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10+ Places for Best Breakfast in Dubai: Price, Location & More

Discover Dubai's best breakfast places

Dubai has a diverse culinary scene, and its breakfast options are no exception. From traditional Arabic breakfasts to classic American pancakes, there’s something for everyone.

With many restaurants offering delicious dishes, it’s hard to decide where to go to start your day right. Some of the best breakfast in Dubai is provided by Eggspectation, L’ETO, Cassette, and more.

Our team conducted thorough research to prepare this guide to the best breakfast restaurants in Dubai. We visited the restaurants ourselves and tried different options.

We carefully evaluated each restaurant based on food quality, atmosphere, pricing, service, and location. We also considered customer reviews.

Finally, we created this list of restaurants in Dubai for breakfast.

11 best Breakfast places in Dubai

Dubai boasts a vibrant food scene, with various dining options available for every meal of the day. And when it comes to breakfast, the city does not disappoint. 

1. Eggspectation Restaurant Cafe JBR – Best breakfast in Dubai

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Eggspectation Restaurant Cafe JBR - Best breakfast in Dubai

Eggspectation was established in 1993 in Montreal. And since it expanded to the Emirate, it strives to provide people in UAE with healthy breakfast options.

Their delicious menu has something for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The menu includes treats such as French toast, thin French crepes, Belgian waffles, Buttermilk pancakes, and pasta.

Furthermore, the breakfast features egg options like poached eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and more.

Besides breakfast options, their burgers, seafood, steak, and delicious eggs benedict are also a must-try. With its casual restaurant and café ambiance, industrial-chic décor, and good, Eggspectation is excellent for breakfast in Dubai.

2. Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe – Traditional Arabic Food in Dubai

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe - Traditional Arabic Food in Dubai

The Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe has been offering excellent food for over two decades.

We recommend we try traditional Arabic coffee, Gahwa, and Saloona deyay. You can choose dishes including Biryani Deyay/Laham or Saloona deyay, if they want an Emirati main course.

The breakfast menu features Balaleet and Emirati Chebab. Furthermore, vegetarians will be pleased to find out that there are plenty of options for them.

Additionally, the cafe offers an opportunity to experience traditional halal food.

3. L’ETO- Best Cakes in Dubai

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- L'ETO- Best Cakes in Dubai

L’ETO is a successful restaurant that entered the Dubai market in 2016.

The restaurant’s concept is based on the components of summer, including bloom, freshness, brightness, and the enlightening sun. These elements are reflected in the restaurant’s design, ambiance, light, sound, and menu.

One of L’ETO’s specialties is its coffee blend, made using a unique recipe.

Moreover, the restaurant also offers a selection of Nutella options and various types of cakes. Additionally, L’ETO’s menu includes a variety of other dishes that feature fresh ingredients like rye bread.

Thanks to its commitment to excellence, L’ETO has achieved eye-watering success in the Dubai market.

4. Paul- Healthy Breakfast restaurants

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Paul- Healthy Breakfast restaurants

Paul is a family-owned French restaurant that has been around since 1889. Its rich history is reflected in every aspect of the dining experience.

It offers a great breakfast option for those who enjoy a quality meal to start their day. The restaurant prides itself on its commitment to quality, which is evident in every dish on the menu. [1]Paul, “Paul Bakeries, http://www.paul-bakeries.com/#:~:text=Family%2Downed%20company%20established%20since%201889″

Their stand-out dish is the Truffle Mushroom Puff, a perfect blend of rich and earthy flavors. The Raspberry Chocolate Brownie is a must-try for those with a sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, the Steak Sandwich is a popular choice.

At Paul, quality is at the heart of everything they do, from the ingredients to their services. This is what makes the restaurant perfect to enjoy a delicious breakfast and catch up with friends.

5. Cassette – Best Acai Bowl in Dubai

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Cassette - Best Acai Bowl in Dubai

Cassette is a creative hub in Al Quoz, serving great food, coffee, and vibe.

The restaurant’s menu features a “Modern Parisian Direction.” With subtle hints of French familiarity, it features different international cuisines.

Moreover, Cassette’s menu offers something for everyone, with various healthy dishes and small bites. It provides comfort foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some standout dishes include the Acai Bowl, Atlantic Salmon, and Crispy Chicken Burger.

Come for the food, and stay for the music, art, design, and culture that surround this unique dining experience.


inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- THE SUM OF US

The Sum of Us combines a sourdough bakery, gourmet café, and specialty coffee roastery.

Using the freshest and most authentic ingredients, they create a dynamic and creative menu.

The menu features dishes like Acai Bowl, Vanilla Yogurt with Granola, Cheesecake Pancakes, and Salmon Potato Rosti.

Moreover, they are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing. It is reflected in their use of organic green coffee beans and local suppliers for fresh produce.

7. Society Dubai

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Society Dubai

Society Dubai offers a serene atmosphere for friends and family to gather throughout the day.

The restaurant’s concept is influenced by the multicultural communities in Dubai. It incorporates local elements to create a nostalgic yet modern ambiance.

From rattan fixtures to the garnishing on the dishes, every detail is handpicked to ensure a perfectly immersive experience. The menu features dishes like Khachapuri, Eggs Benedict, Pistachio Pancakes, and Crispy Kunafa.

8. Mondoux

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Mondoux

Mondoux is the perfect place to indulge in a modern culinary experience with friends or family. Their focus on fresh ingredients, delicious meals, and decadent desserts ensures that every visit is memorable.

We recommend you satisfy your sweet tooth with their fluffy pancakes or delicious cakes. You can also try their refreshing smoothie or hot chocolate on a cozy afternoon.

Moreover, their menu also includes Acai Smoothie Bowl, Nutella Pancakes, and Avocado Toast.

With a casual environment, great food, and a nice atmosphere, Mondoux is a perfect breakfast place.

9. Friends Avenue Cafe JLT

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Friends Avenue Cafe JLT

Friends Avenue Cafe is a cozy and inviting spot for breakfast or lunch. It offers a range of delicious options that cater to various tastes.

The menu features an Australian, European, and English breakfast set prepared with fresh ingredients.

Moreover, diners can indulge in dishes such as crispy bacon, truffled mushrooms on toast, and refreshing acai bowls, among others.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a light lunch, Friends Avenue Cafe has something for everyone.

10. Brunch & Cake Wasl 51 – Best Pancakes in Dubai

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Brunch & Cake Wasl 51 - Best Pancakes in Dubai

Brunch & Cake originated in Barcelona, Spain, as Cup & Cake, a coffee and cake shop. It expanded into Brunch & Cake in 2012 due to its immediate success and demand.

The first flagship store outside of Barcelona was established in 2019. Now there are four locations spread across the UAE.

Brunch & Cake is renowned for hosting iconic locations with beautiful interiors. It provides one-of-a-kind experiences with wholesome dishes and generous portions.

Moreover, the popular menu items like Truffled Eggs Benedict and the Banana Pancakes with fresh fruit and berries are a great treat.

11. Sarabeth’s

inarticle image-best breakfast in dubai- Sarabeth's

Sarabeth’s brings customers an unforgettable dining experience with its nourishing cuisine.

Their goal is to provide customers with classic, perfect flavors in their restaurants and retail products.

Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy breakfast or brunch with friends, Sarabeth’s has you covered.

From the famous fluffy French toast to the smoked salmon benedict, every item on the menu is carefully crafted.

Head to Sarabeth’s and indulge in the simple pleasures of wholesome, classic cuisine.

What are the most popular breakfast items in Dubai?

Dubai, a city known for its grandiose lifestyle, also boasts a diverse food culture. The most popular breakfast items in Dubai are a fusion of local, international, and continental cuisines.

One of the most popular local favorites is balaleet. It is a sweet and savory dish made with vermicelli noodles, cardamom, saffron, and sugar. It is topped with scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Dubai’s cosmopolitan population has brought a range of international breakfast items to the city. The Acai Bowl, French toast, pancakes, and waffles are popular options.

Many restaurants offer their unique twist on these classic dishes. Whether you prefer a traditional Emirati breakfast or a more contemporary option, Dubai’s breakfast scene has it all.

How much does breakfast cost in Dubai?

The cost of breakfast in Dubai varies depending on the type of cuisine, location, and level of luxury of the establishment.

On average, a breakfast can cost between 20 to 300 Dirhams. But if you want to have breakfast in a more upscale restaurant, it can range from 300- 500 AED.

Some of the popular options on breakfast buffets include smoked salmon, eggs benedict, fresh fruit, and more.

Overall, the breakfast cost in Dubai is similar to that of other major cities worldwide. You can spend as much or as little as they like on their morning meal.


What to order for breakfast in Dubai?

The most popular breakfast items in Dubai are a fusion of local, international, and continental cuisines. You can order items like Balaleet, French Toast, Acai Bowls, and more.

What are the best restaurants for breakfast in Dubai?

Eggspectation, Society Dubai, and Friends Avenue Cafe are the best restaurants for breakfast in Dubai. Whether you prefer a traditional Emirati breakfast or a more contemporary option, Dubai’s breakfast scene has it all.

What are the best breakfast buffets in Dubai?

Eggspectation and Sarabeth’s are the best breakfast buffets in Dubai. They offer a variety of options like eggs, bread, toast, and fruits on their buffet.

How safe is breakfast in Dubai?

Ensuring food safety is a significant concern for the UAE government. They have implemented various measures to uphold the quality of restaurant food.
This includes enforcing strict laws to guarantee food safety. They have implemented a National Food Accreditation and Registration System and established a National Rapid Alert System for Food.
Failure to comply with these standards may lead to penalties in the form of fines for non-compliant restaurants. [2]UAE Government, “Law on food safety, … Continue reading

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Final thoughts

After sampling some of the best breakfast in Dubai, it’s safe to say that everyone can find something to enjoy. From traditional Emirati dishes to elegant continental breakfasts, there’s something for everyone.

We hope our guide helped you find the best breakfast places in Dubai. With plenty of delicious choices, Dubai is a paradise for breakfast lovers.

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