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10+ Best Outdoor Restaurants in Dubai: Location, Price & More

Discover Dubai's best outdoor restaurants

Dubai has one of the most magnificent skylines in the world. And the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai offer an excellent view with delicious food and ambiance.

Popular rooftop restaurants in Dubai offer live music, an astonishing view, and a bar. Some sought-after rooftop restaurants are Pier 7, QD’s, Zero Gravity Dubai, etc.

To prepare this Dbd guide, we thoroughly researched food critics and reputed blogs. Also, we conducted interviews with regular goers during our visits.

After comprising all the info, we compiled this comprehensive guide on the best outdoor eating restaurants in Dubai.  

11 best outdoor restaurants in Dubai

You can enjoy food with a view from top outdoor restaurants in Dubai. From trendy lounges to relaxed beachside spots, there is no shortage of options. Now, let’s look at 11 of them in detail.

1. Pier 7: Outdoor terrace restaurants in Dubai

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - Pier 7_ Outdoor terrace restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most stunning outdoor restaurants, and one of the best is Pier 7.

This circular building is spread over seven floors and features seven different restaurants. From fine to casual dining, there’s something for everyone here.

Scene by Simon Rimmer is a contemporary British and European eatery located on the rooftop. The restaurant boasts an impressive menu of dishes, including popular items such as nachos, salads, pizza, and sushi.

Moreover, the best part of the experience is enjoying your meal while taking in breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline.

2. QD’s: Restaurant with good outdoor dining

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - QD's_ Restaurant with good outdoor dining

QD’s is a fine dining outdoor restaurant that offers stunning, breathtaking creek views.

One of the unique features of QD’s is its alfresco seating, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views.

The restaurant also offers happy hours and a variety of food to share, including grills and barbeque. Signature menu items at QD’s are a mixed grill platter, a one-meter-long kebab halabi, and a mixed grilled seafood platter.

In addition to its fantastic food and views, QD’s offers an a la carte, beverage, and wine menu.

3. Zero Gravity Dubai

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - Zero Gravity Dubai

Zero Gravity Dubai is a good outdoor restaurant that offers a unique dining experience with a private beach bar and pool.

You can relax on a large day bed, sun lounger, or cabana while enjoying stunning views of the Dubai skyline. The restaurant also has ultra-modern mezzanine lounges to enjoy music, food, and comfort.

In addition, Zero Gravity is known for regular events like Friday brunch, Mermaid’s ladies day, and Supernatural Sunday.

Moreover, the restaurant also boasts several awards, including being the #1 TripAdvisor nightlife destination in Dubai in 2019. Following with the Rocheston Distinguished Restaurant Award in the same year.[1]Zero Gravity, “Awards, https://www.0-gravity.ae/awards”

4. L’ETO

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - L'ETO

L’ETO is a popular healthy dining outdoor restaurant that originated in Soho, London. With 38 restaurants spread over 7 countries, L’ETO has made a name for itself.

L’ETO’s menu includes salads, dumplings, smoothies, coffee, and signature desserts. Their indoor and outdoor settings provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for diners.

L’ETO’s impressive food is loved by the guests and their clientele. Some of their notable clients include Dior, Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

5. Al Fanar Seafood Restaurant: Outdoor restaurant for seafood lovers 

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - Al Fanar Seafood Restaurant_ Outdoor restaurant for seafood lovers 

Al Fansar is an authentic outdoor restaurant in Dubai that takes you back to the 1960s of the city. With locations across the UAE, UK, and KSA, Al Fansar offers a unique dining experience.

Their good outdoor ambience, presentation, and unique decor are complemented by friendly staff.

The restaurant’s menu features signature items like chabab, dates cake, and legaimat. Also, additional options such as keema, mutton nashef, and paratha wrap are available.

In addition to its dining experience, Al Fansar also offers online ordering for customers.

6. NAMMOS Dubai

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - NAMMOS Dubai

NAMMOS is among the best outdoor seat restaurants with sea views in Dubai, originated in Greece in 2003.

The restaurant offers refined tastes and summer entertainment with an ambiance of Mediterranean spirit.

The menu features tastes inspired by Greek cuisine, with fresh ingredients, seafood, and aged wines.

Moreover, NAMMOS has expanded to other countries, including Cyprus, France, UAE, and KSA. They host regular events with popular international artists and DJs, namely Enrique Iglesias.

7. CÉ LA VI Dubai

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - CÉ LA VI Dubai

CÉ LA VI Dubai is among the popular poolside outdoor dining restaurants in Dubai that serve contemporary Asian cuisine.

The restaurant features an infinity pool and live music, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day out.

Moreover, the menu includes popular items like an a la carte, lunch, brunch, vegan options, and a beverage menu. They have something for everyone.

Additionally, CÉ LA VI Dubai caters to private events and has an event calendar to keep track of upcoming events.

For its great food, the restaurant has won several awards, including the What’s On 2022 Awards for Favourite Business Lunch and recognition in the Michelin Guide 2022.

8. The Pods

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - The Pods

The Pods is an outdoor restaurant situated on Bluewater’s Island, offering scenic views of the Arabian Gulf. It is known for its unique blend of flavors and ingredients. 

The restaurant is known for its Asian cuisine, including authentic Japanese dishes. Signature dishes at this outdoor restaurant include sushi, rock lobster, tom yum, and Korean chicken, among others.

Along with delicious food, The Pods offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

9. Iris Meydan

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - Iris Meydan

Iris Meydan is a modern lounge bar and outdoor restaurant with views of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai fountain.

Besides amazing views, the restaurant serves dishes made from fresh ingredients, with a menu for dining, beverages, and cocktails.

Some signature cocktails are Blackbird, John Doe, Nemesis, and more. Also, food menu items include caviar, pizza, grilled octopus, calamari, and uramaki rolls.

In addition to the excellent cuisine, Iris Meydan offers an immersive experience with renowned bands and DJs. You can also enjoy curated art installations and brunch parties.

10. Stomping Grounds: Patio dining restaurants in Dubai

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - Stomping Grounds_ Patio dining restaurants in Dubai

Stomping Grounds is one of the best outdoor patio restaurants in Dubai, with a warm and trendy ambiance. The restaurant offers air-conditioned outdoor seating.

Moreover, the restaurant has a hot, cold, and pastry kitchen. You can find an all-day dining menu that includes a pitaya bowl, fruit bowl, toasts, waffles, and pancakes.

In addition, the restaurant has won awards like UAE Best Independent Specialty Cafe 2019 and Dubai’s Best Breakfast 2020 at TimeOut Dubai.

11. The Broadwalk

inarticle image-best outdoor restaurants in dubai - The Broadwalk

The Broadwalk restaurant is an award-winning seafood restaurant in the Hyatt Hotel in Dubai.

It offers a unique outdoor dining experience with spectacular views of the Dubai skyline.

Besides that, the restaurant is known for its signature seafood dishes, such as lobster and fish n chips. The restaurant also serves a variety of drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

Moreover, the ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for a romantic gateway.

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Which are the best outdoor restaurants near Burj Khalifa?

Iris Meydan, CÉ LA VI Dubai, and NAMMOS Dubai are the best restaurants with outdoor seating near Burj Khalifa. They offer unique dining experiences, delicious cuisine, and stunning views.

What are the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai for private dining?

Pier 7 and QD’s are two of the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai for private dining. Both offer a unique ambiance and scenic views, making them ideal for intimate gatherings or special occasions.

What are the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai for business lunches?

CÉ LA VI Dubai and L’ETO are two of the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai for business lunches. They offer a range of cuisine options and have elegant outdoor seating areas perfect for hosting business meetings. 

What are some of the best veranda restaurants in Dubai?

Zero Gravity Dubai, Al Fanar Seafood Restaurant, and The Pods are some of the best veranda restaurants in Dubai. Each restaurant with outdoor spaces offers a unique and picturesque dining experience with stunning views of the city skyline.

How safe are restaurants in Dubai?

The UAE places significant importance on ensuring food safety in its restaurants. The government has taken steps to maintain food quality through various measures.
Laws have been put in place to guarantee food safety. The National Food Accreditation and Registration System and National Rapid Alert System for Food are in place to ensure standards are upheld.
Restaurants that do not follow these standards are subject to fines. [2]UAE Government, “Law on food safety, https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/health-and-fitness/food-safety-and-health-tips”

Final thoughts

From rooftop bars to sea-facing eateries, you can choose from several best outdoor seating restaurants in Dubai. Outdoor restaurants offer a great way to enjoy the stunning views of the city while indulging in delicious food and drinks.

Furthermore, many outdoor restaurants in Dubai are popular for hosting private events and business lunches. We hope this Dbd guide on the best rooftop restaurants in Dubai was helpful.

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