in Dubai if you are planning to stay in the city for a longer period of time. The DubaiNow app has been developed to make life easier for residents, visitors, and businesses person. It helps you to access information and services from government entities across Dubai. Using this app you can conveniently access all your needs under one umbrella with ease.

DubaiNow app gives you instant access to all things related to government services, driving license renewal, health, education, and more with a few taps on your mobile phone screen. It also enables you to pay your government bills and traffic fines via bank transfer or credit card without an account at the Dubai government e-payment gateway (GPG). This app lets you find out about public facilities in the area, such as hospitals and police stations, by simply tapping on the map feature offered within the app.

In addition, you can locate nearby mosques where you can find prayer times using the GPS tracking system available in this application.

Furthermore, this app includes a feature to book appointments with doctors and pharmacists directly through it.

The new version of DubaiNow allows citizens living outside UAE who own properties in Dubai to register online for access.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the DubaiNow app works?

  • Download the compatible app for your device.
  • Create an account.
  • Start using the of government offices services.

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5. Talabat

useful apps in dubai-talabat app

Talabat is also another useful application that you need to have on your smartphone while you are in Dubai. It is an ideal app to save money and time.

If you do not want to spend hours in line at a restaurant or grocery store in Dubai, the Talabat could be your handy app. With just a few clicks on the Talabat app, you can have all your favorite meals and groceries delivered to your door in a matter of minutes.

With the Talabat app, you can place orders online or via text message (SMS). It is the best alternatives to UberEasts and GrubHub. Talabat is also super-convenient with online payment via credit card or cash on delivery time.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How Talabat works?

  • Download the app.
  • Register and enter your payment and delivery information.
  • Order items for home delivery or book any restaurant online.

6. GoFood

useful apps in dubai-gofood app

GoFood is useful phone apps that you need to have in Dubai. GodFood is a food delivery app that offers you a range of food options. It is a must having apps to save time and money in Dubai.

GoFood app was created by an experienced team of local restaurant owners who believe that home delivery should be suitable for everyone – customers, restaurants, and local businesses alike. So they set up this app where you can order food and buy groceries from any brand or size of business without having to worry about hidden fees or extra charges.GoFood cut out the middleman and connect restaurants directly with their customers.

You can download the app to start enjoying delicious meals from local spots. Additionally, you will get AED200 free credit when you download the app.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How GoFood works?

  • Download GoFood from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Register or create a new account.
  • Add your billing and shipping info to order through this app.

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7. Dubai Police

useful apps in dubai-dubai police app

Dubai Police is also another useful app in Dubai. The Dubai police app allows you to find the nearest police station, file a complaint, and even report anonymously, and many more.

A feature like a drive mode is designed for your safety while driving. It will allow you to receive alerts about traffic accidents or roadblocks of the exact location in real-time so that you can avoid them if possible.

SOS feature in the app also allows you to call the emergency number 112 by touching only one button without taking your hands off the steering wheel, which helps to prevent accidents caused by sudden braking or swerving of vehicles on roads.

Police station mode allows you to check how busy each station is from the current location before you go there to know the wait time.

This app will be able to make you feel safer when you are out and about in Dubai. This app made it easy for anyone in an accident or other situation to contact directly to emergency service via calling 112 (the UAE’s national emergency number).

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the DubaiPolice app works?

  • Download DubaiPolice app.
  • Register and save your info on the app.
  • Use different modes available in-app to communicate with Dubai police.

8. Washmen

useful apps in dubai-washmen app

Doing laundry takes time, effort, and energy. It is one of the most time-consuming chores.

If you are around Dubai, Washmen change the way you handle laundry. It makes your clothes care experience convenient and hassle-free. There are no more missed appointments or delays in getting your clothes back on time. It offers a same-day pickup and delivery service so you do not have to worry about missing an appointment again with this app. Plus, with Washmen’s cashless convenience feature, you can pay for all their services through the app and in cash.

This app aims to give customers what they want while providing them with excellent customer service at the same time.

So, you will not regret having this mobile application on your phone if you are in Dubai.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the Washmen app works?

  • Download the app.
  • Create an account.
  • Request your laundry pickup and choose washing options.
  • They will collect your laundry and return it to you after it has been done to your specification.

9. RTA Dubai

useful apps in dubai-rta duabi app

We all know that commuting in Dubai can be a hassle. The roads are crowded, the traffic is terrible and finding parking spaces is nearly impossible. RTA has been working hard to make lives easier by offering many ways to get around, whether it is public transport or road travel. 

Downloading “RTA Dubai” application will enable you to locate available parking spots quickly without any hassle. This app also provides useful information about road works happening in different areas of Dubai so that you can plan your routes accordingly. You can also report potholes, traffic jams, etc., directly through this app which helps authorities take quick action on such issues. You can even pay car park fines through this app as well. RTA Dubai is one of the useful apps to download if you are visiting or currently staying in Dubai.

It is definitely worth having this RTA Dubai app on your phone if you are in Dubai.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the RTA Dubai app works?

  • Download the app.
  • Create an account.
  • To stay up to date on the condition of the road, use it when commuting.

10. Dubai Municipality

useful apps in dubai-dubai municipality

Dubai Municipality is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It is hard to find out what services Dubai Municipality offers. The city needs an efficient way to deal with all these issues and provide residents with information about what is going on.

Thus, the Municipality of Dubai has created a “Dubai Municipality” app to help you access services easily and quickly from your phones or tablets. It also gives you easy access to important information about events, construction projects, traffic alerts, and more.

Definitely, if you are currently residing in or visiting Dubai, the “Dubai Municipality” is one of the most essential applications to download.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the Dubai Municipality app works?

  • Download app.
  • Register with your information.
  • Get information about the happenings around Dubai municipality.

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Bonus apps

Here are two more apps to consider. You may download these in addition to the above-mentioned applications. They are definitely worth having on your smartphone.

1. Dubai Calendar

useful apps in dubai-dubai calendar app

Dubai Calendar is also another extremely useful apps in Dubai. With so much happening in Dubai, it can be hard to keep track of all the events. Dubai Calendar app was created to catch up on the exciting event. This app lets you learn about new events as soon as they are announced and buy tickets directly from its website or via mobile apps for iPhone & Android.

You can download the free Dubai Calendar app and get access to a complete list of upcoming concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, promotions, and events related to music, culture, art fashion health sport.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the Dubai Calendar app works?

  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Register or create your account.
  • Get easy information and notifications on events around you and public holidays.

2. Time Out Dubai

useful apps in dubai-time out dubai app

We all know that living in Dubai is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many things to do and places to go. We do not have any idea what is going on or where to go most of the time. Well, the Time Out Dubai app magazine will help you discover all those including breaking news. Reviews in the magazine will give you a good sense of whether something is worth your money and time. Guide on the magazine will make sure you get around town without getting lost or missing anything important.

This app magazine covers everything from fast food joints, cafes, and bars to fine dining establishments. It includes information on menus, prices, and opening times, and direct links for making reservations or booking tables online. The best part is the app also lets you save your favorite places, so they are always just one tap away whenever you need them.

Definitely, it is one of the handy apps that you need to have in Dubai.

Available to download: iOS and Android

How does the TimeOutDubai app work?

  • Download the app on your device.
  • Create an account.
  • Start with the reviews and set up notifications for updates.

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Final thoughts

We hope you find this collection of useful apps in Dubai to be both comprehensive and useful. If you are an expat living in Dubai or a tourist visiting the city, these apps will make your stay in Dubai easier, more organized, and free from hassle.

Make sure to bookmark this page for quick reference about useful apps in Dubai. We will be updating this page and adding new apps, so stay tuned!

Do not forget to share this information with your friends and family.

Also, if you know of any other useful apps in Dubai, please let us know via the comment section below. We will check them out and add them to the list.

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