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 10+ Best Restaurants in Fujairah: Location, Price & More

Explore Fujairah's best restaurants including cuisines, locations, and prices

Enjoy authentic and flavorful cuisine from around the world at the best restaurants in Fujairah. The city offers luxurious high-end eateries to affordable restaurants.

Fujairah proudly boasts some of the best dishes from across the world, with enough options available throughout the area. From classic recipes made with organic ingredients to creative twists on recipes, this city promises an amazing food experience. Some famous restaurants in Fujairah are Al Meshwar, The Orangery, McGettigan’s, and Emirates Sea, among many others.

Our Dbd guide sets out to deliver a comprehensive look into the best food places in Fujairah. Our experts conducted extensive research alongside personal visits to every restaurant.

We considered various factors, including customer reviews and feedback from both travelers and locals. We paired this with our own impressions of the food quality, atmosphere, price-point, service standards, and location.

11 best restaurants in Fujairah

Fujairah is home to some of the best restaurants in the Emirates. Our list of the 11 best restaurants in Fujairah covers restaurants for all budgets and tastes.

1. Al Meshwar Restaurant

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - Al Meshwar Restaurant

Al Meshwar restaurant is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Fujairah. They have been serving Lebanese food for over 20 years.

Try their delicious Hummus Beiruti and Fattoush salad when you visit the place. Apart from those dishes, they also serve excellent Italian pizzas. If you are a shisha lover, pair their signature shisha options with their classic Arabic food.

Moreover, Al Meshwar has been recognized for its excellence with over 14 culinary certificates. With its expert chefs, excellent service, and amazing food, the restaurant is a must-visit.

2. Mado Restaurant

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - Mado Restaurant

Mado carries the longest history in dessert making and is currently famous for its ice cream, Mado Specials, and Turkish Pide in Fujairah.

The restaurant offers breakfasts, Pide, starters, main courses, and dessert options. We recommend you try their Antrikot Steak, Beyti Kebab, and Beef Slider.

Mado can be a relaxing place to visit after a long day, as they offer over 20 types of tea. And if you are a coffee lover, Turkish coffee will give you a caffeine boost.

All in all, Mado is an excellent place to hang out with your friends or family with food and drinks.

3. Emirates Sea Restaurant

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - Emirates Sea Restaurant

Emirates Sea restaurant serves Indian, Chinese, Continental, Persian, Arabic, and Thai dishes to its customers.

They use quality and fresh ingredients to create their unique food recipes. This is evident in their food options, such as Chicken Hakka noodles, Prawn Masala, and Chello Kabab.

But, the ambiance is the highlight of this eatery, the architecture is modern and private. It is an ideal place for a romantic date.

Moreover, they also provide a catering service for special days. And if you want to enjoy the food in the comfort of your house, they deliver it within 45 minutes.

4. Sadaf Restaurant

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - Sadaf Restaurant
Image Source: Sabber SK3

Sadaf restaurant is the perfect place to go with family for a special treat.

The restaurant offers traditional Persian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Even though the decorations are not flashy, the food makes up for it.

Their menu offers hearty items like lobster, shrimp, and tasty kababs. They also even have special salads and an amazing “Sadaf Plate.” Pair them up with great drinks and desserts for a complete Sadaf experience.

5. Shan E Pakistan

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - Shan E Pakistan

Shan E Pakistan is a fantastic place that serves authentic Pakistani cuisine.

This Fujairah restaurant menu includes dishes like Briyani, Karahi, Barbeque, and more. Keep an eye on the special meals they offer for each day of the week.

Shan E Pakistan’s spices and flavors remind you of the bustling street of Karachi. And what’s even more impressive is that one of the most affordable restaurants in Fujairah.

Combining this with exceptionally polite and pleasant, the restaurant offers a complete Pakistani experience.

6. Jeddah Palace Restaurant

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - Jeddah Palace Restaurant

Jeddah Palace restaurant has served various Indian foods since 2001 in Fujairah.

The eatery offers several classic North Indian delights. From delicious butter chicken to flavorful biryani, Jeddah Palace has it all.

Besides the classics, the restaurant offers Chinese soup, salad, seafood, tandoori, and more. You can finish your meal with a sweet dessert or a refreshing mocktail.

For a hassle-free dinner, make an online reservation before you get to the restaurant. But takeaway services are available if you want to enjoy the meal at home.

7. McGettigan’s

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - McGettigan's

McGettigan is a lovely Irish full bar in the tennis club at the foothills of the mountains of Fujairah.

The pub offers the best pork dishes with the liquor of your choice. But if you are not a big pork fan, their fish and chips and other classic Irish dishes are sure to satisfy you.

Furthermore, McGettigan’s has a designated live sports night and a quiz night to help you socialize. And the live music adds a relaxing element to your experience.

8. AI Matbakh AI Kuwaiti

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - AI Matbakh AI Kuwaiti

Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti brings the classic food of Kuwait to the Emirates.

They have middle eastern Kuwaiti traditional Food, like hummus, grilled meats, and a lot more. You can enjoy your food with the fantastic view of the Sheikh Zayed mosque.

Popular items include Chicken biryani, Machboos, Salmon with rice, and Kunafa. The food is cooked with fresh and authentic ingredients. But the best part is that you can enjoy amazing food at affordable prices.

9. The Orangery

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - The Orangery

The Orangery is the perfect blend of aesthetic atmosphere that is pleasant to the eyes and great food for your taste buds.

Start your day at the Orangery with the classic English breakfast. Try Beef Wellington for their main course, and end your meal with an apple pie.

But besides good food, the restaurant also provides private dining and catering services to the customers.

Prebook your table and enjoy hassle-free dining at one of the best British restaurants in Fujairah.

10. The Sailors Restaurant

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - The Sailors Restaurant

The Sailors restaurant is one of the top beach restaurants in Fujairah.

The restaurant offers an exceptional sea view for its guests. You can sit on the breakwaters outside while enjoying the delicious food they offer.

We recommend you try their steaks like Beef Ribeye, seafood dishes like Pan Fried Seabass, and Vegetarian curries. Pair your food with their extensive wine selection.

Besides dine-in options, Sailors is perfect for a party or an event. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a farewell party, the Saliors is sure to provide an amazing experience.

11. Steki

inarticle image-restaurants in fujairah - Steki

Steki is a restaurant that overlooks the sparkling ocean. It is the perfect spot to enjoy freshly caught fish while engaging in casual conversations.

Steki combines the warm and relaxed culture of Fujairah and Greece. Their shared love for marine life and stunning mountainous terrain is reflected in the food of the restaurant.

Steki’s menu features dishes with a modern twist on traditional Greek favorites. The Chef’s clever interpretation of dishes such as Wagyu, Prawn Kadaifi, and Greek Grilled Octopus is sure to impress.

Things to consider while visiting restaurants in Fujairah

Visiting restaurants in Fujairah can be an exciting experience. There is a lot of option when it comes to food, from Middle Eastern to authentic Continental. Before you visit, there are some important things to keep in mind.


Research the types of food available nearby and pick the restaurant with the cuisine you’d like to try. This way, when you visit the restaurant, you know exactly what to expect.


Checking the price of food is important if you want to eat out. Food prices range in high-end and laid-back restaurants.

Location and ambiance

When visiting restaurants, it’s important to reflect upon the location. Figure out if you want a cozy or luxurious environment. Make sure to check the location as well as the ambiance before making your reservation.

Food Quality

It is important to consider the food quality before visiting restaurants in Fujairah.

The UAE government has taken several measures to ensure high-quality food in the Emirate. They have passed a law on food safety, introducing a National Food Accreditation and Registration System and National Rapid Alert System for Food.

There are strict provisions and fines if the standards aren’t met. [1]UAE Government, “Food Safety, https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/health-and-fitness/food-safety-and-health-tips”

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Which restaurants are famous in Fujairah?

Fujairah is home to many delicious restaurants and eateries. Some favorites among locals include the Al Meshwar Restaurant, Emirates Sea Restaurant, The Orangery, and McGelligan’s. These eateries have unique menus and attractive ambiance.

How much does food costs in Fujairah restaurants?

Eating out in Fujairah depends on the restaurant and the food quality. A meal can cost anywhere between 60 – 200 dirhams for two people.

However, it’s still possible to find an affordable good restaurant that fits your budget.

Are there Indian restaurants in Fujairah?

Yes, there are Indian food places in Fujairah. The city is home to several delicious Indian food choices, including traditional as well as modern dishes that suit your taste buds.

Which is the best beach restaurant in Fujairah?

The Sailors restaurant is a top beach restaurant in Fujairah. This wonderful spot has the best view of the sea, and it serves mouth-watering dishes.

Besides, they offer great service that is friendly and attentive, so you can have a great time.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Fujairah is home to several top restaurants in the UAE. From traditional Indian food to modern International cuisine, the Emirate has it all.

When looking for the best food places in Fujairah, you should consider their location, authenticity, prices, and atmosphere.

We hope our guide helps you find the best restaurants in Fujairah.

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