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10+ Best Engineering Consultants in Abu Dhabi: Price & More

Discover Abu Dhabi's finest engineering consultants

The top engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi provide ingredients for successful projects. From interior design to structural engineering, the firms provide it all.

Abu Dhabi has a growing construction and development sector. The firms in the capital ensure the highest quality services for the same. Some of the best engineering consulting companies in Abu Dhabi are Close System, PEC, BEC, and more.

Our team conducted research, including on-site evaluations of various Abu Dhabi engineering consultancy. We analyzed factors like the companies’ experience, reviews, projects, and services. 

Our guide provides a comprehensive overview of the best engineering firms in Abu Dhabi.

11 top engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a hub for construction and infrastructure development. There are engineering companies for every need, from industrial projects or residential buildings.

1. Close System Architecture Consultancy LLC

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Close System Architecture Consultancy LLC

Close System provides a reliable, professional approach to architectural creation and engineering solutions. This ISO 9001:2015-certified company has years of experience in the industry. 

It provides architecture, engineering, sustainability, and construction consultancy for different buildings.

Moreover, they provide services for residential and commercial villas, sports facilities, hospitals, and hotels.

Their goal is to build sustainable solutions. With a priority on sustainability and innovation, Close System is an excellent choice.


Close System has worked with several companies over the years. Their clientele includes Abu Dhabi ports, Emaar, Miral, and more.

Some of their notable projects are:

  • Complete engineering solution for Maternity Hospital in Abu Dhabi
  • Architectural Design & Supervision for M.K. Residence
  • Design and Supervision for Al Fandi Tower

2. Pioneer Engineering Consultancy LLC (PEC)

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Pioneer Engineering Consultancy LLC (PEC)

Pioneer Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that was founded in 2002. They provide urban and commercial planning to individuals, governments, and other organizations. 

Over the years, they have won over 300 awards for their high-quality services. Their creative production team uses sustainable construction methods for architectural and engineering projects.

Moreover, their up-to-date technologies and understanding of cultural influences ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time, they provide clients with value-for-money solutions.


Pioneer Engineering has completed over 2000 projects over the years. Some of its notable projects are:

  • Design and execution of Al Jazerah Complex
  • Full engineering solutions for Al Wathba Residence
  • Commercial planning of Al Riyad Mall

3. More International Engineering Consulting

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - More International Engineering Consulting

MORE International Engineering Consulting is a design firm located in Abu Dhabi.

They offer building construction, architecture, interior design, planning, and project management services.

The company started small but through experience in the market, it grew over time.

Moreover, they have two divisions: Architectural and Interior Design, Environmental and Energy Studies Division.

Architects and engineers are part of these teams to ensure everything runs smoothly.


More International helps design buildings and interiors. They have undertaken several projects throughout the years. Some of their notable projects are:

  • Building project of a Modern Residential villa in Alriyadh City
  • Classic residential villa in Alrahba City
  • Residential villa in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

4. Al Burj Engineering Consultants

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy & Interior Design

Moreover, innovation and sustainability are at the heart of all the decision-making that takes place at Al Burj. They provide high-quality service to their clients without compromising the environment.

With a high success rate and impressive clientele, Al Burj is an excellent choice.


Al Burj has worked with both the private and public sectors. Some clients include Links investment, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi Police, and others.

Some of the projects undertaken by Al Burj are:

  • Architectural Concept + Tender Document Requirements for Rowad Dahab
  • Architecture, Structure, MEP Design, Permitting & Construction Supervision for Mussafah Medical Store
  • Master Plan concept & Architectural Concept for Canadian Ahram University

5. Bainona Engineering Consultancy (BEC)

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Bainona Engineering Consultancy (BEC)

BEC’s mission is to create impressive skylines for the future by surpassing the engineering services of today.

Moreover, they strive to meet, if not surpass, customer requirements. Their design viewpoint emphasizes modern reminders of traditional history.

Furthermore, BEC incorporates the highest standards according to required regulations. They exceed expectations by finding innovative solutions to challenging designs.


BEC has collaborated with the government and private sectors for different projects. Some of their notable projects are:

  • Architectural, Structural & MEP Design, Construction supervision for the Embassy of Afghanistan
  • Design and Supervision for Jeddah 4 Star Hotel
  • Architectural, Structural & MEP Design, Interior Design for Delma Mall

6. Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy & Interior Design

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy & Interior Design

Al Bahri designs modern majilis to luxurious villas and hospitals. They believe in technical excellence for maximum customer satisfaction.

With their expertise, modern design, and quality, Al Bahri will exceed your expectations.


Al Bahri has an impressive clientele in the private and public sectors. They have worked with the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Police, and Mediclinic.

Some of their notable projects are:

  • Main Consulting Engineer for Digital District
  • Main Consultant for Mosque of Salem Al Daheri
  • Healthcare Consultant for MFC Hospital

7. Al Khail Engineering Consultant

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Al Burj Engineering Consultants

Al Khail Consulting is an engineering company in Abu Dhabi that started in 2015. It offers innovative engineering, architecture, and project management services.

This one-stop firm takes on projects of any size or range and promises great quality services.

Furthermore, Al Khail emphasizes commitment and delivering each project on time and within budget.

With teams of experienced professionals, Al Khail has an excellent reputation.


Al Khai has completed over 600 projects for more than 1300 customers. They have helped with buildings, interior design, and site construction.

Some projects they have undertaken are:

  • Spanish Design villa for residential purposes.
  • Government projects including the design and construction of buildings.
  • Construction and renovation of schools.

8. Modern Home Engineering consultant (MHEC)

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Modern Home Engineering consultant (MHEC)

Moreover, MHEC’s team comprises consulting engineers who have worked with clients from all over the Middle East.

With dedicated professionals and experience, MHEC provides customer satisfaction with efficient delivery.


MHEC has completed over 3000 projects since 2006. They have worked on commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and more.

Moreover, they provide supervision, master planning, and architectural and interior design on projects.

9. Basalt Engineering Consultancy

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Basalt Engineering Consultancy

Furthermore, their portfolio includes villas and palaces, residential towers and mosques, and sports facilities.

Moreover, Basalt ensures their projects are completed within the time frame and budget. They also follow international codes and standards for maximum customer satisfaction.


Basalt has undertaken several projects for different clients. They primarily provide interior and architectural design.

Their interior design includes modern, classic, and Islamic-style designs. Their engineers, consultants, and planners use creativity to provide clients with tailored services.

They also help design commercial and residential buildings. The architectural team has worked for schools, hospitals, mosques, and more.

10. East Consult Engineering Consultancy

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - East Consult Engineering Consultancy

East Consult is an engineering consultancy that creates buildings with passion and excellence. They have a team of highly skilled and creative engineers who will help you build your dream.

East Consult not only provides services in UAE but also in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, they offer architectural design, interior design supervision, and project management services.


East Consult has an impressive portfolio of successful projects across sectors. They provide clients with interior design, MEP, planning, and management services.

Moreover, they have extensive experience in designing both commercial and residential establishments. Their team has worked on projects such as schools, hospitals, mosques, etc.

Therefore, East Consult is the perfect civil engineering consultancy in Abu Dhabi.

11. Parsons International Limited

inarticle image-engineering consultants in abu dhabi - Parsons International Limited

For over 60 years, they have been a leader in the Middle East. They provide the best services and safety practices for projects of different sizes.

With their global resources and local presence, Parsons delivers unparalleled solutions.


Parsons has completed over 900 projects in UAE. From highways to complex underground projects, they have done it all.

Their services include design, construction, and supervision of the projects. They assist in analyzing and resolving traffic impacts, asset management, and intelligent transportation system.

Services offered by engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi

Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi assist with project design, construction, and maintenance.

Their services include civil engineering, architecture, project management, structural engineering, and MEP engineering.

Civil Engineering

Engineering firm provides civil engineering services. They assist with infrastructure design, construction supervision, and site management.


The companies also offer architecture services. They help with conceptual design, building codes, and project management.

Project management

Project management includes cost control, scheduling, procurement, and contract management.

MEP Engineering

The companies provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting system design, analysis, and supervision.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering services include building and bridge design and analysis.

How we chose the best Abu Dhabi engineering consultants

Choosing the right engineering consultant for your project is crucial for its success. The real estate market in Abu Dhabi is on an upward trajectory. [1]Khaleej Times, “UAE Real Estate, https://www.khaleejtimes.com/business/uae-real-estate-set-to-gain-further-momentum” This has meant the number of engineering consultants is also high.

With so many options available in Abu Dhabi, finding the best fit for your specific needs can be challenging. Some of the factors we considered while choosing the best Abu Dhabi engineering consultants are:

Experience: We evaluated experience on projects and track record of delivering on time and within budget.

Client Reviews: We looked at client testimonials to understand how firms are perceived.

Evaluation of Services: We examined a range of services and areas of specialization for each firm.

Cost: We examined the cost of services to ensure affordability.

Staff and Resources: We evaluated the quality of staff and resources of each firm.

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Which is the best engineering consultancy in Abu Dhabi?

Close System Architecture Consultancy is the best engineering consultancy in Abu Dhabi. They have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services. 

What engineers does Abu Dhabi engineering consultancy hire?

Abu Dhabi engineering consultancy hires civil, structural, and mechanical Engineers. For people with experience, Abu Dhabi firms have many job opportunities.

What services do engineering consultants provide?

Architectural and Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi assist with the design and construction of projects. They provide interior and Architecture design, Civil engineering, and more services.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the top engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi offer key elements for successful projects.

From massive infrastructure to residential developments, there are consultants for every need.

We hope our Dbd guide helped you find the best engineering firms in Abu Dhabi. Consider feedback, services, expenses, and expertise before choosing your firm.

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