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15+ Top Construction Companies in Abu Dhabi

Explore some of Abu Dhabi's top construction companies their projects and services

Construction companies in Abu Dhabi have undertaken several projects throughout the region. They specialize in various aspects of the design and development of infrastructure.

The construction companies in Abu Dhabi are the backbone of the city’s outstanding infrastructure. Some of the best construction companies in Abu Dhabi are National Petroleum, Target Engineering, and more.

We evaluated various factors to determine the best construction firms in Abu Dhabi. We look into the services offered by each firm, as well as their equipment and workforce.

In addition, we read customer feedback and reviews for further insight into their performance. After evaluating these aspects carefully, we compiled a list of the top-rated Abu Dhabi construction companies. 

16 best construction companies in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is home to several highly respected construction companies. Most of them provide EPC services, Offshore, Onshore, Gas & oil services, and many more.

1. National Petroleum Construction Company

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - National Petroleum Construction Company

National Petroleum Construction Company, established in 1973, has become a world leader in engineering and construction. It has healthy connections with National Oil Companies (NOCs), Operating Companies (OPCOs), and International Oil Companies (IOCs).

Likewise, their impressive fleet of 22 offshore vessels has modern facilities capable of supporting shallow and deep water operations. This fleet also can lift structures weighing up to an amazing 4,200 Tons – making them well-equipped for any offshore project. 


Onshore projects

  • Anticorrosion Coating on 6″ Line Pipes–Bu Hasa Facilities Development Project.
  • Major Overhaul of COS Tank No.12-Das Island – 2006
  • Installation of Waste Gas Handling Unit(WGHU) at NGTP, USSC – 2006.
  • AGD-II Pipeline Coating – 2006.
  • Construction Contract For New SPM Loading Facilities TB-3 Das Island – 2005.

Offshore projects

  • Saudi Aramco Awards 2 Contracts for 17 Offshore Jackets –2017
  • EPC Contract for Nasr Full Field Development Project Package 1 – 2014
  • ONGC awarded Ratna, R –Series Contract to NPCC – 2018
  • EPC Contract for Umm Lulu Full Field Development Project Package-1 – 2013
  • Integrated Gas Development Project – Habshan Platform (HAP)

2. Galfar Engineering and Contracting WLL Emirates

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Galfar Engineering and Contracting WLL Emirates

Likewise, the company has over 3000 well-trained personnel and 1000+ fleets, machinery, and equipment. This gives them the capability to handle complex EPC projects.

Furthermore, Galfar has built strong relationships with many major clients. Their clientele includes ADNOC, GASCO, Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi airports, and Abu Dhabi city municipality.


Completed projects

  • EPC for Bu Hasa Shuaiba South Artificial (GAS) Lift Project phase 1
  • Thamama Zone B Project Phase 1
  • Bab Produced Water Re-Injection Project

Ongoing projects

  • Construction of Flowlines & Wellhead Tie-In Installations At ADCO’s Fields 
  • Construction Works for Haliba Wells Tie-ins for Main Body & Near Haliba Prospects
  • EPC for Tie-In Works at South East, Package D
  • EPC for Upgrading Buhasa Fire Fighting System and Potable Water Tanks for Buhasa Camp Accommodation

3. Target Engineering Construction Company L.L.C

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Target Engineering Construction Company L.L.C

Their expertise lies in the Mechanical Oil and Gas Division, Civil Division, and Electrical Division.

Target has achieved great success in its field, establishing a strong customer base across major industries. Their impressive clientele includes Oil & Gas Sector companies, the Government sector, EPC contractors, and prominent property developers.

The company has over 11,000 employees and over 30 marine vessels, including dredgers, barges, performance boats, and other vessels. They also have fabrication services and state-of-the-art equipment in the PMV workshop.


Completed projects

  • EPC for Causeway Pipelines Project
  • Hail Surface Facilities Project

Ongoing projects

  • Downtown Dubai Development Forte (Plots D1-D2) -Phase 1
  • Replacement of Storage Tanks at Ras Tanura Refinery

4. Al Geemi Contracting Co. L.L.C

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Al Geemi Contracting Co. L.L.C

Al Geemi has been the UAE’s leading General EPC Contractor since 1979.

The UAE government has placed Al Geemi under the “Special Category.” This shows their superior services and extensive experience in Infrastructure, Buildings, and Electromechanical works. 

Likewise, they have an impressive fleet of over 600 modern pieces of excellent machinery and plant. They have everything from mobile cranes, wheel loaders, and excavators to bulldozers, tower cranes, and beyond. They also have their own asphalt plants and 200 transport vehicles. 


Completed projects

  • Road Works at Ghanada
  • Construction of Airfield for Abu Abyed Island

Ongoing projects

  • Zirku Airport Runway Strip Integrity
  • Baniyas Sectors WB2, WB3A, WB3C

5. Control Contracting & Trading. (CCTC)

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Control Contracting & Trading. (CCTC)

It is associated with renowned companies such as GEMS Engineering (Belgium), Expertise S.R.L. (Italy), and Gai Tronics (Italy).

Likewise, CCTC offers a lot of different industrial services and products. The company has a fabrication yard and extra facilities with stores, a workshop, and a jetty.

The company also has over 200 employees in CAD operations, engineering, safety, quality assurance, administration, and financials.


Offshore projects

  • Refurbishment of PGP Ventilation Room and HVAC Systems at GTP B10 & USEAP
  • EPC Work for the ZK Field WHTs Electrification 
  • HVAC System on Technical Buildings Associated with ADMA-OPCO NASR Full Field Dev
  • Subcontract for Technical Rooms on the WHT’s Associated with ADMA-OPCO NASR Full

Electro-Mechanical projects

  • EPC for New Fire Training Center Close to ASAB Plant
  • HVAC Works Associated with TAKREER Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project
  • Supply of Power Supply Skids for ADCO QUSAHWIRA Full Field Development 1.8 MMBOP
  • Subcontract of HVAC Works Associated with ADCO BAB Gas Compression Project
  • Ras Laffan Utilization Project – Qatar

Commercial Buildings projects

  • Sahil Accommodation Project for ADMA-OPCO on Das Island
  • Electrical, Mechanical & HVAC works related to NPCC facilities relocation at Mussafah

6. Agility Engineering & Contracting Co LLC 

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Agility Engineering & Contracting Co LLC 

Agility Engineering & Contracting Co LLC is one of the UAE’s leading Tunnels, bridges, and road construction companies. 

This engineering company has successfully succeeded in the UAE by completing more than 4.4 billion AED in projects.

They specialize in the design, construction, and maintenance of the projects they undertake.


  • Mina Zayed Tunnel
  • Earthwork, lighting, and electrical distribution of Khalifa City

7. AlNasr Contracting 

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - AlNasr Contracting 

Likewise, AlNasr is a well-respected firm whose expertise and quality of work have earned them many esteemed clients. Some of their current high-profile clients include Dubai South, EMicool, Emaar, EGA, Electricity and Water Authority, ADNOC, NAKHEEL, and TDIC. 

With its commitment to excellence and producing superior projects, AlNasr is a perfect choice.

Key Projects

  • Fewa171w Transmission Pipiline
  • Acid Flare Line and Flare Tip
  • North Al Maryah Island (NAMI) – Sports Hub
  • Khalifa Port- Etihad Rail
  •  Kerosine Pipeline
  •  Al Qaffay Island

8. Royal International Construction 

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Royal International Construction 

Established in 2008, Royal International Construction is one of the reputable Abu Dhabi construction companies.

Over the years, they have proudly carried out several projects with many reputed companies. These include Global catering services, Baniyas, TATA, Unites Alsaqer group, Abu Dhabi city municipality, and ADNIP. 


  • Commercial & Residential Villa Complex project in Baniyas.
  • Finishing and fit-out work for Carrefour Hypermarket in Abu Dhabi.
  • Construction of LLH Hospital Building in Electra Street, Abu Dhabi.

9. Al Firas General Contracting

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Al Firas General Contracting

Since its founding in 1988, its vision has been to provide excellent performance and deliver projects of superior quality that exceed customer expectations. 

Al Firas has diverse clients from many different sectors, including governmental, educational, oil and gas, military and private. These include the UAE Ministry of Finance, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments, SEHA, and Musanada.


Ongoing projects

  • Offices Building Omeir Bin Yousef Group
  • Commercial Development – Mr. Hamdan Abdulla Khamis Ahmed Almehrzi
  • Link International Properties
  • Link International Properties

Completed projects

  • Residential Building RBW7-20 Mr. Abdulhamid Mohammed Saeed Al Ahmadi
  • Al Ghadeer Development – Mosque Design and Construction Works
  • Mosque in Mohammad Bin Zayed City
  • International Academic School

10. Square General Contracting Company LLC

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Square General Contracting Company LLC

ZSquare General Contracting Company LLC was established in 1977 to provide services for smaller projects.

Over the years, the company has grown into a large-scale production facility capable of undertaking the most complex construction projects.

Their goal is to have a good relationship with their clients that lasts a long time. Team members work together to reach the goals of the organization.


Ongoing projects

  • Completion of Civil Works at Rufi Tower
  • Private Villa for H.E. Dr. Ahmed Mubarak Ali Rashed Almazrouie
  • Waterfront Towers Project
  • Construction, Completion, and Maintenance works of Khalidia Palace Hotel
  • Construct and Complete Deportation Prison Building / Al Sharjah

Completed projects

  • DMS 145212 – Construction of 133 Villas -Dubai
  • Construction of BAB Infrastructure Expansion
  • Construction, Completion, and Maintenance Works of the Residential/Commercial Building
  • T.V. Transmitting Stations in Habshan and JabelDhana

11. Al Ahd General Contracting Co

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Al Ahd General Contracting Co

Al Ahd General Contracting LLC is a highly esteemed contractor. The Department of Economy & Planning in Abu Dhabi recognizes it as a first-grade construction company.

Established in 1986, they have built a solid reputation by consistently providing superior outcomes.

Additionally, they have an impressive track record of delivering projects on time and within budget while meeting the highest quality requirements.

Some of the most reputed companies this company has worked with are Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi Media, ALDAR, Dubai Islamic Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and MIRAL.


Commercial projects

  • Raha Beach Building
  • Suwaidi Tower
  • Dahak Building

Civic projects

  • Al Bahia School
  • Sudan Embassy
  • Marytr Ahmed Al Tunaiji Mosque

Industrial projects

  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory

12. HILALCO – Abu Dhabi

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - HILALCO - Abu Dhabi

HILALCO is a renowned contractor in the region specializing in roads, infrastructure, and civil works. It uses the resources and expertise of its mother company, Wade Adams Gulf.

Additionally, HILALCO is a highly disciplined multinational company with a skilled and well-trained workforce.

In addition to its top-notch employees, the company also owns a lot of equipment. This includes 650 pieces of light equipment and 450 pieces of heavy equipment. This allows the company to work on different projects and tasks.


  •  Mubadala Strata Infrastructure Phase 1 for Al Ain International Airport.
  •  Earth Filling & Leveling at Shawamekh, Al Reef Hiliya and Al Falah.
  •  Widening of Abu Dhabi – Dubai Road.
  • Al Falah Community Development Infrastructure Works.
  •  Construction of Bridge at Officers City and between Two Bridges Cities

13. Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC

Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC consistently upholds its reputation for providing top-notch services. This has enabled them to become one of the most reputable multi-disciplinary contractors in the UAE, recognized as a ‘Special Grade’ Contractor.

Similarly, Silver Coast has become increasingly successful due to its hardworking workforce. Furthermore, the company has an on-site professional maintenance team committed to quickly and competently fixing their equipment or vehicles onsite.


Ongoing projects

  • Construction of Majlis & Mosque
  • Construction of Gate, Ancillary Buildings & Landscaping
  • Construction of VVIP Majlis

Completed projects

  • JV with Malaysia’s Sunway Construction
  • Construction of Accommodation Buildings
  • Construction of Accommodation & External Services

14. General Construction Co W.L.L 

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - General Construction Co W.L.L 

Since its establishment in 1976, General Construction Co W.L.L has been a reliable name in the construction industry. It is a part of the Al Rubaya Group of Companies. 

It has worked on projects across different areas, such as water distribution networks, golf courses, housing complexes, and many more.

Additionally, GCC is an esteemed construction firm that has serviced multiple corporate clients in and around Abu Dhabi for many years. Their list of clients includes TRANSO, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, Al Ain Distribution Company, and Abu Dhabi Municipality, among others.


  • Water Supply to Two Islands in the Hanjurah area.
  •  Water Network Replacement and Modification in Al Ain
  • Construction of a Police Station at the Western Border
  • Water Supply To New Dhow Harbour & Market
  • 220KV Grid Station Extension at Zakher, Ramah & Wathba

15. Arabian Construction Company 

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Arabian Construction Company 

Their highly dedicated professional team has cultivated long-standing client relationships to provide unparalleled services.

Additionally, some of the most prestigious organizations in the industry have recognized them. For example, The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat ranked them 2nd in their ‘100 of the World’s Tallest Buildings’ Top Main Contractor category. [1]ACC, “Awards, https://accgroup.com/about-us/awards/”


Building projects

  • Ministerial City
  • Boulevard Point
  • Gate Towers

Oil & gas projects

  • Liwa Strategic Water Storage and Recovery System
  • Al Mirfa Desalination Plant
  • Taweelah A2 Desalination Plant

16. Sweidi and Shams Contracting Company LLC

inarticle image-construction companies in abu dhabi - Sweidi and Shams Contracting Company LLC

SASCO maintains close friendships with most of the region’s largest contracting organizations. They frequently collaborate in several projects.

Due to their commitment to quality contracting and customer satisfaction, they are the perfect choice for your construction needs.


  • Industrial steel structural building
  • 14 villa accommodations for the army

Things to consider while choosing construction companies in Abu Dhabi

When looking for a reputable construction business in Abu Dhabi, there are many different things to consider.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, including the following:

  1. Customer Review: Choosing a company with a good reputation among its clients is important. Look for a company that has received positive reviews and ratings from previous customers. You can see the ratings and reviews in Google Maps.
  2. Company size: The company’s size is one factor that should be considered. A larger company has access to more resources and more years of experience. Still, a smaller company may be more flexible and able to offer more customized services.
  3. Check for licensing and insurance: Ensure the Abu Dhabi construction companies you choose to have proper licensing and insurance before starting building projects. This will safeguard you from construction-related accidents and damage.
  4. Cost: When it comes to the company’s pricing, make sure that you compare and evaluate it against other companies to ensure competitive rates. However, be sure to ask about any hidden costs associated with the project.
  5. Services: Think about all of the services that the company offers. Choose the one with services relevant to you.

How to apply to an Abu Dhabi construction company?

If you’re interested in joining a particular construction company in Abu Dhabi, the best way is to review the company’s website for any relevant information. Most organizations have a dedicated section on their site devoted to career opportunities. There, you can find out about the available position in the company and detailed information about the job.

By simply clicking on the job title, applicants can access a page outlining the qualifications needed for the position. This includes previous experience in a related field, position level, roles and responsibilities, and skills to help applicants decide if they meet the role’s requirements. 

After choosing the relevant job position, the application process begins with a thorough online form. It is highly recommended that applicants provide all relevant details to maximize their chances of success. 

The form requests personal details such as name, contact information, nationality, and special skills. Forms can be different according to the company. It also asks for experience in a related field and previous job experience. Applicants must include an updated CV and a cover letter, if necessary, before submitting their application. 

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What are the best construction companies in Abu Dhabi?

Some of the best construction companies in Abu Dhabi are the National Petroleum Construction Company and Target Engineering Construction Company. They offer several services such as design, construction, and maintenance of buildings.

What are the biggest construction companies in Abu Dhabi?

The biggest construction companies in Abu Dhabi are Target Engineering Construction Company L.L.C and AlNasr Contracting. They have a total of over 11000 and 4500 employees respectively.

When does the salary date start in Abu Dhabi for construction companies?

Salary distribution in Abu Dhabi, UAE, begins on the first day of the month or when an employment agreement finishes. The construction company must pay monthly if an employment contract doesn’t specify a period. [2]Government of UAE, “Payment of salaries (wages), https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/jobs/payment-of-wages”

Final thoughts

Construction firms in Abu Dhabi play a vital role in the development and growth of the city. They have a long track record of successful projects, offering their clients true value for money.

Additionally, with their talented workforce, modern equipment, and resources, they can deliver high-quality projects within the budget and in good time. Thus, you should always choose a company that is reliable and trustworthy.

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