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Tango App Review 2024: Everything You Need to Know!

The Tango app is a social media platform that offers free video calling, messaging, and live streaming

If you’re looking for an excellent calling app, the Tango app is worth checking out. It allows you to make voice and video calls share photos, send messages, and meet a friend.

Best of all, it’s free.

The Tango app is available for both Android and iPhone, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional phone calls. The app has been around since 2014, and it’s constantly improving.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Tango app.

What is Tango app?

Tango app is one of the most popular free calling apps available. It has been downloaded by more than 100 million people and is used by people worldwide. The app allows you to make video calls and text other Tango users for free using the internet connection.

With public chats, you can stream your world with who you want and interact and engage in conversations to meet cool people from all corners.

Additionally, with its exclusive live family chat feature, you can keep in touch with loved ones near and far like never before.

Initially, Tango offered free messaging and video calls only, which is now converted into a live-streaming app.

You can now interact and connect with friends and followers worldwide, join special events like NFT (night for Tango), happy hours, etc. Tango is the perfect place to showcase your talents and make new friends. [1]Tango App, “10 Most important Tango features you must know, https://blog.tango.me/10-most-important-tango-features/”

You can log in with your phone number, Gmail, or Facebook account to join this app. It is easy to use with a user-friendly interface: you download it, create a free account, and you’re ready to go.

One of the best things about the Tango is that it is continually updated with new features. The app is constantly adding new ways for you to communicate with people around you.

In the later section, we will show you how to fully optimize all the existing features of Tango live streaming and video calling and messaging apps.

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How to make the most out of Tango app?

Go live

Tango is an app where you can show your unique talents and get discovered by millions of people online. You can go live, interact with your fans, increase your followers, and receive gifts with it.

Create content

You don’t need to be pro to create content on Tango. Make videos and post about the topic you like. Share photos and videos, teach your followers what you have expertise on.

Meet creators

You will have a chance to meet creators worldwide on this platform. Learn new things and join the community that interests you.

Support artists

Support your favorite artists you like who are on the platform. Make purchases on the app and send them gifts, join to watch them live, talk with them, share reviews and enjoy.

Create community

Create a community of people with the same interests. Connect with the users in the community by going live and interacting with them. Teach other members in the group and learn from them as well.

Get discovered

A community of talented live streamers is waiting to discover you on Tango. Get discovered with your unique talents and receive gifts.

Live party

The live party is organized within Tango. Join and share your ideas and thoughts. In addition, you can support the community by sending gifts.

Tango app download

Download Tango free call app in these easy steps:

Step 2: Enter your phone number or continue with your Facebook account or Gmail account to create an account on Tango.

Step 3: You are all set to join the live and access the platform.

How to delete the Tango account?

To delete the Tango account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Select ‘Account’

Step 3: Select ‘Delete my tango life’

Step 4: It will ask you to enter your tango password. ‘Enter password’

Tango app alternatives

There are many other applications that offer the same features as Tango. A few of these alternatives are:


Is the Tango app still available?

Yes, Tango is still available with a better version. In addition to free video calls and messaging, now you can go live on Tango.

Is Tango app a dating site?

No, Tango is not a dating app. But you can connect and talk with followers and non-followers users, share your phone number, join other creators’ live sessions, share photos and videos with them.

Is the Tango app safe?

Tango is an entirely safe app to use. It is a social media platform like Facebook and TikTok. It has a strict set of rules and regulations for violation of community guidelines. To join the Tango, sign in with your phone number, email, or Facebook account.

Is Tango live free?

Yes, Tango live is free. To join the Tango live, sign in with your phone number, email, or Facebook account. Follow creators to get the type of content you wish to watch.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Tango app is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an entertainment and free calling app. It has tons of features, is easy to use, and is constantly updated with new features.

Tango has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to navigate, and it is colorful and fun. It is an excellent app for people of all ages.

Thus, if you are in search of an app that offers video calling, messaging, and live to stream, then Tango is the app for you.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like to learn more about other free calling apps, be sure to check out this Dbd free calling guide on the top free calling apps.

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