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10+ Top MEP Companies in Abu Dhabi: Projects & Services

Our guide features top MEP companies like White Arch, I-Zone, and SAKA Groups

The best MEP companies in Abu Dhabi provide customers with high-quality mechanical, engineering, and plumbing services. From schools to shopping malls, they provide services to everyone.

Abu Dhabi boasts many reputable MEP companies that help thrive construction and development in the capital city. The companies help design, build, and maintain buildings. Some of the top MEP companies in Abu Dhabi are White Arch, I-Zone, SAKA Groups, and more.

We conducted research and on-site evaluations and analyzed various MEP contracting companies in the city. Also, we examined factors like experience, feedback, team size, approach to innovation, and sustainability.

Our Dbd guide provides an informative overview of the leading MEP contracting companies in Abu Dhabi.

11 best MEP companies in Abu Dhabi

MEP contractors in Abu Dhabi contribute to the thriving development of the capital. From established local companies to international giants, the Emirate hosts different companies.

1. White Arch General Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C

inarticle image-MEP companies in abu dhabi- White Arch General Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C

White Arch General Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C was started in 2008. They help build and design solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. 

They specialize in air conditioning, fire alarms, plumbing, and electrical systems. They start with designing, installing, testing, and finally handing over the project with maintenance. 

White Arch makes sure that everything is done right. Their clients can rely on them for all their building needs.


White Arch has an impressive portfolio. They have worked with clients like Abu Dhabi Ports, AMS, Daikin, and more.

Their notable projects include:

  • Supply and Replacement of AC for AD Ports
  • Chiller & AHU & FCU Installation Works at Abu Dhabi Equesterian Club
  • MEP Base Build Works for Chillis Restaurant, Abu Dhabi Mall

2. I Zone Electromechanical Contractors LLC

inarticle image-MEP companies in abu dhabi- I Zone Electromechanical Contractors LLC

Established in 2006, I-Zone is a UAE-based company specializing in Electro-Mechanical services.

The electro-mechanical company does engineering, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of different electrical and low-voltage systems. The mission of I-Zone is to provide excellent products and great customer service.

They prioritize safety, and each employee gets the best resources to succeed. With a commitment to excellence, I-Zone is making a difference in the electro-mechanical industry.


I-Zone has undertaken many projects in Abu Dhabi and beyond. They have worked in residential buildings, schools, commercial buildings, and more.

Their ongoing projects include:

  • MEP works for Residential Building Saadiyat Island
  • Upgrading of plant access control system of Habshan plant Gate-2
  • ABG Offices

3. SAKA Group of companies

inarticle image-MEP companies in abu dhabi- SAKA Group of companies

The SAKA Group of Companies offers top-notch HVAC and electromechanical services. These services provide everyone with affordability and convenience.

They deliver practical air and heat transfer solutions for residential and commercial needs.

Not only that, but the company commits to providing innovative, reliable, effective, and cost-competitive solutions.

Additionally, they prioritize safety, employee development, innovation, and sustainability. SAKA group is an excellent choice if you’re looking for reliable HVAC and electromechanical services.


SAKA group has an impressive clientele. Some clients include Abu Dhabi Media, IBA, Hilton Hotels, and more.

Some of their major projects include:

  • Centrifugal Chillers repair, Grand Hyatt Hotel
  • Replacement of Chiller, Japan Embassy
  • Chiller replacement, HSBC Bank


inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- MAPCO LLC

MAPCO LLC is an ISO-9001:2008-QMS certified Electro-mechanical company in Abu Dhabi.

They offer comprehensive value engineering solutions tailored to their client’s needs. With the primary goal of customer satisfaction, MAPCO understands its customers’ requirements and provides cost-effective yet highly efficient solutions.

The results are clear, MAPCO has been recognized with many awards on a national and international level.


MAPCO has collaborated with different companies throughout its rich history. Some clients include the Directorate of Military Works, Abu Dhabi, Emaar Properties, and more.

Their major projects include:

  • MEP works for Abu Dhabi Trade Center Phase II
  • Consortium MEP Contractor Capital Plaza Development, Sector: E-9/01, Plots C6 to C11, Abu Dhabi
  • MEP work for Armed Forces Officers Club – Phase I & II

5. Silver Lake Electromechanical Works LLC

inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- Silver Lake Electromechanical Works LLC

Silver Lake is a total solution for MEP Contracting & Maintenance Company. It provides high-quality, cost-effective, and time-bound services to government and private clients.

Their employees are highly qualified, with the latest technical expertise to ensure projects are completed on time. They specialize in multi-story, high-rise buildings, towers, and Mall projects.

They provide the highest quality with excellence in each project they undertake.


Silver Lake has worked with several clients in the past decade. Some clients include LG, Daikin, Dubai Properties, Dubai Cable Company, and more.

They have provided Air conditioning installation and management, plumbing, and electrical services to their clients.

6. Mada International Electromechanical Cont. Co. LLC

inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- Mada International Electromechanical Cont. Co. LLC

Established in 2008, Mada International has provided its clients with safe and reliable services. The company provides the highest quality assistance from HVAC to electrical and plumbing or fire fighting.

To ensure its commitment to a high standard of work, it is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Their timely service to clients makes them a top MEP company.

Through its expertise and care for its customers, Mada International is a service provider people can depend upon.


Mada International has an impressive portfolio. Their clients include the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi, LG, and more.

Some of their notable projects include:

  • MEP and LV work at MAS Art Studio & Photography Center
  • MEP work at Pre-Cast VIP Villas
  • HVAC work at Virginia International Private School

7. Trans Emirates Elect. & Mech. Works LLC.

inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- Trans Emirates Elect. & Mech. Works LLC.

TEEMCO is an ISO 9001:2000 certified MEP engineering company in Abu Dhabi. They work with banks, the government, hotels, schools, and the private sector.

TEEMCO prioritizes innovation in delivering comprehensive services to clients while upholding design, technology, reliability, quality, value-addition, and safety principles.

They always put safety first and take extra steps to create a safe and healthy workplace.


TEEMCO boasts an impressive set of business associates. Some clients include the Ministry of Interior, Musanada, ADCO, and more.

Some of their projects are MEP works for:

  • Al Madina Police Station
  • Al Ain Ladies Club
  • BAB Infrastucture Expansion 

8. Pivot Engineering MEP & PMV

inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- Pivot Engineering MEP & PMV

Pivot Engineering has built a good reputation of quality and excellence over 45 years in the industry. A professional team of qualified engineers, surveyors, and other experts provides project reliability and certainty.

Their specialty includes building villas, tall towers, hotels, and shopping malls. With dedication and expertise, they turn the most complex ideas into realities.

Pivot strives to exceed expectations on every project they take on.


Pivot Engineering has worked with several companies and government bodies. Some notable customers include Abu Dhabi Airport, Emaar Properties, and Al Jaddaf Real Estate.

Pivot’s projects include:

  • Civil and Electromechanical works for AKOYA by DAMAC
  • Electromechanical solutions for The Terraces
  • Civil engineering for Mussafah Gardens Infrastructure Development

9. RCC Reliance Contracting Company

inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- RCC Reliance Contracting Company

Founded in 1991, RCC is a contracted electro-mechanical firm based in Abu Dhabi, specializing in MEP projects onshore and offshore.

Committed to delivering top-notch quality and optimal performance, RCC strictly adheres to timely project completion and follows industry-leading engineering standards while maintaining ethical business practices.

They have built long-term success by going above and beyond client expectations.


RCC has completed several projects for both government and private sectors. Their notable clients are ADNOC, Presidential Court, MOPA, Emaar, and more.

Some of their major projects are:

  • MEP works for Presidential Palace
  • MEP works for Emirati School
  • MEP works for Act One & Act Two towers

10. Power Spray Electromechanical Sole Proprietorship L.L.C

inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- Power Spray Electromechanical Sole Proprietorship L.L.C

Power Spray Electro Mechanical LLC is the perfect electrical company for your MEP needs. They are ISO-9001-14001 QSM certified and have more than ten years of experience.

They offer value engineering to make sure everyone gets the best results possible. Also, they take on projects of all shapes and sizes, from industrial businesses to residential homes.

Power Spray is committed to customer satisfaction by understanding its client’s expectations and delivering solutions. Delivering quality services and products is at the heart of the company’s ethos.

Power Spray has worked with several clients over the years. Link Investment, Al Nahda Investment, and Al Beed are a few of their notable clients.

Some of the projects they have undertaken include:

  • Complete MEP works for Al Reem Tower One
  • Complete MEP works for Ware House Mussafah
  • Complete MEP works for Najmat Tower


inarticle image-MEP companies in dubai- BEMCO

BEMCO was established in 1990 and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified electromechanical company. They have a philosophy of completing work on time and ensuring their clients are satisfied.

The company has qualified and experienced people to do the job right. Their dedicated staff and facilities with all the machinery and tools make their work effective.

BEMCO works with both residential & commercial buildings and has an excellent track record in the industry.


BEMCO has worked with several different clients. Some notable ones are National Investment Corporation, Fairmont Dubai, and First Gulf Properties.

BEMCO projects include:

  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Fighting for Pullman Hotel
  • Fire Fighting and Plumbing Residential Towers – C74, C75 & C76 for First Gulf
  • Complete MEP works for Amity International School

How we choose the best MEP company

Choosing the right MEP company can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider. We used the following factors to choose the best MEP company:


We evaluated the company’s track record of delivering high-quality services to clients.

Client Feedback

We considered the feedback provided by the company’s clients to understand their level of satisfaction.


We looked into the company’s team size, expertise, and experience to understand its capabilities.


Additionally, we reviewed the company’s safety record to ensure they followed the safety protocols and regulations.


We considered the company’s cost and value for money to ensure it aligned with the budget.


Also, we checked the company’s industry reputation to understand its standing.


We looked for the company’s innovation and sustainability approach. This helped us understand their commitment to improving services.

Getting a job in an Abu Dhabi MEP company

Finding a job in an Abu Dhabi MEP company requires simple steps. You can check the company’s website for a career section. You can find current job openings and submit your application through their portal.

Tailoring your resume and cover letter for your application helps your chances. Highlight your skills and experiences that make your application stand out. [1]Khaleej times, “Resume for Dream Job, … Continue reading

Another way to find a job is to contact the company directly. You can inquire about any job openings or express interest in working with them.

Reaching out to people in the company can also help you get information about jobs that aren’t advertised yet.

Lastly, be prepared for the interview process. Research about the company and the position you’re applying for.

Show your enthusiasm for the company and the role, and demonstrate how your skills and experience align with the job requirements.

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What is an MEP company?

A mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineering consulting firm is an MEP company. It provides service in the design and installation of a construction project. [2]Reference, “What Is MEP Engineering?, https://www.reference.com/science-technology/mep-engineering-5497b653806970d2″

Which is the best MEP company in Abu Dhabi?

White Arch General Contracting & Maintenance is the best MEP company in Abu Dhabi. They provide HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Drainage, and Fire Fighting services.

What services do MEP companies provide?

MEP companies in Abu Dhabi help design, install and maintain building systems. Services include electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, piping, fire alarm, and security systems.

How to apply for a job at an MEP company in Abu Dhabi?

You can apply for a job at MEP companies in Abu Dhabi through the career section on the company website. Update your CV and cover letter to the specific position you’re applying for.

Highlight your skills and experiences that align with the job requirements. This will make your application stand out.

Final thoughts

All in all, the best MEP companies in Abu Dhabi provide high-quality and reliable service to customers.

There are companies for every need, from large-scale commercial to smaller residential projects.

We hope that our Dbd guide was able to help you find the best Abu Dhabi MEP company.

Each company has its own set of qualities, so it’s essential to evaluate project requirements before deciding preferred company.

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